Falling like ninepins… meanwhile TrinityMirror’s down already, lying prostrate


A Poisoned chalice?

Pictures courtesy of The Wirral Globe

Pictures courtesy of The Wirral Globe

2010 ~ Wirral CEO1 retires:

2012 ~ Wirral CEO2 retires:

2014 ~ Wirral CEO3 retires:

Down the page is a bizarre tweet from a local middle management journalist who appears to derive pleasure from seeing the Wirral CEO change every 2 years, and from therefore being part of the problem.

He’s prepared to publicly bestow credence upon the Burgess spin machine, yet surely with his contacts, should be in a position to know better (Wirralgate waiting to blow; extortion of £48,000 in public money, threats and cover up; et al……….!)

Still, there’s always a darker flip-side to these issues.  He vill haf to obey orders.  And as a salaried, controlled, strait-jacketed underling at TrinityMirror (google #phonehacking) and with a career to carve out, he would certainly stand to gain from keeping on message and not rocking the boats of the powers that be, particularly those that are now gliding via smooth passage towards the safe harbour of a stealthy, healthy and wealthy retirement.

His employer, TrinityMirror, publishers of the pisspoor Wirral News, have proven themselves to be not backwards in coming forward, particularly when lavishing targeted gifts upon delighted Wirral leader Councillor Phil Davies) – a shameless, inveterate, unapologetic liar (see hereherehereherehere, and here).

The shortchanged, sidelined, alienated Wirral public however, desperate to find reportage of ongoing, unaddressed council corruption are being greeted with page after page of happy clappy bilge, and are left to peer into their empty wallets and purses and ponder what the hidden kickbacks must have been.


What a relief we still have The Wirral Globe, staying impartial, winning the awards and performing an admirable triple whammy:

  • standing proud, keeping us all informed
  • putting the prostrate, mute also rans to shame
  • refusing inducements sourced from public money / power abuse

In the aftermath of the Burgess announcement, I’d suggest TrinityMirror’s Merseyside journalists get themselves up to speed on the sheer depth and extent of local public outrage by reading and digesting the comments here.  The Wirral public have spoken!!!!

12 10 14 - waddington

For contrast, here’s a dreary full page excerpt (now a regular weekly feature) from a recent Wirral News, gently redacted:

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