Hard Times

News of dodgy operators from over the water…


It was absolutely right of Steve Rotheram to attack the bloated bureaucracy being foisted on the metromayoralty by Joe Anderson, in anticipation of him getting the job. For this arrogant man to dismiss the cost as “only £7 million” shows just how out of touch he is with the real world.

His confederate in setting up this superfluous team of bag carriers, was his chief executive, Ged Fitzgerald. It was the latter who actually commissioned the report which delivered this unnecessary extra layer of bureaucrats, each on an average salary of £100,000. Joe, in turn, pushed the plan through the Combined Authority.

The firm commissioned by Fitzgerald to produce the report was Amion Consulting, chaired by Mr Timothy Johnston. He and Fitzgerald are both directors of new company, The Big Trust Limited. I am sure that they will have plenty of time together there to discuss Joe’s hoped-for future support…

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  1. Bobby47 says:

    I’d say to the author of this very good piece of written work, ‘why the surprise’? There’s nothing to be concerned about if you are at the top or even positioned in the middle of the hierarchy. Of course, being rock bottom and positioned at the bottom of the base of the hierarchical structure is an entirely different matter. Frankly, given that I reached my own personal level of personal incompetence many years ago and I’ve gradually drifted into my natural social grouping with those who are also bottom feeders found at rock bottom, being surprised doesn’t go halfway to describing just how pissed off I am that the hierarchy ignores me and all the many others who are ignored by this unholy hierarchical structure.
    And hierarchy’s are what we all do. Over and over again. We’re wired up to create them. And every single time a hirearchy is created, in this case the bloody Council, it’s constructed in the full knowledge that eventually the hierarchy becomes corrupted and unless the corrupted elements are corrected, the hierarchy evolves into a tyrannical structure, tyranny becomes commonplace and the whole bastard thing evolves into a wealth and job creation exercise that benefits the few who, though they to reached their own personal level of incompetence many years ago, still manage to fool everyone and maintain a false illusion that they know what they’re bloody doing.
    And consequently, the game continues unabated. No handbrake, no restraint, no prudence and no sense of moral outrage that through cunning and guile and a mantra of ‘we know what we’re doing’, another bunch of Common Purpose suits have germinated, grown fat on public money and are now, again, affixed to out fiscal lactating teats that enable the asset stripping to continue and for those at the bottom to become fucking poorer and wonder just why we were chosen or wired up to be placed at the bottom of the base of a public service hierarchy.
    God help us I say!


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