Torrents of Online Tory Hate, Venom, Homophobia, Misogyny, Sexism, Xenophobia, Racism, Islamophobia and more…

rees mogg

Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has yet to apologise for or distance himself from the vile abuse dished out online by his supporters

See our recent post featuring Matt Thomas’ stirling work listing Tory Criminals

And now, here is some equally disturbing content, expertly gathered by Chelley Ryan – Chelleryn99 on Twitter.

It’s a relentless stream of venom, targeting prominent Labour politicians and some of their backers, much of it originating from supporters of aspiring Leader of Her Majesty’s Oppositon (one day), Jacob Rees-Mogg.  On this evidence, the Rees-Mogg stable appears to be a very dirty backwater and a hotbed of unaddressed cultural backwardness.

Some of this hatred is directed at immigrants and refugees, or anyone they seem to regard as worthy of their attention and in the firing line for their bile.

If most of this only took an hour to put together, we’re getting the very strong impression that there must be a helluva LOT more toxic Tory stuff out there, doing a great deal of damage, but not being reported by the Tory press, media or the BBC, who as we all know prefer to play piley-on rather than do their jobs and give the public a balanced version of events.

Anyway, well done to Chelley, who has even been singled out for this treatment herself.  It takes a strong stomach to plough through the uglier parts of this abusive rubbish and most of it is certainly not for the sensitive or easily offended.

Here goes:


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14 Responses to Torrents of Online Tory Hate, Venom, Homophobia, Misogyny, Sexism, Xenophobia, Racism, Islamophobia and more…

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  2. Bobby47 says:

    I saw these threads on Twitter authored by Chelley and like most rational and kind hearted people I was horrified to read some of these remarks. I particularly hate the abuse Diane Abbot receives at the hands of those who feel compelled to take to their keyboards and hurl their bile and phlegm.
    Whilst I don’t always agree with Diane, and I’m a life long Labour voter who has repeatedly voted Labour even when the Liar With The Far Away Eyes Blair emerged giving me a clear and nigh on certain indication that Blair might just be the anti Christ , still I voted Labour and supported those such as Diane because I wanted to remain loyal to the Party.
    That said, much of the unrestrained wicked and cruel rhetoric that comes tumbling down the pipes of social media is from people who’ve become tired of their social engineering. In their past, scared to say this, scared to say that and made to feel ashamed that they might vote Conservative or they wanted to Leave the EU, it’s because of the Labour Party and it’s ever present need to control and dominate everything in their pursuit of mass uncontrolled immigration that’s helped bring about this ‘kick back’ from those who’ve been ignored for so long because of their social engineering.
    When the vote got counted and it was ‘we were to leave the European Union’, those people once ignored and left unrepresented by mainstream Labour policies found their voice, the hand break was released and they felt somehow liberated to hurl their spite toward those like Diane who fully supported the 2004 bludgeoning impact of millions of people moving from the East of the Continent to the West because Blair chose to wave Britains 7 year transition period so that millions of poor people could move to Britain, become a small component part in a vast army of cheap labour and forever ever after be relied upon to vote Labour and consign the Conservatives into Opposition for the next century.
    We in Labour reap what we sow. As much as anyone, Labour are the ones who’ve created this caustic intolerant society that brands people negatively for voting in a particular way. The millions who vote for the Tory’s are not wicked. The millions who voted to leave the EU were not bigoted racists. And yet, for so long, because of my Party, Labour, these were the labels still hung around the necks of those who now take to social media and hurl their bile and phlegm down the pipes of Twitter hurting and insulting in a way that’s so very unlike the British society that I was once part of.
    Greetings from Cyprus Cardin.


  3. Kate Blair says:

    Like you say, Diane Abbott receives a large amount of abuse- I wondered if you had seen this article
    Diane Abbott is being used by a wide variety of groups and individuals as a target. Even when the original article or comment was not aimed at insulting or attacking Diane: a comment about her is often added on to the post just so they can insult her. The sad thing is that the posters think they are being original, funny, clever and making a point that is likely to rile those on the left. Whereas in reality, the post is usually the nth time the claim has been used, it wasn’t funny or clever the first time it was used by the nth time ……….. As for riling the left, it is usually the nth time that week (or in bad spells that day or even hour) we have seen the claim gets to the stage you look at it and groan…
    Like Chelley Ryan says it does not take long to discover many examples on social media of abuse and bigotry etc that is not reported on by the media or acted on. Even when people do report it to Facebook or Twitter the usual response is that they consider the post acceptable. Despite all the hype over combatting online hate speech and bigotry Facebook and Twitter systems still are still not robust enough at dealing with it.


  4. john says:

    who cares about abbott she’s anti white she knows nothing and blames whites for everything.she comes out with anti white comments. and still the labour party keeps her in same with that muslim mp who retweeted white girls who were raped should keep their mouths shut. that’s the labour party now anti white anti christian.


  5. john says:

    Chelley Ryan left wing are just as bad they to insult conservative mps fact but you are a lefty what would we expect .


    • john
      I am a Former Conservative Party Treasurer and Candidate who joined the YC’s as a Teen in the 60’s because I wanted to HELP my fellow man – ALL OF THEM, no matter WHAT their Political Leaning. . Today’s Tory Tyrants are NOT the Party I joined even then. I soon discovered the venality, cowardice and corruption of the Tories from the INSIDE and resigned in disgust and shame that I’d been so gullible. Today this abomination of Conservatism makes me suicidal. It has driven me from the land of my birth, the Nation my ancestors served in the Lords, the Military and Government for 400 years. What Britain has become under this Corrupt and Corrupting Force makes me ashamed to have been born an Englishman, let alone a Briton.

      I am a White Man ashamed to be so. I am a Human Being not the product of a Genocidal, Thieving, Barbaric Nation that stole the Sovereignty of half the Known World then abandoned those it had exploited to Dictators and Tyrants so long as they grovelled to their former Masters. The present day claims for a Sovereignty that does not exist in the REAL World of Globalised Power is beyond hypocrisy. It is Evil.

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  8. rotzeichen says:

    Thank you for showing us what is never reported in the mass media, I have of course retweeted and posted it on my timeline, so that people far and wide find out where the hate and bile really comes from. General election now.


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  10. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    You won’t see much of this in the billionaire-owned media. And what you DO see will be carefully drip-fed to push tanking newspaper sales and collapsing viewing figures.


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