As Amol Rajan deletes his offending tweet, our complaint goes to Stage 2

amol rajan bbc



Here’s the BBC’s second email response to our complaint:

Dear 1959 Cardin

Reference CAS-4800223-89YKDY

Thanks for contacting us again.

We’re sorry you weren’t satisfied with our previous response.

Once again, we would like to reiterate that no offence was intended, but we would also like you to know that this tweet has now been deleted.

If you are still dissatisfied, you can contact the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit (ECU). The ECU is stage 2 of the BBC’s complaints process. Details of the BBC complaints process are available at where you can read the BBC’s full complaints framework.

If you wish to contact the ECU please write to it directly within 20 working days of receiving this reply. Please explain to it why you believe there may have been a potential breach of standards or other significant issue for it to investigate. You can email, or write to: Executive Complaints Unit, BBC, Broadcast Centre, London W12 7TQ. Please include the case reference number we have provided in this reply.

Kind regards

Ciaran Hanna

BBC Complaints Team

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.


Amol Rajan has volunteered or been instructed to delete his original tweet(s), but despite our original request, has not yet been willing or able to provide an apology.

Amol Rajan’s subsequent deleting of his tweet(s) implies he and the corporation he works for have some awareness of committing / defending an offence or a breach of standards / guidelines / code of conduct.

bbc amol rajan deleted tweet - sorry that page doesnt exist

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BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan’s offensive “Scum” and “Idiots” tweets. Our complaint goes to the next stage

amol rajan bbc





And this is our follow-up complaint to the BBC.  Hopefully they won’t be attempting to fob us off this time.


bbc complaint follow up


And the original complaint:


amol rajan complaint to bbc


While you’re here, worldly-wise Guardian journalist Nick Cohen found time to deliver some patronising preaching to us on Twitter:





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The BBC defends Amol Rajan, a senior employee, who was abusive, and may have defamed Paul Cardin

amol rajan bbc




This seems like clear cut defamation to us and we will be taking legal advice over it.  We will back off if we are advised it is not.

For now, we’ve lodged a complaint with the BBC, which you can see here:

Reference CAS-4773953-RZ4Y0D

Full Complaint, sent on 5th February 2018:

“My complaint centres around a tweet sent by @amolrajan to @MichaelWhite which copied me in ( personal twitter ID redacted accordingly):

The subject matter of the tweet is the blocking on Twitter of “scum” and the ‘liberation’ gained by this activity. I am now blocked by BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan, however being blocked is not my complaint. My complaint is that this recently promoted senior BBC public servant thought it appropriate to use language on a public forum which was offensive not just to me, but which would also be likely to offend any license fee paying member of the public reading the tweet. Some time later another Twitter user questioned Amol Rajan’s use of the word “scum” but Mr Rajan justified his use of it as the questioner had also used the word in his own tweets:

However, unlike the BBC’s Mr Rajan, the complainant was not labelling members of the public “scum” and I don’t believe the complainant is a senior BBC employee serving the public. Any comparison therefore fails.

Background. According to a BBC News article, Mr Rajan, along with three colleagues will be attending UK schools this year advising them on “fake news” and how to watch out for it. In the past I have sent Mr Rajan an official, factual Merseyside Police statement which confirms that Angela Eagle’s Constituency Office Window was never reported as being attacked on 12th July 2016 in the #Brickgate incident. I have suggested to Mr Rajan that the BBC needs to retract its own “fake news” which is still ‘out there’ suggesting that Angela Eagle’s constituency office window WAS smashed by a brick. My daughter attends a Media College and it is possible that that Mr Rajan or one of his colleagues may be visiting to advise her on “fake news” this year. In light of the above, I suggest that Mr Rajan is not a fit person to do so, and I also request a personal apology.”


The response, received on 15th February 2018 : 

Dear Mr Cardin

Reference CAS-4773953-RZ4Y0D

Thank you for contacting us about content posted on Amol Rajan’s social media account.

While we note your concerns we would explain that this was part of a light-hearted exchange on Twitter and no offence was intended.

We hope this explains our position.

Nonetheless, your concerns were forwarded directly to senior management on an internal report of audience feedback. These reports can be used to inform future broadcasting and policy decisions so please be assured that your complaint has been sent to the right people.

We do appreciate the time you have taken to raise this with us.

Kind regards

Yvonne Wall

BBC Complaints Team

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.


We’d suggest that there is nothing ‘light-hearted’ about a senior and visually prominent public servant such as BBC Media Editor Amol Rajan labelling members of the public ‘idiots’ and ‘scum’ on a widely-read social media forum such as Twitter.

We’d also suggest it is abusive and libellous to label Paul Cardin as an ‘idiot’ or as ‘scum’, for the following reasons:


Paul Cardin took an official MENSA IQ test in 1988, achieved an IQ of 151 and was admitted as a member.  He left after a few months.  He would therefore not normally be regarded by anybody as an “idiot”.  To suggest otherwise, and in offensive terms, may be a false statement, and may be potentially libellous.


Paul Cardin served his country in 1982 when he fought in the Falklands War.  Today, although semi-retired since 2009, he looks after his disabled wife, a former teacher who is unable to work, and also their two young daughters.  He has been driven out of his council employment under bogus “gross misconduct charges” which were overturned… twice.  He has no criminal record.  He has never worked as a senior banker nor for an alleged “regulator” and has always provided HMRC with the full amount of income tax they’d been expecting. Neither does he flit between London, Geneva, Singapore and Hong Kong in search of the friendliest and most amenable tax jurisdiction. He would therefore not normally be regarded by anybody as “scum”.  To suggest otherwise, and in offensive terms, may be a false statement, and may be potentially libellous.


On the evidence of the above response, the BBC don’t look ready to accept that Amol Rajan behaved offensively.  Paul will follow the BBC’s internal complaint guidelines and go back to the Complaints Department in order to exhaust their internal channels.

As stated, Paul will also be taking legal advice and looking at pursuing a defamation case against both Amol Rajan and his BBC employer, who are now fully complicit.

When in a position to do so, he will also be making a separate, detailed complaint to OFCOM, the media regulator.

Separately, he will be writing to the headteacher of his daughter’s media college in an attempt to confirm whether any BBC employees are scheduled to visit the schoolthis year to advise on “Fake News” and how to recognise and deal with it, as described at the above link.

If so, he will advise that given the BBC’s response to this complaint, and despite very high levels of adverse press since Jimmy Savile’s death, the corporation does not seem to have addressed a need for cultural change, nor does it seem to have learned any lessons from their former employee’s 40 years of alleged protected, shielded criminal rape and paedophilia, enabled and perpetuated by his fame and his ‘access to all areas’.

Paul will be ascertaining the date(s) of the visit(s) and endeavouring to safeguard the children (all females) from any potential “Savile” like incident caused by the BBC’s ongoing failure to apply its own code of conduct (see below). 

The most worrying aspect of all this is the BBC’s apparent determination to steamroller well-founded complaints to one side and to plough on regardless.

On a broader basis, Paul will also be contacting the BBC and all the relevant authorities to request that the four BBC reporters’ visits to this school and all others are now cancelled in the interests of child safety.


BBC Code of Conduct for Employees – May 2017

We’d be very grateful for advice on what ‘type’ of employee Mr Rajan is.  We would then be in a position to determine which section of the above code is supposed to be applicable to his behaviour.

How ironic that were Amol Rajan to brand any senior politcians, either collectively or individually as “idiots” or “scum” in public, his feet wouldn’t touch the floor.

So WHO is serving WHO here?

The offensive tweets


Offensive tweet 1

BBC amol rajan offensive tweet 1

Offensive tweet 2

BBC Amol Rajan offensive tweet 2

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The only thing worse than a Holocaust-Denier is a Holocaust-Manipulator

Here’s a very worthwhile read…

Holocaust manipulation. It’s almost everywhere…

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

Denying the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews is a crime in many countries. Whether it is right for Holocaust-Denial to be outlawed is debatable, but there is no doubt that it is a horrible behaviour brought about by anti-Semitism. In particular, it comes from a hatred of Jews so severe that it leads to resentment of seeing any Jew receiving sympathy. When there is evidence to demonsrate that such sympathy is merited, the evidence must simply be denied. That the Holocaust happened is incontrovertible to any reasonably objective eyes. Sadly, anti-Semitism – indeed all forms of racism – is prejudice, which by definition is not objective, adn so the incontrovertibility of the evidence is smply denied.

Holocaust-Denial is sometimes even called ‘a revisionist industry’, given the vast, comprehensive library of ugly, deeply-misleading literature attempting to distort the facts. Perhaps the most notorious ‘scholar’ at the apex of…

View original post 1,227 more words

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Wirral “Open and Transparent, Most Improved” Council. Anyone see a problem here?

Moving Forward………………


Just in…

The Wirral Hard Right Labour Council Forward Plan for March to June 2018.



For readers who prefer pictorial displays, graphs and charts, here’s a very basic summary of what the Most Improved Council are giving us access to (or not) this coming spring:

03 02 18 - spring 2018 - wirral council openness and transparency moving forward


Excerpt (content rearranged / presented in the interests of telling the whole story)

wirral council forward plan fully exempt

Toodle Pip!


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Alleged Disability Abuse by Autism Initiatives. The Mainman Receives a Substantial Out of Court Settlement

abuse and neglect of people with disability is unacceptable mainman audrey

This is an update to our original post from almost three years ago, here:


This is a positive ending to a long-running scandal, instigated and prolonged by hard right ToryLabour Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson’s long litany of damaging negligence, blaming of others and serious failure.

Anderson’s approach was to dig in and battle against the safety of vulnerable people and the interests of justice, hand in glove with the aggressive “Autism Initiatives” legal team.

This was a deeply regrettable, harrowing situation for the innocent people involved and was both foreseeable and avoidable, ever since the dark days of Winterbourne View, the events recorded by the BBC Panorama programme, and the subsequent ‘new safeguarding regime’ – which was roundly ignored. 

The Mainman’s mum and guru, Audrey is a spirited fighter who has run rings around the corrupted council’s local power brokers.

These officials have been blind to the suffering, and have been ensconced, dug in, squatting, throwing public money at the case hand over fist, and have enjoyed full license to abuse their positions in the safety of their corrupted power base inside Liverpool Town Hall.

We will upate readers here with a link to Audrey’s updated blog and further details when the matter has been signed off by the local courts.


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BMA Says No to Whistleblowers

All about the corrupted old boy network of the British Medical Association, which continues to be propped up by the subscription money of good, caring, hardworking doctors and medics. How much longer can these dinosaurs fight off their impending extinction whilst betraying brave whistleblowers who speak up about management failure and foreseeable patient harm?

Follow this wonderful blog to discover the sheer depth of the BMA’s abject hypocrisy and failure…

Alexander's Excavations

By Dr Minh Alexander NHS whistleblower, former consultant psychiatrist 23 January 2018

Powerful and political, the British Medical Association is not short of a bob. Wealth oozes from its gracious grade II HQ in the heart of London, designed by Lutyens. There it wines and dines its important old boys and the great and the good.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 08.56.33

The rank and file’s subs are used to support this largesse, in preference to supporting whistleblowing cases.

In the current system, whistleblowing cases are complicated and expensive. The BMA often claims to whistleblowers that their cases do not pass its legal merits assessments.

The BMA does little to challenge the policy failings that lead to whistleblowers being harassed and that result in protracted employment disputes, and therefore expensive litigation. The BMA seldom agitates for whistleblowing reforms that would make a real difference to NHS staff and patients.

No, the BMA is more likely to…

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London residents’ huge bill for corporate flammable cladding

It’s true to form and what we expected. In the same week that Theresa May promised to get tough on the directors of corporations… she needs to step in now and not allow those directors whose industry is partly responsible for an alleged 80 foreseeable and avoidable deaths to be bailed out… and innocent council residents to be hit with the bill.

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video from England says about itself:

‘Terrified’ residents hit with £2MILLION bill to replace cladding after Grenfell Tower

17 January 2018

People living in the Citiscape building in Croydon, south London, say they are “terrified” after receiving the sky-high demand for payment. Cladding at the building failed tests in the wake of the Grenfell tragedy five months ago.

But leaseholders have been told by site owner Proxima GR Properties that it is not liable for the costs. Instead, residents have been told to foot the bill, warned work will not start until they do and threatened that the costs for things like fire wardens and scaffolding could shoot up if there is any delay.

From daily The Independent in Britain today:

Grenfell Tower: Residents of private block of flats handed £2m bill to replace ‘flammable’ cladding

Leaseholders of the 93 flats estimate total charges could be in excess…

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“Most Improved” Wirral Council are spreading a pack of lies across the careers market, in their search for a new Legal Director

A friend kindly forwarded the following advert to us, spotted recently on the website.

15-1-2017 - Wirral Council ad for legal director monitoring officer


  1. “Most Improved Council”.  This was awarded by the media publication arm of the body that acts as the “Trade Union” for local authorities such as Wirral Council, namely, the Local Government Chronicle and the Local Government Association respectively.  So…  when untrustworthy organisations such as these award their paying members (with our cash) worthlesss little badges, proclaiming bogus leaps of progress or wonderful, but in reality, worthless, phantom achievements, we can safely ignore it.  This award occurred 3 years ago.  Since then, it’s been repeatedly overwritten and drowned out by scandal upon scandal – such as the independent OFSTED investigation’s “INADEQUATE” for Children’s Services and the (conveniently secret) Serious Case Review for the Rajenthiram brothers child abuse case.  Despite these failures being overlaid across the top, the term “Most Improved Council” is still emblazoned shamelessly and dishonestly across every email, letter, and JOB ADVERT, (see above) jostling for our attention.

  2. “A Progressive and Driven Partnership Galvanizer”.  No comment, apart from ….WTAF?  The lurch to impenetrable jargon continues apace, and remains a surefire indicator of an organisation with its collective, away with the fairies head rammed firmly up its collective, tight as a duck’s arse sphincter.

  3. “Create a Legacy for Yourself in the Process”.  Here is another  clear insight into the whacky, out of kilter motivations of this basket case.  Forget old fashioned service to the public.  At Wirral, they do things differently.  You can shove all that public service bollocks to one side, and strike out on your own, in your own selfish interest, carving out your own miserable ‘legacy’.  And we’re here to shield and sustain you in that, and to passionately wave some palm fronds and beat the path ahead of you in your honour as you proceed…

  4. Transformation.  Do you get it?  Does anybody get it?  It’s another chuckaway term that despite forensic analysis, remains utterly meaningless.  Transformation to what?  Transformation from what?  It echoes the deep insincerity of that old chestnut, ‘moving forward”.  Moving forward from what?  Moving forward to WHAT?  The next scandal in the pipeline?



The skills and qualities you will actually require…

  1. The ability to attend court, molest a bible and bust a religious oath
  2. The ability to ‘forget’ inconvenient truths, and instead, to only recall events or details that are advantageous to oneself and the corrupted body corporate
  3. The ability to take copious notes every single day as part of your council role, as they will be required in order to successfully achieve 1 and 2 above
  4. The ability to state in court that you were not actually taking notes on ‘that particular day’, because such an admission would have the effect of damaging one’s chances of winning the case and endangering the reputation of oneself and the body corporate
  5. Er…
  6. 7. 8. 9.  …………….Lots more, but I don’t want to bore you.  You get the picture…       

10. That’s it.

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Liar Phil Davies, “Labour” Leader of Wirral Council Wants to Privatise the NHS. Don’t Let Him Get Away With It

branson and davies

Has a sordid deal been done…?

First of all, why is Council Leader Phil Davies a liar?

Answers here, here, here, herehere, and here.

We wonder whether Wirral Council leader Phil Davies uses the bumper public money allowances he draws to tap into private health care provision for himself and his family? Or shares in Virgin Care perhaps?

This very well could be the case because it would explain his and his ‘Labour’ colleagues’ curious behaviour when discharging OUR INTERESTS, which would appear to jar with every one of our heartfelt wishes as users and defenders of the NHS.

This entryist, hard right ‘Labour’ council leader may as well be swanning about on his own private yacht, taking potshots at us, pulling the ladder up, and leaving vulnerable and ill people to fend for themselves or drown, as his ideological fellows in central government starve the NHS of its vital funding and desperately ill people die on hospital trollies.

It’s tragic isn’t it, that the people of Wirral have voted for and endorsed the likes of him and his 38 colleagues in their dishonesty, and when doing so, were under the reasonable impression that the position of the NHS locally would be strengthened and defended. After all, these are supposed to be Labour politicians !

How dispiriting it is to find that this was never the case, and that the opposite is true. In voting ‘Labour’ they have in fact signed their own death warrants, because Davies and his colleagues, cowards one and all (some of them apparently “Corbyn supporters”) are being whipped into voting for what Theresa May, Jeremy Hunt, Slasher McVey and the Tory government are imposing upon us – Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs) and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), because it will help the PM and her ministers to secure their own personal fortunes as their private health investments come good.

Does our own Phil Davies have a huge, secret, private bounty to pick up if and when his crooked activities win the day?

Can we just remind the people of Wirral that in May 2018 we can stop him doing this?

In the local elections, these 39 hard right TRAITORS can at long last be consigned to the nearest dustbin, where they belong, and you can pick somebody else, someone who doesn’t have TORY blood and their own GREED and self-interest coursing through their veins.


See also Defend Our NHS – Latest News, the latest update on Wirral Leaks.

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