Rats in a sack. Pass me a sledgehammer.

liptrot twitter profile feb 2016


The above is a link to a very timely Wirral Globe article featuring details of the internal emails of Martin Liptrot, Wirral Council’s new £45,000 for a 2-day week, euphemistically titled “Executive Policy Officer” or Head of Spin for plain speakers like us.

They make for disgusting reading.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Apparently I’m supposed to work for 24 quid an hour.  Clearly that is both insulting and wildly unrealistic for the scope of the role we are discussing.  There is no way I’m going to earn even less than I am now.  We need to work out what we need to agree and you will probably have to just step up and tell everyone what you want doing in the end.”

The above formed part of a surreal ‘job application process’.

Not only do we get a firm grasp on who appears to be in charge here – and it’s certainly not the recipient of the emails, ‘leader’ and inveterate, unapologetic, shameless liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Councillor Phil Davies – but we also get a useful little peek into the inner so-called ‘workings’ of the woeful, broken basket case.

Where else would we see senior public servants appearing to covertly despise not only their seniors and their paymasters – us – but also their junior colleagues; workers who would jump at the chance of earning £24 per hour?

Who else but an arrogant fly-by-night would make impudent demands and pay such scant regard for the corrosive effects of central government austerity and the complete and utter mayhem currently clobbering junior employees?  The ones that they’re about to start lording it over?

Not long ago, many hundreds of employees had to leave this council after being forced out. We don’t mean the cossetted senior abusers who left with eye-watering six figure sums, gags and clean bills of health.  We mean the junior ones who were given no option, forced into redundancy and coerced into cheaply signing 834 unrecorded compromise agreements  costing  £62,500 – by Councillor Jeff Green when he was leader of the abusive council.

The same Councillor Jeff Green who cynically placed this FOI request not out of concern for his fellow man, but through a desire to gain some measure of party political advantage.

Bitter, back-biting stuff, that serves nobody but the callous, embittered wasters so often immersed up to their eyeballs in this kind of regressive, depressive shite.

Anyway let’s dispense with Punch and move back to Judy.  Spin doctor Liptrot blocked us on Twitter today.  It all started quite amicably on 27th February when we followed his account, @nyblue66 and sent some introductory tweets.  They were in our usual style i.e. nice and clear, no inappropriate deference and straight to the point, e.g.


As you can see here, at this point, his account was open and viewable:

Liptrot open


But soon, it became protected:

Liptrot protected

















I don’t know which of the following tweets may have caused offence:

tweets to liptrot


But very quickly, the self-appointed ‘Chief of Staff’ joined CEO Eric Robinson in freezing us out.  The pair of them are very welcome to Wirral, but they do need to wise up and toughen up.  If their poor behaviour impinges on the job we pay them a lot of money to do then we want to know what’s the cause of it.  This is all done in the public interest, or at least in the vacuum where that public interest once existed.  

Yet nothing does exist in a vacuum.  And if they’re reading this, don’t imagine you’re going to achieve anything by sucking yet more oxygen from it.

We pay you.  And you need to engage with us …

Liptrot blocked


Footnote:Mr Liptrot’s Twitter (and Facebook) social media accounts no longer exist.





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