Poll Offers Shocking Revelation On Why Parents Record Child Protection Meetings

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Researching Reform

After this site revealed that law firms and councils coerced parents into signing illegal documents forcing them to give up their right to record child welfare meetings, a new poll asking parents why they choose to record offers a shock revelation.

The poll, created on Facebook yesterday, asked parents who were going through the family courts whether they had recorded a communication during their case, and if they had, what the reason was for making that recording. The poll initially offered the following five responses:

  • The professional seemed to have an agenda
  • I wanted to be able to read/listen/ see it again at my own pace
  • The professional had made errors in past reports/ communications
  • The professional was breaking the law
  • Other – please add your comment below

Facebook allows posters to add more options to its polls. A parent added the following sixth option to our poll, which went…

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