Liar Phil Davies, “Labour” Leader of Wirral Council Wants to Privatise the NHS. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

branson and davies

Has a sordid deal been done…?

First of all, why is Council Leader Phil Davies a liar?

Answers here, here, here, herehere, and here.

We wonder whether Wirral Council leader Phil Davies uses the bumper public money allowances he draws to tap into private health care provision for himself and his family? Or shares in Virgin Care perhaps?

This very well could be the case because it would explain his and his ‘Labour’ colleagues’ curious behaviour when discharging OUR INTERESTS, which would appear to jar with every one of our heartfelt wishes as users and defenders of the NHS.

This entryist, hard right ‘Labour’ council leader may as well be swanning about on his own private yacht, taking potshots at us, pulling the ladder up, and leaving vulnerable and ill people to fend for themselves or drown, as his ideological fellows in central government starve the NHS of its vital funding and desperately ill people die on hospital trollies.

It’s tragic isn’t it, that the people of Wirral have voted for and endorsed the likes of him and his 38 colleagues in their dishonesty, and when doing so, were under the reasonable impression that the position of the NHS locally would be strengthened and defended. After all, these are supposed to be Labour politicians !

How dispiriting it is to find that this was never the case, and that the opposite is true. In voting ‘Labour’ they have in fact signed their own death warrants, because Davies and his colleagues, cowards one and all (some of them apparently “Corbyn supporters”) are being whipped into voting for what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Slasher McVey and the Tory government are imposing upon us – Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), because it will help the PM and her ministers to secure their own personal fortunes as their private health investments come good.

Does our own Phil Davies have a huge, secret, private bounty to pick up if and when his crooked activities win the day?

Can we just remind the people of Wirral that in May 2018 we can stop him doing this?

In the local elections, these 39 hard right TRAITORS can at long last be consigned to the nearest dustbin, where they belong, and you can pick somebody else, someone who doesn’t have TORY blood and their own GREED and self-interest coursing through their veins.


See also Defend Our NHS – Latest News, the latest update on Wirral Leaks.

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