Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council

Read about Reading Council’s safeguarding emergency here

From: Paul Cardin 
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 14:25
Subject: Re: Safeguarding matter [OFFICIAL]
To: Lovelock, Jo (Councillor) <>
Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, Davies, Phil L. (Councillor) <>, Robinson, Eric <>, Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor) <>, <>, Amy Bryan <>

Good afternoon Councillor Lovelock,

Thank you for your very quick response to my email and for advising you would be informing the Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor Jones, and the CEO, Peter Sloman.

I would be very grateful if you, Councillor Tony Jones or the CEO could update me on what measures you will be putting in place in response to Wirral Council’s 2011 failure and the resultant safeguarding emergency which has arisen in Reading.

I’m sure you would agree the information I provided is clear.  It is very easy to trace these events, to track through and to attribute responsibility not just to the abusive senior officers involved, but to the Wirral Council senior officers and members who colluded to protect themselves, the council, the abusers and failed to foresee the consequences of their negligence.

One crucial event which I did not include in the original email was this:

In January 2011, the then Wirral Council CEO – James Wilkie – made a decision to allow the disability abusers Maura Noone and Mike Fowler to leave the council just days before the release of the Anna Klonowski report.  James Wilkie knew that such was the justified level of public anger at the time, had they remained in position, and in light of the damning report, they would have been forced to face accountability for their roles in the abuse.

It seems in permitting the pair to leave, Mr Wilkie circumvented all accountability and shielded the two abusers, whilst protecting Wirral Council’s badly tarnished reputation.

This failure was at the root of the current safeguarding emergency in Reading.

Here is a link to a Wirral Council public document which makes clear reference to the council’s involvement in the long-term abuse of learning disabled people.  See 7.1:

As you can appreciate, this stated pledge to address the abuse arrived nine months after the abusers had departed – too late.

Despite this collective admission by Wirral Councillors and senior officers, no senior employee or member was ever made directly accountable for the abuse, the bullying, the incompetence, nor for the cover up and the protection of those responsible.

Instead Noone and Fowler were shielded from any disciplinary process, gagged inside compromise agreements and rewarded in large amounts of public money by CEO James Wilkie, Monitoring Officer Bill Norman and the members listed in my original email.  At some point, positive employer references will have been provided to the departed employees.  These activities compounded the problem and amounted to clear abuses of position and power.

Furthermore, this calculated conduct of seven plus years ago directly gave rise to the safeguarding emergency you currently have on your desk,

I look forward to your response,

Paul Cardin

On Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 10:39 PM, Lovelock, Jo (Councillor) <> wrote:

Thank you for copying me into this – I know Tony Jones will be taking this up and I will discuss with the CX tomorrow.

Jo Lovelock


Wirral CEO James Wilkie’s decision to allow Maura Noone and Mike Fowler to depart was made in January ….2012.

Wirral Council’s public “pledge” to address its own abuse of disabled people came in October 2011.



An email response has just come in from Reading Council’s Chief Executive, Peter Sloman:
From: Sloman, Peter <>
Date: Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 3:09 PM
Subject: RE: Safeguarding matter [OFFICIAL]
To: Paul Cardin

“Lovelock, Jo (Councillor)” <>
Cc: “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “Davies, Phil L. (Councillor)” <>, “Robinson, Eric” <>, “Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor)” <>, “Bryan, Amy” <>

Dear Paul Cardin,

Thank you for sending me a copy of this.  Reading Borough Council will not be making any public statements regarding this matter for legal reasons and will not correspond with you on the matter.
Peter Sloman
Chief executive

Sent with BlackBerry Work

Has anyone else noticed how – over a week later – Wirral Council’s Tory alleged “opposition” has fallen achingly silent on this issue…?

It looks like once again it’s another case of….. 

Wirral In It Together

Mixed messages…

From the Reading Council Leader… 

From: Lovelock, Jo (Councillor) <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018, 17:16
Subject: RE: Safeguarding matter [OFFICIAL]
To: Paul Cardin
Cc: <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, Davies, Phil L. (Councillor) <>, Robinson, Eric <>, Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor) <>, Sloman, Peter <>, Bryan, Amy <>

Dear Mr. Cardin,

I have passed your information to the Chief Executive to investigate and have forwarded your latest e-mail.  The Chief  Exec will respond.

Thank you,

Jo Lovelock

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The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency

safeguarding and abuse keywords


This post features an email response to our local councillor, Adrian Jones, describing a causal link between a foreseeable, avoidable 2012 failure by Wirral Council and a safeguarding emergency happening right now.

Please read on…

From: Paul Cardin 
Date: Tue, Jun 5, 2018 at 8:13 PM
Subject: Re: Safeguarding matter
To: “Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor)” <>
Cc: “Davies, Phil L. (Councillor)” <>,,,,,, “Robinson, Eric” <>,,

Amended Email re: hidden names within Anna Klonowski Report

Dear Councillor Jones,

Many thanks for your quick response.  This emergency safeguarding issue refers in part to the following story published in the Wirral Globe on 12th January 2012:

Thanks for your suggestion but I do not wish this matter to be dealt with ‘in confidence’ because my own identity is known, and the ongoing concealment of other named persons’ identities would not serve the public interest.  This matter needs airing and I would appreciate yours and Wirral Council’s urgent assistance with that.

To be specific, over 6 years ago, on 30th January 2012, you attended as “responsible portfolio holder” a meeting of the Wirral Council Employment and Appointments CommitteeThis followed calls by senior politicians on Wirral for the senior officers involved to resign from their posts.  These resignations did not occur.

Point 59 of this meeting’s agenda entitled “Senior Management Changes” covered the departure only days earlier of two senior Adult Social Services employees, Maura Noone and Mike Fowler.

These names had been consistently hidden long after the two employees departed and were not revealed until the council released a key to anonymised names on 20th February 2012 linked to investigator Anna Klonowski’s “Independent Review of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council’s Response to Claims Made by Mr Martin Morton (and Others) – Final Report”.

Both senior DASS employees Maura Noone and Mike Fowler, although investigated independently and discovered to be parties to:

  • disabled abuse
  • unlawful deductions from Angela Eagle’s disabled constituents’ bank accounts totalling £736,756.97 over a nine-year period
  • bullying
  • dishonesty
  • incompetence

…initially had their identities protected within the report under the titles “Employee 22” (Noone), “Employee 13” (Fowler) and were never disciplined.  The council was also found to have been involved in disability discrimination by the then Chair of the Disabilities Committee of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Mike Smith.

Mike Fowler took advantage of his hitherto protected status to become a senior employee of the Brook Young People Charity some years ago

Whereas Maura Noone, the subject of this safeguarding matter, has used the same frankly obscene protection to recently become the Head of Adult Care at Reading Borough Council.

The foreseeable and avoidable consequences could and should have been envisaged and circumvented at the time by yourself and these attending councillors:

Cllr Phil Davies (Labour, Leader)

Cllr George Davies (Labour,Deputy Leader)

Cllr Steve Foulkes (former Leader, former Mayor)

Cllr Paul Heyes (presumably Paul Hayes, Conservative)

Cllr Peter Kearney (former Conservative)

Cllr Lesley Rennie (Conservative)

Cllr Sheila Clarke (former Conservative)

Exactly what discussions passed between councillors at the time will remain unknown.  But it appears that the departure of both guilty parties was simply “noted” and no action was taken to remedy a future outcome which has now become a clear and present danger and could have extremely harmful consequences.

This emergency safeguarding matter is confined to Maura Noone, the Head of Social Care at Reading Borough Council, because the threat carried here is potentially more grave and could involve thousands of vulnerable Berkshire adults.

Please use your influence to intervene and take the appropriate steps by advising Reading Borough Council of yours and your fellow members’ longstanding failure to safeguard. This situation became compounded when then Director of Law / Monitoring Officer Bill Norman:

  • rewarded both employees with £110,000 each in public money
  • imposed gagging clauses inside compromise agreements which prevented both Wirral Council and the two employees from revealing the abuse, bullying, dishonesty, etc.
  • provided both employees with clean bills of health in the shape of positive references for future employment
  • disguised both employees’ names inside the Anna Klonowski report and thereby prevented the public and the media from discovering their identities

As the person raising this concern, please acknowledge my email today and keep me updated with progress.

[two previous paragraphs removed]

Please do not involve Council Leader Phil Davies in this process. I have incontrovertible evidence to show that he has opted to lie within an important Media Statement in the past

Yours faithfully,

Paul Cardin

On Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 8:11 PM, Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor) <

Dear Mr Cardin,

I understand you wish to raise a safeguarding matter. 

Please set out the full details, in confidence if appropriate.

Best wishes,

Adrian Jones

Councillor for Seacombe Ward, Wirral MBC, embracing:

Egremont, Poulton, Seacombe & Somerville

A link to the previous post is here.

6th June 2018

A response was received today from Councillor Adrian Jones:

Dear Mr Cardin,

This acknowledges receipt of your similar emails sent at 19:28 and 20:14 yesterday 5th June 2018.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Jones


Councillor for Seacombe Ward, Wirral MBC, embracing:

Egremont, Poulton, Seacombe & Somerville


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Community Transport – Thrown Under The Bus ?

Wirral Council – out on a limb – locking horns with central government once again. But worse, have they been breaking statutory law?

They’re backing their deregulated friends in the greedy private sector now, making life miserable for service users, and OUT-TORYING the TORIES.

As liar and right wing outsourcer Councillor Phil Davies “fixes” something that was never broken, we wave goodbye to Wirral’s Community Transport Service for vulnerable and disabled people.

You really could not make this up…


Thrown under the bus

Community Transport on Wirral may be in last chance saloon.
Word reaches His Lordship from a supremely well-informed source that the writing is on the wall for community transport services here on Wirral.  These are the trained drivers, escorts and specially kitted out vehicles that transport disabled and vulnerable service users to their day centres, care homes, Special Educational Needs schools, etc. day in, day out, all year round.
And we don’t bring you this news lightly.  We know it’s genuine because we’ve had the information checked and double-checked.  It impacts Wirral Council, goes right to the heart of central government, to the top of the EU, and it’s a thorny issue being discussed right now at the top transport committees in the UK.
Here is a link to the Community Transport parliamentary debate of 10th May this year:
A change in EU law, Directive EC 1071/2009 to be specific, was…

View original post 1,106 more words

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An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones

In brief, the following is a recorded message, left with recently re-elected Councillor Adrian ER Jones of Seacombe ward…

Adrian Jones reassured the Wirral public many months ago that he is a supporter of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

If his belief system has indeed gone through the dramatic transformation required to reflect this new set of values, then he will now regret his negligence in not acting to prevent potential abuse of vulnerable adults when sitting on the following Employment and Appointments Committee in January 2012:

With Adrian Jones named as the “Responsible Portfolio Holder” this committee meeting made a number of calculated deliberations at the time.  These served to endorse the departure just days earlier of two senior Department of Adult Social Services abusers of disabled people, Maura Noone and Mike Fowler, who left Wirral Council with:

  • £110,000 each in public money
  • compromise agreements with gagging clauses to help in shielding their abuse
  • clean bills of health they could present to prospective future employers;
  • and no disciplinary action for their proven involvement in abuse of disabled people

If he regrets the dangerous situation that has now arisen due to his and other councillors’ abject failure on 12th January 2012, he will act upon our voice message, ring us back or email us and ask for further details of the non-specific emergency safeguarding message we referred to on his answer phone at 2:00 pm today.


Councillor Adrian Jones responded this evening with the following email:

From: Jones, Adrian ER. (Councillor) <>
Date: Mon, Jun 4, 2018 at 8:11 PM
Subject: Safeguarding matter
To: Paul Cardin 

Dear Mr Cardin,

I understand you wish to raise a safeguarding matter. 

Please set out the full details, in confidence if appropriate.

Best wishes,

Adrian Jones

Councillor for Seacombe Ward, Wirral MBC, embracing:

Egremont, Poulton, Seacombe & Somerville

Phone: 0151 638 9050




Seacombe Councillors’ website:


Council activities/events


This email will be responded to with details of the safeguarding issue tomorrow.

The follow-up post, including details of the safeguarding issue is here.


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#Brickgate – Edited transcript of phone conversation between us and Jim Waterson of Buzzfeed (at the time)


Edited transcript of telephone conversation between JW – Jim Waterson (Buzzfeed News, now at The Guardian) and PC – Paul Cardin, proprietor of the Wirral In It Together WordPress Blog

Date of conversation 6th January 2017

Date of transcription 30th May 2018

Note: Jim Waterson sections of dialogue have been redacted completely in accordance with this tweet, dated 14th February 2018

Our own explanatory notes appear [in italics]

JW          xxxx?

PC          Hello, Jim?

JW          xx.

PC           Hi, Paul Cardin, I’ve just got a message from you on Twitter.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I’m fine, are you okay?

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           I’m sure it will get busier.

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           Yes. It’s very [inaudible 00:55] sort of trivial on the surface, isn’t it?

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Okay.  It’s not a prob…

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           Yeah.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Why what, sorry?

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Okay.  Well, it was used…it was sort of weaponised – if that’s the right word – against the local Constituency Labour Party.  I’m not a member of that Labour Party, but I do know the people in it.  I’ve known them for years and I know them to be honest people, and the #Brickgate thing was picked up and used.  Angela Eagle never got in there and tried to deny any of that reportage that was coming out, which she could have done.  I think she just let it run, which I think was a mistaken thing to do and I think when you couple it with the fact that the alleged homophobic slurs at the Annual General Meeting of 24th June [2016] were never reported to the police.  You know, it’s criminal behaviour potentially and that was never reported, and I think it suited Labour locally and centrally not to do that.  They preferred to sort of put…let it be feasted on by, you know, the media who were not sympathetic to Corbyn at all, and when you package that all in with the fact that she’d just declared that she was going to run for the leadership, then I think that sort of gave her a springboard.  And I think it was a false…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…?

PC           A springboard, you know, to…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           …to get her campaign running, you know, with the help of her campaign PR person – what’s his name – Immy – Imran…

JW          xxxxx.

PC           Imran Ahmed, yeah…

JW          xxxx.

PC           …who I’ve tweeted to…you know, I’ve contacted him on Twitter and he’s sort of denied everything, you know.  But he was reported in The Guardian as being the person who was the origin of the brick story, the idea of a brick going through a window.  And I think most people have sort of accepted now that it was a shared stairwell window.  It wasn’t her constituency office window.  ’Cause if you look at all the reporting on 12th July [2016], the next day, it sort of ran along the lines of it was her constituency office window, which it wasn’t.  And even if you go to Google and put in “Eagle Brick”, and go to Google Images, it’ll give you images of this stairwell window as being in actual fact her constituency office window.  So even Google is being influenced by the – I mean, I don’t really want to call it ‘Fake News’ – but inaccurate reporting.

JW        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           No, it’s not a shared office window.  It’s a shared stairwell window.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Yeah.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           Well, had any…

JW          …xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I don’t…I’m really not sure because there was so many of you doing it that, I mean, there’s more than a dozen large circulation newspapers out there and they were all sort of collectively, as one, running with this story that had been sort of given to them on site by the local PCC [Police and Crime Commissioner], Jane Kennedy, who is a long-term friend, you know, going back decades of Angela Eagle.  She was installed by basically a Neil Kinnock / Roy Hattersley star chamber, you know, that got rid of…well, in the Angela case it was somebody called Lol Duffy, who’d, the election before, he’d really turned around Wallasey which was a staunch Tory seat.  He’d turned it around to the brink of becoming a Labour one and then the next election [May 1992] he was standing again but he got dumped by Kinnock and Hattersley and Angela Eagle was installed, you know, from…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Yeah.  She…well, I’m not sure…she did and then a couple of councillors went on telly as well here in Wallasey.  Oh, I live here, by the way.  It’s about a mile away from where I live, you know.

JW          xxxx.

PC           Yeah.  She had about five microphones under her nose and she sort of said, “Ooh, I didn’t expect all you people,” you know, sort of thing.  The interview’s there on Twitter if you want to have a look for it.  And it’s just highly unusual that a Crime Commissioner would turn up for a broken window, you know.  I think they were running with this thing and trying to manipulate [with it 06:13].  And as for yourselves, I don’t know whether you just went with what you were being told and then, off we go, this will be good, it will get some sales going, you know, I don’t know whether that was your – not you personally – but your colleagues’ sort of attitude about that.

JW      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           They could have walked…I think they were attending on site, could have walked around the corner and saw on another side of the building Angela Eagle’s genuine constituency office window with the Labour stickers on it.  Peter Hitchens ran with that story ages ago [Mail on Sunday 24th July 2016], back in August I think, last year.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           He was.

JW          xxxx.

PC           And I do respect him for that, I mean, I don’t respect him for his sort of political views, I don’t know what yours are but…yeah.

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Well, there’s no [inaudible 07:20] I did put a complaint into IPSO and they were exposed, to me, in my eyes, they never sort of accepted that there was any inaccuracy in the newspapers.  Your average man in the street would say there was inaccuracy, it wasn’t her office window.  When I’ve seen…it was a lump of masonry, I mean, I don’t suppose that matters, but it was a lump of masonry, not a brick.  Yeah, you were told it was a brick and you ran with that.  But, I mean, if you’re going to be specific, a lump of masonry is like a piece from a brick wall, you know, it could be a brick and the mortar around it.  I think it was likely to have been that.  The police have dumped the evidence now, so we’ll never know.  But…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxx?

PC           Well, yeah, not that’s going to make any difference really.  Except that it sort of…I think it shows that the media are willing to take what they’re told and run with it without the evidence, you know.  And let’s run with this brick because it sounds good in a headline, you know, doesn’t it, you know, it sounds…there’s a pub about 25 metres away that’s notorious [The Royal Oak]…from the building, you know, and there’s a footpath that runs alongside where the window is where you can…if you’re on the footpath you can touch that window.  You know, we’ve got Labour HQ – the NEC – putting out a report and backing all this stuff up, saying that the window was inaccessible.  It’s not inaccessible.  Anybody could have just walked past from that…it’s a notorious place, drunk, whatever and thrown a brick through that window, and I asked the Chinese – not Chinese – the Indian restaurant on the opposite corner if he’d ever had his windows put through.  He said he had on more than one occasion.  You know, it’s typical sort of…taxi rank there, you know, kebab place, all this sort of stuff, queuing for taxis, getting…you know, full of beer and getting…you know, so none of that came out in the news stories, you know, if we’d had full context, that would have come out, you know.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxx…?

PC           Full context, full surrounding context with the CCTV positions, all that sort of stuff.  I’ve put a Moment up on Twitter which is – I don’t know why it’s called ‘Moment’, it’s full of stuff – but all about this and if you get the time – you probably wouldn’t have the time – but everything’s there I think.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…?

PC           Well, it’s a shared building, you know, nobody else in the off…nobody else sort of said that they felt intimidated in that building, you know.  But obviously, Angela Eagle did, and she ran with it and it just doesn’t stand up to me, I’m afraid.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Well, I’ve got a lot of experience of doing that.  Made sort of 450 requests, something like that in the past.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           But one of them was a big round robin on compromise agreements that was 345.  So that’s the big one.  That’s what bumps my figures up, you know.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Yes, I think they have, yeah.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Yeah, definitely, I mean, I wouldn’t accuse the police of dishonesty at all.  You know, I think they’re doing their job and they’re probably frustrated by the fact that they had to sit on the information that they had because they had to investigate it and they couldn’t release that information because they didn’t want to damage the investigation while it was going on, you know.  I made the mistake of placing an FOI request while that investigation was going on…

JW          […xxxxxxxxxx… 11:49].

PC           [Voices overlap 11:49] answer the questions, apart from the fact that they’d attended.  There’s an absurdity really inside the FOI Act which states that the minute you make that request, take all the surrounding circumstances and it’s frozen in time.  So if you go to tribunal in the end, they’re still not going to come out with the information ’cause it’s just treated as though the investigation is still going on.  So I placed another request in early December after it had finished.  That was what gave me the sort of breakthrough on the information.  They were then allowed to release it.  But they were probably pleased to be able to release it as well.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Yeah, they’ve got…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Yeah, they’ve got rid of that now.  I mean, it’s probably what they do anyway with…

JW          xxxxx?

PC           …unless they have a storeroom full of bricks somewhere  if they kept…or…you know.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…?

PC           Oh, no.  We wouldn’t have had a…I don’t think we’d have got off the ground at all without the FOI Act and without social media.  You know, I mean, how long have you been in the media yourself?

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 13:21]…

PC           Yeah.  But [voices overlap 13:21] ten years ago, it was a lot more difficult.  And I can remember sort of 20 years ago when we were just fed what we were given, and we accepted it and we could complain to the Press Complaints Commission then, sort of regulator, but never really got anywhere.  I think we’re making progress as citizens, you know.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           I think there’s a lot of people out there who want to know the truth, you know, whatever that is, you know, I don’t like using that word because people criticise you for it and call you a ‘conspiracy theorist’ and all sorts of stuff, but if you type the two words, ‘Eagle’ and ‘brick’ into Google – it’s the two sort of key ones – my blog comes top of sort of ten million results [no longer the case].  Above all the newspapers and everything and I think that’s because people are looking for other sources of information, you know.  They know that I live here, and I’ve made enquiries, so they tend to be coming to what I’m writing rather than what others have been told, you know, is another version of the truth, whatever.  I’ve had a lot of support from people locally, you know.  Definitely.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Okay, yeah.  They’ve only corrected one ar…they’ve corrected two articles so far in The Guardian.  And it’s this aspect of the window, whether it was her office window or whether it was a shared stairwell window.  They’ve corrected two articles, but they haven’t retracted any of the original articles that were wrong, you know, and I think Rowena Mason did one that was a bit sort of off…very keen to get the message across that it was Angela Eagle’s constituency office window, you know.  And you almost had the impression reading it that she was sat there, and it came flying through [inaudible 15:47]…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           You almost got the impression from reading it that Angela Eagle was sat there in the office and the brick came through the window, which would just be obviously wrong, but she was trying to sort of flavour it with inaccurate information, you know.  There’s been a lot of opinion and smear and it’s difficult to cut through that for the average reader, I think.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…?

PC           Which paper do you work for Jim?

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           Oh, right, yeah, okay.

JW          …xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           Oh, yeah, a Scottish man.  Nothing to do with the Labour Party and nothing to do with the local CLP.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx.

PC           Okay.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I’m not sure because these phone calls that she was getting, I’m not going to deny that she got phone calls but they’re talking about hundreds I think, and they’re sort of implying that it must be local people.  I doubt that very much.  But this is now – how many – six months ago, seven months ago now.  Last July and in the lead up to July she did get, apparently, she did get abusive phone calls before, well before the #Brickgate thing.  But it hasn’t gone through those internal channels that it should have done.  It’s been [inaudible 17:56] out to the media, you know.  She’s calling her 17 witnesses ‘whistleblowers’, which is outrageous really because I’ve been a whistleblower myself.  Whistleblowers tend to appear on their own or in small sort of clusters of two or three possibly, but never 17 whistleblowers all at once.  It doesn’t happen, with all the same story, you know, it just makes you think that people are possibly colluding.  I’m not going to say they are, but it’s possible that that’s going on, and there was a determined effort in suspending the CLP to prevent a vote of no confidence which is actually underway now at Clacton…[voices overlap 18:41]…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           I mean…

JW         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           No, I haven’t, never.  The last time I voted Labour was in 1992.  I’m largely…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I either don’t vote…is that relevant to this, do you think, who I vote for?

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           [Inaudible 19:07], I don’t, I mean, I didn’t vote in the referendum – the EU referendum – I passed on that one.  I didn’t vote last time in the 2015 general election.  I voted – I think it was – I voted Lib Dem once and then regretted doing that.  Like a lot of people did I think.  But because it sort of changed…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx…

PC           Charles Kennedy…

JW          …xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Yeah, I mean, it all changes, doesn’t it?  Under Charles Kennedy, they looked like the most sort of socialist option at the time, you know, this is the days of Tony Blair now in 2004 or whatever, ’05, whatever it was.  And I voted for Charles Kennedy and then ten years la…you know, by 2010 I’m thinking why the hell did I do that, you know?  So I’m not sure how relevant that is, who I vote for.  You know.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           No, I’m not.  I’m not a member.  I may have tweeted things in the past that make me look like I’m supporting – I don’t know – like TUSC, people like that.  Trade U…you know.  Trade Union Socialist Coalition.  But I don’t support them.  I’m not a member of them, you know.  Yeah.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Alec McFadden, yeah.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I know who he is, and he lives not very far away from me.  I don’t have much contact with him or any contact with him to be honest, no.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           I think it is damaging Angela Eagle’s chances in the future.  I think it is, yeah.  Yeah, it’s also the [voices overlap 21:24]…

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?

PC           Well, not just that, it’s the other ones as well, you know.  The booking into a hotel in Luton they claimed was some sort of intimidation going on, and then there’s about four other things that I just can’t call to mind at the moment, but…actually that [inaudible 21:45].  And it’s all sort of coming together and making her look – what’s the word – unreliable I think, you know, not dishonest but people are, you know, asking questions.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…

PC           I’m just about to take the girls out swimming.  I’ve got two young girls, take them out swimming, so we’ll be back about 6:00 or something. 

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Cheers Jim.  Appreciate that.

JW          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

PC           Thanks a lot.  Thank you.  Bye.


Note: Jim had expressed an interest in the story, its symbolic value and how it typified the behaviour of some politicians.

He said he might write up an article for Buzzfeed, but in the end this didn’t materialise.

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Nigel Hobro versus Wirral Council. Before District Judge Campbell, Birkenhead County Court – 22nd May 2018

birkenhead county court

Brief summary and background to the case.

Nigel Hobro is the claimant here, a former employee of Enterprise Solutions, trading as WirralBiz Limited [dissolved in 2014], where he worked as a qualified accountant.

Nigel noticed impropriety and dodgy goings on way back in Spring 2011 and along with fellow accountant James Griffiths, blew the whistle on his employer to the controlling partner organisation and local authority, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

This was the commencement of many years of personal upheaval for both whistleblowers and which soon became steadily compounded by the ongoing dishonesty of multiple Council senior officers and senior members, but namely … then CEO Graham Burgess, ex-Super Director Kevin Adderley and current Council Leader Councillor Phil Davies, who all lied to the public…

herehereherehere and here

…all done to fend off Nigel and James’ well-founded allegations of corruption, dishonesty and theft of public funds at Enterprise Solutions, whose two directors have long since fled to Portugal.  Despite the departures of Burgess and Adderley to lucrative posts elsewhere, the conspiracy to deceive goes on to this day and has been readily taken up by the current chair of the Audit Risk & Management Committee, recently re-elected member for Seacombe, Councillor Adrian Jones.

Councillor Adrian Jones (“the Pretend Friend”)

Jones was involved at a very early stage and approached Nigel Hobro under the guise of fulfilling a vital role as “the whistleblower’s friend and ally”.  But sadly, it appears to vigilant observers like us that his (and his wife Councillor Christine Jones’) intention was never to help, but to lift sensitive information, report it back to base and ultimately – because no progress has ever, ever, EVER been made – use Nigel’s own information against him and his fellow whistleblower James. We have no smoking gun obviously, but in hindsight, when you wade through the wreckage seven years later, no other conclusion makes any sense.

Burgess, Adderley and Crabtree

Under Graham Burgess, Kevin Adderley, and former Chair of the ARMC, turned ex-Councillor, turned criminal, Jim Crabtree, the council engaged itself in a concerted, long-term cover up in order to conceal the existence and minimise the impact of these allegations.

Burgess himself, when questioned in the public arena, had an unfortunate tendency to gloss over and to characterise all council failings as ‘mistakes’ even when his organisation had been caught red-handed in the now proven financial abuse of “sitting duck” learning disabled people when it thieved £736,756.97 from their bank accounts over a 9 year period:


Undeterred, Nigel Hobro, as a qualified accountant, and with all the information readily to hand, made an estimation of the totality of public money which ‘went missing’, arriving at a figure of £2 million.

Mr Hobro’s claim

This was based in personal injury due to stress, centred upon council negligence, and brought via the ‘small claims’ process, which is currently limited to £10,000 max.

  • Figure of £5,000 claimed
  • Medically attested stress
  • Loss of opportunity as an unsubstantiated whistleblower
  • Unemployability

Wirral Council’s response to the claim (Mr Howe was the barrister for WMBC)

  • Stress not recognised as a qualifying medical condition
  • Claim for Wirral Council’s wilful negligence is statute barred
  • Claimant not an employee and not protected under the Public Interest Disclosure Act
  • Claim has no cause for action

Judge Campbell heard both sides and was impressed by Nigel’s candid and honest contributions.  She stated that Nigel’s decision to follow the small claims court channels was appreciated and understood.  However, she stated that this could not be allowed to cloud proper application of the Civil Procedure Rules.

She referred all present to a recent UK Supreme Court ruling which stated that in future, no allowances will be made for laymen or litigants in person, such as Mr Hobro, and they will be expected to possess the same comprehensive understanding of the four inch thick book of “Civil Procedure Rules” as qualified solicitors and lawyers.

As part of his submission to the court, Mr Hobro had supplied signed dental records to show that he had been suffering from bone loss and teeth grinding due to high levels of stress, a situation confirmed by his dentist.  However, the judge stated there was nothing of substance to directly and causatively link this condition to the conduct or actions of the defendant, Wirral Council.  Neither had a full medical report been provided.

The Statute of Limitation Act Section 11 requires a time limit of 3 years between the person experiencing and recognising any condition related to personal injury and the lodging of any claim.  Mr Hobro stated that the link between Wirral Council and the stress had been noticed in 2012.  The wilful negligence claim on the part of Wirral Council had however been made in 2017 and was therefore time-barred.

Importantly, Wirral Council were mistaken in their contention that Mr Hobro “did not qualify for protection under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998”.

Presenting a very business-like case, Mr Hobro succeeded in convincing the Judge that he did qualify for protection under PIDA as a “worker” and that he therefore received the right not to suffer detriment.  This right is spelled out under Section 43c.  The judge went on to state that the small claims channel was not the correct jurisdiction for employment matters and that an application would need to be made to the Employment Tribunal in order to seek remedy.  But this option may now be time-barred.

In summary the judge stated that there was no reasonable cause of action for bringing this claim and that the claim therefore must fail.


Despite Wirral Council’s suggestion to the contrary, Mr Hobro succeeded in convincing the judge that his claim had not been ‘frivolous’.  After a brief discussion beteween all parties, the judge decreed that costs of £7,000 were to be met by Wirral Council’s very deep pockets, which we all know to our constant shock and dismay, are regularly topped up with our hard-earned moolah, and that should we decline to pay it and fund their reckless ventures, we ourselves end up in front of a judge.


There was an embarrassing moment for the judge when she’d assumed that some crucial supplementary information had not been provided by the claimant, Mr Hobro.

Nigel helpfully stated that she must be mistaken, because he had personally hand-delivered this material to Birkenhead Crown Court some weeks earlier and had given it to an unnamed male employee.

Persons in the public gallery were later relieved to see the bundle of information being handed to the judge 20 minutes later, presumably after a frantic search had been mounted  deep in the bowels of the building.

In summary

The judge, Ms Michelle Campbell, 49, (appointed to the Northern Circuit in 2011 – many thanks to an observant reader for unearthing this info) had introduced herself as a Wirral Council Tax payer.

We sincerely hope she finds time in her obviously very busy schedule to read this and other local blogs in order to allow some vital contextual information to percolate through about vulnerable people living inside an ongoing nightmare, and the  foreseeable and avoidable effects of the thoroughly shitty, yet protected behaviour of our dishonest elected and senior unelected officials at Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

If she’s successful in accessing this steadily thickening seam of hidden, unaddressed corruption, scandal and failure, perhaps hers and her colleagues’ future judgments will take into account how irredeemably broken and bent are the officials to whom she willingly hands across her Wirral council tax payments.

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Transcript of our conversation with Angela Eagle on 11th May 2018

13 05 18 - stamping out antisocial behaviour

Last Friday, we attended an Antisocial Behaviour meeting at the Wallasey Unitarian Church.  Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy was ill, so didn’t attend, but sent her deputy in her place.  Also present was our MP, Angela Eagle, a police inspector and a number of hard right Labour Wirral Councillors.  As stated in our previous post, we didn’t get to ask our question, so we waited and queued after the meeting to meet Angela.

Here is a link to the video of our conversation:

And here is a transcript of the conversation for anybody struggling to hear what went on:

Transcript of conversation between Angela Eagle MP and Paul Cardin at Wallasey Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey CH41 1DA on Friday 11th May 2018


Paul:           Hi.

Angela:       Hiya.

Paul:           Paul Cardin.

Angela:       I know.

Paul:           Right.  I didn’t really get a chance to ask you a question but it’s something that’s concerned me for some time.  What do you think about Mr. Corbyn?  How do you think he’s doing at the moment?

Angela:       Fine.

Paul:           The leader…okay, yeah?  You happy with him?

Angela:       But, you know, we’re still in opposition unfortunately but he’s doing fine, why?

Paul:           Oh, that’s sad, isn’t it?  Yeah.  No, okay, I’ll cut straight to what I was going to talk to you about.  Jane Kennedy, she’s a bit of a sort of an anonymous figure around here.  People don’t really know her, you know.

Angela:       Well, she’s ill.

Paul:            I know, yeah.

Angela:       Which is why…she was going to be here.  She’s very disappointed not to be here.  Which is why her deputy had to come.  But she’s off sick.

Paul:           Okay.  Well, I hope she gets better soon.

Angela:       So do I.

Paul:           Right.  What it concerns is a couple of years ago, almost a couple of years ago, a brick went through the window just round the corner here…

Angela:       Paul, we’re not…I’m not talking to you…

Paul:           Yeah…can I talk about this?

Angela:       No, no, no.  We’re not talk…

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       No, no, no, no.  We’re not talking about this.

Paul:           Please.  You can’t just close me down.

Angela:       No.  There’s other people…

Paul:           This is antisocial behaviour…

Angela:       There’s other people to see…

Paul:           No, no.  I’m a person.  I’m a constituent of yours.

Angela:       There’s other people to see.  Listen…listen…

Paul:           No, no.  Please.  I’m a constituent…

Angela:       We’re not reviving all of that.

Paul:           No.  But it’s…but please, Dan Hodges is reviving it.  Thanks to you putting the #FakeNews out there, Dan Hodges is still working with it.  “How far will the Corbynites go?  Precisely what lines are they prepared to cross to protect their hero?  I thought we had reached the nadir of Corbynite cultism in 2016…”

Angela:       What’s this got to do with it?

Paul:            “…when his supporters hurled a brick through Angela Eagle’s constituency office window.”  That’s just false.  It’s #FakeNews, wouldn’t you agree?

Angela:       No.

Paul:           It’s true…?

Angela:       What do you mean?

Paul:           Corbyn support…?

Angela:       Will you just leave?  I don’t want to talk about this.

Paul:           Where’s your evidence?  The police officers talked about evidence earlier.

Angela:       Listen…Paul…Paul…

Paul:           He can’t work unless he has evidence.  Jane Kennedy appeared to have evidence to suggest…

Angela:       Paul.  Paul, will you go please?

Paul:           …Corbyn supporters did it.  Corbyn supporters didn’t do it.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:            Yes, it has.  It’s antisocial behaviour.

Angela:       This has got nothing to do with the meeting today.

Paul:           It’s antisocial behaviour, so I want to just read out this statement to you.

Angela:       No, there’s people waiting to see me about issues that are current now.

Paul:           This is antis…  I’ve been waiting to see you…I…and now you’re trying to get rid of me and close me down.

Angela:       Yeah, I, I…

Paul:           Please.

Angela:       …this…this is not an issue.

Paul:           No, that’s not fair at all.  Yes, it is an issue.

Angela:       It is completely personal.

Paul:           The Daily Mail are still using it and you’ve helped them to do that.  That’s…it’s a resignation issue as far as I’m concerned, feeding the Daily Mail false news so they can throw it at your party leader.

Angela:       Okay.  Will you now leave?

Paul:           They’re throwing it at your party leader.

Angela:       They’re not throwing anything at my…

Paul:           They’re still…they are, look.  Dan Hodges.

Angela:       Can we…come on.

Paul:           Dan Hodges is doing it.

Angela:       Just leave, Paul.

Paul:           Look.

Angela:       Paul, Paul.

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.  No, I want some answers from you.  You’re my Member of Parliament.

Angela:       Paul, please.

Paul:           Now can…sorry.  Can I have some answers, please?  Why did you put that #FakeNews out there into the public domain?  Why did you do that?  It wasn’t your window.

Angela:       Paul, will you now leave?

Paul:           It wasn’t your constituency office window.

Angela:       Will you leave this…?

Paul:           No, I won’t leave.

Angela:       Okay, well, I’m going to see my other constituents.

Paul:           Ahhh.  Okay, well, I got my message across, I think.  Thanks a lot Angela.  Bye.

End of transcript


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#Brickgate, Angela Eagle fed #FakeNews to the Daily Mail, and speaking truth to power

11 05 18 - angela eagle invatation to antisocial behaviour public meeting


11 05 18 - wallasey unitarian church

We’re just back from the above public meeting in the lovely Memorial Unitarian Church, Manor Road, Wallasey, built in 1899 and a stone’s throw from #Brickgate – no pun intended.

The meeting went okay, but the whole thing felt a bit like a tick-box exercise, and due to the rather dismissive treatment of a sensitive local issue – antisocial behaviour – it got a bid rowdy at times.  And when a police inspector repeatedly responded to public complaints with, “I don’t recognise that statement”… and … “antisocial behaviour has gone down”, the audience got more and more frustrated.

We’d taken the following question with supporting statement to read out to Angela Eagle.  I held my hand up towards the end, but appeared to be ignored.

11 0 18 - angela eagle question and statement at church

Luckily, Angela had already offered to take complaints and queries from the public after the meeting, so when it ended we all queued up to be seen.

As we walked towards the stage at the front, down the central aisle, our three intrepid hard right Labour Seacombe councillors who’d been seated in the front row took their chance to escape down a side aisle.  Here they are in order of exit, Councillor Christine Jones, Councillor Adrian Jones and Councillor Paul Stuart.

jones jones stuart leave the church

As we queued, we were approached by Bridget Frear, Angela Eagle’s assistant.  We voiced our complaint to her and brought to her attention the following opinion piece in the Daily Mail of 8th April 2018…

11 05 2018 - dan hodges mail on sunday april 08 04 2018

We then stepped up to greet Angela…

We’ll finish with reminders of how Angela Eagle and Jane Kennedy were inflicted on us back in the early 1990s, a time when Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley’s star chambers were destroying good candidates UK-wide, and replacing them with right wing upstarts who later went on to call for the invasion of Iraq, the bombing of Libya and Syria, to destroy the Labour Party’s legacy under the guidance of war criminal Tony Blair and to fill council chambers up and down the land with cowardly, careerist, hard right Labour candidates.

Angela Eagle – Private Eye Reminds of Angela Eagle’s Highly Dubious Origins

Jane Kennedy – More News on Angela Eagle’s Dodgy Past, and the Rise of Jane Kennedy

…and finally an observation.  We are very poorly served…

…and how do we get rid of these people?



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Wirral – Where Public Service Went To Die …

A superb summary here of Wirral Council’s ongoing, relentless plunge into the gutter. Will it be a Northamptonshire County Council style ending as all power is removed and the Government commissioners step in?


Human Nature

This week we were quite happy taking a sentimental journey round the septic isle until Dr Robert diagnosed us with ‘Sandie Shaw Syndrome’ . No , we’re not in the words of the barefoot singer’s Eurovision winner ‘Puppets On A String’ (we leave that to others). As fellow sufferers of the syndrome know  : “There’s Always Something There To Remind Me” and it messes with your head.

So whilst it’s vaguely concerning/amusing/appalling that other local authorities are equally inept and corrupt, let’s be reminded of Wirral Council’s rap sheet courtesy of ‘The Good Doctor’. Although as we replied to our esteemed commentator the sleaze (there is no other word) that lies behind the bare reported facts doesn’t bear thinking about!


It is 2011, and Wirral Council is in serious trouble. It is on the brink of Government intervention and has received a damning…

View original post 869 more words

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Tory use of voter suppression is another cowardly act

Have a look at the following tweet, which we sent after #Windrush broke into the news. #Windrush was #racism yes, but with the added bonus to the Tories of suppressing Labour voters.


As part of last week’s council elections, at selected polling stations, there was a trial of a voter ID requirement in order to be allowed to vote.

There are several problems with this trial:

  • Some people do not have photo ID (driving licence or passport) and there is a higher percentage of non-Tory voters who do not have such ID
  • The trial did not require photo ID but many staff and potential voters didn’t know that (non-photo) ID such as bank cards were acceptable to be allowed to vote
  • Polling stations where the trial took place were in wards whose result could directly affect which party would have control of the local council
  • The trial had not been tested legally before going ahead
  • There is negligible voter fraud in UK elections and, thus, absolutely no need for Voter ID

According to the Electoral Reform Society about 4000 voters were denied…

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