Edward Snowden on governmental spying

If you’re not having your emails remotely encrypted by say, ProtonMail, do it now.

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This 20 September 2019 video from the USA says about itself: Snowden Explains Terrifying Government Spying Powers.

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1 Response to Edward Snowden on governmental spying

  1. Robert Wade says:

    Nice video re: Snowden – thx
    This explanation of the tools that can and are being used by ALL Governments – meaning the ones you think are good and the ones you think are bad as well as the ones that you have yet to form an opinion on – is very old news but welcome and timely nonetheless and I thank all involved for it. It should be part of any school curriculum, but that would be sane. Stupid of me.

    Governments – or whatever you want to call institutions that have this capability – have been doing this from the first moment that they could. Whether it was intercepting the runner or horseback rider, reading what the message was, killing that messenger and sending their own man on with perhaps a different message or just the original, the difference being that the government now knows that the message was sent from A to B and what its contents were.

    Same thing when national and international postal mail came along. Government agencies soon figured out how to intercept, read and pass on or stop that mail undetected. Results were as in the previous paragraph.

    Come the telephone, things went on as they had always gone on. Forgive me if I do not repeat myself.

    However, today (26th September 2019), these intrusions on what are – in the overwhelming majority of cases – innocent, mundane, everyday, nothing unusual, etc messages, are actually performed on a scale that is incomprehensible to a single human being.

    As I see it – which is all I can do – There are two main privacy/data/control issues that we, as a human race, should be concerned about: Commercial and Government. The latter meaning the government of a self-governing country or state.

    On the Government side, you will see that it is easily dealt with if we deal with the commercial side first.

    Stop it. Data gathering and storage can be stopped by simply making it illegal for any “web presence” to receive any remuneration from advertising. That will stop it stone dead tomorrow. Valid reasons for data gathering and valid reasons for advertising can still go on under a strict and transparent regulatory regime. Don’t say that it cannot be done. That means you have given up.

    Opting in is no longer an option. Most civilised countries do not allow their citizens to sign away their rights through ignorance (btw, this is only one of the reasons that should drive countries to educate their citizens). So, software End User Agreements are treated in just that way. The nonsense that they always were.

    The primary duty of any Government is to protect its citizens. It is about time that they did.

    Government? Well, in a couple of generations (50 years) they will have no data or rubbish data or they will have found other ways to gather it. You will never stop a beaurocracy from gathering data. It keeps them busy.

    I will finish on my fav quote from Ed Snowden:

    “Arguing that you don’t care about the right to privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

    Oh! Big gratz for reading this far.


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