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Liverpool Echo claims Councillor Moira McLaughlin is as clean as a whistle. WE KNOW DIFFERENT. #DisabilityDiscrimination

Link to a few historical tweets: Who was covering up the disability discrimination? Resigning Councillor Moira McLaughlin, member for the corrupted Social Services. Watchdog accuses Wirral Council of discrimination against disabled people https://t.co/jJ8NuTgAiQ — Wirral In It Together (@Wirral_In_It) October … Continue reading

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Wirral’s Hard Right Labour getting a taste of democracy as The Matron resigns from the party

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party… Or maybe not?  Maybe now is the time for all hard right enablers of disability discrimination – who’ve outstayed their welcome – to bail … Continue reading

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Angela Eagle’s 17 whistleblowers – The Eagle 17 – Are they for REAL?

7th August 2016 Angela Eagle, failed Labour leadership candidate, has referred publicly in the press to a group of 17 unnamed people she describes as ‘whistleblowers’.  This group have made allegations and are presumably at some point going to expand their case further … Continue reading

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I’ve been a Guardian reader for 40 years, but no longer. Here’s why. 

Originally posted on Walker's Rambles:
Today, I received a routine email from the Guardian regarding my ongoing subscription to the paper. I have been a regular reader of the Guardian for 40 years including as a subscriber in recent…

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#Brickgate – Angela Eagle and The Guardian – a further update, and probably not the last

1st August 2016 Archie Bland has written an article in The Guardian, dated yesterday, 31st July 2016: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jul/31/how-did-the-language-of-politics-get-so-toxic For the purposes of this post, I’d ask readers to scroll to the end, where you’ll see a reference to an earlier statement … Continue reading

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Writer of gushing Guardian eulogy of Angela Eagle fights facts with innuendo

30th July 2016 Here’s The Guardian interview quoted above, dated yesterday, but hitting the news stands today: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/jul/29/angela-eagle-theres-no-point-being-sore-warelabour-leadership It would be useful to know who approached who to get it done; Angela Eagle in search of The Guardian or The Guardian seeking out Angela Eagle?  We’d … Continue reading

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