The Wallasey CLP Homophobia and Intimidation Allegations Have Collapsed

13th February 2017

Here’s a tweet from @WirralMomentum sent a few hours ago:

…so, after 153 days of suspension (ongoing) and the long-term failure by Angela Eagle’s anonymous gang of accusers to do their duty and go to the police with details of the alleged crime(s), here we are, in the clear and vindicated.

Even the Labour Party NEC – which of late, under the toxic guidance of Iain McNicol – who’s been a dab hand at finding innocent members bang to rights on spurious charges, before dispensing with them -couldn’t come up with the goods.

Still, the damage has been done hasn’t it? – and beneath a cloak of protection that many would class as ‘feigned victimhood’. The accusers couldn’t be identified, we were told, for fear of further bullying and intimidation.

However, any target of bullying would remind you that the most accomplished bullies’ first refuge is to assume the role of victim.

We spent last Summer watching it all unfold in the papers and on SKY, BBC TV and Radio.  Nobody will remember today – the day it all fell apart – because there’s no way it will be picked up and reported.

The #FakeNews has been repeated so many times, ad nauseum, that it’s become indelibly seared into people’s minds – and that’s where it will remain.

Being a craven, political animal, and contemptibly lacking in courage, Angela Eagle will have known the outcome of this from the start, from when she first got together with Liam Murphy (now moved on) at her trusty Liverpool Echo, and the likes of Anushka Asthana, political editor at the Guardian.

Both were only too happy to suspend their journalistic code of ethics and become willing conduits, the former taking absolutely everything on trust and the latter churning out opinion, smear and innuendo in place of hard facts and serious, professional research. In other words, this was #FakeNews writ large.  Tragically ironic isn’t it?

And just to rub the irony in a bit further, The Guardian is still bemoaning the #FakeNews or #AlternativeFacts committed by other, ‘less responsible’ news gatherers in its articles, and soliciting help from its readers since Donald Trump and his henchmen and women gave added currency to these burgeoning populist terms.

The outgoing MP for Wallasey – who was imposed on us in 1992 – and whom nobody in the local party wanted from Day One – now needs to apologise to local Labour Party activists – the solid, working class fighters she has been content to stand by and see attacked and demeaned.

Having local members ‘gagged, bound and straitjacketed’ since July last year through the calling in of favours from selfish, unprincipled journalists – both local and national – now needs to end.

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