Frank Field. Is he “Feeding Britain”, as claimed?

terry craven facebook post birkenhead man 2As his long career in public life comes to a close, Frank Field was meeting royalty yesterday in his Birkenhead constituency.  See all the local and national newspapers for the gushing coverage.

Ever the one to promote his own causes, Field took the royals to a shop in Birkenhead  which is running a pilot for @Feeding_Britain (The No. 7 Community Cafe).

But here’s something from Christmas Eve just gone, that never made it into any newspaper.  It’s a Facebook post from Terry Craven who works locally at as an employment advisor.  Here, he rightly criticises the Tory government for creating a society where hunger is used as a weapon and politicians are not ashamed to use poverty to promote themselves.

terry craven facebook post birkenhead man

We’re wondering if there will now be a peerage or knighthood in the pipeline for #Wirralgate‘s Frank Field, to round off his career?

And finally…

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6 Responses to Frank Field. Is he “Feeding Britain”, as claimed?

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Poor man. Poor people. I’m one of the lucky ones. Not only have I got more than enough to be happy and content with, I’ve got the one thing that millions of other people have and share. An interest in the lives of those who’ve not been as fortunate as me and so many others.
    They tell you on the television to give to charitable organisations only to learn that your money gets diverted into salaries and pension pots of those who are very well off.
    They tell you don’t give to street beggars because it doesn’t do them any good onlyfir you to learn that Councils up and down the country confiscate their cardboard and blankets because they’re unsightly and they disrupt business.
    They tell you that the ageing population are to blame for just about everything that costs us all a few quid in Council tax only for you to find out they’re paying out millions and millions on Gagging Payments, Consultancy Fees and anything else that they can shove in their Common Purpose mouths.
    They tell you that poverty is a symptom of ignorance and there’s help out there if only they’d visit the Council and ask for help, and yet when you knock, the door doesn’t get opened because nobody is there. They’re all upstairs concentrating their minds on areas of business that have little to do with helping the meek and the mild and the millions of poor people who haven’t a laptop or haven’t the spare change to wait in a telephone queue for ages listening to the Halleluzah Chorus of Handels Messiah, telling them, ‘please hold the line. Your in a queue. Your call is important to us’.
    No doubt, in the fullness of time this poor man, who’s bare back we’ve all stared at, will soon die and throughout the subsequent inquest of his passing, not one single person will question why he became skeletal in 2019 at a time when Britain is still one of the wealthiest nations on Earth.
    Truth is, nobody cares. Nobody wants to know and despite this image of this poor man who’s spine is ready to pop out from beneath his flesh, not one wealthy person will step forward and ease his suffering.

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  2. Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together and commented:

    We wondered whether a peerage would be given to The S*n’s Frank Field to round off his career. We were proven correct …


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