Tory Election Expenses – Electoral Commission Witness Statement

2nd June 2015

Channel4News have created a Scribd link to a witness statement by Louise Kate Edwards, Head of Regulatory Compliance and Casework at the Electoral Commission, signed and dated 17th May 2016, on the subject of Conservative Party alleged election expenses fiddling.  It consists of 11 pages in total and makes for interesting reading.

Here is the link:


And here is a more readable version of the same documentory :


electoral commission statement page 1

electoral commission statement page 2

electoral commission statement page 3

electoral commission statement page 4

electoral commission statement page 5

electoral commission statement page 6

electoral commission statement page 7

electoral commission statement page 8

electoral commission statement page 9

electoral commission statement page 10electoral commission statement page 11

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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5 Responses to Tory Election Expenses – Electoral Commission Witness Statement

  1. Alexander Jamieson says:

    Well your friend Liouse Edwards is in trouble herself. See

    Then again as she’s such an anti-Conservative, that’s why she’s said nothing about Wirral West MP’s Margaret Greenwood and her failure to declare her expenses in full


  2. l8in says:

    Reblogged this on L8in.


  3. sdbast says:

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  4. bobby47 says:

    Off topic I know, but the more I read, the more I learn and the closer I edge toward my headstone that’ll read, ‘I’m fucking dead because my arteries became clogged up’, I’ve reconciled myself to one single and obvious truth. For us, the working class little people, the ones who, every five years get the chance to trudge into the Polling Booth and vote for the least ugly of the candidates, there is now no longer any future in social democracy. Since the emergence of the liar Blair and his Far Away Eyes and the impact New Labour has had on every single political figure of all political persuassions that follows his doctrine and ideology that is, ‘tell them anything you think they want to hear just to get into Government,’ I’ve concluded that right now, here, now and today, for the benefit of everything that’s good and holy, we need, only for a short period of time a dictator.
    Yes! A Dictator. Not your nasty narcissistic, psychopathic headbanger who thirsts to bring havoc to the world. There are other dictatorial headbangers out there who genuinely want to dictate but do not wish to cause any of us harm. I’m advocating the latter. A complete headbanger of a dictator who’ll come to power, get rid of all the slime, the sludge and all the other stinking rancid grime that one associates with the political elite, all bloody Councils and all those who’ve signed up to the ethos of Common Purpose, clean the slate and begin again.
    Year bloody Zero! That’s what we need. We need a new beginning. A new period of enlightenment where it’s possible not to have our ears that God equipped us to hear with, to be bombarded with mindless and pointless words like passionate, vision, outcomes, Partnerships, transformation, lessons have been learned, bloody journey and all the rest of the pointless and mindless pigswill that rolls down the conveyor belt to get emptied upon our heads every bloody day the gravy train continues to roll out carrying the rich, the privledged and the celebrated toward the land of milk and honey.
    I say, fuck them! Let’s find ourselves a kindhearted, good and decent narcissistic, mentally unstable dictatorial headbanger of a twat who, by nature and a good upbringing is desperate to do good things for the people of the United Kingdom PLC.
    Then, after a period of time, after the successful and fully completed political, social and economic transformation has been brought about by the presence of our benevolent head banging despotic dictator and we’re brought back to square one, where good people like Jeremy Corbyn are not bullied, belittled and attacked by a howling mob of backstabbing oily political chancers, we tap on the fools door and say, ‘times up you mad bastard. Fuck off. Don’t come back. Thank you very much for everything you’ve done.’


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