Update on SIP Car Parks land in Birkenhead and Frank Field / Phil Davies’ betrayal of residents


5th January 2017

This fine example of scandalous council behaviour began here when Council Leader, liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Phil Davies, whilst nursing the business interests of corporate car park people, feigned bogus concern for the needs of local voters and even persuaded a couple of them to appear alongside him in one of his hideous, horrible, hollow, manipulative photo opportunities:

phil davies saves our green spaces

We won’t repeat the full story again but it all went badly for the lying council leader when he failed to get the planning permission which would have allowed the site’s owners SIP Car Parks to start pouring concrete over the beautiful grass.

Even so, planning permission aside, the beautiful grass never really stood a chance in the hands of these people and it’s all gone horribly wrong as the site has had its trees felled, its grass ripped up, and has been transformed into a mud bath, somewhere handy to tip dangerous waste and a hazardous danger zone for local people and their children… all due to the reckless, mean-spirited, selfish behaviour of Frank Field, Phil Davies, and their chums at SIP Car Parks.

So the corporate vandalism goes on, local people’s safety has been deliberately compromised and in return for their votes in May 2015 they’ve been betrayed by self-seeking politicians into the bargain.

Council leader gifts & hospitality

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3 Responses to Update on SIP Car Parks land in Birkenhead and Frank Field / Phil Davies’ betrayal of residents

  1. mediapenguin says:

    Typical of course. I see that respected local organ the Wirral View is stating that council car parks will be free in January around Birkenhead. This is to encourage local trade at a parlous time of the year and to cash-in on the fact that he trains are off. I find this rather bizarre. Why are they trying to attract visitors when people won’t want the trouble of going into infested Mersey tunnels? Anyway, to which car parks does this apply? Wilkos and the little one by the council offices. It says on street parking will still be paid for. How generous. That means the perenially empty bays around Conway Station and beyond will remain just that – empty as they have been ever since this stupid pay police was implemented a few years ago. It genuinely looks like an attempt to keep people away from Birkenhead. And its worked – I may venture in when the multistoreys are free on Sunday but Im not paying to park.



    Do you mean to tell me they wanted to keep the grass for kids to play football ect on… right next to a main road with busy traffic… what are these people THICK!!!


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