Employment Tribunal Case – Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council

30th January 2017

Here’s an excerpt from the CourtServe website listing a 5 day Employment Tribunal case starting today 30th January at Vernon Street Civil and Family Court at 10:00 am:



The nomenclature in use above deciphers as follows:

DDA = Disability Discrimination Act – on grounds of disability or failure of employer to make reasonable adjustments – Disability Discrimination Act 1995 Ss 17 A and 25 (8) ans Schedule 3 para 3

PID = Public Interest Disclosure – Suffered a detriment and/or dismissal due to exercising rights under the Public Interest Disclosure Act – Employment Rights Act 1996 Sec 47B & 103A

PTE = Suffered less favourable treatment and/or dismissal as a result of being a part time employee by comparison to a full time employee – Part Time Worker 2000 Regulations 5-8

SXD = Discrimination or victimisation on grounds of sex, marriage or transgender

A Google search, “A Mountney Wirral Council” returns the following link on page 2:



A subsequent search, “Alison Mountney Electoral Wirral Council” returns:



We can deduce from the above two documents that Alison Mountney worked part-time for Wirral Council in the Electoral Services Department at the Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, in what looks like a relatively senior post, likely to be on the PO or Principal Officer scale – later discovered to be Band H.

Mindful of the following from August 2013…

Employment Tribunals have new powers to ban reporting of any aspect of proceedings

…we’ll be endeavouring to cover the case as it proceeds, and to report developments here on the Wirral In It Together blog.  This is assuming it goes ahead as planned and assuming reporting restrictions are not imposed.

It’s also possible that certain individuals’ identities may be anonymised i.e. redacted, codified or not made public throughout the proceedings – if a prior application has been made in writing for this measure.

It has now become clear that this is a 10 day case and not a 5 day case as previously publicised. The extent of this blog’s coverage may be adversely affected as a result.  If this does occur, in the interests of balanced reporting, coverage may be curtailed.

Judge Robinson and two panel members will be presiding over the case.

[Day One]

[Day Two]

The case continues.

To assist public web searches, and web-crawling search engines that help to pinpoint names and keywords, we’re reproducing textual versions of the list of witnesses here and will copy this to each of the three posts we’ve made:

Surjit Tour; Kate Robinson; Joe Blott; Tony Williams; Fiona Johnstone; Clare Fish; Chris Hyams; Lesley Hales; Alison Mountney; Simon Mountney; Ian Upton; Rachelle Bramhall; David Davies; Elsie Graney; Anthony Martin Morton

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3 Responses to Employment Tribunal Case – Mrs A Mountney versus Wirral Council

  1. wirralbizz says:

    Well done indeed Mr Cardin.

    SEE YOU IN COURT Tuesday


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