But I cannot recall


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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3 Responses to But I cannot recall

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Give me some heart and throw me a bone! Tell me that this isn’t your work. For if it is, and I fear it might be, like the cheating athletes, I say you Cardin are blogging under the influence of a synthetic substance that’s designed to heighten creativity and thus place the rest of us who diligently tap at our keyboards at a disadvantage resulting in ‘us’ looking wankie when our offerings are compared to yours.
    Is this your work? Tell me!!!!!


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    Bobby, I was in a legal arena last Tuesday – a theatre of the wickedly surreal – being inspired, and owe a deep and abiding gratitude to one rousing performance in particular.

    I’d brought bags of rotten fruit / bunches of roses in anticipation, only to discover that regulations forbid the impulsive pelting / garlanding of the actors – even the seasoned, accomplished players.


  3. james griffiths says:

    Paul, Bobster G’day

    I was in that very same courtroom for 9 days and it finished today.

    There was that many “I cannot recalls” from the respondents the internetty thing would not be big enough to write them down.

    A lot of the £60,000.00 to £80,000.00 scum bags were there saying they didn’t take notes…. or Bobby they are so full of shit it made Kev and Stella’s Stinking Stagnant wirral Waters look like a baptismal font.

    Bobby they are vile, cruel, bullies and thank god for karma.

    I was petrified of a lightning bolt.

    And boy “The Shyster” must get some overtime whether he does it or not you should see his footballers watch. Its nearly as big and shiny as his head and his shiny arsed suit together.



    I am too angry to write but luv the poems Paul

    Last laugh… “Blot on the Landscape” doesn’t lose his temper.

    ha ha ha


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