Council Tax Cash for Honours. The Quid Pro Quo. Freedom of the Borough of Wirral (x 2) in return for huge cash favours bestowed upon councillors

All about how the grand old institution of FREEDOM OF THE BOROUGH OF WIRRAL has been soiled by filthy corruption and favours for ‘MATES’…

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cash for honours the story of wirral council

Council Tax Cash for Honours

Here’s a little throwaway item. On the surface, it’s an absolutely tedious, nothing story which we spotted in today’s online Wirral Globe local ‘newspaper’, a site we don’t visit very much. 

Not since its editor became an obedient little puppy dog, leaping, scurrying, fetching, coming to heel, then panting like a loathsome, scabby mongrel, in return for owner Wirral Council’s treats, regular walkies, public cash, favours, wraparound adverts and the occasional boot up the arse…

Forget the American airman, brave though he was. He’s a distraction, thrown in to draw attention away from the main event, i.e. Freedom of the Borough of Wirral for Dr. Nunzia Bertali.

“Who the hell is that?” …we hear you cry. Well, here’s some pretty ancient history, drawn from one of our old posts, titled:


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