Merseyside MP Frank Field makes a half-arsed apology, then gets back into bed with Murdoch

Frank Field, a Merseyside member of parliament (Birkenhead, since 1979), recently hooked up with The Sun newspaper on a bizzare ‘campaign’.  This appeared to be aimed at taking up the cudgels on behalf of the poor people of Britain, who as we all know, are the constant victims of rip offs by out of control companies, cartels and corporations.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch, the long term proprietor of this unholy rag, more widely known for relentlessly spending decades dumbing down the populace of several nations and wrecking the life chances of societies, and working class people’s lives in general, appears to be upset with David Cameron for recommending and endorsing the Leveson Inquiry, and is now wanting his own back.

Why else would the arch-manipulator get involved in such a campaign? Field, ever the opportunist when it comes to bigging himself up ‘on behalf of’ the suffering poor people of Britain seems to have been approached and has consented.

7 Liverpool fans who lived in Birkenhead died at Hillsborough, but that, and the fact that The Sun is complete and utter anathema locally, hasn’t prevented Field climbing into bed with a newspaper that assisted in perpetrating, broadcasting and maintaining for many years a shocking catalogue of lies.


If that wasn’t bad enough, he was back in the news locally the other day, adding insult to injury by making one of those meaningless “I’m sorry you feel that way” apologies, so beloved of irresponsible, unaccountable abusers of power the world over.

Here’s a link to the Wirral News article, which as you may discover, ever since its parent company TrinityMirror Newspapers stopped printing local Wirral Council scandal in February 2013, has been granting ‘acres of free space’ to not just Frank Field but all the other Wirral MPs.

You also have to wonder, why aren’t the executives at TrinityMirror shocked that Field has hooked up with Murdoch, the person who ordered his editor Kelvin McKenzie to apologise to the people of Liverpool in 2004 (took his time didn’t he?), after Mackenzie accused Liverpool fans of urinating on the dead bodies of their fellow fans and stealing from their pockets, only to insist in 2006 that he’d been telling the truth all along.

Shouldn’t TrinityMirror be reporting Frank Field’s insensitivities on a larger scale and in much greater detail?

Or do they want to risk us not buying The Liverpool Echo as well? (Yes, that’s also a prominent member of their stable).

Field knows that there is an inquest underway right now in Birchwood, Warrington, aimed at finally uncovering the truth, and what has been covered up for 25 years by successive UK governments in cahoots with the judiciary, the police, and the ‘great’ and the ‘good’.

Does he think his insensitive behaviour, his subsequent hollow ‘apology’ and his hasty return to the Wapping fold are going to assist in that process?

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