Frank Field’s very busy in the media. Why? Because he’s petrified of the #Wirralgate scandal

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#Wirralgate – the makings of a huge scandal, involving a covert audio recording, alleged #racism, blackmail, the smearing of a local Tory and the attempted extortion of £192,000 in public money

Frank Field, MP for Birkenhead has hardly been out of the newspapers lately.

First, there’s The Wirral Globe:

1st December 2015 – Frank Field puts pressure on Wirral police chief…

10th December 2015 – Frank Field leads new drive to abolish hunger…

10th December 2015 – Frank Field urges Cameron to focus on hunger

16th December 2015 – Frank Field’s policy to end child hunger

17th December 2015 – Frank Field wants to house people (thankfully not in shipping containers under motorway bridges this time)

21st December 2015 – Frank Field backs training for benefit claimants

21st December 2015 – Frank Field says people going hungry due to benefits delays

14th January 2016 – Frank Field calls for urgent action over delayed repairs to homes

16th January 2016 – Frank Field warns 1.5 million could be facing destitution

18th January 2016 – Frank Field advises that welfare ‘reform’ is moving at a snail’s pace

24th January 2016 – Frank Field warns new Labour leadership for being out of touch

TOTAL = 11 articles.

Then there’s The Liverpool Echo:

1st December 2015 – Frank Field warns…

2nd December 2015 – Frank Field…

10th December 2015 – Frank Field calls for something…


21st December 2015 – Frank Field / training bricklayers…

21st December 2015 – Frank Field calls for something else…

24th December 2015 (Yes folks, that’ll be Christmas Eve)…

9th January 2016 – Frank Field rallies Mersey ferry protesters…

15th January 2016 – Frank Field / Children’s clothes go mouldy…

28th January 2016 – Frank Field says Jeremy Corbyn not Prime Minister material…

12th February 2016 – Frank Field congratulates the council re: Broken streetlights

TOTAL = 10 articles

Then there’s The Guardian:

24th January 2016 – Frank Field warns Labour will lose next election

TOTAL = 1 article

Then there’s The Daily Mail:

21st December 2015 – Frank Field puts his Tory hat on

21st December 2015 – Frank Field wants more builder training for benefit claimants (many of whom are qualified professionals or sacked NHS / Social Care whistleblowers with degrees Frank !)

TOTAL = 2 articles

Only a genuine masochist would follow all the above links and read them, so let’s summarise…

That’s a grand total of 24 press articles he’s featured in prominently in a short, two month period, with absolutely no sign of letting up.

And the crucial question is … why?

Is it because he’s an active and engaged member of Parliament, concerned about the impact of Tory party austerity, the plight of the local public and because he holds the wishes of his embattled constituents close to his heart?

Or is it something not so obvious?  Is it something more sinister and more devious?

Those of you who’ve been following the excellent Wirral Leaks site will have picked up on a long-running item known as “Wirralgate”, which has been simmering away for quite some time; three, possibly four years.  This is an issue which holds the potential to not just put a bombshell under the leadership of Wirral Council, but to impact massively on the parliamentary standing of the member for Birkenhead since 1979 – Frank Field.

And we believe it’s the latter.  That Mr Field has been busily fortifying his position.  Propping up his image and having his team work on lots of stories – fluffy ones – to cast him in a kindly light and bolster his reputation as a caring, sharing, benevolent to his bones, charitable kinda guy.   Never has that bogus PR bilge been more in demand than right now, as the temperature rises.

You Wirral Leaks readers will know how we’ve all been waiting for the second report of local government consultant / investigator and solicitor Patricia Thynne (pronounced so it rhymes with “FINE”).

The signs are that Thynne Part II is a ‘robust’ affair, and that its findings are likely to at long last put the skids under this ‘most improved council’ boll*cks that’s being constantly dripfed to us.

Many of us were personally hoping to see that report discussed on 8th February 2016, but WHADDYAKNOW?  The long arranged meeting of the alleged ‘Standards and Constitutional Oversight’ Committee, has been put back to the end of March, with no explanation whatsoever, and to a more convenient time … just before purdah kicks in for the May elections.

And when the Wirralgate bombshell eventually goes off pop in The Sun and The Daily Mail – which we fervently hope will be soon – those middle class southern admirers who’ve always coveted Frank as the Tory wannabe they longed to have as their own, to hug and hold close, will fly onto Google, type in his name and upon seeing these 24 (and counting) heartwarming stories, confirm their long-held belief that he is after all that caring, sharing, benevolent to his bones, charitable kinda guy.

And they’re intelligent and well-tuned in.  Frank was just unlucky to get ambushed in his ‘Beirut’ constituency, and must have been fitted up by something they’d never even heard of …called “Wirralgate”…

 …and it must have been a nasty, unwarranted witch hunt, because Andrew Neil never told them on The Daily Politics  And it was never covered on The Marr Show.

#Wirralgate – the makings of a huge scandal, involving a covert audio recording, alleged #racism, blackmail, the smearing of a local Tory and the Attempted Extortion of £192,000 in public money

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6 Responses to Frank Field’s very busy in the media. Why? Because he’s petrified of the #Wirralgate scandal

  1. Sam Tubbs says:

    Very interesting. St Frank a sinner? Most unlikely.


  2. It was the ‘nice’ Mr Field who travelled across the wild Atlantic ocean to our ex-colony, the USofA to learn how to treat the poor, unemployed and scrounging masses with as many punitive, demeaning and compassionless measures as possible.
    What he brought back was the news that this [tory-styled] ‘something-for-nothing-culture’, in a society with more people than jobs, could be curtailed through something called ‘workfare’, known more generally as ‘modern slavery’. The tories loved it… after all, Maggie *was* ruling these islands of ours then.
    With Mr Field, *anything* is possible!


  3. Wirral In It Together says:

    Cheers Paul. There’s been no let up and I believe it could be more than 30 stories now …


  4. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:



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