Wallasey Constituency Labour Party ~ Press Release, with enclosures.


Enclosure 1Improvement of the conduct of the AGM

Enclosure 2Code of conduct for members attending Wallasey Labour Party

Enclosure 3V2 Allegation of intimidation and homophobic behaviour at Wallasey CLP AGM v2

27th October 2016

NEC Report just received, so could not issue this sooner:
Press release starts;
It is regrettable that the Confidential Report on Wallasey Labour Party was leaked to the press with misleading Spin which has given  a false impression of Wallasey Labour Party and it’s members. 
The newly elected officers of the Party , including myself, first heard about the allegations of Homophobic behaviour and intimidation  via TV and press reports. 
We immediately got advice from the Police and proposed that the matter be referred to them for a professional investigation because Homophobic Acts are a criminal offence This proposal was circulated to all our 1500 members on 20th July and copied to the Labour Party. 
The new Officers stood for election because we wanted to change the way the Party in Wallasey is run. As soon as elected we drew up guidelines for the conduct of future meetings and, once adopted, the internal issues in the report , which all pre date our election should be addressed. 
The  Report includes reference to criminal acts completely outside the control of Labour Party members. 
The death threat to the office of Angela Eagle, the abusive e mails and smashed window are unreservedly condemned but are also Police matters. 
There has been a welcome conviction over the death threat and it should be noted that this individual was not a member of the Labour Party or a resident of Wallasey. 
Factual errors in the Report , important omissions and points that require clarification have been referred to the Labour Party and  will hopefully  be dealt with in the proper manner using the internal machinery of the Party. 
I look forward to the allegations of Homophobia being dealt with by the Police and our recommendations for the better running of Wallasey CLP being adopted. 
Hopefully then our 1500 members can once again engage in open political debate on how to improve our Society in these times of Tory Austerity and begin to organise campaigns on behalf of the good people of Wallasey. 
Paul Davies
elected vice Chair at the AGM held 24th June 2016

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Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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6 Responses to Wallasey Constituency Labour Party ~ Press Release, with enclosures.

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  2. simplyshirah says:

    So what happens now? Does the CLP go to court to take on the NEC for their support of Ms Eagle’s accusations?


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