List of MPs who voted to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts


Like a Robin Hood in reverse, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, the path is now clear for Chancellor George Osborne to share the spoils of these heartless attacks by divvying up the ‘stolen money’ between greedy middle class voters in the comfortably-off Tory heartlands.  And in return, these underdeveloped, amoral human beings will put their ‘x’ in the right box.

There were 16 Tory non-voters:

David Cameron and 15 others (names to follow as I locate them…) Jeremy Lefroy, Gary Streeter, Fiona Bruce, David Amess, Pauline Latham, Andrew Murrison, Helen Grant, Ian Liddell-Grainger, Rebecca Pow, Eleanor Laing, Tracey Crouch, Wendy Morton,  

26 Labour MPs did their bit to stick the knife in by not voting for whatever reason (names to follow as I locate them…) Gavin Shuker, Stephen Twigg, Kate Green, Albert Owen, Dawn Butler, Mike Gapes, Lindsay Hoyle**, Bridget Phillipson, Sadiq Khan (Labour candidate for London Mayor), Barry Sheerman, Margaret Hodge, Ann Clwyd, Chuka Ummuna, Robert Flello, Michael Dugher, Natascha Engel**, 

The following two compromised, stitched-up, woeful excuses for human beings:

LIB DEM: Nick Clegg, Norman Lamb.

SNP: Lisa Cameron, Ian Blackford *

Democratic Unionist Party: Jeffrey M. Donaldson, David Simpson, Sammy Wilson, Gregory Campbell, Nigel Dodds, 

SDLP: Alasdair McDonnell, Mark Durkan, 

Plaid Cymru: Hywel Williams, Jonathan Edwards, 

UKIP: Douglas Carswell

IND: Lady Hermon

All abstainers / non-voters either stood on the sidelines or didn’t make it in to vote, and allowed the policy to proceed and become law.

You know what to do now if you made it easier for this to happen by playing a part in electing one of the above MPs…

… hang your head in shame.

You’ve allowed them to back Iain Duncan Smith’s cruel, ideological, neo-Nazi agenda.


To keep in line with election pledges, are handouts to wealthy and better off individuals now planned for the March 2016 budget?

Are you in trouble at work?  Help here…

* see comments below

** Deputy Speakers. Not permitted to vote

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47 Responses to List of MPs who voted to crush disabled people in preparation for tax cuts

  1. treborc says:

    My labour MP did not even turn up she was doing something else much more important. what we do not know but I will seek to find out


    • Eric Overton says:

      Yes, most probably fiddling her expenses


    • patricia says:

      I am totally disgusted and to think I voted Julian lewise in.well not anymore!.or anyone else who’s name is on the list .robbing the the disabled again isn’t there life hard enough ?.what with the bedroom tax off £70 a week burden and all the assessments they have to drag themselves to and sit before a board of middle class whohars and try to convince them that they really are still ill and disabled from the last time they where interagated and humiliated. These MPs forget we vote them in to help all the people in there Communitys not to put money in there own pockets and build there own little empires. Of off the sick and disabled. We where a great nation but not with these jollys running it.


    • Nor did mine. I don’t think he knows how to get to Westminster. £80,000 a year for doing sod all.


  2. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


  3. J. Fields says:

    No surprise at DUP,but shocked at SDLP! Disgusting law and I want them grilled on LOCAL radio(NI.).


  4. Shared on Disabledviewuk fb


  5. karen says:

    Disability can hit you at anytime as i was not born with mine (MS) hope all the mps that voted for this get something that could put them in this position sooner than later! My mp Chloe Smith tory voted for this cut! “WHY”


  6. Jeanwj says:

    They won’t get voted back in disgusting Stabbing disabled in the back, we fought Hitler one reason because he was getting rid of those that were different. British Public won’t forget this back stabbing B……..,


  7. Madeleine Johnson says:

    Paul Beresford (he’s no “Sir” in my book) is no surprise. Sadiq Khan and the rest of the lefty abstainers are a blow 😯 What are they DOING??


  8. W Coyle says:

    Cant believe the SNP,HAVE TWO ON THAT LIST,[LIES]


    • ebonydmarsh says:

      Both SNP MPs had legitimate reasons not to be there. Ian Blackford was home sick and Lisa Cameron was already doing required work in Nigeria (before the vote was called) with MPs from other parties.

      See other comments for a fuller explanation on both. (If my comments are published).


  9. Roger Eslick says:

    coruption is rife time for change stand up and be counted lets put an end to this


  10. Celia Noden says:

    I am totally disgusted by this travesty of justice and totally sickened that I live in ‘Boris Johnson’s patch’, especially knowing that he voted in favour of taking money from people who can ill afford it with the full knowledge that the wealthy will benefit


  11. Calum McLean says:

    * Dear Paul,

    Well done on naming and shaming the MPs concerned. However, with respect you have jumped the gun a little. My uncle has just been in direct communication with the SNP MP Ian Blackford as he was concerned about the implication in your website posting. My uncle is severely disabled and speaks very highly of Ian Blackford’s anti-austerity credentials. It is a fact that Mr Blackford was too ill to attend the specific vote to which you refer. This is the ONLY time Mr Blackford has had to be absent from the Commons since the election on 7th May 2015. It is not my place to speak for our SNP MPs individually, but on a collegiate basis the SNP have specific anti-austerity views: . If you would like any information on what Scotland is doing to combat the dreadful attack on people with disabilities, I will be pleased to assist you. The SNP anti-austerity policies are working in Scotland. We are beating Iain Duncan Smith and his cronies. The despised bedroom tax has been consigned to history – thanks to the SNP. I just wish we could help you good folk in England. Best regards, Calum.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Dear Calum,

      Thank you and kind regards to your uncle.

      But roll on the day when Westminster installs adequate public reporting systems. If we can pay MPs an inflation busting 11% hike whilst public sector workers are left languishing with 1% and the constant threat of redundancy and unemployment, then we can find the money to drag Westminster’s cossetted occupants towards the 21st century.

      The means exist to register how members vote, why they enter “pairing” arrangements with opposing party members, or the reasons why they cannot attend – instantaneously.

      But sadly the will is lacking and voters and public paymasters are left in the dark. Especially given that MPs tend to flee all notions of openness and transparency like vampires presented with a crucifix.

      Apologies to Mr Blackford on this occasion but as usual, shame on his despicable, self-serving Westminster brethren.


    • Ian’s a good lad doing a fine job with the longest commute in the country. He’s also fighting my corner on the disability issue and has all of Skye & Lochalsh’s support. They can knock the SNP, but they can’t knock us down.


      • Wirral In It Together says:

        Good stuff. I’m not hear to knock. Just to encourage and sometimes to highlight and expose. Well done to the SNP on their exposure of crooked Labour.


  12. Mr md Ounstead says:

    Our M.P Tracy crouch did not vote as she is on maternity leave why can’t she gave a postal vote ?
    I do not believe Tracy would have voted for the cut as she is more human than the majority of vile Tories.


  13. stewart soulsby says:

    I was always anti europe, but now because of this law to rob poor disabled people of much needed cash I am having second thoughts , because why would anyone want to give extra powers to this bunch of despicable unhuman beings to create even more ludicrous laws to rob some of the poorest in society and give it away to the richest in society . This decision beggars belief and all these horrible people who voted for this law change should hang their heads in shame OR BETTER STILL RESIGN IMMEDIATELY surely they are there to look after the needy in our society not rob them


  14. Kwez Heywood says:

    It would be interesting to ask them to live a week in our shoes and see how they don’t cope. I once believed in seeing the good in people but politicians have squashed that.


  15. ebonydmarsh says:

    I contacted Lisa Cameron of the SNP who usually always has our back when it comes to disability issues. She was unable to vote because she was working out of the country at the time.

    She writes :

      I am a member of the International Development Select Committee and we left for Nigeria to conduct an enquiry into Boko Haram’s effect on Education for Girls before the Lords passed their voted amendment on the Monday.  All members of the committee were unable to return in time for this vote (both Government and opposition who were paired).  I am chair of the Disability All Party Parliamentary Group at Westminster and I always do all I can to support and protect disabled people as you will see both from my prior voting record on this issue and my questioning of the Government about services for disabled people (Please see They Work for You Website)
    So you see, neither of the two SNP MPs you mention here had any choice.

    I’ve been a disability advocate for 8 years and started sparring with Westminster politicians over this before the Welfare Reform Act 2012 was even a bill. Since before Atos became famous. I’m not going against the disabled community (of which I am part) to defend perceived “nasty, uncaring politicians”. However, I will say that there will be perfectly good reasons for some MPs not being able to attend that vote. It may be prudent to check with them before “shaming” them because some of them don’t deserve shaming.

    I’d appreciate it it you could make it clearer that both SNP MPs had legitimate reasons for not making the vote.

    Rebloggers – please take note.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thank you for this. But in light of the comments previously made… and as Westminster’s acknowledgement to the power of Twitter, Facebook and blogs, the public need detailed reporting and F U L L transparency. Having been ‘shamed’ as you put it, will the SNP and other concerned parties now push for this?


      • ebonydmarsh says:

        You mean detailed reporting of exactly why MPs cannot attend specific votes?
        Like this –
        Ian Blackford – Sick
        Lisa Cameron – Government business in Nigeria
        Tracy Crouch – Maternity leave.?

        I can always ask for someone to propose doing so but I have my doubts on this becoming a priority issue any time soon. Perhaps, if you’d like to see this kind of detail you could try to generate some interest in it first. A petition maybe?

        Anyway, it’s not like these SNP MPs went out of their way to deceive or deliberately hide their reason for absence, nor some from other parties. I just think it’s unfair to be name calling on incomplete information, especially when new information has come to light. The media does it to us all the time and it feels pretty crappy.


  16. Wirral In It Together says:

    I won’t be patronised and sidelined. Your SNP MPs have also just been given a double figures per cent pay hike along with the rest. They and anybody else who feels badly served or embarrassed by blogs like this should get in there and fight for detailed and accurate reporting of the shenanigans that goes on around parliamentary voting.

    It could be easily done with modern IT systems and you know it, without me having to waste my time with petitions. We all vote in order to have our parliamentary representatives act in the public interest.

    Following 23,000 hits on this blog in the last 5 days, please don’t suggest there isn’t enough of that around. Now get together as required and do it please !


    • Rob says:

      All the SNP MPs gave their double figure pay rises to charities. A few actually give a good part of their normal MPs salary to charity too. Voting could be improved with modern IT systems definitely but Westminster is trapped in an antiquated time warp.. just look at the existing lobbying system of voting as it stands, what a waste of valuable time that is!


  17. Tim Hill says:

    Both Liberal Democrat MPs who didn’t vote were paired as they were away on constituency business. They were paired with Tory MPs who agreed to be absent who otherwise would have voted for the cuts. Please update your comments to reflect this as the comments do not reflect the reality.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      In a correctly functioning ‘democracy’ with accountable representatives, this important information would be provided. The blog stays the same, although your comment is there for interested people to read.


  18. Griff9of13 says:

    You should check your facts before posting, Lindsay Hoyle and Natascha Engel are deputy speakers and therefore not allowed to vote.


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Is that your only gripe here? Are you a Tory then?


      • Griff9of13 says:

        Absolutely not. But it doesn’t help anyone accusing people of “did their bit to stick the knife in by not voting” when they don’t have the option; you loose credibility.


      • Wirral In It Together says:

        It doesn’t help mendacious, power abusing, careerist, money-grubbing politicians who are not worth defending, certainly.


  19. Mike Woodall says:

    Sajid Javid, MP (Bromsgrove), said on BBC NEWSNIGHT, on 16th March 2016, that he would never be part of a government which cut benefits for disabled people. The fact that he is on the list of MPs who voted for these very cuts was overlooked by Evan Davis – a missed opportunity to expose him for what he is.


  20. Reblogged this on Cambridge Aromatherapy and Massage and commented:
    I hope anyone who voted for any of these will now write to them and tell them, “never again!” I am reblogging because so many people I know personally will be affected by this as well as many more I have never heard of.

    This is particularly galling when there have just been tax cuts for the Tories’ rich mates in the oil industry.


  21. Sid says:

    Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Excellent stuff


  22. There is a parliamentary convention on on budget votes like this – that if the government party has MPs who cannot vote due to absence then the opposition choose the same number of their MPs to not vote – ensuring that on paper the Government majority is maintained. This convention is in order to ensure that the Government can continue to get all of it’s business done including exercising their mandate from the election (for better or worse we did vote them in). This might explain at least some of the absent Labour MPs.


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  25. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    A long list of disgusting Tory MPs who DID turn up to vote, and a few equally disgusting Labour MPs who DIDN’T.


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