He may be suing the BBC but what if Cliff Richard stopped paying his TV licence?


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Torrents of Online Tory Hate, Venom, Homophobia, Misogyny, Sexism, Xenophobia, Racism, Islamophobia and more…


rees mogg

Tory Jacob Rees-Mogg, who has yet to apologise for or distance himself from the vile abuse dished out online by his supporters


See our recent post featuring Matt Thomas’ stirling work listing Tory Criminals



And now, here is some equally disturbing content, expertly gathered by Chelley Ryan – Chelleryn99 on Twitter.

It’s a relentless stream of venom, targeting prominent Labour politicians and some of their backers, much of it originating from supporters of aspiring Leader of Her Majesty’s Oppositon (one day), Jacob Rees-Mogg.  On this evidence, the Rees-Mogg stable appears to be a very dirty backwater and a hotbed of unaddressed cultural backwardness.

Some of this hatred is directed at immigrants and refugees, or anyone they seem to regard as worthy of their attention and in the firing line for their bile.

If most of this only took an hour to put together, we’re getting the very strong impression that there must be a helluva LOT more toxic Tory stuff out there, doing a great deal of damage, but not being reported by the Tory press, media or the BBC, who as we all know prefer to play piley-on rather than do their jobs and give the public a balanced version of events.

Anyway, well done to Chelley, who has even been singled out for this treatment herself.  It takes a strong stomach to plough through the uglier parts of this abusive rubbish and most of it is certainly not for the sensitive or easily offended.

Here goes:






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Concerns about Wirral Drug Policing


We’ve been sent a message by a concerned reader about alleged serious failings on the part of local police. So let’s put it out there… 


“I have become more than aware of a number of cases over the years of law abiding members of the general public becoming increasingly frustrated at what they perceive to be the total lack of action by the Police when they are informed of consistent drug dealing from domestic premises.

There appears to be a pattern of Police response in ALL the cases that I am aware of.  

Firstly, after several complaints about lack of action by the Police, individuals find themselves having  to complain higher up the ‘food chain’  ((i.e. to the Chief Constable or to their local member of parliament ) Eventually a ‘community’ Police officer gets in touch and explains that they need more detailed ‘intel’ (Intelligence). They will want car registration numbers, times of callers, reports of ‘incidents’ (such the associated shouting outside of the various properties etc)  In all the cases that I am aware of all this information (and much more) is provided. This usually goes on for a number of months.

Then the question from local residents becomes ‘How much information do the Police actually require before they actually do something?’ This is a question no one actually gets an answer to… because nothing actually happens. 

No doors are kicked in, open drug dealing continues. Nothing changes. Local residents give up. This is the pattern on the Wirral.

It seems that there is something structurally wrong with the organisation of the local Police for things like this to continue. 

I am not anti Police. I know that the ordinary copper has to go out and fight with knobheads everyday. (And that they do this day in and day out. ) But there is something wrong with the set up as it stands,  concerning the response to reports of drug dealing from domestic premises.

So this is my appeal to Merseyside Police, do something, get a grip   –  or you are going to lose all the good will and respect of a lot of very ordinary Wirral people?”

It would be interesting to know whether the same applies for crimes involving theft or which carry the threat of violence to the public such as robbery, burglary etc. and whether there is a consistent and effective approach across the stark wealth divide that exists here on Wirral? 


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April Fools

Liar Phil Davies appears to have been caught out in another bout of dishonesty. This time, it could mean waving goodbye to the local NHS services we’ve been relying on for the last 70 years. Phil Davies will personally be fine. He is wealthy, resides in an area where citizens last 12 years longer than they do here in Seacombe, and he won’t be losing any sleep about having to fork out for costly health insurance.

And who knows? He may have taken early precautions and bought some shares in private health companies.

He could be waiting expectantly for the value of his stock to go through the roof as the NHS collapses around us !!

That would certainly explain this unusual behaviour for an alleged *Labour* politician.



Whilst we’re familiar with the old refrain – ” April fool is past and gone , so you’re the fool for carrying on….”  we felt that the following leak was too significant to be included in our  Wirral Leaks Weekly Dispatch #10 and have instead chosen to post separately, if belatedly , today :

“I’m not in the Labour Party and have no wish to be drawn into their internal rows. However I notice that the final item in the screenshot in your post below refers to  Cllr Phil Davies vowing  “that Wirral council are doing all they can to stop AC’s in the NHS…..  


Some people might say he’s a fool. Others less charitable might say he’s a liar. Some would use stronger language.

He’s opposed to the ‘STP’ (Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships), he’s opposed to the  ACS (Accountable Care System)  , so how does he…

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Thread. Long list of Tory Abuse, Fraud, Violence, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Sectarianism, Child Abuse, Manslaughter and much, much more. Recent cases and historic examples that show how ingrained the problem is.


See Torrents of Online Tory Abuse & hate here

Tory Crimes and Other Tales

An awkward, rarely seen and very well-concealed long list of Tory Party members’ and officials’ criminal offences. 

Provided in the interests of balance, and just when it was needed. Currently, the BBC, Sky News and Tory-supporting newspapers are stuffed to bursting with Labour-targeted smears and speculation.

The difference here…  these Tory crimes are all very real. 

Gathered and collated by the brilliant @trickyjabs – Matt Thomas – on Twitter:






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Blog Visits from Prince Edward Islands (South Africa)

prince edward islands hits

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More information on the Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Centre


Our blog came very much alive on Facebook last night when a group of ladies, some of whom I believe are midwives came on in a rather ‘co-ordinated’ manner to strongly disagree with our position and recent posts regarding safety at the new Seacombe Birthing Centre.

The reason for our post today is to highlight and point readers to a January 2018 article – which we haven’t posted before – from the website https://saveliverpoolwomenshospital.com

This is done to introduce some more information in advance of the 28th March 7:00 pm meeting at St Pauls Church, Church Road, Seacombe, called to take questions from the local public on this subject.  All are invited.

The article outlines the wider political context, which is extremely useful because it explains how there is a very concerted plan to continue installing these units as part of the future regionalisation programme under so-called Accountable Care Organisations and Strategic Transformation Plans.  Although on hold at the moment, pending a court case, the plan is to undermine the NHS by imposing these new structures which will enable private health companies to bid for NHS work in the future.

Under these plans, the NHS we know so well, and which is approaching its 70th birthday soon, will begin to lose the essential funding it needs to function and will be corroded from within.

Private Health Companies exist primarily to make profits and patient care does not sit at the forefront of their aims and values, for what they are worth.  We therefore need to be extremely vigilant.

We value and appreciate the ladies who commented on Facebook last night for the wonderful work they do, but we came away with the feeling that some members of the group were less than clued-up on the politics of all this.  We accept that midwives do a fantastic job, but those jobs are under threat in the current political climate, while we labour (no puns here) under a Tory government, which is engaged in an ideological dismantling of the NHS.

Here is the link:




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As the Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Unit opens, here’s a stark warning about the dangers

This is very important…

It’s a further warning about the risks associated with “Pop-up” birthing units, such as the one opening TODAY in Seacombe. Here is a link to some further alarming information about the dangers involved should you go ahead and risk delivering your baby beyond the INSTANT reach of the emergency services.


It should be noted that ambulance response times in the North West are currently among the slowest in the country with the service recently described as a shambles in Parliament.

An important corner was also recently turned:

Infant mortality rates are now on the rise in the UK.


The “Choice” mantra

Choice should never be confused with evidence-based evaluations.

Given that the public were never consulted and this alleged “choice” has been forced upon us, does anybody seriously believe that even one Wirral Councillor will have either researched evidence based evaluations or ensured that any were undertaken?

Previous posts here:

1. Birth Rights and Wrongs

2. Thoughts on the new Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Centre, opening on Tuesday 20th March 2018

3. Seacombe “Pop up” Birthing Unit. Public Meeting

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NHS Whistleblowing – LBC Radio

NHS Whistleblowing. Shelagh Fogarty talks to Sharmila Chowdhury, an NHS Whistleblower. Before the interview, Shelagh Fogarty asks … why is it that NHS whistleblowers are not praised and their actions championed? Instead they are treated as troublemakers, denigrated and usually end up losing their livelihoods. We think we know the answer to this question. It is because there has to be a DETERRENT to whistleblowing and this DETERRENT and the treatment visited upon whistleblowers has to be seen to be working on a wide scale and preferably in all the newspapers, as widely as possible… why? Because it sends out the very clear message to othere NHS workers, or any workers… “THIS is what happens to you if you DARE to speak up about abuse or patient harm or financial failures, theft, fraud or any other behaviour that may be criminal or verging upon it.”


LBC Radio with Shelagh Fogarty 19 March 2018      Produced by: Dee King

Click below to listen:

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Seacombe “Pop up” Birthing Unit. Public Meeting

In an update to our recent posting here:

Thoughts on the new Seacombe “Pop-up” Birthing Centre, opening on Tuesday 20th March 2018

…a public meeting has been arranged to which all are invited. This has been set for 7pm on Wednesday 28th March at St Paul’s Church Hall, Church Road, Seacombe CH44 7BA.

Details below:



See also… the excellent Wirral Leaks


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