Wallasey vice-Chair under expulsion threat – for refuting false allegations

An ideal candidate for damaging the reputation of the Labour Party would be Wallasey resident and party member Linda Keogh, who dishonestly accused Paul Davies of personally posting leaflets last July when the CLP was suspended. Paul Davies proved she was lying by producing incontrovertible evidence to prove he was in London at the time of the dreamed up ‘offence’. She even sent a letter to Politics Home which is still referred to on their website. Yet it”s Paul Davies for the chop and not Linda Keogh. It”s in the party’s interest that Labour has a reputation which it deserves, rather than an artificially “good” reputation that it gets from ignoring it’s own internal rules and sweeping things under the carpet.


The awful, shameful saga of the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) drags on. After months of suspension on the basis of discreditedallegations and demonstrably false smears, the CLP remains suspended.

The CLP’s executive – made up of pro-Corbyn members who, not very coincidentally, were elected just before the false allegations results in the CLP being suspended by the party’s NEC (National Executive Committee) – produced a detailed report of its own to demonstrate the falsity of the accusations against it. The response of the General Secretary? To investigate the CLP for writing it.

pd2.pngWallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies

Now it appears that Paul Davies, the CLP’s elected vice-Chair and one of the main authors of the report – who is not the SKWAWKBOX’s source for this information – faces disciplinary hearing for writing the report and contesting the allegations, on the grounds that this constitutes

a sustained…

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