Meet Katherine Albrecht – Privacy Campaigner, formerly of

Neither of Katherine’s websites are currently operational. We have to wonder why?

And this one has been archived:

With 23 years of experience as an educator, trainer, activist, speaker, and author, Ms. Albrecht regularly speaks on the consumer privacy and civil liberties impacts of new technologies, with an emphasis on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and retail issues.

She is a highly sought-after public speaker, informing audiences across Europe and North America with her well-researched, compelling, and often chilling accounts of how retail surveillance technology threatens our privacy.

Audiences everywhere are charmed and captivated by the style of her lively presentations as they learn rapidly about the topic at hand. Beyond her reputation as an interesting personality and expert in her field, and in addition to effectively teaching about a topic, she has a profound effect on her listeners who enthusiastically spring into action.

Dr Katherine Albrecht on ‘DNA Tracks’

We use the search engine, not Google, but we still get this message when we click It’s been altered to, followed by this warning message. But is the warning message authentic or is Twitter style content interference, but in this case by an unidentified third party?

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    Katherine Allbrecht video interview. Making our food trackable. RFID. Big Brother. Government surveillance.


  2. Emillie says:

    She has had breast cancer for several years.


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