“Most Improved” Wirral LABOUR Council are spreading a pack of lies across the careers market, in their search for a new Legal Director

A friend kindly forwarded the following advert to us, spotted recently on the www.local.gov.uk website. 


15-1-2017 - Wirral Council ad for legal director monitoring officer


  1. “Most Improved Council”.  This was awarded by the media publication arm of the body that acts as the “Trade Union” for local authorities such as Wirral Council, namely, the Local Government Chronicle and the Local Government Association respectively.  So…  when untrustworthy organisations such as these award their paying members (with our cash) worthlesss little badges, proclaiming bogus leaps of progress or wonderful, but in reality, worthless, phantom achievements, we can safely ignore it.  This award occurred 3 years ago.  Since then, it’s been repeatedly overwritten and drowned out by scandal upon scandal – such as the independent OFSTED investigation’s “INADEQUATE” for Children’s Services and the (conveniently secret) Serious Case Review for the Rajenthiram brothers child abuse case.  Despite these failures being overlaid across the top, the term “Most Improved Council” is still emblazoned shamelessly and dishonestly across every email, letter, and JOB ADVERT, (see above) jostling for our attention.

  2. “A Progressive and Driven Partnership Galvanizer”.  No comment, apart from ….WTAF?  The lurch to impenetrable jargon continues apace, and remains a surefire indicator of an organisation with its collective, away with the fairies head rammed firmly up its collective, tight as a duck’s arse sphincter.

  3. “Create a Legacy for Yourself in the Process”.  Here is another  clear insight into the whacky, out of kilter motivations of this basket case.  Forget old fashioned service to the public.  At Wirral, they do things differently.  You can shove all that public service bollocks to one side, and strike out on your own, in your own selfish interest, carving out your own miserable ‘legacy’.  And we’re here to shield and sustain you in that, and to passionately wave some palm fronds and beat the path ahead of you in your honour as you proceed…

  4. Transformation.  Do you get it?  Does anybody get it?  It’s another chuckaway term that despite forensic analysis, remains utterly meaningless.  Transformation to what?  Transformation from what?  It echoes the deep insincerity of that old chestnut, ‘moving forward”.  Moving forward from what?  Moving forward to WHAT?  The next scandal in the pipeline?



The skills and qualities you will actually require…

  1. The ability to attend court, molest a bible and bust a religious oath
  2. The ability to ‘forget’ inconvenient truths, and instead, to only recall events or details that are advantageous to oneself and the corrupted body corporate
  3. The ability to take copious notes every single day as part of your council role, as they will be required in order to successfully achieve 1 and 2 above
  4. The ability to state in court that you were not actually taking notes on ‘that particular day’, because such an admission would have the effect of damaging one’s chances of winning the case and endangering the reputation of oneself and the body corporate
  5. Er…
  6. 7. 8. 9.  …………….Lots more, but I don’t want to bore you.  You get the picture…       

10. That’s it.

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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11 Responses to “Most Improved” Wirral LABOUR Council are spreading a pack of lies across the careers market, in their search for a new Legal Director

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    Brilliant piece of written work Paul. I see with extreme disinterest that the ‘journey’ is still cropping up from time to time. Once, through my young eyes, screwed tight beneath my balaclava whilst I sat in my Dads sidecar as we rode through the tunnel to visit New Brighton, we often called that a journey, a trip, a day out or a chance to see windows with curtains.
    Now, because of the bollocks and the infection of that bollocks that’s infested itself on or upon anything associated with the bloody Council, it has an entirely different meaning. To them, the ‘journey’ is from one non existent position to another non existent position packed full of words that have no real meaning but successfully load each boring pointless written paragraph with bollocks that no fool reads or can be bloody bothered to read because if you do bother to read it you just know that at its dreadful and deadly concluding end once it reaches it’s blessed full stop, you’ll feel compelled to howl at the heavens, ‘what a load of pointless bollocks’.


  2. Bobby 47 says:

    See, it’s not just the author of the bollocks that needs to be challenged and beaten badly to stop this endless conveyor belt loaded with undiluted bollocks. It’s all the bloody others who should be held to account and take responsibility in the role they played in its transmission.
    You’ve the author, the twat who actually sat down, dreamt up the bullocks who, when satisfied they’d produced an idea that’d be suitable for publication, they would have dragged others into the chain of ‘this is bollocks. I fully appreciate that Council Security would make it nigh on impossible for me to get to the author, enter their office, slam the door shut, scream ‘you bastard’ and beat them for several minutes with a four pound lump hammer. But the audio typist! Surely she’s not so well protected from those like me who are prepared to smash a skull in because my fragile mind couldn’t take anymore bollocks. What I’m saying is this woman knew what she was doing. She knew it was bollocks. When she wrapped those headphones around her delightfully framed perfumed slender feminine neck and listened in to what she was required to type she must have thought, ‘my God. What a pile of rancid pigswill and bollocks’. Why did the woman do this? Following orders my arse! She’s as guilty as the author!


  3. alison mountney says:

    Do wmbc ask if they understand ethics and hell why they are at it the law ? .. I would appreciate an ethical head of law and not one from yet another failed council one from a thriving business background .. I think ex council senior staff are not what we want or need we need someone who hasn’t worked in a council before someone who kneels before the uk constitution rather than one that kisses the arse of those who have bastardised wmbc constitution. I’m not sure how many solicitors wmbc own but eversheds are doing a roaring trade, not Wirral based are they ? If they were it could be swung that we’ve hit a local business support target.


  4. Wendy Neil says:

    I don’t really think WBC welcomes people with integrity, honesty and ethics .
    Most Improved Council , they are archaic , senior managers do not understand the most basic principles of equality and diversity .

    They are in the dark ages , I have never know such ignorance or an organisisation less willing to learn and change the way they work .

    They cannot even correctly follow their own policies and procedures and if you dare to question and try to follow the procedures , a compliance officer will be asked to check you work to find some slight error , which you will be threatened with .

    They certainly do need to change the way they work think and act but it will never happen .

    They have had so much opportunity to change and do the right thing . Eric Robison had meetings with staff about how he would not tolerate bullying and harassment and how he welcomed Whistleblowers .

    He knows exactly what goes on and chooses to ignore it.

    It will be a brave person who takes the job and tries to do the right thing , so it won’t happen , they will simply employ some likeminded person who toes the line .

    They have not got the self awareness , insight or desire to behave like decent human beings .


    • John Brace says:

      I will add that all the senior managers (from the Chief Executive downwards at Wirral Council) are chosen by councillors.

      Some have to be chosen by all 66 (such as the Chief Executive, Monitoring Officer and I think some others too).

      However consultants (such as Penna) seem to do most of the work at the recruitment stage, then that councillors rubber stamp things like job descriptions, salary etc and it leads to the kind of candidate you describe not making it very far (or not applying at all in the first place).

      The actual interviewing happens behind closed doors in private (this is also decided by councillors).

      I also think that some people “interview” well, whereas the real test is whether they can do the job!

      I also think that if all interviews for top jobs were conducted in public with the press present and able to report on it then the outcomes may be different.


      • We’d suggest that being a basket case and wedged deep in the gutter, uppermost in A Jones’, P Davies’, G Davies’, P Gilchrist’s, J Green’s, M McLaughlin’s and B Mooney’s minds will be the question: “Can this person be welcomed into the inner ring, entrusted with reputation threatening information and relied upon not to do the dirty on us?”. A tough call, but their collective intuition paid dividends with the squatting CEO, who appears to be meeting their disgusting requirements. We should bring in the Chair of the Centre for Public Scrutiny to turn the place over, but a little bird tells us even this would prove futile… for reasons which we cannot go into here because it might attract a typically spiteful reaction, motivated by malice and funded by a bottomless pot of our cash.


  5. Wendy Neil says:

    Whistleblowers exposed allegations and evidence of illicit activity related to these premises in October 2015. Many questions remain outstanding including why intelligence was not acted on sooner but also serious questions must be asked of the directors who hunted the whistleblowers and retaliated against them. It’s time to protect whistleblowers from retaliation with meaningful penalties for individuals and organisations.
    There can be no doubt that the whistleblowers have been vindicated they should be compensated and recognised for their personal sacrifices.

    All sounds familiar

    Wirral Council change the way you think work and act , if only .



    • alison mountney says:

      I saw that article god Wirral leaks would come back from the south France if there was ever a brothel scandal as well at wmbc. !!


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