Boeing knew 3,000+ dead passengers would be a price worth paying for uninterrupted profit streams


Boeing K N E W 3,000+ dead passengers would be a price worth paying for uninterrupted profit streams.

In America, far fewer deterrents exist to capitalist greed. Safety takes a back seat.

Heart-rending video about cut-backs on safety at this doomed airline. 


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3 Responses to Boeing knew 3,000+ dead passengers would be a price worth paying for uninterrupted profit streams

  1. Mick whitless says:

    Hey Paul

    Lashing out like a hyena on lsd is why nobody, despite the value of what you say, will engage with you. I dislike Wirral labour as much as you, and unlike you I actually know them. I’m trying to expose hypocrisy and cant but want people to engage and read it. Your behaviour is no different to field, Davies or Whitley. Self righteous anger leads to ulcers not to exposing political ineptitude/corruption. You really need to rethink your approach, but of course you won’t because as George Davies would say “ “your right”. Enjoy talking to yourself as your replaced by people like me, even Tim minoghe is bored off you now brother 😉


    • This post is about jet airliners, mate.

      You’re off topic.

      Okay, so I blocked you and now you’re hurting, ranting, and pretending you’re not a dyed-in-the-wool Tory 😑

      Identify yourself. Remove all the mystery.

      I have.

      Or has someone gotcha by the balls and you’re petrified they’ll release their grip?

      Whoever you are, my friend, come out of the shadows. You have some maturing to face up to in the cold light of day. Now, get to grips with that and … best of luck !


  2. Bobby47 says:

    Mick, yours is an unusual response. Quite how you’ve managed to vent your anger toward our Paul and associate it with a topic about aeronautical commercial flights is something that I find confusing. Not that being in a confused state of mind is anything to be worried about. I’m in a state of constant confusion for much of the day but even I, heavily sedated with diazepam, huge quantities of Ale and a predisposition to bet upon uncertain outcomes has difficulty working out how and why you’ve attached your thoughts about our Paul to the commercial activities of Boeing and the tragic deaths of nigh on three thousand poor souls.
    My conclusion, and it’s one based upon studying writing styles and clinical psychology? You don’t like being Blocked and ignored! It hurts you and it upsets you.i completely understand this. My kindly thoughtful words of advice to you are that you simply manage the rejection and take the positives out of your encounter with The Menace Of The Wirral Peninsular. Paul, from many years of pissing inside the tents of power has encountered thousands of dull, tedious boring mindless idiots. Yet, despite all these debilitating encounters that often place him in a place where he’s exchanging messages with the dull, the thick and the downright stupid, rarely if ever does he Block anyone.
    Take the positives out of this Blocking Mick. Turn this dreadful humiliating ordeal and it’s accompanying insult on its head. You’ve succeeded where many dull, stupid and downright thick people have failed. You’ve become probably the only one to be blocked. And whatsmore, knowing Paul as I do, you must have displayed high levels of stupidity for him to grant you this honour. That’s some achievement and it’s nothing to become bitter about. Well done Mick!


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