Theresa May’s Britain: homeless man jailed for “sitting on the ground”

Sick, Tory Britain.
Hopefully, as the Nasty Party falls apart, an end is in sight to their cruelty.

Pride's Purge

There have been certain milestones on our decade-long descent into government cruelty, austerity madness and widespread intolerance under the Tories (and the Liberal Democrats).

Terminal cancer patients being forced to work, sick children starving or disabled people being made destitute or even dying while billionaires get handouts and tax cuts.

Well, here’s another milestone.

A homeless man has just been jailed in Somerset for the heinous crime of sitting on the ground:

Homeless man jailed for 20 weeks for sitting on the ground ‘without reasonable excuse’

Tory (and Lib Dem) Britain today.

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1 Response to Theresa May’s Britain: homeless man jailed for “sitting on the ground”

  1. Bobby47 says:

    It’s comletely disgusting. Whilst this poor fella has been treated appallingly and there’s something very wrong with our society that encourages this form of cruel draconian activity within our social and criminal justice system, the really frightening thing for me is the thinking and the procedural actions that have lead up to his incarceration.
    Think about it! The Council and the Police and their many Partnerships will have met at one of their Multi Agency planning meetings. This suggestion to arrest would have been suggested and tabled and it seems, there’s been agreement to cleanse the streets from what they consider to be an eyesore.
    Thereafter, once the strategy was agreed, the whole bag of bollocks has been cascaded downwards to the front line workers who patrol the streets and they’ve nicked him. Worse still, the circumstances of his arrest would have got past some Custody Officer and the CPS Solicitor and he’s on his way to Court and down the steps.
    It’s this that’s frightening. That so many agents, there to serve and help society, become complicit in a form of state cruelty and it’s all perfectly legal. In the meantime, like everything, this outcome of shifting a homeless person for just sitting on the pavement, will become common practice when all these other Councils learn easy it’s become to rid themselves of a minor irritation.
    God help us!


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