Autism Initatives Northern Ireland – ”Nothing but the same old Story”

Latest update on shameful Autism Initiatives and their untrained, unqualified employee’s violent abuse of the Mainman.

For Love of the Mainman......

The Mainman is still suffering after receiving severe injuries while in the care of Autism Initiatives and Liverpool City Council – shame on them and the male support worker involved in the incident…….. [shall I name him] ….. I’ll name him in my next blog – did I tell you he has never been registered to vote – never been on the electoral roll…… now there may be a simple explanation for this…… I sure would love to hear it – he’s a man of mystery …….

As we know Autism Initiatives sacrifices the client rather than tarnish their reputation as they did with the Mainman.

Autism Initiatives also practice in Northern Ireland again as in Liverpool the clients received extremely poor care

Northen Ireland Social Care found a support worker while employed by Autism Initiatives wasn’t fit to practice due to misconduct on the 4th & 8th September 2017…

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Wallasey’s Firefighters need YOUR support as the vultures circle…

Please sign the following petition to help our brave local firefighters prevent proposed cuts to vital, lifesaving services…


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We tried exposing a safeguarding emergency in Reading, but came up against an obstacle… er, a journalist!

shouting into the void - joker - heath ledger


The following links have the full history to this debacle:

1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

6 Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

9 Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

12 High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…

Hugh Fort is the name of the journalist.  He’s based in Reading, Berkshire and he works for a paper / ‘news bringer’ called @GetReading.  He was only doing his job, which was obeying the orders of his superiors and putting his name to stories which they permit him to write in return for a steady salary and presumably holidays, sick pay and whatever perks are associated with the position.

@GetReading is a very small part of a much larger organisation called “Reach” which owns hundreds of so-called “newspapers” up and down the land.  Reach was until very recently known as Trinity Mirror.

Having contacted journalists associated with two of their titles (@GetReading and The Liverpool Echo) and received the knockback from both on this story, we are putting two and two together and finding that they are most likely not there to report any news which threatens to be damaging to the reputations of their respective local authorities, Reading Borough Council and Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

And we don’t lurch to this conclusion on the basis of just one incident.  We say this from many years’ experience of dealing with these people – or should that be…trying to deal with these people.

We also approached the Reading Chronicle and @reading_co_uk but were met by a wall of silence.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not to launch into an extended treatise on the bias, shortcomings, corruption and lack of regulation of the local and mainstream media.  It’s more specifically related to the subject in hand – a foreseeable and avoidable safeguarding emergency – one which threatened the lives and wellbeing of thousands of people, but one which local newspapers were at pains to avoid.

This post is dedicated to publishing sections from transcripts of recordings we covertly produced of two conversations we had with Hugh Fort.

We asked for Hugh’s permission to reproduce his words here but that was not forthcoming and we’ve replaced his dialogue in its entirety with [xxxxxxxxxxxxxx].

Transcript One – dated 19th June 2018 – 22 minutes.

At the time, Maura Noone was still employed at Reading Council as the Interim Head of Adult Social Care. 

Subject: Reading Council Safeguarding Emergency.

Transcriber: Paul Cardin.

Caller: Hugh Fort

Paul:      Hello?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      It is, yeah.  Yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, hi Hugh.  How are you?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Yeah, I’m okay, thanks.

Hugh:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Well, I don’t know him.  I haven’t met him at all, but he’s familiar, you know, I know him because I do a blog, sort of thing, he follows me on Twitter.  He’s the former council leader as you’ll probably know.  And he’s not very forthcoming on Twitter to be honest.  He tends to ignore me.

Hugh:   xxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      No.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Yes, he was at the time, yeah.  The fella who’s in now has been in about a year, I think.  Ian Lewis.

Hugh:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.  Department of Adult Social Services, quite senior.  I think she was one below Director level, Head of…I think the word Wellbeing was in there.  I can’t remember…these titles tend to sort of…don’t stick with me for some…for whatever reason, but she was a top person.

Hugh:   xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      There was a finance person called Mike Fowler, and then there was…she was on the more sort of social services side of things.  And…I didn’t work there.  I used to work at the council a long time ago, back in 2003, I left.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, but I can tell you quite a bit to be honest.  And…let me see…xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  There was financial abuse.  A lot…that ran to £760,000 roughly over a nine-year period.  Now, this was when they were taking unlawful payments for living accommodation in supported living accommodation and they shouldn’t have been doing that, and they eventually, despite being told…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Sorry?

Hugh:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Fowler and Noone were suspended.  This is going back to about I think around 2007 or ’08.  They were cleared.  They were sort of vindicated.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxx.  It’s all on the record, all this stuff, if you look for it xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Noone and Fowler were suspended but they were vindicated – I’ve said that – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, it started again.  The Council were trying to cover it all up while this was going on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  All this is in the Anna Klonowski report, and something called the Martin Smith report, which was more into the bullying side of things xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  The Anna Klonowski report was more into the governance and power abuse side of things, the failures in that sort of area.  Anyway, it all sort of…the Council eventually admitted that they’d been involved in this financial abuse.  There was a hell of a lot more as well.  There was talk of what you would call gangster care organisations.  So these were people who were getting – only in it for the money – and getting £500 a week or something for residents and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  The extent of Fowler and Noone’s knowledge of these people being gangsters I don’t know xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Okay.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I think it was a bit of both from my perspective, yeah.  Hold on, I’ve just got somebody knocking at the door, sorry.  One second.  Ah , it’s my daughter back from school.  Hi xxxxxxxxx.  Yeah.  I think it was a bit of…it was incompetence.  It was corrupt.  And an element of bullying as well.  And then there was a cover-up going on.  There was obfuscation going on also.  You know, the extent of these sort of aspects xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…the people who were involved in the so-called care side.  The care organisations.  These people were setting up fake bank accounts and the innocent, disabled people were having public money paid into these accounts for their care, but these gangsters were raiding these accounts, you know.  And they were setting them up with their signatures and all this sort of horrible stuff’s going on, you know.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Sorry?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      It did go to the police, but the police didn’t pursue it and the reason for that is they’re very close to the council.  So they took their foot off the gas and tried to manage it or – what’s the word – minimise it.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx up-front and to do their jobs, but they didn’t do it, you know.  Because they’ve been got at, you know.  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  So that was very frustrating.  While all that was going on, the Council admitted a level of reimbursement that needed to be made to these people who had their bank accounts plundered over nine years, and they came up with a figure of £250,000 roughly.  And which was way below the true amount. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and then it went up to £500,000 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and then it went up eventually to seven hundred and something.  And that was settled on in the end and they started to reimburse the money and while that was going on the DWP got involved, the Department for Work and Pensions and treated the payments that these people who’d been abused, they treated the payments as windfalls, so their benefits were stopped while they were getting these payments.  They were abused once and then they were abused again by the Department of Work and Pensions.  When I say that, I’ve got no proof that that actually happened, but it was talked about at the time.  Whether it happened or not I can’t be too clear on that.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.

Hugh: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Mike Fowler was the other one.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      January 2012.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Well…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      …no.  All I do know from…I don’t know if you looked at the Wirral Leaks website, they…that’s where the story came up a few weeks ago.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      They mentioned that she’d been at Northamptonshire County Council…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      …the one that went under.  It went under…failed recently, yeah.  She’d been there but she left there before it failed, and ended up at your place, you know, at Reading.  So, I mean, I don’t know, I can’t even speculate what happens when people like this get taken on.  Don’t they have Google?  You know.  Because they could put the name in and find out what’s [inaudible 12:21]…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      No, they weren’t, no.  What happened was the then CEO of Wirral Council let them out a couple of days before the Anna Klonowski report was released.  If he’d kept them, they would have had to face accountability.  But what he did was he gagged them with a compromise agreement and a gagging clause.  I assume a standard gagging clause which says you can’t talk…you can’t mention this agreement and you can’t talk about the circumstances that led up to it apart from to the tax people and to your family and to your advisers or your union reps and people like that.  Which to me is a gagging clause, you know.  So they got the…it was just…and they got £110,000 each roughly.  I think Fowler got £111,000 and Noone got £109,000, but it amounted to £220,000.  That got into Private Eye.  I don’t know if you’ve looked at my blog at all, have you?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, okay.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah, of course, yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      The report?  Oh, the Klonowski …

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      …report, yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I think it’s 13 and 22 for Fowler and Noone.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      Then there’s a key somewhere.  There’s a key to not everybody but certain figures who appear in the report.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx?

Paul:      Just those two.  I don’t know if anybody else left.  I imagine others may have left.  I put up a post recently that gave compromise agreements for three years.  2011, ’12 and ’13.  And ’12 is in there and there’s a few people left around that time, you know?  When they left, so…whether that’s connected, I don’t know because they can’t release names on this sort of thing, so you can only look at the figures and that’s it really.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Some sort of…what, sorry?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Right.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      No, I don’t, I haven’t heard about that, no.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Okay.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      No.

Hugh:    xx?

Paul:      No.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      You’ve got me intrigued now.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.  Another thing that might be worth knowing is that Wirral Council have blocked me on Twitter and so have Reading Council.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      So it looks like they’ve got no desire to be in touch with me at all over this.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Who?  Which blogger are you talking about?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Oh, no.  No, I don’t know who Wirral Leaks is.  I don’t know who does that.  But he tends to be the person who people go to, you know, if they’ve got a story.  I know people can have an agenda or whatever, but it does tend to have good information, you know, it’s a reliable source of information.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Not now.  I left in 2000 and…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      No, I left in 2003.  I blew the whistle on a – what would you call it – impropriety I suppose.  I worked in the engineer…the Highway Department.  And I left…they tried to discipline me with some trumped up charges and I overturned them and then they looked for…they tried to get me another job but I was in Street Lighting and that’s the sort of area…the design of street lighting and that’s the sort of area where your skills are not easily transferable, so they couldn’t put me anywhere else, so while I was suspended for five months, I was looking for another job and then I got another job, basically, that was better paid and I left.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Oh, yeah, 2003 I left, yeah.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      But if you put my name in there’s a lot more on me.  The same thing happened with me at another council, Cheshire West and Chester.  I…it wasn’t a whistleblow there.  I complained about something and they tried to sack me again, you know, and I did the same thing.  I overturned the gross misconduct, trumped up charges again, and I left.  That was in 2007, er…2009, sorry.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      What they had to do there was release my pension, so I basically retired when I was 50.

Hugh:    xxx.

Paul:      I know, yeah…I mean, okay, it may sound all right, but it was very stressful sort of thing. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…I do transcribing, so I’m sitting here typing up interviews and whatever, that’s what I do now to make ends meet.  The pension’s very handy but I’ve still got to work as well, you know to make ends meet, sort of thing.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Hugh:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, yeah.  Okay.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Do you think you’re likely to run with this, or…?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Right.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.  Okay.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah.  Like I say, my blog is called Wirral In It Together and I’ve put…I’ve been doing a sort of steady drip, drip, drip over the last two weeks of information that I’m able to find, you know, that I’ve already got, you know, to hand and…I mean, this has been through the…I’ve put Freedom of Information requests in at the time and I did advise the council and the Information Commissioner and the First Tier Tribunal of the consequences of not doing something about it, so I’ve stated a long time ago that it’s likely that there will be a safeguarding situation if either of these people gets a job whereby they are back in touch with vulnerable people, vulnerable adults in the case of Reading and in the case of Mike Fowler, he works at a charity now, called Brook Young People.  So it’s not as urgent there but I think it’s quite urgent with Maura Noone, with the position she’s in now.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Okay.

Hugh:   xxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Cheers Hugh.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Thanks for your time.  Appreciate that.

Hugh:    xxxxx.

Paul:      Thank you, bye.

Hugh:    xxx.

Paul:      Bye.

End of transcription.


Transcript Two – dated 10th July 2018 – 11 minutes

At the time, Maura Noone was no longer employed at Reading Council as the Interim Head of Adult Social Care. 

Subject: Reading Council Safeguarding Emergency.

Transcriber: Paul Cardin.

Caller: Paul Cardin

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Hi Hugh, it’s Paul Cardin here.

Hugh:    xxxx.

Paul:      Hi, you okay?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      You all right?  How’s the story going?

Hugh:   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, you’ve forgotten about me already. Ha, brilliant, yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      How’s the story going?  I’m just chasing it up.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Hugh, I didn’t catch what you said then.  She what?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah, that’s why I was ringing.  The fact that she’d left, yeah.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I wonder why that is though.  I find that a bit startling, really.  I mean, I plug away at what I do here.  I’m retired basically.  I used to work at a council, but I’m retired now.  And I put a lot of effort into discovering and trying to expose people like this, and I never get thanked for it.  I sit here working away unpaid – I mean, I’m not complaining about that – I mean, it’s work that needs doing.  Meanwhile these councillors are claiming allowances and if they get onto the more senior committees, they get even more allowances and then they boast like Tony Jones did on his blog about what he does for charity.  But the same person who’s the Member for Adult Social Care, he never got back to me to say thanks for letting him know.  His first inclination was to manage his and the council’s reputation.  To make everything look fine and block me.  They blocked me on Twitter straight away, as did Wirral Council.  That’s the thanks I get and I’m a bit disturbed by your people’s conduct as well because you didn’t really put anything out there did you?  There was a dangerous situation.  You didn’t have to make any allegations of any sort, but you could have at least alerted the local public without causing any legal complications.  You could have got the message out there.  Do you accept that?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      But what?  Sorry?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Is it fair?  Have you read up on it at all?  Have you spent a bit of time reading up on it?  I mean, I did all the work and I got it all out there.  I went to tribunal over this issue a long time ago and I told the judge in my submission that what was happening here was a potential dangerous situation in the future.  That’s what came about.  I mean we’re post #Savile now.  This is after #Savile , but people are still behaving as if we can sweep these things under the carpet.  We can’t do that anymore.  This is a different world now.  So, I mean, I don’t know what your justification is for not running with this story, but you’ve actually helped it to continue and for the danger to heighten even, while it carried on, without informing people.  People still don’t know what’s going on in Reading and no doubt you won’t be doing anything to tell them will you, you just want to sweep it all under the carpet, don’t you?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxx.x

Paul:      What are you going to do?  Are you going to get it out there?  Or not?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      People here are very clear about what went on.  Very clear indeed.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      What you’ve got is you’ve got people in very high positions, abusing their power.  And that’s why we end up with dangerous situations like we did in Reading.  The person at the heart of this is somebody called Jim Wilkie, who was the…he’s gone now, he left due to stress I think, after this situation.  But he brought it upon himself by not dealing with it.  At the heart of this situation is…she knew enough to know…you know, I don’t like this phrase but “where the bodies are buried”.  She knew where the bodies were buried.  If she’d been disciplined by Jim Wilkie – which is what the public wanted – he would have ended up in the firing line himself.  So what he did was an act of self-preservation by not disciplining them.  That’s what happened in the end.  And we are all vulnerable to this behaviour, you are as well.  You’re working at a newspaper down there that’s got its hands tied.  What’s your umbrella organisation called?  Who owns GetReading?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

Paul:      Who, sorry?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, Reach?  They’re called Reach now, aren’t they?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Yeah, they own the Liverpool Echo as well and the Liverpool Echo’s in bed with Liverpool Council and Wirral Council as well, so you can’t say a thing.  I mean, one of our councillors, a senior councillor, an ex-Leader and an ex-Mayor, him and his wife went on holiday to Sorrento and there was an incident on a bus where she allegedly got violent and started attacking an Asian man from Yorkshire.  And allegedly calling him a black bastard, and “you don’t belong in this country”.  She was drunk, and she forgot where she was and said, “You don’t belong…”  allegedly said, “…you don’t belong in this country,” and the poor fella then rather than going to the Liverpool Echo and the Wirral Globe which have been captured, he went to Wirral Leaks.  And thank God he went there because they put the story out.  Otherwise it would have been covered up and people like you I’m afraid Hugh, I’m going to be direct with you, you’re complicit in these sort of cover-ups that are going on.  So there’s a battle going on between social media, bloggers and people like me and people like you who value your salary and value your holidays and this, that and the other and you don’t want to rock the boat.  But that’s dangerous.  That’s a dangerous situation to put everybody in, especially vulnerable people.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Don’t you?  I do.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      No, I never said that.  You don’t do that, no.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      People on the board of Reach and Trinity Mirror, whatever they’re called, Trinity Mirror, they often get gifts and gratuities, football tickets, drinks, whatever, stuff like that for councillors and that makes me a bit worried because they want something back.  They want kickbacks.  It’s all out there.  They’ve got to declare them.  It’s out there.  I don’t know what’s going on in Reading.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      That’s going on in Wirral and it’s going on up and down the country.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I’m not saying you’re in bed with them but what I’m saying is your punches are pulled because you’ve got contacts with these people.  I’m not saying…not you personally, but people above you, people pulling your strings, they’re in bed with them.

Hugh:    xxxx…

Paul:      And I’m not a conspiracy theorist before you come out with that crap, you know.  This is how the world works.  Conspiracies do happen.  And it’s getting worse.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

Paul:      …emergency.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      The fact that she was working there is a safeguarding emergency, yeah.  You were waiting for something to happen, weren’t you?  You can’t do that.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      How did she get past Disclosure and Barring?  How did she get that job?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Can’t you put some time into doing that rather than frying eggs on car bonnets, you know?  Do something …do some of that serious journalism that you’re talking about – Advanced Content – whatever you call it on your Twitter page.  How about doing a bit of investigative journalism, that’s valuable?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Sorry?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      Oh, not enough people, right, okay.  But you can still fry eggs on car bonnets, you’ve still got time to do that?

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      It’s nonsense, it’s not news.  Give us something real we can get our teeth into Hugh.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I mean, it’s all so sad.  It’s very sad.  It’s not like it was in the past.  We had some very good newspapers in the past.  I suppose it’s the Murdoch effect, isn’t it, the dumbing down of the population and of the reporters.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.

Paul:      Well, I am sometimes because you need people, I mean, I don’t theorise a lot.  If you look at my blog, I go for evidence and I go for truth, and I try to keep it dignified.  There are theorists out there who put all sorts of theories out but mine are based in truth.  And you can see that if you read my blog.  I do…

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      You didn’t have to say that.  You just had to say they’d employed her and that was that.  And then people can put two and two together, but all you’ve done is just sat there and said nothing because you’ve got unseen ties to the council that you don’t even know about.  That’s the problem here, and it’s going on up and down the country.  I mean, I don’t blame you personally, you’ve got your job.  You like your salary and you want to go on holiday and you’ve got your family to look after and all that.  But you’ve said yes, and you’ve agreed to all this so I’m afraid you’ve lost your integrity to a certain degree.

Hugh:    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Paul:      I don’t either.  I’m not saying…I’m not expecting you to guarantee anything.  But I would expect you to report the news once it lands on your desk.  You haven’t.  You’ve just sat there and done nothing.  And it’s probably your boss telling you not to do it.  I do accept that.  But you’re complicit because you signed on the dotted line and said, yeah, okay, I’ll work for this organisation.  Where’s your journalistic code?  Journalism, it’s supposed to bring us the stories, serious stories.  Okay, I’ll leave it there anyway.  Thank you very much.  I’ve done my work.  I got no thanks for it, but I’ve done it and she’s gone.  Thanks a lot Hugh.

Hugh:    xxx.

Paul:      Bye now.  Bye.

End of transcription.


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Wirral Council launches… “WIRRAL TOGETHER”

Wirral together July 2018 2

A bunch of highly-paid elected and non-elected senior officials have launched a programme to attract as many volunteers as they possibly can to come in and help them.

They’ve unwisely called it Wirral Together… through sheer incompetence we believe.

So this is all about volunteering and yes, in the centre of the photo that’s the elected Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Phil Davies, who is not a volunteer and who is drawing rather large member’s and Leader’s Special Responsibility Allowances.

Council Leader Phil Davies also happens to be an inveterate and unapologetic liar.*

…see  hereherehere and here

Also in the picture is non-volunteer,  £200,000 per annum CEO Eric Robinson, somebody who’s been blocking the writer of this blog on Twitter ever since he started working at the council, following a chance encounter between us outside the lift in Brighton Street.

Anyway, if you watch the video link inside council newspaper Wirral View, which we won’t be linking to, some obviously very well-intentioned people have been turning up to help the abusive council out, unpaid.  I personally think before they volunteer, they should do some research on the characters behind this venture and not work themselves into an early grave on these sordid crooks’ behalf.

Admittedly there will be a strong sense of satisfaction when “putting something back” and helping Wirral look a cleaner place.  But when busy breaking their backs volunteering, there is no chance they’ll be interrupted or asked to take a rest by any of the highly-paid hypocrites and chancers in suits and posh dresses smiling at us in the above photo.

Why?  Because helping Wirral look a cleaner place has never been on the personal agendas of those populating the Wirral Chamber of Commerce… *Hi, Ms Basnett* … or Wallasey Town Hall chamber and its meeting rooms. Mainly because elected members, unelected senior officials and their associated hangers on are there to load themselves down and grab what they can before they turn their toes up and depart their county Cheshire and this island Earth.

*This statement is made once again in quiet confidence because we possess damning, incontrovertible evidence

What’s in a name?

Wirral In It Together is our name.

Wirral Together is their name.

We don’t think this choice of title has been done deliberately or with malice aforethought.  In fact it benefits us because anybody searching for “Wirral Together” on Google will be greeted with links to page after page after page of hundreds of our stories, started six years ago.  So we think it more likely to have been somebody’s bone-headed incompetence kicking in.  But who?

Prime candidate will be hard right Labour politico, public relations professional and former servant of Big Tobacco Martin Liptrot.  We assume he will be wielding the controlling hand over any ill-named, ill-fated venture such as this.

A friend of ours – who needs to remain anonymous – knew Liptrot in a former incarnation and reassures us that he’s mediocre, over-promoted and never been the sharpest tool in the box.  And if Wirral Together is indeed his brainchild, then all he’s done is successfully lived up to expectations !

Admittedly a small concern of ours is that the good reputation of our blog may become sullied and blackened by way of association with Wirral Together and the sordid reputation of its parent body, abusive Wirral Council (see Wirral Leaks, John BraceWirral In It Together, Private Eye Rotten Boroughspassim).

With this in mind, we will now make what is a carefully-drawn-up public pronouncement to show that Wirral In It Together is a rather different beast to the hapless Wirral Together and certainly the basket case that is Wirral Council.

Firstly, if you can f*cking bear it people, please read through the now published “Charter” of the Council’s Wirral Together, then scroll down further and compare this to our own offering, of which we are immensely proud.

Toodle Pip !


wirral together charter July 2018


wirral in it together charter July 2018

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High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…


The following links have the full history to this debacle:

An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

Due to a recently exposed safeguarding emergency, Maura Noone has now left her job as Interim Head of Adult Social Services at Reading Borough Council.

Here is a rather begrudged admission from somebody called Councillor Tony Jones, who is Reading Council’s member for Adult Social Services. Nowhere did he find the courtesy to thank anybody, least of all Wirral In It Together or Wirral Leaks for heading off what could have turned into another unmitigated, foreseeable, avoidable Social Services catastrophe, similar to the one that came crashing down onto the heads of a number of vulnerable, learning disabled people of Wirral, on Noone’s watch, only a few short years ago.

And we are now forced to ask, “What about Disclosure and Barring”?  The much vaunted government service that prevents paedophiles, abusers, criminals, ne’erdowells from landing influential jobs where the lives and wellbeing of thousands of innocent, vulnerable, at risk people are at stake.

Well, she got around it somehow.  But how Councillor Jones?  You’re the member in charge of this department at Reading Borough Council.  Did you appoint her? How was her application successful?

And while you’re there…

  • Has Noone signed a fresh settlement agreement and gagging clause?
  • Has Noone been paid off richly in public money?
  • Is Noone’s recent departure from Reading a direct result of this fresh June 2018 scandal you had immersed yourselves in?
  • Will Noone receive a positive reference from you, her most recent employer to flourish before her next potential employer?
  • Armed with a positive reference, will Noone successfully run the gauntlet of Disclosure and Barring all over again?


An answer is now in to our Freedom of Information request lodged recently:

A response is now in to the Reading Council / Maura Noone FOI request

Around a month ago, when the scandal broke, in the hope of getting news of this dangerous situation out there, amongst others, we contacted a chap called Hugh Fort, a reporter at something called GetReading.

The umbrella organisation for the title GetReading – which appears to regard itself as a ‘newspaper’ – used to be known as Trinity Mirror, a huge national concern with hundreds of titles.  This recently re-branded itself “REACH PLC”.

Anyway, take it from us, it’s shit.  Why is it shit?  Because it’s a news organisation that doesn’t cover something known as news.

We explained in great detail to Hugh Fort what had happened at Wirral.  We followed him on Twitter and provided him with links which went into great detail on how Noone and Fowler were proven inside Anna Klonowski’s external investigation to have spent years financially abusing learning disabled people (follow the links above).

Yet Hugh didn’t run with it.

Why not?  We’ll assume it’s because his superiors instructed him not to.  Which will be the same situation that occurred here on Wirral when we contacted BBC-funded Tom Houghton and he quickly got the thumbs down from his superiors, Executive Editor Steve Graves and Political Editor Liam Thorp at the Liverpool Echo..

…parent organisation, er, once again…….REACH PLC.

Imagine going into work to do your reporter’s job, an essential and very valuable job, a role which could and should be alerting the local population to dangers in their midst, a role which needs protecting in its endeavours and encouragement in these dark times, and some bastard in a suit steps in and bizarrely tells you you can’t do it!!

And this is POST-SAVILE ffs !

savile pic for noone losing her job at reading post

Well, you don’t get yourself completely off the hook, Hugh.  If anyone did that to us, we’d be hitting them with a letter of resignation inside the very next minute.

Sadly, we are a special case. For our sins, we’ve been burdened by principles and a desire to protect people, whereas Hugh evidently has not……..because he still appears to be ‘working’ there, drawing a salary, enjoying his holidays and sick pay, but most of all……….obeying orders, and churning out what he describes as “Advanced Content” .

We covertly recorded 2 x telephone conversations with Hugh and have tweeted him to politely request his permission to reproduce excerpts from these on this blog.

If he agrees, we will reproduce selected parts of the conversations here.  If he refuses, we will redact the contents and only include sections from Paul Cardin’s dialogue, substituting Hugh’s contributions with [xxxxxxxxx].  If he doesn’t respond in 48 hours, we’ll do the same, redacting the contents as if he’d refused.

Here are the transcribed conversations.

Toodle pip !

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Hi Tim,

Disabled people died at Wirral under Noone, the serious case review was dodged, persons were allegedly raped, gangster care companies were accredited, bogus bank accounts were opened and public money raided, learning disabled persons were evicted onto the streets and some very nasty people didn’t just ‘have their foot in the door’…..the bastards held sway.

I (and the excellent Wirral Leaks website) just may have prevented all the above occurring all over again at Reading. Admittedly I may not. We will never know now because she has gone……

But Timmy boy……….. it ain’t self-serving and it ain’t “nonsense” as you so bizarrely put it……. Not by any stretch of any normal human being’s imagination! What an odd landscape you occupy.

2040 information law blog

Due to the activities of a particularly noisy blackbird, I woke at 5.15am, and so headed to the ICO’s website to see if they had published their long-awaited report into politics and data analytics. The press release was there, and the report itself was tweeted out a little while ago. Given all the noise and hype (and an enormous amount of misinformation), I have a few observations about the interim report. Given that I predicted that the ICO would do nothing, I should be delighted that Wilmslow has finally decided to respond to all of my goading by taking action, but it’s not quite that simple.

  1. Despite the headlines and strong statements from whistleblower Chris Wylie, Facebook have not been fined £500,000. They might be, but what ICO has done is issued a notice of intent, which means that Facebook has the opportunity to make representations before the…

View original post 655 more words

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A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

07 07 18 - suspect chased across Poulton Road

We paid a visit to the newsagents on Poulton Road, Wallasey this morning.  On our way there we heard someone over the road shout, “Twat…!!”.

Our first thought was, is this someone from Wirral Council who’s recognised us?  But no, looking up we saw a blonde kid across the road, sprinting back up the street, the way we’d came.  Then came the screech of tyres as a police car pulled up a few yards away to intercept him.

This suspect was fast and disappeared into the front garden of one of the detached houses, leapt over the fence and was then into the back garden, out of sight, and making his escape.  The chasing police officer was left standing.

We then continued to the shop.  Whilst in the shop we noticed how the air was filling with sirens …which got louder and louder as they approached.

Five minutes later, we were on the way back and noticed how many police cars had turned up…  at least four, a big yellow camera van, more on the way, and the area was swarming with uniformed officers.  It had turned into some sort of incident zone.

07 07 18 - three police cars

07 07 18 - police meat wagon

07 07 18 another police carAs we ambled up the street, making our way through circling, uniformed officers and amidst the gathering crowd of onlookers, the air filled with shouts.  It seemed the kid had somehow doubled back and had re-emerged from the garden he’d first escaped into.

07 07 18 - police officer gives chase

Now, we don’t know what the crime was, it may have been serious, but if it was theft, robbery or a burglary, we doubt that the sum stolen would have amounted to £736,756.97.  We’ll come back to this point a bit later.

07 07 18 - police officer gives chase into Deveraux Drive

The kid legged it up Deveraux Drive and turned right into the first entry, pursued by about half a dozen coppers.

07 07 18 - police officer gives chase up Deveraux Drive

07 07 18 Deveraux Drive entry

If the alleyway gates had been locked he would have been cornered immediately.  But they weren’t, so on he went, left and all the way up the much longer entry dividing Deveraux Drive, left, and Annesley Road, right.

And that’s where our part in this ends.  The coppers emerged from here empty-handed because the kid must have scaled an 8 foot garden wall and made his escape through somebody’s property and out into either Annesley Road or Deveraux Drive further up.  Maybe they nabbed him later, maybe they didn’t.  But he was like shit off a shovel, powered by adrenaline, and the coppers had their work cut out, it has to be said.

Now let’s come back to that sum of money we mentioned earlier.  The money was taken over a period of NINE years and amounted to £735,736.97.  If a thorough inquiry had been mounted, this would in reality have exceeded £1 million.

The money was unlawfully removed by Wirral Council officers from the bank accounts of learning disabled people who lived in three of Wirral Council’s supported living accommodations in Moreton.  These people were all Angela Eagle MP’s constituents.

The council officers who took the money knew what they were doing was unlawful but continued doing it anyway, presumably because they perceived that they were protected from above.

Two of the prominent people unlawfully taking this money were Maura Noone and Mike Fowler, senior persons in Wirral Council’s Department of Adult Social Services.

Social Servies whistleblower Martin Morton did the right thing and reported the theft (and much more involving abuse, alleged rape and a death) to not only his employer, but to the Audit Commission.  The two officers were suspended but later reinstated.

Later, much later, an external investigator, Anna Klonowski, found that the pair had been involved in the theft of this money.  Another external investigator, Martin Smith, found Martin had been bullied by managers, mobbed and forced out of his job. 

Most right thinking people would regard this theft as a serious, high level crime, one for which the perpetrators should have been arrested, charged, tried and if found guilty, then sent to prison for a long time.

But this didn’t happen.  Although Martin reported it to the police, they said it was “too difficult”. So rather than facing justice, Fowler and Noone were:

  • paid off £110,000 each
  • gagged inside compromise agreements, as was their employer
  • permitted to leave just days before the release of the full Anna Klonowski Report
  • granted clean bills of health should they wish to seek re-employment in the future

If they had still been employed when the Klonowski report was released just days later, they would have had to face justice and accountability.  But this was where then CEO Jim Wilkie stepped in.  He was the person who gave them the facility of leaving and dodging ALL accountability.

We spotted in 2012 that there was a potential safeguarding disaster in the making should either of these people be employed in a senior caring position in the future.  This has now happened.

Fowler has a senior job at the Brook Young People charity.

But worse, Noone is the new Interim Head of Adult Social Care at Reading Council.

The following links have the full history:

1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

6 Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council


When you consider there were five police cars and a van, and around a dozen officers, we wonder how much the above incident will end up costing Merseyside Police (council tax payers) this morning?  Even the 10 or 15 minute interval that we managed to witness will not come cheap… and don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying we shouldn’t pursue all crimes as and when they occur.

The whole thing may have continued for another hour until the suspect was apprehended.  Yet more costly resources may have been called into action.

In summary, our question is: why do we lavish huge amounts of money and pull out all the stops to arrest and try petty crooks when there have been protected thieves, such as Wirral Council’s Noone and Fowler, cemented in, financially abusing vulnerable, disabled people who are supposed to be statutorily protected within our legislation?

We get the firm impression that some types of crime – although they run into the many millions of pounds stolen – are deliberately written off because they would cost too much to pursue, and those involved in perpetrating them KNOW they are protected because even if  they’re “caught”, they can relax and pick up a top job somewhere else.

All the evidence we’ve gathered over the years points to this.

What do you think?

07 07 18 police and suspect close up



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Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council


The recent history of this ongoing failure:

1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

6 Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

9 Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

Here’s a (rather delayed) response to our recent email asking Councillor Adrian Jones how he would be responding to the safeguarding emergency that has broken out in Reading six years after his and other Labour and Tory councillors’ foreseeable and avoidable negligence in 2012:

From: Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor) <>
Date: Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 10:05 AM
Subject: RE: Emergency Safeguarding situation at Reading Council
To: Paul Cardin 
Cc: “Robinson, Eric” <>

Dear Mr Cardin,

Neither of the former employees to whom you refer was dismissed; they elected to leave the Council of their own volition.   As far as I am aware each individual moved on to employment elsewhere during the years that elapsed since they were employed at Wirral Council. Current employers would almost certainly have undertaken pre-employment checks including the acquisition of up to date references from their most recent employing bodies prior to any appointments being made.  Given the nature of the respective positions any obvious concerns would have been identified at that point.

I understand you are in correspondence direct with Officers of Reading Council.

Best wishes,

Adrian Jones

Councillor for Seacombe Ward, Wirral MBC, embracing:

Egremont, Poulton, Seacombe & Somerville

Presupposing that two abusers are in fact innocent and that there was no abuse of vulnerable people by any Wirral Council employees is in our opinion despicable, and not the conduct one would expect of an elected official who represents the public, dresses as Santa Claus and goes collecting for local charities at Christmas time every year.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It’s the kind of behaviour that would key into what we and other politically engaged residents of Wirral have always seen and always registered as failure.

After you strip away the Wirral View, Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo preposterous spin and gloss, it all becomes clear. 

The truth is that Wirral Council is a broken, sordid, basket case, and a crooked realm populated by dodgers, chancers, abusers and by relentless protectors, enablers and rewarders of failure.

In fact the above whitewashing email speaks of a broader, corporate desire to be rather uncharitable, and of a frantic, desperate, ongoing need to compound the damage already done and to continue avoiding all accountability. 

As readers of this blog will be aware, vulnerable, elderly, young and disabled persons are statutorily and rightfully protected in law and would therefore expect their elected representatives to be fighting for their rights, fair treatment and justice as and when they become subjected to abuse by often fraudulent local care organisations who will be “looking after them” in return for large helpings of council tax payers’ cash.

What happened here on Wirral pre 2012 – and since – has proven to be far, far worse than just routine, run-of-the-mill abuse.  The official body entrusted with discharging a statutory protection towards vulnerable people – Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council – failed to protect them.  In fact, it went one step further and one step worse.  It got down and dirty and abused these vulnerable people itself for almost a decade under its then leader Councillor Steve Foulkes, who lied, lurched into cover up mode and later had his crooked local Labour party forced out of power.

We’ve published the following excerpt from an official Wirral Council document many times before, but here it is once again as a reminder.  It forms Wirral Council’s collective, corporate admission to ‘many years’ of abuse of learning disabled people:


Wirral Council leader Steve Foulkes oversaw the theft of £736,756.97 from the bank accounts of learning disabled council tenants over 9 years – and MUCH worse…

The abuse, once exposed, then became linked to the bullying and mobbing of Adult Social Services whistleblower Martin Morton, who was forced out of his job.  The next question we are forced to ask is: precisely WHO carried out this abuse and the associated bullying and mobbing?  Could it have been Martin’s line managers Maura Noone and Mike Fowler?

Long ago, despite years of council stonewalling, the abuse was eventually exposed.

After sifting through endless press articles and hundreds of council documents, knowing that somebody must have done it, the Wirral public and the local blogs arrived at the damning conclusion that yes, the guilty parties behind this horrific council abuse were those that were allowed to escape by failed CEO James Wilkie, just days before the release of the damning Anna Klonowski report:

Mike Fowler and Maura Noone.

In a further, clumsy attempt at concealment, the two Wirral Department of Adult Social Services senior officers were designated the following labels inside the full Anna Klonowski report:

Employee 13 and Employee 22.

The frantic desire to continue hiding this abuse never went away.  And now, in June 2018, thanks to our guilty local councillor Adrian Jones, who was “the Responsible Portfolio Holder” at this crucial 2012 meeting where the dirty deed was done, we now have a clear and present danger unfolding in Reading.

Jones was deeply involved in protecting two abusers, and now has a refreshed and renewed desire to continue seeking to cover up. Being fully complicit, he wants this latest unwelcome development to disappear from view.

Because these abusers were never intercepted and disciplined by their employer – who had a duty to protect the public – they were never prevented from landing future jobs which now permit them to re-abuse.

We now have a situation where thousands of vulnerable UK people have been endangered once more and unless Reading’s councillors (and the Brook Charity trustees) DO something, the abusers are still at liberty to get stuck in and do what they like.

How the hell can this be allowed to happen?

Maura Noone became Head of Adult Care at Reading Council

Mike Fowler became a senior finance person at the Brook Young People Charity

Neither the Wirral Globe nor the Liverpool Echo are bothering to report on these events, which can be traced back to the dangerous consequences of Wirral Council’s failure to act in January 2012.

The above two newspapers were keen to report on this abuse in the past because it gave them the kind of sordid headlines that boosted sales figures and put the journos in line for awards.

But now, how times have changed.

Abusive councils have been tucked up in bed with them, schmoozing, receiving gifts and hospitality, getting closer and closer, before eventually capturing media organisations such as “Newsquest” and “Reach” (formerly Trinity Mirror) the length and breadth of the country. So with no healthy separation between the reporters and the reported upon, society suffers. 

And no matter how often the guilty media orgs change their names, the shit will begin to stick, the stench will rise and the pathetic creatures involved will start to whiff of:

” – sorry, no can do – we’re council bedmates – we give out meals, drinks and football tickets – we’ve been got at – “

A good case in point is the alleged racism of Councillor Steve Foulkes’ wife, reported in Private Eye last year, but despite everybody knowing about it far and wide, this alleged crime by a former leader and former mayor’s wife didn’t merit a line in Merseyside’s captured local press.

We wonder what can it possibly be that’s securing your sickly, obedient, fawning behaviour around Wirral Council’s abusive staff these days, Leigh Marles !?

The Wirral Globe receives much standard, lucrative advertising from the council, and are now held over a barrel because the council has the option of curtailing this arrangement in favour of using its own preferred outlet Wirral View. 

Public money lavished on Wirral Globe wraparound adverts

wirral council wraparaound ads cost and FOI request


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Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

the wirral council compromise agreement

Another name for a Compromise Agreement

An earlier blog post on this subject:

UPDATED: New figures for Wirral Council’s compromise agreements and gagging clauses

Wirral Council produced and supplied the following table in response to an FOI request.

As you can see, the names have been withheld and it contains no absolute confirmation that Maura Noone and Mike Fowler were issued with compromise agreements.  We added their names in red because there is enough circumstantial evidence out there to confirm that they were muzzled inside these documents using routine gagging clauses, and that this occurred in January 2012.

The ‘production designer’ of this ‘Great Escape’ and he who made all this possible, former CEO James Wilkie retired with ‘ill health’ in June of the same year.

As can be seen further down this table, an anonymous individual received a compromise agreement with a gagging clause in June of the same year, however the council went onto the record here, to claim that James Wilkie never signed a compromise agreement.


Wirral Compromise agreements for Reading safeguarding story1

*Extremely* sharp-eyed readers will notice from the above table that Wirral Council lied, and failed to declare the compromise agreement issued to former senior officer Emma Degg, who was gagged* on 24th August 2013, thereby breaching Section 77 of the FOI Act.

Later, the controversial £48,000 payment at the heart of this was used by Frank Field MP as justification for paying off the #Wirralgate complainants in a thus far failed attempt to take the heat off him and his election agent, alleged racist and Deputy Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor George Davies.

There’s much more [uncovered for many years by the local and mainstream media] scandal on Twitter if you search the #Wirralgate hashtag.

*The Employee and the Council confirm that they will keep the terms of this Agreement confidential, save where such disclosure is to HM Revenue & Customs, required by law or (where necessary or appropriate) to the Employee’s spouse / immediate family or legal or professional advisers, provided that they agree to keep the information confidential.

The Council and in particular the Council’s senior officers including HR and the Council’s Chief Executive (Graham Burgess) also confirm that they will keep the terms of this Agreement and the issues which led to the claim confidential to themselves, relevant Council senior officers and legal or professional advisers provided they agree to keep the information confidential and are able to do so lawfully.

Yes readers, you’re way ahead of us again…

…if Wirral Council routinely, confidently ignored statutory law and lied through their teeth about Emma’s compromise agreement, then we can safely assume they’re likely to have lied through their teeth again about Jimbo’s.

Here’s the Reading safeguarding story so far:

An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums




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It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

  1. councillor ian lewis june 2018 for reading safeguarding emergency

Well, we can’t accuse Tory Councillor Ian Lewis of “not being in step with the rest of the team” can we?  Not on this occasion.  When given the chance to clobber a cow’s arse with a banjo, i.e. to acknowledge that in 2012 the Labour party he opposes allowed two proven abusers of disabled people to dodge disciplinary action and walk into well paid jobs, one of which gave rise to a safeguarding emergency in Reading… what does he do?

He walks by on the other side.

Wirral Council Labour members will be hugely pleased and relieved to see Ian and his Tory followers crossing the divide, joining their ranks, standing strong, shoulder to shoulder, and holding the fort with them against a robust public challenge.

Here’s an email we sent to Councillor Lewis yesterday:
From: Paul Cardin 
Date: Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 6:46 PM
Subject: Safeguarding emergency in Reading

Hi Ian,

Are you planning to speak up / issue a public statement / act in the public interest on this?
Some Wirral Council Tory members are culpable, 
Many thanks, 

Paul Cardin 

To which he responded today:

From: Lewis, Ian (Councillor) <>
Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2018 at 2:31 PM
Subject: RE: Safeguarding emergency in Reading
To: Paul Cardin 

Hello Paul

I won’t be making any comments about situations that I am not fully aware of at Reading Council.

If you have any evidence that councillors in Wirral are ‘culpable’, you should contact the Monitoring Officer , Mr Philip McCourt.

Cllr. Ian Lewis


Having copied Ian into this earlier email, out of courtesy to him as Tory party leader, he’s already been informed.

Despite his denials, he’s now been primed with enough information to see clearly what occurred at Wirral Council in the lead up to the departure of the two abusers in January 2012, and is fully aware of what is unfolding now at Reading Council as a direct result.

He will therefore be in no position to continue pleading “ignorance” .

In fact, we know he tunes into this blog from time to time to tap into what’s going on in the real world, so the following details are just for you, Ian.

It’s all the links we’ve put up  over the last two weeks or so, where you will find a wealth of information about this particular Wirral Council failure, directly involving two of your colleagues – Tory Councillor Lesley Rennie and Tory Councillor Paul Hayes – and two of your ex-colleagues who’ve now lost their council seats, ex-Tory Councillor Sheila Clarke and ex-Tory Councillor Peter Kearney.

Also explored is the broader failure of the Information Commissioner and a First Tier Information Tribunal judge – Chris Hughes – both of whom failed spectacularly to spot a safeguarding disaster in the making.

Here you go Ian.  As you’ll be aware, we’ve  invested lots of time here over the last six years to make your job of representing the Wirral public so much easier.

The irony being: we expose unseemly, corrupt, immoral, sometimes criminal conduct for no monetary return, whereas you receive a regular cash allowance …for attending meetings, for hollow, party political posturing, and it seems for stubbornly sitting on your hands and applying a blindfold when cornered.

Still, we will continue to broadcast yours and others’ failures and to work from a desire to see Wirral become a better place to live and prosper.

Which, unlike you and your party, is a balanced, honest, truthful and dignified position.

Perhaps one day you can begin to earn that public money allowance by leaving the dark side, opposing Labour, rather than rushing to their aid, and assisting us and the broader public in our honest aims?

Any queries, give us a shout.


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