The unfair sacking of Andrew Smith, NHS whistleblower and trade union representative. A heady cocktail of tainted ingredients. Or how CQC, NHS Improvement & Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust worked together on FPPR.

The calculated destruction of NHS whistleblowers – who put their careers and lives on the line by speaking out about failure – goes on in earnest.

All the usual suspects, including employers, government departments and regulatory bodies continue to encourage staff to speak out, and to claim that they will be “protected”.

But they don’t protect. They feign sympathy and issue evasive, weasel words. Their calculated, concerted actions steam ahead in the opposite direction, which only succeeds in building obstacles to progress and deterring staff from speaking out.

The outcome of all this is that the extremely negative publicity – a long trail of destroyed whistleblowers – features regularly in the press and media – as required – and forms a very effective deterrent to speaking out.

Job done.

Nothing has changed. Even after 650+ elderly patients were seemingly deliberately killed at Gosport Hospital between 1987 and 2001, the shortening of people’s lives goes on, unreported.

The establishment’s fervent desire to cover up the untimely deaths of innocent people and to show that whistleblowing DOESN’T PAY still sweeps all before it.

Alexander's Excavations

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist 7 February 2019



 The government and its arms length bodies continue to protect poor senior NHS managers. The Kark FPPR Review report was published yesterday, but is a curate’s egg. Matt Hancock has wasted no time in undermining its findings and recommendations, and has astonishingly delegated the response to Kark’s report to one of the most heavily conflicted bodies, NHS Improvement. On the same day as Kark’s report was published, CQC shut down yet another FPPR referral about a case of proven serious whistleblower reprisal. This related to Mid Essex Health Services NHS Trust. One of the trust managers criticised by the Employment Tribunal in this case is employed as an NHS Improvement Director. CQC also issued a puff piece in July 2018 extolling this individual’s virtues, after the critical ET ruling of whistleblower reprisal in March…

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