Snouts In The Trough – Charities Scramble For Lucrative Workfare Hand Out

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snoutsIt’s full steam ahead on the workfare gravy train as charities and welfare-to-work companies scramble to profit from George Osborne’s upcoming mass workfare scheme.

Appallingly these charities will not just benefit from a mass influx of unpaid forced workers, but are even set to be paid for this abuse of unemployed people.

Welfare-to-work company Reed in Partnership have recently issued a call out for placement providers happy to join them in condemning claimants to forced labour. According to the company: “For organisations wishing to work with Reed in Partnership, financial remuneration will be available for each placement.”

So obsessed is the DWP with forcing people into unpaid work they are now bribing charities with tax payers money to take part in workfare!

Unemployed people will be expected to carry out 780 hours of unpaid work when the Community Work Placements begin next year.  This is over two and a half…

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