Wirral Council Fails to Withhold Crucial Discretionary Housing Payments Report

06 11 17 - disgruntled wirral council kevin

Wirral’s Legal Department – taking time out to ponder on breaking the law for 18 months – “Effin’ breakin’ the law… ?  It’s effin’ not fully compliant, you moron.”

Victory is sweet

We can now report that the Information Commissioner has – after a long delay – found in our favour and Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council now have 30 days to put their house in order and provide the missing information we’d requested.  Some of this info is being withheld under the Section 40 exemption concerning personal data, which we completely understand and accept.

However the council’s attempt to engage Section 31 (1)(g) and Section 31 (2) (see below) has failed (see the bottom of this post for an extract from the FOIA).


We lodged an FOI request back in February 2017

This referred to the ins and outs of Wirral Council’s highly-dubious treatment of applications for Discretionary Housing Payments.

Word had reached us that all was not well at this Council department due to bullying, poor management, incompetent record-keeping and a failure to update systems following a hugely important court case, Hardy V Sandwell Council, occurring in March 2015.

The crux of the above legal case was that following the judgment – which went in favour of Hardy – from that day forward, other benefits were no longer to be taken into account when making an assessment on an individual’s application for Discretionary Housing Payments. (* See comment by an expert below) 

But it appears Wirral Council went on to break the law – for  the next 18 months

And despite all those public proclamations starting in 2015 about being a “most improved council”, it seems they weren’t breaking the law for the first time, and are past masters at it. 

We researched the Wirral.gov.uk website and spotted very quickly that something was amiss.  There had been no visible audit of DHP and there appeared to be some evasive behaviour going on (covered in previous posts).

This appeared not to have been picked up by the council’s internal audit team and we the public were left with blank spaces or dubiously filled boxes that didn’t tell us very much at all.

Let’s just make an observation that…  if I can pick this failure up – using my experience of audit – as a former radio operator, labourer, digger of roads, cable jointer and lighting engineer, then their failure is most likely deliberate i.e. it is foul play, and clearly not a case of abject incompetence, despite the mitigation of it being Wirral Council.

Added to this, a leaked email from the council’s former monitoring officer – Surjit Tour – came into our possession.  Typically, it defied all credibility and employed evasive legal language to circumvent making an admission that yes, the law had been broken for a period of 18 months.  Mr Tour preferred to schmooze us with, “We were not fully compliant”.

If you hack your own family to pieces with a rusty breadknife, similarly, you are  “not fully compliant” with UK laws.

So the abnormal machinations favoured by those with a desire to subvert the facts had kicked in once again, and the Director of Law had sought to minimise yet another council failure.

This timeworn, unoriginal approach was now expected from a reckless, basket case authority.  Frustratingly, they still hadn’t ‘grown up’ or evolved into a mature organisation, and preferred instead to stomp around like Kevin the teenager, grumpy, evasive, prone to outbursts, permanently scowling and on the run from any responsibility, which as usual was down to their own self-inflicted, crappy behaviour.

Still, we can hope that with Tour now departed to Sandwell Council of all places – the one that originally broke the law on DHP and lost the court case – the chance for progress and betterment may have been brought a little closer.  But we’re not holding our breath, because the rot runs so very deep here, and in the past, the Wirral Council culture has been carefully shaped to reward bullying, lies, deception, cover up, et al. (i.e. lots more negative descriptors and synonyms that are associated with failure and crookedness).

FOIA Section 31 (1) (g)  and  (2) (a) (b)

FOIA Act Section 31 1g and 2a and 2b

We were not surprised to learn that this Section 31 ploy had failed and always suspected that the person dealing with this at Wirral’s broken DHP department was rusty on the FOIA and probably flying on a wing and a prayer and ‘stretching things a bit’.  Happily the senior staffer at the ICO appears to have agreed with us and shot the bastard down.

Please check back in in 30 days’ time…

(Being petulant, immature and prone to behave like a disgruntled teenager, Wirral Council will always take the maximum number of days when forced onto the back foot….. won’t you Kevin?!)

…we’ll let you know how we get on.

Cheers !


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The Wirral Globe and The Liverpool Echo Will NOT, repeat NOT be reporting the news. Whereas Private Eye WILL. But why?

The above is a racist incident on a bus, here in this country, where at one point, the racist shouts, “Get out of my country, get out of my country” at a man whom he believes to be Nigerian.

This strikes us as very similar to the alleged incident occurring on 7th October in Sorrento, Italy, which involved Elaine Foulkes as the alleged perpetrator.

The stark difference here is that Elaine Foulkes, unlike your average “Josephine Bloggs”, is connected very closely i.e. married to Wirral Councillor Steve Foulkes.

Here is a list of his achievements:

  • Former Wirral Council Leader for 12 years
  • Former Wirral Mayor
  • Currently serving on the Wirral Council “Executive” of senior councillors
  • Currently serving on the Board of Merseytravel
  • Currently serving on the Board of Magenta Homes

As followers of this blog will know and appreciate, he was also council leader throughout a time when cultural failure and foul abuse of learning disabled people and tenants of supported living accommodation was raging, unaddressed.  Statutory obligations towards the care of vulnerable people were being ignored, but seemingly quite routinely and without any of the ostensible checks or balances being allowed to take place.

Put simply, under leader Foulkes, the place had transmogrified from a once respectable local authority into a goddam broken, wayward and moribund basket case with deeply-embedded links to council-accredited gangster ‘care’ providers.

Alarmingly, if we then fast forward to 2017, despite the frequent and quite bizarre proclamations that the place is now the ‘most improved council’, it hasn’t improved one tiny bit, and certainly not enough to prise itself clear of the filthy gutter that it plunged itself headlong into over a decade ago.

Children’s Services has experienced sackings and resignations and the Children’s Department is breaking all the wrong kinds of national records for its own abject failure.  This was all KNOWN years ago by Chief Executive Robinson, but despite having a window of opportunity and experience in Social Services, he did absolutely nothing positive, just simply kept shtum, sat there, concealed it, and waited for the Ofsted Inadequate report to come in, making no attempt whatsoever to get his or his senior staff’s hands dirty fixing it and improving the lives of the children.

Instead, he got the step ladder out and climbing up, draped the usual f*cked up window dressing from pillar to pillar of the council shop front, prettifying it further by putting out media friendly, damage limitation press releases that mangled the truth, concealed the seriousness of what was going on, and did nothing to promote or defend the wellbeing of the children to whom they’d apparently forgotten they owed an ongoing statutory obligation.

But this was all pre-ordained.  Put simply, it was bound to occur where a culturally broken organisation was involved, populated by senior villains.  Especially one like Wirral Council, that’s been thrown completely out of kilter and is top heavy with bullying socio and psychopaths who believe they’re untouchable.

The unretractable problem always was… they’ve been getting their own dishonest way for so long now, hacking away at the body corporate and grabbing their greedy slice of the action, that pure, undiluted, demented entitlement, is still running ragged and ruling the roost.

Anyway, that kind of sets the scene, a little bit.  We’d need a LOT more time and space to go into this in detail and comprehensively.

We can see that Foulkes (as well as the questionable Claughton voters who keep returning him to the gravy train) is largely responsible for where the council finds itself today.

But we also  believe his “dead hand” remains firmly on the guiding tiller at Wirral Council, albeit behind the scenes.  The so-called members’ “Executive” has its collective clenched fists tightly on the purse strings that “protect” our council tax money, frequently loosening them to dip into it and fund their abuse of power, as has long been customary.

A particularly corroded strand of this concerns the gathering of the local media – somewhere in the shadows – to negotiate whatever deals need to be reached as far as the reporting of council affairs go.

Although this is never reported upon (WHY?), the way this should work is presumably relatively straightforward.  The corrupt “executive” want what they would term ‘a fair hearing’ in both The Wirral Globe and The Liverpool Echo.

But let’s ask ourselves, “Do long-term abusers, no-marks and good-for-nothings deserve a fair hearing?”

This requirement for spinning the message clashes with ostensibly what the owners and editors of these newspapers want, and certainly with what the readers of these newspapers want.

An unhappy compromise will need to be reached because the council is a valuable and lucrative source of advertising income and not exactly a customer that newspapers can afford to lose – although we would argue that the bastards need to be lost when they are long-term thieves, liars, crooks and abusers of vulnerable people.

Anyway, they get together.  Exactly HOW, WHERE and WHEN nobody knows.  So that’s not done in the public interest, is it? And the process therefore crashes on take-off and flies into the face of this double whammy (if that’s not a horribly mixed metaphor):

Exhibit A. We are the electorate to whom councillors are responsible, because we put them into power and we are the paymasters who provide the funds that they use to pay themselves, their staff and to provide our services

Exhibit B. Newspapers themselves state that they are there to serve their readers, to provide them with news, and to do so in the public interest

So what we want to know now is… in light of the above two exhibits, M’Lud…

Where is the reporting of one of the biggest and most scandalous stories of recent times?

View the disturbing video at the top of this post again and let’s ask ourselves…. what the hell happened to the story about Elaine Foulkes’ ugly, alleged racism – also on a bus – in Sorrento on 7th October 2017?  It was expertly scooped and covered here by the excellent Lord and Lady Leaky of Wirral Leaks fame…


But the Wirral Leaks scoop is a couple of weeks old now, and there is no way on God’s green earth the captured Liverpool Echo or the snaffled up Wirral Globe are going to meet the terms of Exhibit B above, and carry out their journalistic function.  NO. WAY. WHATSOEVER.

That ship has sailed.

So we can only assume that this story was just too big, and too threatening to vested interests, the ones to which they now appear to be closely and irredeemably shackled …and instead, the terms of their collective cowardice that got written into the latest crappy compromise – whatever, wherever and whenever that was – have gotten the better of them.

Here’s the first article we wrote recently on the subject of these local newspapers’ uncharacteristic shyness:

Radio Silence

But happily for the people of Wirral, the spectre of an angry and exposed Councillor Foulkes, tearing his hair out both municipally and personally didn’t deter everybody, oh no…

Here is an excerpt from the latest edition of Private Eye, Issue No. 1456.  This is London-based, but immediately they saw not just the importance and newsworthiness of the subject of #racism…  but the building threat that such an issue represents to society if it’s left unaddressed and unreported.

Yes, The Liverpool Echo and The Wirral Globe, your public money-funded refusal to report the news is damaging to our society.  Cheers for that.

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‘It Has To Stop’

Councillor Moira McLaughlin breaks new frontiers on foul hypocrisy. This is the woman who had undeclared links to a certain failed Head of Social Services at a time when learning disabled people spent nine years being financially abused. People died. One man was dressed in rags and walking around Angela Eagle’s constituency begging for food. There was somebody raped, but councillors and senior officers avoided serious case reviews like the plague and even delayed care packages for four weeks to save money during the infamous “4 week delay” scandal. All with the blessing of Moira McLaughlin and her hard right Labour chums.

The total sum stolen was £736,756.97 but she and her 65 colleagues, some of whom had been accrediting gangster care companies, were NEVER investigated by failed Anna Klonowski Associates.

AKA was paid £377,000 in total for her partnership with Wirral – and despite several requests, refused point blank to take minutes or dual-tape-record the interviews she conducted with those behind the abuse OR the main whistleblower and associated parties.  As a consequence, the villains flew the nest because no verbatim record of what they’d said was ever allowed to exist.  She took and KEPT control.

The same ruse was applied at Rotherham and Rochdale (Klonowski again), where everybody is up in arms because senior council officers and members got away with their potential involvement in CHILD ABUSE.  Newspapers are busy throwing their hands up with shock horror headlines, all for boosted sales, but not one has got onto the fact that the investigations were deliberately thrown, and given not a chance…  from the inside.

We will never know the true extent of senior officers’ or councillors’ complicity, thanks to Anna Klonowski at Wirral (and Rochdale), who squandered public money and was rewarded with more than £250,000  (£1,000 per page in her Wirral report) of our public money to help justice be perverted.

Still, here’s Moira, exhumed, vampire-like and dishing out punishment to a very convenient, if rather unsavoury junior bad girl and supposed lefty who appears to have half-hinched a few grand and upset them.


AnimatedStop‘It has to stop’ …..

These were the poignant words used by one of the whistleblowers at last night’s special meeting of the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee. These whistleblowers had been found to have been victimised by Labour councillor Louise Reecejones (LRJ) at a Standards Panel hearing held in June.

As we flagged up last week  in our Sorry/Not Sorry – The LRJ saga continues story it seems that LRJ didn’t offer up an adequate apology for her actions and compounded the original breach by continuing to victimise the same people who had been brave enough to act in the public interest and raise their concerns about how LRJ had allegedly handled the financial affairs of a charity.

We recommend you watch both parts of the John Brace videos below to witness the full halloween horrorshow.

Needless to say  it won’t surprise any of you to hear we have a…

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Brighton Street

Built on dogshit pavements
Watch the lackeys swoon
A cynical arrangement 
Every workday afternoon
Where the fecal germs of Mister Fooks
Are rendered obsolete
The legal beak is “Turgid Spoor”
In the case of Brighton Street

In the cheap seats where corruption breeds
Somebody is out of cheques
Sheeple are a luxury Wirral breeds
Where voters welcome death
Nepotism is their power
Pigs’ trotter their meat
Spend a penny, grab a crate of cheap beers
On the edge of Brighton Street

Where the dignity isn’t
That’s where it is
Fake your position
Vacancies exist
In an X-certificate exercise
Ex-Freemasons excrete
Frank Field smiles and a kitten dies
In a box on Brighton Street

From the whoring-houses and the bedsits
Full of councillors / disease
Somebody gets it
Where the missing documents freeze
Using private Twitter accounts
You can’t see their tweets
Brown envelopes shut, then open up
Right down on Brighton Street

Policies collide, ideas clash
Disaster-movie stuff
For a man with a Red [stroke] Blue moustache
One rosette’s not enough
There’s a gagging clause – so drivel speaks
There’s a PR man in tow
Meanwhile on Brighton Street
Silence is the code

Hot beneath the collar
A CQC inspector calls
Where the perishing stink of squalor
Impregnates the walls
The kids have all got rickets
They spit through broken teeth
The name of the game is containment
*Inadequate* Brighton Street

The Lipster – he’s our hired Trot
Drives a souped-up car
Yellow socks and a private yacht
Nuthin la-dee-dah
OAP, mother-to-be
Feel the guy mistreat
As poverty spreads
And Third World scenes
Are the norm on Brighton Street

The kingdom of the bald
The combover is king
Slaphead problems are redefined
The barbers do not ring
A wallet bursts like a blister
The only form of heat
Where a former mayor sells his sister
Down the river on Brighton Street

The boys are on a covert tape
A girl immolates herself
Their common problem is
Frank Field’s not someone else
Clean cash blows in
Soiled notes flow out
You can’t keep it neat
It’s a nicely-furnished dustbin
The Clown Hall, Brighton Street

Stella, Pip’s ageing daughter
Betrays no sign of life
But the stench of Wirral Waters
And the ghost of Peel’s delight
Through brainstorming sessions
Feckin artists’ impressions
We say  “Retreat!”
But Pip keeps flogging his tarnished plans
Down the middle of Brighton Street

Senior bods turn to poison 
Quick as lager turns to piss
Auditors are physically sick
Every time they tick
It’s a cardiologist’s nightmare
No trace of any heartbeat
On easy, cheesy, greasy, queasy
Beastly Brighton Street

Souls dead as vicious fish
Don’t stick round for laughs
If I could have just one wish
I would be a Chief of Staff
On a permanent six figure salary
Come fudge or fall asleep
When The Bible gets molested
Around the back of Brighton Street

Inspired by “Beasley Street”, John Cooper Clarke 

Songwriters: John Cooper Clarke / Martin Hannett / Stephen Hopkins
Beasley Street lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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Hoylake, Wirral. Is there a Cunning Plan behind the Jack Nicklaus Branded Golf Resort? Read On…

28th October 2017

Below is a comment that was sent in to the Wirral Globe.

It refers to an existing NJVG scheme in Llanelli, where they promised to build a golf course and a Hilton Hotel, bringing hundreds of jobs to the area. 

But all the people of Llanelli ended up with was rows of luxury housing and a golf course serving very little societal need in the way of jobs or social housing.  The Hotel never materialised.

Iconic sportsman Jack Nicklaus, the name providing impetus for the scam,  got paid for designing 18 holes that kept local golfers happy.  But this was merely a Trojan Horse, wheeled into the town with an ulterior motive, to help the wealthy developers get what they craved above all – a stonking profit.

So basically, it was dangle the carrot of “hundreds of jobs”, snatch it away at the last minute, then scarper with the loot. 

So what are the chances of the same wheeze being pulled off with the help of abusive Wirral Council?  Pretty damn high we’d say.  They’ve already handed across £600,000 of our cash for what’s termed “scoping work”. 

Far be it from us to be cynical but you have to wonder why councillors are so damn keen to push these things through? 

We know they are fine, upstanding agents of change, with our best interests at heart.  They are obviously NOT the type of people to be receiving mysterious phone calls in the night,  attending secretive huddles with developers, or lining up to trouser under the counter, undeclared payments and big fat brown envelopes stuffed with cash.

No, they’re way too honest for all that aren’t they reader?  So this unbridled squandering of our cash in pursuit of a prize that nobody wants  is a complete mystery to us.

28 10 17 - hoylake golf course

Comment borrowed from The Wirral Globe

Our Colleagues over at Wirral Leaks warned us about the above possibility some time ago, so once again, its  top hats off to Lord and Lady Leaky and the team !


And what a darned shame that the council leader advises all staff not to read Wirral Leaks.  Because if they did, they’d be kept up to date, fully appraised and armed to the teeth with all the facts, unlike the rows and rows of nodding dog councillors who are determined to keep their heads down and to believe the torrent of bollocks emanating from senior officers who are supposed to be carrying out due diligence on deceitful, expensive charades like this !


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Alleged Foulkes’ #Racism – met with Radio Silence across Wirral, Merseyside and the North West

media radio silence
radio silence
  • an absence of or abstention from radio transmission.
    “at midnight, the enemy went on total radio silence”
    • a period during which one hears nothing from a normally communicative person or group.

    We’re being a little unfair here, and it would be quite wrong of us to accuse The Liverpool Echo, The Wirral Globe, BBC Northwest Tonight, and The BBC News of adopting complete ‘radio silence’.

    If we check, we can all see that service never actually stopped and is continuing as abnormal, but things aren’t quite what they seem, certain Wirral Council style machinations have crept in, and there is now a very large elephant in the room.

    On the day that Wirral Leaks scooped the alleged #racism by Elaine Foulkes, former Wirral Mayoral Consort, wife of Councillor Steve Foulkes… who is a…

    o former Wirral Council Leader

    o former Mayor

    o current Executive member of Wirral Council

    o board member of Merseytravel – a declaration of total allowances paid to Cllr Foulkes has just been received totalling £43,928.95 – which would be a lot of money for him to lose were Merseytravel to make a value judgment on how their reputation has been impacted, then act on a board member’s alleged failure to prevent alleged #racism

    o board member of Magenta Homes

    whilst they were travelling in a bus and were stood in a hotel lobby on holiday in Sorrento on 7th October

    On the same day, the Liverpool Echo gave us:

    “Scouser makes new fizzy drink range – with some really unusual flavours”

    And throwing caution to wind, The Wirral Globe, courageously ran with:

    “Granty’s Top Ten Food Phobias”.


    So it was by no means full lockdown.  Some members of the population were still witnessing boundaries being broken and the forging of new frontiers, all with the usual flair, from their local, award-winning bringers of quality news.

    A contributor named WirralEva on the Wirral Globe site however was given very short shrift when they tried to do their civic duty and alert Peter Grant of “Granty’s Inferno” to the paper’s perceived failure to report the Foulkes’s alleged #racism.

    This contributor may have thought, “Who better to inform than a proven networker, someone with many local business and showbiz connections going back years?” It was even rumoured that he’d once spoken to Pete Price – although admittedly this may have been in a phone call – to his groundbreaking radio show where members of the public are shouted at, harassed and taken down a peg or two.

    Maybe Granty would be able to have a word with one of these influential Slebs, i.e. the real movers and shakers, and they could then whisper in somebody’s ear, somebody like Deputy Lieutenant of the Crown, Roger Phillips, influential daytime phone-in host, who could then take the necessary steps, or not….?

    Here’s the link: https://goo.gl/wiBEp2

    …and here’s what happened:

    26 10 17 - original foulkes racism post to grantys inferno

    Text above:  “Thanks for not closing the comments on this article.

    There is an elephant waiting outside your inferno and the Wirral public are keen for it to be admitted.  It’s known as alleged racism and as you know, it occurred a few weeks ago in Sorrento and features Councillor Foulkes and his wife.

    Why haven’t you or the Wirral Globe covered it yet?

    As soon as I have finished posting this I will be forced to take a screen shot in the event that a Web editor censors my free speech – which has happened before at the Wirral Globe.

    What an extremely sad state of affairs to arise in my home town, and all because power is abused, fear takes a grip of journalists, sordid deals are done behind closed doors, or threats are made by those who appear to be above the law.”

    So it was a good, informative post by WirralEva, whose frustration came across very well.  He or she had probably seen the item on Wirral Leaks on Friday October 20th and come the day of the fearless Granty Inferno, were wondering why Peter Grant had failed to bring the matter up.

    When were the Globe going to do their jobs, report alleged #racism, bring us the news, and act upon what they’d learned at journalism school?

    And for anyone who might be thinking, so what, this was in Italy, our police can’t do anything about it…….. think again.

    If this alleged #racism and Councillor Foulkes’ alleged failure to stop it is true, it’s potentially a criminal act that needs highlighting, reporting on in full detail, and addressing by the relevant authorities.

    It doesn’t matter where it happened.  This guy is a senior figure, and – despite his £expensive, on the record dishonesty during the #Wirralgate investigations – still holds much influence, and should not be able to simply brush it off, walk on by, forget about it and expect it not to appear in the newspapers or be acted upon.

    In fact, due to seniority in the case of Foulkes, Davies, Davies, Mooney, and all members of the Wirral, hard right ruling Labour Executive, along with their senior unelected directors, the bar on standards of behaviour is raised EVEN HIGHER.

    Whether it was upon seeing the original scoop on the Wirral Leaks blog, or upon receipt of the comment above, as soon as they realised the seriousness of this i.e. alleged #racism, there were a number of courses of action the Wirral Globe could have taken, as follows:

  • Contact Councillor Foulkes and his wife Elaine to get their version of events
  • Contact Wirral Council to check whether they had knowledge of it – one would assume that either SF or EF would have reported it to Wirral Council and the boards of Merseytravel, Magenta Homes and Unilever (Cllr Foulkes employer) immediately upon their return from Italy
  • Contact Merseyside Police to check whether anybody had reported the incident, either here or to police in Sorrento?
  • Put out a holding statement to their readers to advise that they had knowledge of it, stating whether they would be investigating it and reporting on it

But what did we get?  Nothing.  In fact the comment was summarily removed less than an hour later, probably by the Web Editor who we believe is based in Warrington:

26 10 17 - deleted grantys inferno racism comment

The next question we need to ask ourselves is, when did the Wirral Globe take it upon themselves to place an obstacle between the reporting of alleged #racism – a criminal offence – and the opportunity for the relevant authorities to react, step in, investigate, and bring charges if necessary in order to prevent it happening again?  When did the Wirral Globe feel they had the authority to simply intervene, press the delete button, and potentially prevent the law from taking its course?

Having checked the IPSO Editors’ Code of Practice on Privacy, they can’t plead, oh, this is their private lives.  If this was Corbyn it would be splurged across  every damn right wing MSM rag in existence. 

If a newspaper censors free speech and stops crimes being reported by removing public messages, and fails to advise the contributing person,  ‘yes, we’ve seen and deleted your message but don’t worry, we’ve reported it to the police’, the reason for its very existence is lost.  It is actively flying in the face of its own reason for being; the bringing of news to the public.  And where will it all end?

You have to wonder just HOW CLOSE to Wirral Council have The Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo now ventured – and has some sort of sordid deal been done?  Are officers and members of the council now in receipt of slanted, favourable reporting? And if so, what are the kickbacks?

Or maybe the personal pecadillos of key people have become known by council top brass, and we will ALL damn well suffer now because they are being brandished privately whilst being used to extract full benefit for the council publicly?

We’ve been suspicious for some time now, ever since the Wirral Globe started behaving like an appreciative puppy dog and since direct links to local rags started appearing inside the council’s official online documents.  What the hell is THAT all about?  Clearly, it’s time for some searching questions to be asked.

The Wirral News,  God rest its soul, adopted what looked like a new version of the Liverpool Pathway in February 2012, when it made a policy decision of not bringing the public any more council scandal.

The year of Our Lord 2012 was one of the WORST years for Wirral Council power abuse and six figure pay offs, and look what happened to The Wirral News… it went the same way as The News of the World.


Footnote:  Here’s what Wirral Council have been doing lately about something less serious than #racism but something that is CERTAINLY closely-related to the foul manner in which Elaine Foulkes allegedly behaved in Sorrento.

It’s called Antisocial Behaviour, the council have it in their sights, and have now called in the services of the local police to get to grips with it.  And unlike The Wirral Globe,  The Liverpool Echo, and BBC News Northwest, George Davies, Deputy Council Leader (and a close hard right colleague of Councillor Steve Foulkes) is at pains to tell the whole world about it, both online and in their own non-Government approved newspaper, Wirral View.

So there appears to be one law for the wife of a senior councillor, and an entirely different law for what Frank Field MP has termed “toe rags” …



27 10 17 - antisocial behaviour

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Wallasey CLP News. Does the Malicious Behaviour of an Angela Eagle Supporter Equate to Gross Misconduct?

This happened a year ago. Time to refresh our memories, and to let it sink in that NOBODY has been disciplined. Worse still, the hard right in Wirral are queuing up to join Momentum and hitch a ride now that Corbyn’s star has risen.

The Adrian Jones’s, Linda Keoghs, Paul Stuarts – who seek to attack and divide – need expelling not just here, but up and down the country….

If not, the party will be corroded, destroyed and quickly consigned to years of opposition all over again.

Wirral In It Together

linda-keogh-letter23rd October 2016

This letter was written around the end of July / start of August 2016.

Many of the assertions are speculative, but the central falsehood is a serious one, the allegation that Wallasey CLP Vice Chair Paul Davies was seen by three people in Linda Keogh’s road, posting leaflets on Saturday 30th July 2016.

Note: Wallasey CLP was suspended on 20th July and all members were therefore banned from such activities.

Paul Davies was not physically in Wallasey on that date.  He was away in London over the weekend of 30th / 31st July 2016.  Therefore the first logical conclusion to draw from this is he cannot have been seen or witnessed in Wallasey posting leaflets.

The fact he wasn’t in Wallasey is extremely fortunate for Mr Davies because if he’d not been away in London on this weekend and the allegation was found to be proven, it…

View original post 553 more words

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Sorrento Shame 2 : No Laughing Matter

More evidence emerges to suggest that a Wirral Councillor, former Mayor and Council Leader and his wife may have been involved in exporting a particularly ugly brand of racism to Italy.

It’s not a good feeling for anyone living on Wirral to think that your own council tax probably funded this, and that the local papers, TV and Radio are bringing their own professions into disrepute by failing to report it.


No laughing matter

Ordinarily our lead picture would be the Foulkes’ Sorrento holiday snap which features on social media and has been forwarded to us. However after further consideration of the ‘Sorrento Shame’ story we feel the need to take a more sober approach (no pun intended) . Now is not the time for satire, sarcasm or caption competitions.

As you can see from the picture above hotel management  tried to pacify a distraught couple who allege they were subject to racial abuse on holiday and hope that one day they will find it ‘something to laugh about’. On seeing this letter it suddenly struck us that it took people from outside Wirral to point out how unacceptable some behaviours are. They’ve held a mirror up to us all and it doesn’t reflect well on any of us.

We say this , as to us and to many people, none of the allegations…

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Who speaks for the dead? Ivy Atkin and the unaccountable CQC

Desperately neglected old lady dies in a care home weighing 3 stone 13 lbs. “Regulator”, the Care Quality Commission gets busy covering it up and evading its responsibilities.

Alexander's Excavations

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower and former consultant psychiatrist, 22 October 2017

The CQC has behaved arbitrarily and evasively in the matter of serious elder abuse at Autumn Grange care home and the horrific death of Ivy Atkin, weighing just 3 St 13lb,  by criminal negligence.

Its chief executive David Behan promised that a belated CQC internal review into these matters would be published but inexplicably, CQC later pulled up the drawbridge.

When CQC was asked to produce the document, it claimed it could not do so because it did not wish to breach its inspectors’ privacy, despite the grave public interest.

I made a formal complaint about CQC’s behaviour on 5 October 2017:


The CQC responded on 19 October 2017 and deemed my complaint invalid. However, it paradoxically stated that I was entitled to escalate my non-complaint to the PHSO.

CQC refused my non-complaint on grounds that…

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Sorrento Shame : Holidaymakers claim they faced ‘racist abuse’ from ex – Wirral Mayoress

Former Wirral Mayoress, Elaine Foulkes, apparently spreading a malign influence amongst fellow holidaymakers, trying to enjoy themselves…


Now we can all agree that everyone should be allowed to let their hair down on holiday and behave in a way they perhaps wouldn’t do at home. However there comes a point when certain types of behaviour become not only questionable they potentially cross the line into criminality. What’s more when there are people involved who condone such behaviour and they either once held or still do hold prestigious public positions we think it is legitimate to ask questions – yet again -about their fitness to hold public office.
As our previous introductory post suggested we have received some serious allegations about conduct unbecoming a former Wirral Mayoress. In this particular case the allegations are concerned with Elaine Foulkes , who you may remember was  Cllr Steve Foulkes ‘ consort when he held the position of Mayor. As you know the latter is a former leader of the Wirral…

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