Transcript of excellent George Galloway Monologue. From MOATS 36 on 23rd February 2020

George Galloway - MOATS 36 - 23rd February 2020

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Transcript of George Galloway monologue from Mother Of All Talk Shows, Episode 36 broadcast on Sunday 23rd February 2020.


It’s the trial of the century, opening this week in London. The fate of Julian Assange will be heard in a London courtroom. On trial is not Julian Assange. On trial is British justice. On trial is British journalism, publishing. On trial is democracy itself. We’ll be talking about this momentous legal battle which is taking shape now as I speak in London. And Bernie Sanders is burning up the track and I’m calling – the Mother Of All Talk Shows – calls Bernie Sanders the winner of the Democratic Party nomination to face Donald J. Trump for the Presidency of the United States in November. We’ll be talking about both of those things. We’ll be talking about Syria, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and we’ll be talking about it on radio with pictures, because this is the Mother Of All Talk Shows. It’s the Open University of the Airwaves. It’s the College of Knowledge. And there’s no tuition fees, and you are positively encouraged to speak back to the teacher. So fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be – as always – a bumpy ride.

And this is London but broadcasting to you of course all over the world thanks to the wonders of the internet and We’re on FM in the Washington DC area of the United States, 105.5 are the magic numbers there. And on AM radio across the United States from sea to shining sea. But as I implied earlier, this is a unique operation, this one. This is a radio show with pictures. And many of you – perhaps most of you – are watching as well as listening. And if you are watching on Facebook, it’s vital that you share, share, share with all of your followers, all of your contacts, all of your friends ’cause we want to get back up to that one million viewer mark that we reached just once on Episode 29, 1.15 million views. We’ve no idea how many listens of course. I don’t know what ratio I should pick, I should notionally name. But I think I can say this; if we’ve had 7.5 million views in the last 35 episodes of the Mother Of All Talk Shows, we’ve surely had 10 million views and listens combined together. Now, of course you can watch on YouTube, you can watch on Twitter, you can watch on my platforms, you can watch on RT’s, on RTUK News, on, on Facebook and on YouTube.

On Twitter you’ll have to go to mine @georgegalloway. It’s got a blue tick. Don’t be confused by imitations. There’s a poll running on there now. Who should the UK extradite to the US? A. Julian Assange B. Prince Andrew C. Piers Morgan. You can vote now on my twitter feed. I’ve called it for Bernie Sanders. His stunning victory in Nevada, landslide victory in Nevada, marks the first time ever in US political history that any candidate has won the first three contests, and he has already. And he’s headed into Carolina, he’s headed into Super Tuesday and he will within ten days almost certainly establish a literally unbeatable lead. And therefore unless something happens to Bernie Sanders he is ineluctably going to be the Democratic Party nominee. And I want to take a few moments to pay tribute to what is by any standards in modern British and American and indeed world political history an achievement like no other. This man is 77 years old. This man has a spring in his step like no man or woman half his age could possibly have after five years of unrelenting campaigning. The slings and arrows of the slanderers, of the people who would bring him down, the dogs barking at his heels as his caravan moves on.

This man’s achievement of standing up to the scrutiny under which he has is quite unprecedented. Bernie Sanders is a Socialist standing for President in the land of Joe McCarthy, in the land of Richard Nixon, in the land of Lyndon Johnson, in the land of all of that which has gone before. He’s a Democratic Socialist, self-defined, and he’s winning out the park the Democratic Party’s nomination. His unrelenting focus on the majority of citizens in the United States, placing squarely on the proper culprits the reasons for the widespread poverty, homelessness, hunger, lack of health provision and all the crimes and sins of the American state over a century and more has been truly phenomenal. A laser-like focus on the 1%. Comparing the lives of the vast majority with the lives of the billionaires, 400 of whom own most of the wealth in America, a country of hundreds of millions of people. 400 billionaires. He contrasts daily, hourly, minute-by-minute the lives of plenty enjoyed by the wealthy and compares it with the life of struggle and worse of the American working class. And he doesn’t eschew the term ‘working class’. It used to be the norm in American politics to describe working people as the ‘middle class’. “No” says Bernie.

“You are the working class and it is your work, your labour which makes the wealth enjoyed by the few”. As a matter of fact, I would have advised him on two or three occasions to turn down the dial a bit – I was going to say bile – turn down the dial a bit on the class war rhetoric that you are employing, but he has not. Instead, he’s turned it up. He’s doubled down on his economistic critique of American capitalism and America’s imperialist role in the world. And he’s been doing it for 40 years. I really take my hat off to this man. They’ve all been out to get him. They’ve all been out to destroy him. They’re still out to get him but on and on he goes, indefatigably, relentlessly with energy and with elan, with humour. This man is a phenomenon. Bernie Sanders is the leader that Jeremy Corbyn could have been, should have been, promised to be. He kept on going – Sanders – when he was cheated in 2016. He didn’t go back to Parliamentary games in the US Senate. He stayed on the road. That’s what Corbyn should have done. When he came close in 2017 he should have stayed on the road instead of disappearing into the thick carpets of the British House of Commons. Everybody in the Senate hated Bernie Sanders, at least that’s what Hillary Clinton told us.

But Bernie didn’t care. He wasn’t talking to the members of the US Senate. He was talking over their heads directly to the masses, directly to the people. He fashioned a team – Sanders – out of the people that loved him. Not the people that hated him. He didn’t go around saying, “You hated me. You stabbed me. You plotted against me. You tried to get rid of me. Please come and sit around me and pretend that we’re friends.” No. Sanders waved such people away. He built a team out of those that were committed to his vision and his politics, and it’s worked. Bernie Sanders never ran away. When the Israel lobby opened their fire on him he doubled down, he said, Israel is a racist, apartheid state. That’s what Bernie Sanders said. Jeremy Corbyn made it a crime, punishable by expulsion in the Labour Party to say such a thing. In fact Daniel Barenboim – the maestro, the greatest musician in the world today – Barenboim, the comments he made this week about his own country, Israel, would have had him expelled out of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. Bernie Sanders learned the lesson on the streets of New York and in Chicago that if you don’t run, they can’t chase you. If you stand up and face them on the first day as you intend to do on the last day, you can prevail.

Corbyn could have done that. Corbyn could have been Bernie Sanders if he’d kept campaigning, if he’d eschewed the fake support of the Starmers and all the other backstabbers. If he’d made a tiny shadow cabinet out of those that supported him, if he’d stayed away from Prime Minister’s questions, if he’d told the Parliamentary Labour Party that it didn’t matter what they said, he had a mandate from 500,000 members and he was going to follow it through. If he’d done what Bernie had done, we might have had the possibility this year of having Corbyn in Downing Street and Sanders in the White House. Can you imagine what that would have been like? Can you imagine how transformative that would be? Corbyn threw it all away and his own so-called friends, McDonnell and Abbott and the others badly let him down. But he could have done it. He’s just as energetic as Bernie. Just as dedicated to his political philosophy. Just as consistent over decades as Bernie Sanders has been but he threw it all away. Well, never mind. Bernie, I’m certain is going to do it unless something happens to him. Now, some people don’t like me talking about that but I can still feel the tears on my cheeks when Jack Kennedy was murdered, almost certainly by the Deep State of the United States.

I can still feel the tears on my face when Doctor King was murdered. Almost certainly by the agents of the Deep State. I can still feel the tears on my face when Robert Kennedy was murdered almost certainly by agents of the Deep State. I can still feel the tears on my face 55 years on at the murder of Malcolm X, almost certainly by agents of the American Deep State. So don’t think I’m being apocalyptic. Don’t think I’m being over-dramatic. There is a long, long list of political leaders who could have changed things being undone by the bullets of assassins. So I hope the Secret Service is looking after Bernie. But I wouldn’t count on it. If I were you Bernie, I’d use some of those dollars that you’ve raised in such abundance – with an average donation of just 18 dollars – I’d use it for my own security detail. Don’t leave it to the FBI now, will you?

Speaking of the American Deep State, this week in London the trial of the extradition application by the Government of the United States for the extradition of Julian Assange begins in a tightly-fortified London courtroom. Julian Assange is one of the greatest men of our age. Julian Assange is the greatest publisher that ever lived. Julian Assange is the greatest whistleblower that ever lived. Julian Assange is honest and true and not a single word that he ever published – not one – has had to be retracted as being false or wrong. Julian Assange should be receiving a Nobel Laurate. Instead he might be receiving a one-way ticket to Sing Sing, a one-way ticket to 150 years’ penal servitude in the bowels of the injustice system of the United States. And for what? For publishing the truth, the truth about the criminals. Now, the criminals want to make it a crime to publish the facts of their crimes. The criminals want to make sure that there will never be another Julian Assange. They want to chill the hearts of every would-be whistleblower, journalist and publisher in the world. This is an important point, because Julian never set foot in the United States. Nothing that he published was published in the United States. Julian is an Australian citizen.

He was working in Europe. Therefore any publisher, any journalist working in Europe can be subject to exactly the same demand under the one-sided extradition treaty that the United States and Britain have signed. David Blunkett, the Home Secretary in Tony Blair’s government did many bad things, but no worse than the one-sided extradition treaty that he signed on our behalf in the summertime, when the house was not sitting, behind the backs of our parliamentarians, one of which at that time was me. A one-sided extradition treaty that means that a senior official of the CIA can mow down and kill a young British boy on his motorbike when she’s driving on the wrong side of the road and escape justice in Britain, falsely claiming to have diplomatic immunity; a falsehood that the British government must have known to be false and is refusing to come back to provide closure to that young man’s family by appearing in a British court and telling everyone what actually happened. A one-sided extradition treaty that supposedly excludes – indeed on the face of the treaty – it excludes extraditing people wanted for political offences. What could be more political than the crimes that Julian Assange is charged with committing?

17 charges under the Espionage Acts, even though he’s not a US citizen and owes no loyalty whatsoever to the United States Government. It’s an absurdity. It’s a disproportionate act of savagery to send Julian into the dungeons of Mike Pompeo and Donald Trump never to see the light of day again. It is savagery but worse, it’s the death of journalism as we once knew it. It’s the death of people telling the truth about the crimes of the powerful. Now, over the last couple of days, I sense a change in mood, a change in the wind in London amongst the media class, even some – not many – of the political class, as if suddenly there’s a dawning realisation that a British court is about to be asked to commit a gigantic crime, one which will make our country ashamed when the history of it comes to be written. I’ve noticed – and I hope I’m right – a beginning of an understanding of what’s at stake in that London courtroom this week. We’ll be talking about many other things, Syria, Lebanon, talking about Nicaragua, Venezuela, maybe we’ll even squeeze in a word or two about Boris Johnson. It’s the Mother Of All Talk Shows.

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