With #WirralGiants in the news, let’s have a look at one of Wirral Council’s BIGGEST fibbers!

wirral council phil davies wirral giants

The BIG Fund

Many hundreds of thousands of pounds were lost here, then it was all frantically and guiltily covered up during secretly convened meetings of Wirral councillors and senior officers, right up to the level of CEO and Leader.

Wirral In It Together and others have been confidently going public for some time on these issues and branding Councillor Phil Davies a liar ever since the above immortal words fell from his lips inside a careless media statement.

He’s a bloody liar.  A BIG one. A giant one. And hundreds of grand of your council tax cash has gone west.  Meanwhile, supine, captured “news bringers” the Liverpool Echo and the Wirral Globe have fallen silent.

We’re quite confident that a libel writ, as thick as a telephone directory, will NOT come thudding onto the WIIT doormat.  Why?

Because we have reams of evidence to back up our position, and the council leader has no reputation left to defend.

None whatsoever.


For those keen to discover more, this is where he and his colleagues repeatedly lied and set about covering their tracks. 

… hereherehereherehere, and here.

Toodle Pip!!

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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5 Responses to With #WirralGiants in the news, let’s have a look at one of Wirral Council’s BIGGEST fibbers!

  1. Bobby47 says:

    I’m not so sure prevarication, purgerying ones self, bloody lying, secreting the truth throughout a long orchestrated and organised excercise that amounts to a corporate and political criminal conspiracy really matters anymore. How can it matter? If it mattered, and it should, then you’d think that this stain on good governance of a public body would have been addressed and resolved a long time ago. Instead, you’ve got Wirral In It Together and Wirral Leaks repeatedly raising the issue in the hope that some where, some one, will pick up the baton and run with it and bring some closure to Nigel Hobro and James Griffiths. Course, predictably nothing but nothing has ever been achieved and unless there’s a huge shift in power, nothing but nothing will ever happen.
    Seems to me, in this day and age, you can lie, prevaricate, secrete the truth, sit on your hands and do nothing about it and nobody is ever going to do anything to correct the purloining of huge wedges of public money. I’ve read and seen nothing that convinces me that lying through your back teeth is necessarily a political career ending sin and so therefore, I’d say it’s now become politically reasonable to do anything wrong just as long as you are prepared to lie, and if it becomes necessary, to lie harder to maintain your position at the trough of public service.


    • Thanks Bob. Councillor Davies has also been quietly assisting the passage of the Tory government’s health reforms here on Wirral. By apparently hobbling any chance of fair and democratic scrutiny kicking in.

      This to me indicates a man with a vested interest in the outcome. One which could be either career-enhancing, ideologically affirming, because he secretly desires it or finally, and more likely, financially rewarding.

      I’m going to plump for the latter. I suspect he may have cash invested in a portfolio spread of private health companies and the ability to rig the game when the contract battles commence. It’s just a suspicion – not an allegation – informed by his recent, more deeply dubious conduct.


  2. Bobby47 says:

    Happily my dear old friend, there is positive outcome that accompanies the critical comments from you, Wirral Leaks, Nigel and James. Nobody, but nobody will ever get sued for slander, defamation of character or anything else on the Statutes that can shut you down.
    Why? How can they pursue anyone for telling the truth. Happily for you, and sadly for them, the price they must pay for their sins is they must sit back and simply put up with it all and, perhaps secretly, from time to time, sneakily have a peep at what you or Julian Justice shovel out to stop the scab healing over their reddened tortured flesh.
    Take care la. My warmest regards to you and yours.


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