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French Workers Go on General Strike in Support of Yellow Vests

Bring it on… The power of working people withdrawing their labour needs to be seen and applied here in the UK as soon as possible, in a fully co-ordinated general strike. This action needs to be backed up with a … Continue reading

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Poll Offers Shocking Revelation On Why Parents Record Child Protection Meetings

Originally posted on Researching Reform:
After this site revealed that law firms and councils coerced parents into signing illegal documents forcing them to give up their right to record child welfare meetings, a new poll asking parents why they choose…

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WORLD CLASS SCHOOL – EXCLUSIVE! Here’s what being outside the control of Wirral Council did for Weatherhead High.

  Message from our daughters’ school Weatherhead High by Headteacher Miss Whelan, received this morning:   World Class Schools Quality Mark. The World Class Schools Quality Mark is the new standard in education for schools who have moved beyond outstanding. More about World Class Schools … Continue reading

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A proven abuser was appointed to Head of Adult Social Services at Reading Council – but who’s been involved in covering it all up?

  The straight answer to the question posed in our headline above is: The above 46 councillors.  They all knew.  But there appears to be a “coming together” and a rare example of cross-party unity on this issue.  Labour, Tories, … Continue reading

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The Declaration: Principles of the Law Governing the Internet

Originally posted on ducksoap:
Unrestricted worldwide exchange of information Social media has enabled people from all over the world to communicate with each other, to exchange information and ideas, to educate each other, to organise protests, to express solidarity and…

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Wirral Leaks Scoops the Mooney Scoop

Originally posted on Wirralleaks:
As we reported earlier this week in our Will the Red Mist descend at Misty Blues? story Cllr Bernie Mooney was under some pressure this week to preserve her nomination as Labour candidate for next May’s Wirral Council…

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When Abusers Collude, Forgetfulness Intrudes

25th November 2018  When Abusers Collude Love and marriage, Go together like a horse and carriage, Mutually compatible… nothing is missing, But who spends a penny and shits without pissing? Answering the riddle, is one foul creature, Angry, corrupted, hideously featured,  Wirral Council Corporate, … Continue reading

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A Terrible Dream.

We woke up screaming last night after the most horrific, traumatising nightmare. We only have ourselves to blame, after stupidly following this link to a Daily Mail article which appeared yesterday: In our dream, we were in London, in … Continue reading

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Leasowe Abbey’s in Ruins. And we’re in the gutter, or is it the sewer?

Some excellent, heart-warming news has just emerged from Wallasey’s Leasowe Ward.  The big cheese who’s been stood astride this working class stronghold for the last 22 years – yes, we know it feels like much longer – has been democratically … Continue reading

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From Wirral Leaks: A statement by Councillor Tony Norbury, would-be MP candidate for Birkenhead

Here’s the original Wirral Leaks post: To assist the public, and to get the message out there, we’ve copy-typed the statement as it stands, including all typos and errors. Like a retweet on Twitter, the publishing of the statement … Continue reading

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