#Brickgate – A Story That Won’t Go Away

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20th February 2021

This Tory Submitted a Fake, Made Up Story That was Published in The Daily Torygraph – to Every Discerning Person’s Horror – Four and a Half Years Ago. Please Read on…

24th July 2016

A prominent journalist, author and broadcaster of integrity, Peter Hitchens, has devoted part of his weekly blog in The Mail on Sunday to the #Brickgate story.  I exchanged a number of tweets with Mr Hitchens a few days ago in order to set the scene for him and to answer some of his queries.

He contacted Merseyside Police for their version of events, which was very telling indeed and confirmed what many of us had suspected all along (scroll down).


As a constituent of Angela Eagle, I too will approach Merseyside Police in search of a written statement to this effect, i.e. Angela Eagle’s office / windows were not subjected to an attack and no windows were broken in her office.  The overwhelming majority of news articles and media reports had incorrectly stated the opposite and continue to do so.

Assuming I receive a police statement, I’ll research as many of the relevant news articles as I can dated 12th July to 24th July (and beyond) in order to find and collate the inaccurate content.

Despite the truth of the situation being ‘out there’ and accessible, the authors / editors of these mainstream stories do not appear to have made any retractions. As a result, a litany of false claims and innuendo still stands in place of the truth – and is being built upon constantly in the printed press and on the TV and radio.  Social media concerns aside, the falsehoods have yet to be queried independently to my knowledge.

Once I’ve collected the information, I’ll contact IPSO, the UK’s Independent Press Standards Organisation and lodge what I believe to be a well-founded complaint.

On a separate matter – and if the newspapers are to be believed this time around – Angela Eagle has since approached Merseyside Police, describing what she perceived to be a raised threat to her personal safety. She’s received undisclosed advice in return.

She then made a separate, personal decision – not based on any police advice –  to suspend her regular Wallasey surgeries with constituents.

Sadly, in a kind of instant hairtrigger reaction, some of the major media outlets couldn’t resist spinning the message into “Angela Eagle closes down her surgeries on police advice.”

I’m paraphrasing but that sums it up.

Given my MP’s stated concerns, I’d assume the police may be devoting extra man hours to keeping a vigilant look out on her behalf when she’s in Merseyside – but of course I can’t be certain.

Regardless of whether IPSO find in my favour, it’s possible that Ms Eagle’s inability / unwillingness to counter the falsehoods in the press are linked to her decision to suspend surgeries, and both may be motivated by an unspoken desire to manufacture a phantom threat.

A favourable IPSO decision would assist, but even without that, we may be looking at forthcoming charges of ‘wasting police time’ against Angela Eagle MP and / or members of her media team.

Here’s an unrelated, unacknowledged and unaddressed email I sent on 12th July:

email to angela eagle about cbi job

Despite receiving no answer to the above email sent nearly 2 weeks ago, I’ll be contacting my MP again to ask her what measures she and her team are taking to set the record straight re: numerous false stories relating to ‘Angela Eagle’s Broken Office Window / Attacks On Angela Eagle’s Office’, which have appeared in local and national newspapers and on TV and radio – stories by which her main purpose, that of ousting Jeremy Corbyn, may gain traction and may be advanced unfairly through wholesale dishonesty and a persistent failure to retract on the part of numerous news organisations.

An Email sent tonight:

24 07 16 - email to angela eagle IPSO

There can be no libel caused or offence created when dealing in facts.

Here are two such facts: On 11th or 12th July 2016, given the evidence recorded later at the site…

1. Angela Eagle’s Wallasey constituency office was not subjected to an attack

2. No windows were broken in Angela Eagle’s constituency office

27th July 2016

I’ve lodged a complaint with The Independent Press Standards Organisation, initially against the Daily Telegraph, with regard to this story, dated 12th July 2016:


Here is IPSO and what they do:

IPSO and what they do

I had intended to complain against this article in The Independent, however they have not yet signed up to IPSO:


Watch this blog as there will be more complaints against newspaper articles to follow.

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