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UPDATE: Leaked Wirral Council email: Discretionary Housing Payments Unlawful for 18 Months

UPDATE – 5th May 2017 A response has been received to the 4th April FOI request for an internal review.  The council has availed itself of an extra 10 working days (within the law) to respond.  Link here: 4th … Continue reading

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FOI Request to Wirral Council ~ Discretionary Housing Payments

UPDATE on this story and exclusive leaked email by Surjit Tour, Wirral Legal Head. 12th February 2017 This FOI request was lodged on 9th February 2017. It concerns an important area of local authority spending and one which appears not to … Continue reading

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#Brickgate – Angela Eagle’s PR man – Imran Ahmed – throws his weight around on Twitter

8th December 2016 The world of Public Relations is a strange, unusual realm, where the task of turning hot, steaming cowpats into objects of desire is a difficult business.  A trade where threats of libel are plucked from the air and thrown around … Continue reading

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Direct Telephone Numbers for Heads of Service at Wirral Council

14th May 2015 I’ve been questioned in the past for being overly-critical and not reporting any positive developments regarding my local council.   Well, let’s put these concerns to bed by publishing the above; a list of the names of all Wirral Council … Continue reading

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The Information Commissioner Defends a Broken, Basket Case Council

14th November 2014 In October 2013, roughly a year ago, it was revealed that a Wirral Council senior officer (gender not given at the time) had been paid the sum of £48,000 as compensation for “hurt feelings”, apparently after being … Continue reading

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Another #FOI victory over “improved” Wirral Council – which has taken 15 long months

11th November 2014 15 months ago, I placed the following FoI request with Wirral Council.  It’s a pretty straightforward query, asking them about the public money cost of their compromise agreements – those desperate gagging clauses that shut people up … Continue reading

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#FOI request. The meeting between public servants Frank Field MP and Graham Burgess CEO

2nd November 2014 Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council, For background and context, please follow Link No. 1 to a recent article in the Wirral Globe, and Link No. 2 to an article in the Liverpool Echo covering the same … Continue reading

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UPDATED – £48,000 to “You Know Who” | Frank’s demand | Dragging their feet in Brighton Street

23rd October 2014 Back on 6th October 2013, I placed this FoI request with Wirral Council, in an attempt to shine some light on how the above stonking sum of public money was paid across, no questions asked, to an anonymous senior … Continue reading

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ICO News. Have you ever seen a fire station on fire? Or a snow plough stuck in the snow? Read on…

3rd September 2014 For those who don’t know me, I am, amongst other things, a freedom of information campaigner.  My reason for doing this is simple: well-justified disgust at what seems to be a growing number of power abusing, wayward public bodies, stuffed … Continue reading

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Wirral Council Wins at Tribunal. Vulnerable People Lose.

9th June 2014 Below is a report from Local Government Lawyer, explaining a recent First Tier Information Tribunal ruling in favour of Wirral Council: Local Government Lawyer report on ruling …from which the inconvenient phrase ‘disability discrimination’ has been omitted. And … Continue reading

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