Wirral Council issued 846 compromise agreements in just THREE years, costing us £66,150

five years for wirral council to admit to 845 compromise agreements

We can disregard the plaintive, weasel-worded plea they’ve made underneath.

Here’s the link to yesterday’s response

A compromise agreement is a compromise agreement is a compromise agreement, and there’s no escaping that.  They engage in this damage limitation process to protect their own reputations and nobody else’s.

And because they can, they pay through the nose with your council tax money to achieve their dubious aims.

We asked for the above information originally back in August 2013 but they dragged their feet, resisted, and we were forced to take it to appeal at the Information Commissioner’s Office, who eventually came down on the side of the council, as expected.

We won’t trot it all out again as we’ve covered this issue before in detail, but not counting the extra financial bonanzas paid to senior people to buy their silence, the sum squandered here will be in the region of a cool £62,550.

Excerpt from back then:

wirral council cost of 845 compromise agreements

They also never had it in them to admit how much money was squandered, suspecting they could rely upon the Information Commissioner to bail them out.

Why? because it looks greedy, irresponsible and reckless to be paying out public money hand over fist just to cover your own tracks.

If we add to this the 11 compromise agreements issued to people who required full-on gagging, i.e. 11 x £300, the figure jumps by £3,300 to £65,850.

And why are the figures ‘still uncertain’?

Because they’re quite capable of lying through their teeth. The TRUE total figure for compromise agreements is 846

…taking the true cash total to…


p.s. our original FOI request was placed at a time when the localTory party under the guidance of Councillor Jeff Green had a brief stab at swinging the axe on council jobs and abusing the power vested in them.

Be careful what you wish for.

Here’s the post we made five years ago where, without any assistance from Wirral Council, we worked out the true total of compromise agreements to be 845…(+1) (Shhh…)

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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