Whistleblowing in healthcare

You HAVE to report abuse. It is compulsory.

But then YOU have to be abused… er, for reporting abuse.


Health Management  Volume 17 – Issue 4 2017

Dr. Peter Wilmshurst, MB ChB, BSc, FRCP, FFSEM, FISM     Dr Peter Wilmshurst  MB, ChB, BSc, FRCP, FFSEM, FISM

Although healthcare workers have a responsibility to raise concerns about patient safety and unethical or illegal conduct, if they do so they are often treated badly.

Healthcare workers have a responsibility to raise concerns about patient safety and unethical or illegal conduct. Yet those who raise serious concerns are often treated badly by senior colleagues, their employing organisations and the bodies that should protect whistleblowers. This paradox is because whistleblowers raise concerns that, if made public, would embarrass the organisation or senior and powerful individuals, who are considered less dispensable than the whistleblower. Repeatedly we hear of scandals in healthcare, where whistleblowers were ignored or lost their jobs for raising concerns, but those responsible for both the scandal and its cover-up are promoted to more senior positions in the UK National…

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2 Responses to Whistleblowing in healthcare

  1. alison mountney says:

    I wonder do wmbc employees HAVE to whistleblow is it in their contracts ? .. As a local tax payer, i consider there is no justification for paying the salaries of full time of representatives at wmbc we cant afford (morally or budgetary )piecemeal representation . How many whistleblowers have you heard of Paul that have had support from current or previous trade union heads … Of the 4 i have spoken to, phone calls were made, situation set out and importantly damning information given and then …nothing no call back no next steps nothing also to blacken their integrity further 2 whistleblowers informed me how their union reps where then bullied for even talking to the whistleblower … Go figure …well we can stop paying for inefficient ineffective and openly cozy scratching of backs …these people are not people representatives they are another layer of ratification for covering up the wrong doing and call me old fashioned but i don’t want to pay for that.


    • alison mountney says:

      Just in case this opinion is viewed as political which I am not, I absolutely believe that an educated union force in any organisation should be viewed as an important business tool , excellent for enforcement of vision, excellent for evaluation of impact, excellent at understanding resilience to change and framework implementation, having had the professional pleasure of working locally with unions eg in fords Halewood with the jaguar takeover, Walton prison with change of governors and their change in rehabiltation as opposed to punishment and also nationally in extensive research for the dti into every employer with 200 plus employees with recognised unions as to how unions impacted on business progression …soooooo I know what good looks like … I’ve gone blind maybe that’s it


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