Is the Wirral Council member for Prenton – Councillor Tony Norbury – a “sleeper”?


Birkenhead voters… 

All 70,000 of you… 

Will Councillor Tony Norbury be YOUR man in Parliament? 

Or will Councillor Tony Norbury be WIRRAL COUNCIL’S man in Parliament?

It’s in your hands

Read on…

Here’s a statement dated November 2018 by this councillor

In the world of Wirral politics, huge tectonic plates have been shifting lately. But since Birkenhead MP Frank Field’s resignation of the Labour Whip, and the resurgence of a new wave of left wing optimism, all is not quite what it seems.

There have been further tremors.

Take it from us, some well-connected, sharp-eyed watchers and researchers have had a very close eye on Frank Field and his election agent George Davies for some time.

As these two recede into well-deserved obscurity, it’s now becoming clear that their would-be replacements also have big question marks over their heads and are worthy of some closer scrutiny. 

This much we know.

Birkenhead’s chances of starting anew with a *clean* slate after being plunged deep into almost 4 decades’ worth of Field’s self-seeking mendacity are absolutely minuscule. Nothing emerges spotless from a toxic, hateful, entrenched scenario such as that. 

So here’s a word to the wise. It would be a catastrophic error of judgment by the good, honest members of @birkolabour CLP to hurriedly anoint Wirral Council’s Tony Norbury as the chosen Corbynite candidate without first carrying out their own research and due diligence.

A good starting point would be to check out the Twitter timeline of Wirral In It Together with searches for the keywords “@wirral_in_it  @TonyNorbury2”.

Also, do some timely #Wirralgate research on Twitter or Google and discover what the local media and newspapers are too cowardly, too compromised or too goddam captured to report.

Then ask yourselves the question, “Why hasn’t Councillor Norbury, Labour’s very prominent, alleged racism champion acted on information received and taken steps to report Frank Field’s election agent Councillor George Davies to the local party for investigation?”

After all @birkolabour and the people of Birkenhead… this is an absolutely key moment and one which will impact heavily on yours and your children’s futures.

Whatever you do, be careful you don’t replace a dud with a *sleeper*, one whom it’s possible may have been groomed for purpose as the ideal “slot-in” with 78 year-old Frank Field’s retirement surely now in sight. Politics is a dirty game and – since 1979 – particularly sordid around these parts. 

And as we all know to our cost, once these MPs are cemented in and enjoying their £77,379* a year job, they’re often there for 5 years at the very minimum… and are notoriously difficult to unseat.

But more tellingly, Norbury has been a Wirral Councillor since early 2012. Six long years.

With a general election in the offing, let’s be mindful that he’s been keeping his nose clean, toeing the line, facilitating cuts and austerity and closing and demolishing disabled children’s schools at hard right Labour Wirral Council, and is now being pushed as ‘the likely candidate to emerge via open selection’.

I’ve placed an FOI request for Norbury’s voting record. This has been done to get an idea if he really is as left wing as he purports to be.

So let’s see if his actions speak louder than his words.


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