We’ve just kissed our Labour vote goodbye. And there’s no going back.


the corbyn death of labour tweet 2019

The Corbyn Death of Labour tweet – 23rd September 2019

The end.

So that’s that.

The job is now done.

No explanation is needed.

The poster is not antisemitic.

It doesn’t matter who created it.

It doesn’t matter who was carrying it.

There are no longer any real voting options.

It feels like we’ve moved into a rudderless society.

Corbyn has rolled over before the Zionist, #Apartheid oppressor.

Talk about ‘lack of representation’ … we have now completely lost our way.

Great article on this by Peter Gregson on the Off-guardian.org

Here’s some clear-cut Tory #antisemitism that nobody is talking about.

Not the media.

Not the Tory party.

Not the Labour party.

But it sure as hell happened six months ago:

Tory #Antisemitism and the Silence of the [Mainstream Media] Lambs. Here are two video recordings

After THREE months, not one UK “news gathering” organisation has reported the Tory / Ind #antisemitism that occurred inside Wirral Council’s Chamber

#Antisemitism. We lodged a well-founded Standards Complaint against Tory & Independent Wirral Councillors. Here’s the outcome – it won’t be investigated

Wirral Tory / Independent antisemitism? Not reported in newspapers or media

And here’s an excellent analysis on the Labour Party’s alleged “antisemitism”:

Where is the Antisemitism?


About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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