A Reading Green Party councillor fails to notify the public that Reading Labour Council had appointed an abuser as Head of Adult Social Care


Here’s the full history to this dangerous debacle:

An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

9 Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

12 High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…

13 We tried exposing a safeguarding emergency in Reading, but came up against an obstacle… er, a journalist!

14 A response is now in to the Reading Council / Maura Noone FOI request

Councillor Rob White is the member’s name.  Wirral Leaks revealed the news that Reading Council had appointed an abuser as their Head of Adult Social Care in early June.  We then took the issue up by bringing it to the attention of both Wirral Council and Reading Council.

By way of response we were blocked on Twitter by Reading Council.

As time went on we became Twitter blocked by around a dozen Reading Labour Councillors including the serving Mayor, Debs Edwards.  We lost count of the exact tally in the end.

Here’s a rather tepid message we got from the Reading Green Party very early on, followed by a lurch to silence…

reading green party message

Here is a tweet received later from Councillor Rob White.  This was in response to a link we posted on Twitter to this popular article.  We explain our methods, which is an intention to make all correspondence public, in the interests of openness.

Tweet to Green Rob White about making issues public Reading

And here is the email trail between ourselves and Councillor White, commencing on 24th July 2018:

Reading Greens Rob White email trail

The elected member had his chance to let the electorate know, but he blew it.

Update on 23rd January 2021

From 8 years ago today…in the Wirral News.

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4 Responses to A Reading Green Party councillor fails to notify the public that Reading Labour Council had appointed an abuser as Head of Adult Social Care

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  4. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    Are you a public activist? Please read this. It provides pointers on how to go about holding public servants accountable. It wasn’t successful but at least there is a public window onto their scurrilous, SHITTY behaviour.


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