Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

13 05 18 - stamping out antisocial behaviour

Last Friday, we attended an Antisocial Behaviour meeting at the Wallasey Unitarian Church.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy was ill, so didn’t attend, but sent her deputy in her place.  Also present was our MP, Angela Eagle, a police inspector and a number of hard right Labour Wirral Councillors.  As stated in our previous post, we didn’t get to ask our question, so we waited and queued after the meeting to meet Angela.

Here is a link to the video of our conversation:

And here is a transcript of the conversation for anybody struggling to hear what went on:

Transcript of conversation between Angela Eagle MP and Paul Cardin at Wallasey Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey CH41 1DA on Friday 11th May 2018


Paul:           Hi.

Angela:       Hiya.

Paul:           Paul Cardin.

Angela:       I know.

Paul:           Right.  I didn’t really get a chance to ask you a question but it’s something that’s concerned me for some time.  What do you think about Mr. Corbyn?  How do you think he’s doing at the moment?

Angela:       Fine.

Paul:           The leader…okay, yeah?  You happy with him?

Angela:       But, you know, we’re still in opposition unfortunately but he’s doing fine, why?

Paul:           Oh, that’s sad, isn’t it?  Yeah.  No, okay, I’ll cut straight to what I was going to talk to you about.  Jane Kennedy, she’s a bit of a sort of an anonymous figure around here.  People don’t really know her, you know.

Angela:       Well, she’s ill.

Paul:            I know, yeah.

Angela:       Which is why…she was going to be here.  She’s very disappointed not to be here.  Which is why her deputy had to come.  But she’s off sick.

Paul:           Okay.  Well, I hope she gets better soon.

Angela:       So do I.

Paul:           Right.  What it concerns is a couple of years ago, almost a couple of years ago, a brick went through the window just round the corner here…

Angela:       Paul, we’re not…I’m not talking to you…

Paul:           Yeah…can I talk about this?

Angela:       No, no, no.  We’re not talk…

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       No, no, no, no.  We’re not talking about this.

Paul:           Please.  You can’t just close me down.

Angela:       No.  There’s other people…

Paul:           This is antisocial behaviour…

Angela:       There’s other people to see…

Paul:           No, no.  I’m a person.  I’m a constituent of yours.

Angela:       There’s other people to see.  Listen…listen…

Paul:           No, no.  Please.  I’m a constituent…

Angela:       We’re not reviving all of that.

Paul:           No.  But it’s…but please, Dan Hodges is reviving it.  Thanks to you putting the #FakeNews out there, Dan Hodges is still working with it.  “How far will the Corbynites go?  Precisely what lines are they prepared to cross to protect their hero?  I thought we had reached the nadir of Corbynite cultism in 2016…”

Angela:       What’s this got to do with it?

Paul:            “…when his supporters hurled a brick through Angela Eagle’s constituency office window.”  That’s just false.  It’s #FakeNews, wouldn’t you agree?

Angela:       No.

Paul:           It’s true…?

Angela:       What do you mean?

Paul:           Corbyn support…?

Angela:       Will you just leave?  I don’t want to talk about this.

Paul:           Where’s your evidence?  The police officers talked about evidence earlier.

Angela:       Listen…Paul…Paul…

Paul:           He can’t work unless he has evidence.  Jane Kennedy appeared to have evidence to suggest…

Angela:       Paul.  Paul, will you go please?

Paul:           …Corbyn supporters did it.  Corbyn supporters didn’t do it.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:            Yes, it has.  It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour, so I want to just read out this statement to you.

Angela:       No, there’s people waiting to see me about issues that are current now.

Paul:           This is antis…  I’ve been waiting to see you…I…and now you’re trying to get rid of me and close me down.

Angela:       Yeah, I, I…

Paul:           Please.

Angela:       …this…this is not an issue.

Paul:           No, that’s not fair at all.  Yes, it is an issue.

Angela:       It is completely personal.

Paul:           The Daily Mail are still using it and you’ve helped them to do that.  That’s…it’s a resignation issue as far as I’m concerned, feeding the Daily Mail false news so they can throw it at your party leader.

Angela:       Okay.  Will you now leave?

Paul:           They’re throwing it at your party leader.

Angela:       They’re not throwing anything at my…

Paul:           They’re still…they are, look.  Dan Hodges.

Angela:       Can we…come on.

Paul:           Dan Hodges is doing it.

Angela:       Just leave, Paul.

Paul:           Look.

Angela:       Paul, Paul.

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.  No, I want some answers from you.  You’re my Member of Parliament.

Angela:       Paul, please.

Paul:           Now can…sorry.  Can I have some answers, please?  Why did you put that #FakeNews out there into the public domain?  Why did you do that?  It wasn’t your window.

Angela:       Paul, will you now leave?

Paul:           It wasn’t your constituency office window.

Angela:       Will you leave this…?

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.

Angela:       Okay, well, I’m going to see my other constituents.

Paul:           Ahhh.  Okay, well, I got my message across, I think.  Thanks a lot Angela.  Bye.

End of transcript


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6 Responses to Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

  1. Bobby47 says:

    It actually reads worse than it sounds and looks doesn’t it? Rather like black and white photography, looking and capturing a much better and stronger visual image than that of a colour photograph, it’s the same in this case as it captures dear sweet Angela completely fucked and unable to string a coherent sentence together that’ll get my friend to Fuck Off and leave her be.
    All she ever needed to say was, ‘yes! With hindsight the whole Brick Through The Window thing was a huge mistake. I regret it. I take responsibility for its damaging consequences and now dear Paul I’d like you to Fuck Off and leave me be. Thank you very much!.’


  2. John Brace says:

    From reading the above it appears like you’re trying to interview Angela Eagle rather than ask her one question.

    Did you make it clear to her you were filming it?


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