London Grenfell Tower disaster survivors not getting donated money

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This TV video from London, England says about itself:

Grenfell Tower Residents Say Warnings Were ‘Ignored’ | Good Morning Britain

16 June 2017

Vice Chair of the Lancaster West Residents’ Association Andrea Newton and Kensington and Chelsea councillor Judith Blakeman say that multiple warnings about the safety of Grenfell Tower were ‘ignored‘.

By Felicity Collier in Britain:

Charities sitting on 16m Grenfell fund

Saturday 12th August 2017

MORE than £16 million in donations to charities for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire has still not been distributed to them, it was revealed yesterday.

Only £2.8 million out of a £18.9m pot has been given to bereaved families and survivors so far, two months after the tragedy that happened on June 14, data released by the Charity Commission shows.

Organisations behind the fundraising drive said that much of the raised cash was being held back until talks could take…

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Former Abuse Inquiry Panelist: Counsel Silenced Me So That May Could Become Prime Minister.

Researching Reform

In a controversial interview released today, former Child Abuse Inquiry panel member Sharon Evans makes a startling number of revelations about the Inquiry.

A child abuse survivor and journalist who founded children’s charity Dot Com, Sharon accuses the Inquiry of trying to stifle concerns about the way the investigation was being run so that Theresa May could be pushed into office as Prime Minister.

Ms Evans also said that there was no independence whatsoever at the Inquiry, and that the confidentiality clause which all panel members had to sign, effectively prevented her and others from exposing the truth.

She goes on to allege that Ben Emmerson QC, who was lead counsel for the Inquiry at the time, warned her that if she made her concerns public, she would be discredited. Sharon tells Talk Radio:

“I was taken to one side and it was made clear to me, I was…

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Our Criminal Allegation Against Theresa May Falls at the First Hurdle

questioner to Theresa May during Question Time Leaders Debate

theresa may - diane abbott wiping DNA database

25th July 2017

Readers will recall an official complaint we made to the Metropolitan Police, amongst others, back in early June 2017.

It concerned an election broadcast featuring both Conservative and Labour party leaders, recorded and put out live on the evening of 2nd June 2017 from the City of York.  Our complaint alleged that during this programme, Theresa May committed a breach of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983 i.e. she committed a criminal offence.

Theresa May had made a clear reference to Labour’s Diane Abbott MP intending to “…wipe the details of criminals and terrorists from the UK DNA Database”, in the event she became Home Secretary after the 8th June 2017 Election.

Our initial complaint to the Met Police and their acknowledgment of it was covered here.

Yesterday, at long last, following an investigation – which included a referral to the Crown Prosecution Service – we received a response to our complaint.  Here is the email:



24 07 17 - Met police full response to Theresa May allegation

So Jim Morrison didn’t open any Doors, or break on through to the other side.


Crucially, within the Act, it appears allegations of any breaches of Section 106 must refer to the personal  conduct or character of the individual referred to, as opposed to their political  conduct or character.

We have no legal training or qualifications, but it appears to our lay mind that the Representation of the People’s Act Section 106 as it stands permits any and all dreamt up fabrications to be made about the political conduct or character of opponents, as long as the protagonists do not stray into personal criticisms.  But surely isn’t it political conduct or character that is relevant here?

Precisely why have personal criticisms been targeted?  And what have personal criticisms got to do with “Representation of the People”? Answers on a postcard please.

As it stands, the Tories (and Labour and others) appear to be free to make up what the hell they like re: political conduct or character.  Nothing stands in their way.  We say that with confidence, because we’ve explored a few avenues with this.  We also approached The Electoral Commission who referred us to OFCOM! and the Crown Prosecution Service, who refused to refer it to the police.

We’d suggest that because the Tories have enjoyed the sympathy and backing of Murdoch, the BBC, and a huge proportion of the UK media for many years, the Labour Party, their chief opponents, will always be playing catch up.

Corbyn and company have been and will continue to be coming in for a welter of groundless and unwarranted criticism.

See the current barrage of undiluted #FakeNews coming in from all quarters re: Labour’s manifesto and the falsehood that Labour intended to wipe student debts)

But it won’t be confined to everyday politics.  As things stand, during election periods, what’s regurgitated on live television to large audiences holds high impact, but will be waved through, allowed to proceed unchecked and will surely influence millions of undecided voters’ minds.  So politicians remain “free to fill their boots”.  

We’ve issued the following five words a LOT lately.

We are very poorly served.


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Concern Will be Growing about Wirral’s High-rise Tower Blocks

liscard house wallasey

Liscard House appears to be safe

25th June 2017

Since the catastrophic loss of life at Grenfell Tower in North Kensington, inspections of similar, potentially unsafe locations have been underway across the country.

Camden Council in London were very quick to spot the potential dangers and undertook urgent tests. These involved physically taking samples of ‘fireproof’ cladding from tower blocks and sending them to be examined at the Building Research Establishment in Watford.

Camden Council quickly discovered, on Wednesday evening 21st June 2017, that the cladding at blocks on the Chalcots Estate, although commissioned as ‘fireproof’, were in fact an inferior product.  In other words, they may have been duped – apparently by the same contractor / sub-contractor combination who fitted the cladding at Grenfell Tower.

Here on Wirral, statements were issued by Councillors Phil Davies (Council Leader) and George Davies (Deputy, Housing and Community Safety) at a Cabinet meeting on 19th June 2017, here:

However upon examining these statements, issued by email on 21st June, we found that there was no mention of reactive, independent testing and that they fell way short of providing instant reassurance to the relevant Wirral tower block tenants.

Eight of Wirral’s total of eleven high-rise tower blocks – not identified by name in the council statements – are run by Magenta Housing, the arm’s length organisation with control of the majority of Wirral Council’s former housing stock.

The remaining three are privately owned – also not named – but one of these is assumed to be Liscard House in Wallasey (see image above), which underwent renovation, including the retro-fitting of insulation cladding in 2011.  We were reassured here by Alumasc Facade Systems that the cladding used does not contain the ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) used at Grenfell Tower.

Two senior Wirral members and former leaders of their respective parties sit on the board of Magenta Housing: Councillor Steve Foulkes and Councillor Jeff Green.

foulkes and green on board of magenta

On 22nd June, we contacted our local councillor Adrian Jones (Chair of the Audit & Risk Management Committee) to advise him that public statements made so far appeared insufficient and that Camden-style physical testing may need to be undertaken.  He promised us he would follow it up.  We sent the following email at his request:

cladding email to adrian jones

The top two links quoted are here and here.

Time is of the essence, official information is still sparse and hard to come by, and as tenants await official reassurance, the questions left to be answered now are: 

  • How many Wirral people are potentially in danger?
  • Which high-rise towers are affected?
  • Who owns and runs these buildings?
  • How many more public and private buildings are implicated?
  • When will the promised “COBRA” meeting take place?
  • Will Wirral Council / Magenta Housing be commissioning Camden-style physical testing of existing cladding on their own high-rise buildings?
  • Finally, both Wirral Council and Mersey Fire Authority assure us that they have been undertaking annual safety inspections.  We will assume for now that these were successful and the cladding was safe, however…

…as we post this item, Camden Council have started evacuating up to 4,000 of their tenants and the seriousness of the situation has intensified.  See the following, which details how all 34 separate cladding tests undertaken by the BRE have failed.

*STOP PRESS* This failure rate has now risen to 60 samples, all failed.

Presumably the affected councils may well be evacuating huge numbers of their tenants over into secure temporary accommodation while their homes are made safe:

More on the Camden evacuation – including gas pipes not boxed in and the potential for exploding boilers:

Recent TV News coverage:




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Our Allegation Against the Prime Minister – the Crown Prosecution Service Refused to Refer it to the Police

HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate.jpg


12th June 2017

At the beginning of June we lodged an allegation that the Prime Minister had lied about an opponent during the election campaign.  We viewed this as not just unlawful, but serious and potentially damaging because it occurred during a live election broadcast attended by Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn.  This programme was watched on the BBC by many millions – a large number of whom would not yet have made their minds up on how to cast their vote.

We later updated the story here and here.

As you can see at the above links we’ve notified four separate regulatory or police bodies whom we felt needed to be aware of a potential criminal offence.

With the Crown Prosecution Service finally replying in an email today, all four have now responded.

This was our first notification email:

12 06 17 - my Jun 6th email to CPS

Here is the YouTube link again for those interested in watching the alleged offence:


This was the email we received today from the Crown Prosecution Service:

12 06 17 - CPS Jun 12th email to me

Then our response, also today:

12 06 17 - my second Jun 6th email to CPS.jpg

And the CPS came back with the following, also received today:

12 06 17 - CPS Jun 12th second email to me

And the final email in this exchange was sent this afternoon at 5:39 pm:

12 06 17 - my second third Jun 12th email to CPS

Not surprisingly, plenty of questionable and contradictory points have been made above by the CPS and we won’t be outlining or challenging these until we’ve received Nick Vamos’ email and got in touch with him.

But rest reassured that this blog post will be updated as and when that happens.

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We alleged the UK Prime Minister committed an electoral crime and the Regulator passed us to OFCOM

11th June 2017

This is an update to the allegation we made here while the UK General Election was underway.  We followed it up here.

In the process of reporting this alleged crime – on the part of Theresa May – which is described at Section 106, Sub-section (1) of the Representation of the People Act 1983, we notified the following bodies:

  1. The Metropolitan Police (responded, now acting upon the allegation)
  2. The North Yorkshire Police (responded, have passed primacy to the Met)
  3. The Crown Prosecution Service (no response yet)
  4. The Electoral Commission (acknowledged, see below…)

Here’s the email response received from the Electoral Commission on 9th June 2017:

09 06 2017 - Electoral Commission response - Geraint Edwards


And our response:

my response to - 09 06 2017 - Electoral Commission response - Geraint Edwards



We accept it’s a bit of a side show when you consider that the Met Police are currently investigating, but for the Electoral Commission to refer us to guidance, and fail to spot a potential crime, it does indicate either a lack of urgency or a tendency to ‘pass the buck’ on the part of the body that was set up to regulate all ballots and elections.

Watch out for updates !



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After 20 Years of Neo Liberal Mayhem and a Global Crash, the biggest Damage Control Job Since 1945 Starts Tomorrow

blair brown cameron may

It’s time to get rid of the suits


8th June 2017

In a screeching departure from the politically neutral rantings of Wirral In It Together, today we’re calling for all our readers, young and old, to use their votes to put an end to the last 20 years of neo liberal puppet governments – the corporate apologists – pretending to be people-centred, but put up to act in the interests of corporations.

Today’s Tories are funded and backed by not just 5 Tory tax avoiding media billionaires, but by the banks, chiefly HSBC.  The last 20 years of ‘political options’ have been foisted upon us…  under the insulting guise of ‘providing choice’.

That’s finally come to an end and one thing is for sure, Jeremy Corbyn’s record indicates that he is indeed ‘on the right side of history’.  We can see that if we cut through the desperate media crap.  And although he originates from a background of ‘acceptable’ Social Democracy, he is supremely electable within this system.

Which is why we’ve constantly been told the opposite.

And it’s also why he is feared and despised in equal measure by the 1% i.e. the very wealthy, whose governments – both Tory and Labour – have been privatising our essential services since Thatcher, foisting PFI schemes onto the public purse of our grandkids, and imposing grinding austerity onto the rest of us for the last 7 years through reasons of naked greed and misplaced Tory ideology.

Bankers’ bonuses are UP in case you hadn’t noticed.  In other words, there is no austerity for those directly responsible for all our ills.  These City Tories are in a position to avoid the carnage, and through #ToryDirtyMoney are able to ensure that the politicians they own will impose it onto not just working class people but the entire 99%, many of whom would like to attain membership of the elite, but never will.  Because there’s a well-upholstered, upper class, bloodstained hunting boot firmly planted on their heads.

HSBC bank even had one of their own directors appointed, Rona Fairhead, via then Chancellor George Osborne,  to Chair of the BBC Trust, just for good measure.  Hence the slew of anti-Corbyn propaganda that’s been raining down on us via our TVs and Radios and laptops and iPads and phones throughout this seemingly endless election campaign.

We’ll keep this very brief, but like we say, tomorrow begins the biggest damage control job since the Attlee government was voted in in 1945.

That can only begin if you go to your local polling station today and vote Labour. Today is the people’s chance to seize the moment again, like their mothers, fathers and grandfathers once did.  THE HUDDLED MASSES.  That’s us.

Get out there, grab back some power of your own, and put an end to the misery today.


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Theresa May’s Alleged Crime (Breach of Section 106 of Representation of the People’s Act) Reported to Electoral Commission

6th June 2017

As readers may already be aware, we’ve reported what we believe to be a crime to the following organisations:

The Metropolitan Police – acknowledged by email – see below.

North Yorkshire Police – not acknowledged yet.

…and now, the Electoral Commission – automatically acknowledged…

…and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) – automatically acknowledged.

Here is the text of our submission, sent to the Electoral Commission and CPS this evening:


Dear Electoral Commission,

I wish to report a false statement being made by a senior election candidate which I believe breached the terms of Section 106, Sub-section (1) of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983.

The incident occurred on Friday 2nd June 2017 when a statement was made in response to an audience question during the BBC One programme “Question Time Leaders’ Debate – May versus Corbyn” which was broadcast live from the city of York commencing at 8:30 pm.

The subject matter was an allegation by Theresa May that her opponent Diane Abbott “wants to wipe the records of criminals and terrorists from the DNA database. That would mean we could catch fewer criminals and fewer terrorists”. I believe this to be false, potentially malicious, serious – due to the size of the TV audience and the potentially large number of undecided voters – and a criminal offence, and have reported the incident to both the Metropolitan Police and to North Yorkshire police.

Here is a link to a YouTube video of the incident. This should commence at the time the question was being put to the Prime Minister:

I have further information to send which would provide background, context and justification for my allegations, however the format of your reporting system prevents me from attaching files.

I’d be very grateful if you could acknowledge my message and advise,

Many thanks,

Paul Cardin


Response received from the Metropolitan Police SET Electoral Fraud and Malpractice Team

Email acknowledgment from MET SET team

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Nobody is Above the Law ~ Not Even the UK Prime Minister

questioner to Theresa May during Question Time Leaders Debate

3rd June 2017

During the Question Time Leaders’ Debate, broadcast live on BBC One last night from the City of York, we are alleging that Prime Minister Theresa May committed a criminal offence in the form of a false statement, with regard to the conduct of an opponent, provided in response to the above question, which she knew to be false and which breached the terms of the Representation of the People Act 1983.

The offending statement occurred 17 minutes and 11 seconds into the broadcast. Here is the relevant excerpt, starting a few seconds into the clip:

As the statement did not provide an answer to the gentleman’s question, and appeared to be opportunistically “crowbarred in”, we believe this incident to be premeditated and by the very nature of its content, designed to adversely impact upon the electoral prospects of the Labour Party and by extension all its candidates for the forthcoming general election.

This is extremely serious given that it was a live broadcast watched by millions of people, many of whom will not yet have made up their minds on where to cast their vote on 8th June 2017.  When judged against the information provided below i.e. excerpt of Section 106, Sub-section 1 of the Representation of the People’s Act 1983, we believe the statement to represent a clear breach.

The terms of the Representation of the People Act are very clear and advice has been issued and made available to all contesting parties by the Electoral Commission, the regulatory body of ballots and elections within the UK.

We have reported this incident to the Metropolitan Police today (see below) because we believe nobody is above the law of the land and the Prime Minister needs to be held accountable for her actions.

Relevant Excerpt from The Representation of the People’s Act 1983

representation of the peoples act excerpt - false statements

We follow politics closely, have done for some years, and do not believe Diane Abbott has ever made any statements indicating that she wants to wipe the records of criminals and terrorists from the DNA Database. 

Further reading:

Get The Innocent off the DNA Database by Diane Abbott

Hansard Online – Diane Abbott Contributions

Metropolitan Police reference number: BCA-1932-17-00

Further developments, including Met Police response:

Theresa May’s Alleged Crime (Breach of Section 106 of Representation of the People’s Act) Reported to Electoral Commission

Our Allegation Against the Prime Minister – the Crown Prosecution Service Refused to Refer it to the Police


Some relevant and up-to-date reading on this subject, kindly forwarded this evening by James Turner QC – @JamesTurner37 – on Twitter:

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The Wirral South Conservative Candidate – Some Concerns

02 06 17 - adam sykes crowdfunding

We were notified earlier today that something was amiss with Dr Adam Sykes’ declarations inside some of his election material.  Dr Sykes is the Tory candidate challenging Alison McGovern’s Labour majority of 4,599 in Wirral South.

After making some enquiries and tweeting Dr Sykes, the concerns that were raised have not been addressed, explained or cleared up.

Dr Sykes was in touch on Twitter when notified, claiming his innocence and a possible ‘error’ on the Wirral Council website.  Wirral council is controlled by Labour.

Let’s have a look at the material.

Firstly, here’s an excerpt from the election publication which raised eyebrows when posted recently to households in Wirral South:

adam sykes leaflet with jobs inset

The statement “Adam set up his own computer software business in 2013 and now employs six local people” is the one under the microscope here.

Let us examine it.  We went to and browsed to Dr Sykes’ register of interests, where all company associations are required to be listed.

adam sykes wirral register of interests

This information is 4 years 6 months old.  A lot could have happened in that space of time and probably has.  However, it’s required by law to be regularly reviewed, kept accurate and up to date.  If as an elected member, you’re not making the declarations you should be or not ensuring that following declared changes to your circumstances, the published information is accurate, then you’re in the wrong, and risking the lodging of well-founded complaints.

As for the information itself, the listed company “Guananej” does not exist.  At least not on the Companies House register where it would be statutorily required to exist.

Councillor Sykes tweeted earlier, and in vague, unhelpful terms, to tell us that his company (no name provided) was started in 2013 (after the date of the above information):

We still didn’t know the name of the business, but if “that” was his old one, what was the name of the new, current one, the one he indicated in his leaflet, when pushing his credentials as an employer of local people?

We tweeted, asking him to fill in the gaps, but have received no response as yet:

It soon became clear via a separate tweet in response to Barbara Caulfield that the name of his new company was “Livepoint” or “Livepoint Software Solutionsas declared on the Companies House website.  It’s worth noting that the same person is registered twice, but under two different names; Adam Sykes and Adam Christopher Sykes.  Adam Sykes for Livepoint and Adam Christopher Sykes for a now dissolved company called Quanano. I don’t believe that’s permissible, one person having two identities.  Imagine if one identity’s company went bust, it’s proprietor having asset-stripped the company and done a runner. The other, unassociated identity would remain in the clear.

Livepoint’s registered address is in Oldham but the actual company is physically situated in New Hall Lane on the Carr Lane industrial estate in Hoylake, Wirral, here:

claddagh business centre livepoint software solutions adam sykes company

So all appears to be in order apart from the two identities and the fact that despite having the Livepoint company incorporated on 19th February 2013, four and half years later, there is a bogus company falsely declared on the Wirral Council website, his actual company is nowhere to be seen, and the Conservative councillor and June 2017 election candidate has still not ensured that the correct declarations have been made public.

Let’s hope Dr Sykes clears this up before 8th June and responds to our tweeted requests, because Wirral South residents reading this deserve a better standard of service and may decide not to back him.  We will be only too pleased to put the record straight with any information he provides.

We will not be tweeting Wirral Council to notify or to ask them to put their house in order, having tweeted the basket case 100s of times since joining Twitter in May 2010 and never receiving a response.

2nd June 2017 – Update

For some context, here is a piece of literature put out by Wirral South Conservatives dating back to the time of the external investigation into abuse by senior officers of Wirral Council Social Services, who were protected by Wirral Labour councillors.

This was a hideously ill-advised attempt at gaining some cheap publicity, and also a prime example of how politicians are prepared to scare people into voting for them using whatever means available, and with whatever threatening imagery came readily to hand.

To add insult to injury they didn’t bother to mention the fact that it took the sustained courage of a Social Services whistleblower – Martin Morton – to bring these gory details to public attention.  In response, the Labour administration tried to cover it all up, forcing Mr Morton from his job.  He remains unemployed to this day.

The stark difference between blogs such as Wirral In It Together, Wirral Leaks, John Brace and the various political party machines is that we bring wrongdoing to public attention in the public interest, and in the hope that those with the power to effect change will address the failings and right the injustices.  Whereas, political parties do it for themselves, in the interests of attacking their opponents and with the hope of winning votes, all on the promise (often bogus) that they are the ones to be trusted.

So on the strength of the above, and their behaviour in central government, can the Conservatives be trusted?  We’ll leave that with you…

To assist Wirral South voters, we’ve indicated and circled their June 2017 General Election Conservative candidate, Dr Adam Sykes.

02 06 17 - Adam Sykes candidate - baseball bats - tory poster - leaflet - south wirral

5th June 2017 – further update

Upon checking the Wirral Council website and Councillor Adam Sykes’ Register of Interests we’re pleased to report that he’s been as good as his word and has had the information updated to reflect the situation as it stands – he is a Director of Livepoint Software.

The issue of registering twice with two separate identities (as both Adam Sykes and Adam Christopher Sykes) on the Companies House Register (see above) still remains.

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