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Liverpool Echo claims Councillor Moira McLaughlin is as clean as a whistle. WE KNOW DIFFERENT. #DisabilityDiscrimination

Link to a few historical tweets: Who was covering up the disability discrimination? Resigning Councillor Moira McLaughlin, member for the corrupted Social Services. Watchdog accuses Wirral Council of discrimination against disabled people https://t.co/jJ8NuTgAiQ — Wirral In It Together (@Wirral_In_It) October … Continue reading

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Show ‘Inappropriate Comments’ The Red Card

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
? Tony tells the truth : ‘The darkness around us is very deep”   Pic : John Brace Little did we know when we published our Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex…

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Wallasey CLP Suspension, Latest. The Labour Party, Breaching Data Protection Act, Unlawfully Withholds Paul Davies’ Personal Data.

  The letter below was authored and sent (email and post) last Saturday 11th November 2017 by Paul Davies. Paul Davies was until the CLP’s suspension the democratically elected co-Vice Chair of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party.  He has also been … Continue reading

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Do you live in Wallasey? After #Brickgate, a string of bogus allegations and council abuse, does Labour candidate Angela Eagle deserve your vote?

31st December 2020 – an update – LIARS prosper. Angela Eagle is made a fucking DAME in the New Years Honours list https://wirralinittogether.blog/2020/12/31/a-woman-who-lied-through-her-teeth-to-the-mainstream-media-accusing-jeremy-corbyn-supporters-of-throwing-a-brick-through-her-constituency-office-window-wasting-countless-hours-of-police-time-and-squ/ We Know What She Did Last Summer The first thing we should state here is that unlike … Continue reading

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Private Eye reminds us of Angela Eagle’s highly dubious origins

11th July 2016 – Wallasey Our MP, Angela Eagle, this morning announced her intention to stand as a Labour leadership candidate. On learning about this prospect a couple of weeks back, some locals found it surprising, and many more found it astonishing, given that she’d scraped … Continue reading

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Council leader sells off strategic green space, claims he’s rescued it for us …but what happened next?

2nd July 2015 See this recent article in the Liverpool Echo: http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/anger-after-birkenhead-grassland-left-9371231 Map of the site in question: Proximity to downtown Birkenhead: So, as we can see,  it would be a very short walk back to the Chelsea tractor for shoppers loaded … Continue reading

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The Information Commissioner Defends a Broken, Basket Case Council

14th November 2014 In October 2013, roughly a year ago, it was revealed that a Wirral Council senior officer (gender not given at the time) had been paid the sum of £48,000 as compensation for “hurt feelings”, apparently after being … Continue reading

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Merseyside MP Frank Field makes a half-arsed apology, then gets back into bed with Murdoch

Frank Field, a Merseyside member of parliament (Birkenhead, since 1979), recently hooked up with The Sun newspaper on a bizzare ‘campaign’.  This appeared to be aimed at taking up the cudgels on behalf of the poor people of Britain, who as we … Continue reading

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Despite 25 years of pain and injustice, which Merseyside MP is backing The S*n?

||STOP PRESS|| – 21st May 2014 – Field has now made what he regards as an apology for his close involvement with Murdoch…  link to story Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead is the answer. As the May local elections approach, Mr … Continue reading

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Frank Field blames “Too many people making Freedom of Information requests” for Wirral Council’s ongoing failure

17th June 2013 Link to audio: Frank Field also contributes to the Dispatches programme, aired last Monday night. Although the news was 3 days old, Tony Snell didn’t question Frank Field about the obscene six figure sum that had been … Continue reading

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