Merseyside Police Expose Angela Eagle’s #Brickgate Newspaper, TV and Radio Falsehoods

Angela Eagle Office Window

The untouched Angela Eagle office window

August 2021 – Ahmed is still spreading his hate, beneath the careful guise of ‘countering’ it!

1st February 2017

Cast your minds back to June / July 2016.

After publicly disowning Jeremy Corbyn, Wallasey MP Angela Eagle was telling anybody who’d listen – which happily for her was an eager, Westminster pack of mainstream journalists with cameras and dictaphones at the ready – that not only had she been the victim of alleged homophobia, intimidation, bullying and offensive phone calls (the vast bulk of it never reported to the police at any time – even to this day), but she’d had a brick thrown through her constituency office window in Manor Road, Wallasey.

Luckily this appears to have been reported to the police by office staff, before any meddlesome politico with an axe to grind* could get their manipulating hands onto it.

*This is not a reference to Imran Ahmed – Twitter handle @Imi_Ahmed – Angela Eagle’s bright and keen to impress leadership campaign manager

We Wallasey locals, familiar with this location, very quickly spotted with our own eyes what was being done here in the name of ‘professional journalism’.

The image above is an un-retouched picture of  the Angela Eagle constituency office window, taken a few days after the event.  This picture was, without any doubt, exactly the same a few days before the event, because at no time was a brick thrown through Angela Eagle’s constituency office window.

Here is the Merseyside Police confirmation of this, in response to our original freedom of information request, received via the Information Commissioner’s Office yesterday:


This message followed Merseyside Police’s earlier statement, explaining they had no conclusive evidence in their possession that a brick was used to break the window.

The fall-out

The day after the incident, we dutifully picked up our newspapers, switched on our TVs and radios or browsed to the news websites, and even though many professional journalists and photographers had attended the aftermath, they’d not picked up on the fact that they’d been corralled to the wrong location.

This broken, shared stairwell window, on a different side to the building, was not an office window.


Instead of flicking their inbuilt ‘lie-detectors’ to scan and relying upon their keen, professional news gatherers’ insight, resolve and determination, they body-swerved all that and somehow got sidetracked.

And instead of clocking the fact that steep sets of stairs – in this case, right behind the broken window – do not usually appear slap bang in the middle of a correctly and ergonomically designed office, built to discharge the political function of a highly-paid MP, they missed it, and got it all wrong.

Where were the desks?  Where were the chairs?  Where was the phone?  Where the f*ck was the kettle and water cooler?

They either convinced themselves – for the purposes of sensationalism and / or selling lots of newspapers – that this was Angela Eagle’s office, or they were led up the garden path by persons unknown, on-hand advisers and chaperones, nursing a damaging, manipulative agenda, which also involved the promoting at any cost of Angela Eagle’s prospects in the recently announced, but soon to be ill-fated leadership bid against Jeremy Corbyn.  Whichever way it transpired, this was the end result:

angela eagle brick thrown through window news items

Moreover, when they got back to the office, armed with interviews featuring Police Commissioner Jane Kennedy and Labour Councillor Bernie Mooney – both avid, long time friends and supporters of Angela Eagle, and both waxing lyrical – the journalists embellished the storyline to imply that Jeremy Corbyn supporters must have been responsible… er …with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, just the by-product of fevered imaginations that had lurched into overdrive.

What’s next?

And bringing us right back to the present day…

…tomorrow, 2nd February 2017, is the date that BBC Question Time is broadcast from Wallasey Town Hall, Brighton Street, featuring David Dimbleby and an as yet unknown panel.

This is the perfect opportunity for the programme makers (whom I have tweeted and emailed without response) to introduce this new aspect i.e. a timely helping of inescapable facts – originating from the police themselves – in order to eclipse and expose what was a toxic, nationwide torrent of UK MSM #FakeNews and #AlternativeFacts.

This should be openly discussed and thrashed out by the panel – and more importantly by local people – if any have been fortunate enough to be accepted into the audience, and if we are to finally achieve clarity and a true perspective.


Wallasey Constituency Labour Party remain suspended, partly on the strength of the above falsehoods – a situation which is completely unjustified, has been drawn  out for six months and counting, and has been compounded by an inadequate, clearly biased and wayward NEC internal investigation.  This inquiry built upon the existing falsehoods – to the extent that Wallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies was forced to go through a disciplinary process last week.

The result of this disciplinary process is not yet known, and it may take a number of weeks, but Mr Davies is facing what could amount to completely unfair and unwarranted expulsion from the Labour Party.

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  1. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


  2. Paul Brooks says:

    Paul Davies will need all the luck he can get! I feel the result of his disciplinary was written up before the meeting – they should have just mailed him and saved him going!


  3. pablored62 says:

    Why didn’t they just mail the disciplinary decision to Paul Davies before he went and save him the trouble of going! I hope he kept his train ticket receipts to prove he was there!


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