Community Transport – Thrown Under The Bus ?

Wirral Council – out on a limb – locking horns with central government once again. But worse, have they been breaking statutory law?

They’re backing their deregulated friends in the greedy private sector now, making life miserable for service users, and OUT-TORYING the TORIES.

As right wing outsourcer Councillor Phil liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here) Davies “fixes” something that was never broken, we wave goodbye to Wirral’s Community Transport Service for vulnerable and disabled people.

You really could not make this up…


Thrown under the bus

Community Transport on Wirral may be in last chance saloon.
Word reaches His Lordship from a supremely well-informed source that the writing is on the wall for community transport services here on Wirral.  These are the trained drivers, escorts and specially kitted out vehicles that transport disabled and vulnerable service users to their day centres, care homes, Special Educational Needs schools, etc. day in, day out, all year round.
And we don’t bring you this news lightly.  We know it’s genuine because we’ve had the information checked and double-checked.  It impacts Wirral Council, goes right to the heart of central government, to the top of the EU, and it’s a thorny issue being discussed right now at the top transport committees in the UK.
Here is a link to the Community Transport parliamentary debate of 10th May this year:
A change in EU law, Directive EC 1071/2009 to be specific, was…

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1 Response to Community Transport – Thrown Under The Bus ?

  1. Paul says:

    Davies and his cronies are not interested in wirral.They talk a good game but thats about it.they make up jobs for the boys.hire people to help them save money. And r more interested in new lamp posts than social care. Typical blairites and secret tories.davies and davies will bring out the four candles joke next and mooney ffoulkes and the rest of the davies dickheads will all b clapping hands like a crowd if seals.


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