Proven liar Phil Davies, former leader of an abusive council … has mutated into a wannabe Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

Phil Davies - liar wearing poppy

As somebody who has served their country, we find it absolutely sickening that this liar has the damn gall to despoil the memory of those who made the greatest sacrifice … by wearing a poppy

Here’s a very short clip from YouTube…


Why did we use the descriptor, “LIAR“…?

Why did we shout, “SUE ME” …?

Read on, take time to follow the numbered links, read the details of how a very public LIE was told by Davies in order to conceal misconduct in public office, and all will become much clearer…

Do you want this man performing his role as a Deputy Crime Commissioner, or do you want him as a Deputy Commissioner of Crimes? The choice is (not) yours…

1. Liar…

2. Liar…

3. Your…

4. Arse…

5. Is…

6. On…

7. Fire…

So what was the big fund BIG LIE?

Here it is, from 1st July 2013. We’ve been assisted by Wirral Council here, who’ve taken great care to help our readers by putting the Phil Davies Big Fund, Big Lie…


…into BIG TYPE:


The Big Fund Big Lie - phil davies police and crime commissioner April 2020

We won’t explain the lie here, except to say that a very large, six-figure sum of grant money disappeared without trace. We prefer to save these details for our defence case, should Davies ever drum up the courage to sue us for libel, which we doubt will ever happen…!

And driven by protecting the public from proven liars and shysters, here’s how the local media – a pretty insignificant part of it in the form of @cjmckeon – is shaping up.

This is known as “discharging your journalistic code” in “the pursuit of public scrutiny…”

phil davies and cjmckeon echo tweets police crime commissioner


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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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