Alison Mountney Case is Dismissed

Just got a message through…  case dismissed.

So the upshot is…

Wirral Council and its Monitoring Officer Surjit Tour go from strength to strength.

Following this important decision, Mr Tour’s position is now pretty much impregnable.

Thank you Judge.  Thank you Andrew Moore – @MooroLLM.

We have all been rendered a lot poorer. And we’re not simply referring to something as vulgar as money.

21st Century UK society continues to be a deeply sad, divided and threatening place for junior employees and vulnerable people to be occupying, particularly here on Wirral.  The implications of this decision – most of them unregistered and untraceable – will be felt by many people and in many ways.

Judge Robinson lives on Wirral, but is probably safe and insulated from societal movements (or survival considerations). It’s likely that he and his colleagues’ decisions in cases like these will have very little personal impact for them.

Yes, people like Dianne Kelly, ex-Unison.

It’s a classic case of ‘fire and forget’.

The Judge revealed quite early on in the case that he didn’t know who *Graham Burgess was – which was a bit of a giveaway to those of us who watch these things.

We have to hope that Alison will one day feel able to place what should have been damning information into the public domain, where we will all be able to appreciate and comprehend her experiences and the turmoil that that involved.

We will certainly assist in that if we’re approached and asked to help

*Graham Burgess is a former Wirral CEO – whom the judge was not prepared to summon – after an extremely fleeting deliberation – but if he had it could have resolved a conflicting position on the part of Surjit Tour.

It does make you wonder…

n.b. Most Wirral Council senior officers continue to choose not to live locally.

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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5 Responses to Alison Mountney Case is Dismissed

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  2. John Brace says:

    I was there and wrote a detailed report of the judgement (and reasons given) at Employment Tribunal (Alison Mountney v Wirral Council) Day 10 of 10: Judgement.


  3. jonathan hardaker says:

    It seems that Mr Tour has selective memory loss “I don’t recall”” I cant remember” very convenient but for a trained Solicitor surely he has a dairy where important information is kept o sorry I forgot the shredit van was a the town hall recently. Ceers paul keep up the good work


    • Wirral In It Together says:

      Thanks John. We can assume, logically, that the basket case is not “most improved” and that that was a corrupted / insincere award. The council either:

      A. has a deliberate policy of lying when cornered, or

      B. is completely and irreversibly incompetent, or

      C. it’s a mixture of both.

      There are no alternative scenarios.


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