War Criminal on Prime Time TV. Award-winning publisher in High-Security Prison. We’re down the rabbit hole, folks.

On the 25th Anniversary of the death of Old Labour leader, John Smith…

…Tony Blair – war criminal at large – appeared on Sky TV’s predictable, mainstream Sunday Morning offering: The Sophy Ridge Spectacular, or whatever it’s called.

We won’t provide a link as hanging onto a half-decent reputation is always at the forefront of our thinking.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange, the hero @wikileaks publisher who bravely brought us the video “Collateral Murder“, amongst many, many more exposures of criminal, immoral or highly-dubious activity on the part of world governments, is rotting inside Belmarsh High-Security Prison, amongst dangerous criminals and terrorists, and under threat of deportation to the USA, a powerful, but intensely backward nation which still resorts to the death penalty.

Tony Blair meanwhile, during his criminally-active days, brought the death penalty to a million (and counting) innocent Iraqis, but because he continues to have the UK state and its lapdog mainstream media on a tight leash, he enjoys his freedom along with the ability to walk into highly-paid, commissioned roles or to give well-remunerated speeches to gatherings of the world’s VIP arms dealers, tax avoiders, kingmakers and policy-shapers. The super rich who collude against us.

25 years ago today, John Smith… died.

Then Doctor David Kelly, who blew the whistle on the Iraq War WMD lies… died.

Then Robin Cook, Tony Blair’s awkward, plain-speaking Defence Secretary… died.

It seems those brave enough to offer hope and / or tell the truth either have their freedom taken away… or die.

That and this morning’s situation is why we say today, we’re now down the rabbit-hole…

Toodle Pip!


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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