[VIDEO] Council Tax Cash for Honours. Wirral Council

cash for honours the story of wirral council

Wirral in it Together proprietor Paul Cardin provides Council Taxpayers with a historical lowdown on how their money has been invested. This is not very reassuring viewing for those struggling to drum up the cash to cover the latest hikes in Council Tax.

We are not here to depress you, honestly, but we feel you need to know about this!

Where exactly is all this targeted #Coronavirus “support” that Wirral councillors, Wirral MPs and council senior officers are boasting about?

17th January 2022 Update

Frank Field gets Freedom of the Borough, awarded by highly dubious (see above video) Wirral Council Councillors:


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5 Responses to [VIDEO] Council Tax Cash for Honours. Wirral Council

  1. Bobby47 says:

    Where’s the money go and how do the Council spend it? Meetings! Lots of meetings that generate Steering Groups where the Council and their many Partner Agencies meet up, gather round a fine oak table and talk absolute bullocks because that’s what they all do. Talking absolute bollocks is the current verbal currency for every single one of them holed up in public service and this collection of idiots, who all reached their own personal level of incompetence long before this rotten virus emerged from the Orient, are prolific in its usage.
    Dozens of them gather together thrice fortnightly delivering anything that might incorporate the words Passion, Deliver, Service User, Journey and Smart Thinking and then, after hours of deliberation when they all quietly conclude to themselves, ‘we’ve no fucking idea what to do next’, they kick the whole bag of rats into the long grass and agree to meet again next week and go over and over the same pointless and mindless bollocks that brought about the abrupt ending of the last dozen or so fully funded meetings that resulted in fuck all being done.
    Worse, some Twat on a salary I’d strangle the cat for, gets rocketed onto a higher pay grade because they and only they are the go to twat that knows what the fuck the Council are doing to combat the social and economic misery of this crisis and who all the other Partner Agencies look toward to learn about the next time, day and date when the next pointless meeting adjourns that quickly eats away at all the cash the Council were gifted to help all those fucked up by this chaos generated by a fucking germ that appears to have come from a bastard bat found hanging about in China.


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