Wirral Council. New Customer Service System soon… BUT… will it be bullied into position?


As a follow-up to our earlier post, here’s a link to a Wirral Council meeting called for this Monday 27th March 2017, where plans will be put forward for the implementation of a new Customer Services management system, known as Access Wirral.

The process has serious implications for both staff and public, some of which are not yet public knowledge.  Wirral In It Together have been privately advised that the council are planning to ‘trim’ the workforce by approximately 100 full time customer service jobs.  This important figure has yet to be released publicly.  Further, compulsory redundancies have not been ruled out.

With Wirral Council ticking all the boxes for abusive, bullying, “basket case” council – like Herefordshire County before them (see above) – and also being replete with dishonest senior staff, including the council leader, there’s a possibility – we would say even a likelihood – that the innocuous sounding Access Wirral may be implemented or crowbarred into position in similar fashion to that of Herefordshire’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system back in 2012.

And what happened at Herefordshire County Council was not just regrettable, it was shameful, callous and a complete and utter disgrace.

A number of disabled employees, qualifying to receive standard employment provisions under the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, could not use the system because it could not be adapted for visually impaired disabled users.  Furthermore, the inflexibilities of the new software put all end users at risk of foreseeable and avoidable upper limb injuries, which had not been foreseen or catered for when the software was commissioned as early as 2011.

The subsequent bullying by able-bodied seniors arose when disabled staff reasonably – but unsuccessfully – tried to assert their workplace rights under DDA.  But this fell upon deaf ears and the sheer inflexibility of the system, coupled with workplace harassment was all in direct contravention of their statutory DDA protections.

The bullying was focussed and intense, and one member of staff was treated so badly, he attempted suicide – but was fortunately saved by a doctor just in time.

Three very senior staff left Herefordshire as a result but in a massive affront to bullied junior staff, were paid off a figure reputed to top £300,000 and gagged inside compromise agreements.

Meanwhile the disabled whistleblower, who’d reported the bullying incidents in January 2014, along with:

  • purchase cost of £1.5 million
  • process not signed off by Scrutiny Committee
  • £35,000 annual maintenance costs

…had their own reasonable adjustments removed, and failed to receive any of the “protections” promised inside the PIDA 1998 (Public Interest Disclosure) Act.

PIDA’s fine words of bogus reassurance are still ringing hollow 5 years later as the whistleblower finds themselves still employed, but off work for approaching 3 years, without pay for the last 13 months and facing the prospect of workplace retribution should they return.

In other words, unlike the senior bullies of disabled people, who swanned off with a sack of public cash for their troubles, and onto the local authority merrygoround with a choice of new senior roles, the whistleblower is suffering precisely the kind of harsh detriment that the 1998 Act was supposedly designed to protect against.

It will be exceedingly cold comfort for this brave person to be told that 100s if not 1000s of UK whistleblowers – from all sectors – will now be in similar positions, in this, our supposedly democratically advanced UK 21st century world of work, where case law fails again and again to be written in favour of anybody with the courage to put their heads above the parapet and do the right thing in the public interest.

The ‘gatekeeping’ PIDA Act appears only to be succeeding in protecting abusers, and its 19 year litany of failure must be due for a serious and comprehensive overhaul.

Link to Herefordshire County Council PIDA report

Another issue with the Herefordshire software was that it wasn’t compatible with other IT systems, so didn’t interact with Highways – Amey at the time – and then later Balfour Beattie.  This meant staff struggling on with it couldn’t effectively communicate with council contractors, causing workload to increase for everybody.

The upshot was Balfour Beattie having to take calls direct from the public for highways faults.  All completely unforeseen due to senior management incompetence and lack of foresight.

Also, at Herefordshire Council it is only possible to report such serious issues to line management, i.e. those actively engaged in the bullying and the cover up of their own failure.  A change to the constitution is needed to allow whistleblowers to go above the perpetrators and approach the Monitoring Officer directly.  This and the previous foreseeable software failures are what Wirral Council’s senior officers and Councillors need to guard against now in order to cater for the protection and advancement of good faith whistleblowing.

We’ve already noticed on Wirral that the local printed newspaper, which has admittedly made great strides with the reporting of abuse and malpractice in the past, is nowhere to be seen yet on this issue, i.e. the already publicly reported threat to Customer Services jobs.

The prospect of 100 jobs going was exclusively reported to the public here on Wirral In It Together, but all the Wirral Globe could muster was a fawning ‘tribute’ article, which despite the new challenge of the council’s own competitor ‘Pravda’ newspaper, simply granted acres of column space to the authority, allowing them to wax forth on how the new idea should be viewed as an “opportunity” – and one which apparently carried no threat to staff.

We’d advise any Wirral Council Tax payer (tax hiked by 4.99% this year) to get themselves down to the Town Hall, Brighton Street, Wallasey, CH44 8ED, on Monday 27th March at 10:00 AM sharp if they want to see what’s being done by ambitious young Councillor Matthew Patrick – all in their name, and all with an undeclared amount of their money, but probably way over £1 million.

Here are the minutes for this item from Monday 27th March 2017

We hope this article gives people food for thought and some early pointers on a number of important lessons that could be learned.

Note to self:  Memorably for me, this was the very subject matter on which I rang Mr Andrew White – very senior pen pusher at the ICO – a few years ago.

I’d placed an FOI request asking for the amount paid to the three senior staff – which despite the seniority of those receiving presumably large amounts of public money – his organisation had withheld as ‘personal data’ – if disclosed, went the party line, it “risked identifying the recipients”.

Over the phone, in response, I put a hypothetical scenario to him, as follows:

  1. Council declares £345,678
  2. [Mysterious process]
  3. Senior officers are identified
  4. Andrew, please explain 2 – the ‘mysterious process’

This was greeted by the ‘longest’ 10 seconds of silence I’d ever heard in my life, soon followed by Mr White’s spluttering delivery of a jumble of nonsense words, basically amounting to streams of hideous jargon punctuated by gobbets of tired cliche – and precious little of substance.

I thanked him and put the phone down on his six-figure-salaried-voice.  Whilst feeling genuine pity for the man and his difficult day job, I then mentally chalked up another very small victory for the ongoing cause.

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Protest by Compassion in Care and Supporters at CQC headquarters, Buckingham Palace Road 22 March 2017

Alexander's Excavations


A copy of a letter to the Prime Minister protesting the Care Quality Commission’s failures, and its CEO David Behan’s knighthood, was handed in to CQC.

The letter:


CQC is accused of:

  • Failing the public, vulnerable service users and whistleblowers
  • Failing to hold wrongdoers to account, allowing powerful corporate interests to come before care and failure to ensure safe care and learning from harm
  • Repeatedly breaching whistleblowers’ confidentiality with their employers. Compassion in Care will issue a report about this later this year. 
  • Fielding a sham National Guardian office, that fails whistleblowers

Compassion in Care’s letter requests that discredited, current whistleblowing legislation – PIDA – is scrapped and replaced with Edna’s Law.


The principles of Edna’s Law are that whistleblowers must be proactively protected by the State, that disclosures must be investigated and that those who cover up and harm whistleblowers must be properly held…

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A “Gandhi-like Revolt” – against the DWP

ghandi quote - nigels dpa request to ingeus
20th March 2017

My fellow Wirral whistleblower Nigel Hobro has been in touch with what could one day amount to a ground-breaking proposal.

Please read on:

Salve Paul,
In 2014 I had occasion to be referred to Ingeus on the Work scheme program. Basically I attended on interview but found work and I was for two years plagued by Ingeus for contact.
It struck me that the urgency of their phone calls, their attendance at my house TWICE might indicate, rather like Wirralbiz, that they be tempted to cheat a la A4e.
I asked DWP for the personal details of any claims made by Ingeus on my account-since they only had one initial interview. I will receive the data on 19th April as per the mailed letter to me from DWP.
It struck me that these ridiculous schemes “Back to work” etc would be stopped in their tracks by each individual unwillingly subjected to them requesting their personal data.
DWP would think twice about contracting such organisations, and the same be deterred from fraud, should each person request the data by FOI.*
A kind of Gandhi-like revolt

*Nigel placed his request on 7th March 2017 via the whatdotheyknow.com website.  Staff at WDTK correctly concealed it from public view as it contained personal information, and were kind enough to relay it onwards to the DWP as a ‘personal data’ submission.

So rather than be placed at the mercy of the DWP, Nigel set about taking a measure of control back – and gaining some leeway for himself.

He’d lodged what is known as a Data Protection Act “Subject Access Request” – albeit via an FOI channel – which is now with data professionals at Ingeus – all in accordance with the DPA 1998 – in order to gain access to the personal data and information that they hold on him.

It looks like he came in for special attention – with more than one home visit.

In other words, this was costly attention, probably motivated by a financial incentive into the groaning Ingeus coffers when the time arrived.

That’s how these things are arranged sadly. It’s referred to in classic literature as “getting one’s pound of flesh”.

And data controllers, i.e. the public and private bodies subject to this law have a clear statutory obligation to respond and provide your personal data within 40 days.

There is no getting out of this and nowhere for them to hide, unless you threaten the reputation of an employer council, like we once did.  But that’s rare.  In normal circumstances they have to cough up.

Imagine if one day, a powerful movement was created whereby just 25% of targeted and oppressed unemployed citizens turned the tables on their oppressors and bound them up in the minutiae of responding in detail to a Subject Access Request every single time, all justified, not vexatious, done for serious purpose – and for correct and noble reasons and fully in keeping with their statutory rights and the law of the land?

We’ll be returning to this subject very soon after Nigel receives his information on 19th April.  Please stay tuned !
 20 03 17 - DWP letter to Nigel Hobro
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EXCLUSIVE – Wirral Council is Taking an Axe to its Customer Service Staff – 100 Full Time Jobs to Go


18th March 2017

Spring is in the air, but there’s no spring in the step for a large section of Wirral Council’s junior staff, striving away – but with scant reward – in their Customer Service roles.

These are the frontline, public-facing workers who meet their paymasters face-to-face or over the phone on a minute-by-minute basis.  And damned good public servants many of them are too.  We’ve always taken our hats off to them because it’s the kind of deeply-demanding, stressful, think-on-your-feet stuff that would have the Stewart Hallidays and Martin Liptrots of this world up out of their executive swivel chairs, scrabbling and reaching for the Citalopram (Selective Seretonin Reuptake Inhibitors).

So where is the full-frontal attack on the basket case’s best people originating from this time?  Here’s a recent Wirral Globe article:

£1.2 million Investment Plan to Improve Council Customer Services

As we can see, the age old trick of presenting a crisis masquerading as an opportunity is deployed once again.

This is assisted as ever by the trusted ‘sword of Damocles’ – the potential removal of advertising income – dangling over the heads of the Wirral Globe if it steps out of line, and doesn’t bow to the demands of bullying Brighton Street, backed by Birkenhead’s Big Boss, lurking in the shadows.

So somebody’s being dishonest, the threat to staff has failed to appear in the press, and we’ll need to read between the lines.  We’re forced to rely upon the information provided by our council sources – as well as online council documents.

The curious phrase, ‘to free up staff’ appears in the Wirral Globe article.

It doesn’t expand on whether staff are freed up to perform more essential roles within the council or freed up to go and sign on at Birkenhead Job Centre.

Wallasey-based job-seekers now need to fund their own travel to Birkenhead since Dominick House, Liscard, was put to the sword by the Tory Government – right under the nose of lacklustre Angela Eagle – who was otherwise busy all last summer with #Brickgate #FakeNews, a failed leadership bid and the need to stir up phantom ‘homophobia, bullying and intimidation’ allegations, now collapsed.

Promoting this new ‘opportunity’ from the elected members’ corner is Matthew Patrick, blossoming Labour councillor for Upton, and parliamentary assistant to Stephen Twigg MP.

A recent senior officer report lays out in glowing terms how wonderful the new system’s going to be after our money’s been invested, because there will be improved real-time access to the council’s services.

Except if you’re one of the growing number of forgotten and excluded non-internet-savvy citizens – usually the vulnerable, elderly or disabled – i.e. those who won’t be logging on via their iPad Pro (£1,029 RRP, John Lewis) or Google smart glasses (£694.59 RRP) any time soon.

No, they’ll need to rely upon dealing over the phone with the remnants left over from a once well-resourced, but now decimated service, looking like a bomb’s hit it.

Here’s the report Councillor Patrick will be flourishing before the Cabinet Meeting of 27th March 2017. However, to accommodate those wielding the axe – and not us – it’s been arranged for 10:00 AM:


n.b.  “transform/ation bingo” word-count = 7.

And here’s the crucial section of this Fiona Johnstone report concerning the targets of the cuts, the as yet *unknown and unheralded number of staff soon-to-be earmarked for potential compulsory redundancy:

18 03 17 - resource and staffing implications for service changes

17 03 17 - wirraleva response to charles nunn comment in wirral globe

Apart from the above public commenter – no mention’s been made in the Wirral Globe’s ‘opportunity’ article of any threat to jobs.    We’ve tweeted Wirral UNISON’s Paddy Cleary with a heads up, although he’s probably gotten wind of it by now.

So good luck to those soon-to-be targeted for removal.  We fervently hope the process is undertaken in a mature, considered and businesslike fashion.  However, knowing the way this council operates, with top union officers and solicitors in its pocket, largely-compromised and reduced to issuing strings of weasel words, we expect it to be unfair, heavy-handed, defensive of the interests of a few “key / useful” staff – if you know what we’re saying – and a whole world away from dignified.

Readers watching the voting habits of Councillor Matthew Patrick will be interested to know that when the motion to reduce councillor numbers came up again recently, unlike his under threat customer service people, Patrick was going nowhere, and Councillor Steve Foulkes – he of #Wirralgate notoriety – found that it wasn’t necessary to reduce his colleagues’ numbers – presumably because if we didn’t have 65+1 councillors there to savagely hack away at vital services, how could we – in the frequent, seemingly-Tourettes-induced,  utterances of Phil Davies – continue ‘moving forward’  …  ‘moving forward’  …  ‘moving forward’ ?

Could Wirral be about to reduce councillor numbers from 66 to 44?


*Just in…

Pip Pip !!

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It’s 2017. The Great Energy Rip Off Proceeds Uninterrupted. Time for a ‘Cross Word’ from 1994?

12th March 2017

The year is 1992.  The great energy privatisation approaches.  Like his predecessor, newly-installed Prime Minister John Major has reassured us that competition between newly-privatised electricity companies is a great idea, as it will ‘drive down prices for customers’.

I’m working at MANWEB – the soon-to-be-defunct Merseyside And North Wales Electricity Board.  And I know he’s talking bollocks.

MANWEB’s Chief Executive is Chester-based John Roberts, later bestowed with Deputy Sheriff of Merseyside for his services to business in the region. He’s probably also aware that John Major, like Margaret Thatcher before him, is giving this the hard sell, and the real reasons for doing it are:

a. Tory ideology

b. The chance to enrich their friends and controllers in the City of London

c. The opportunity, upon retirement, to proceed through a revolving door and into a top job

And if he, as CEO, welcomed it with open arms, or just sat there mute and twiddled his thumbs, he stood to gain a lot of money.  As did any employee who had a few spare quid lying around, was given the opportunity to buy MANWEB shares when they became available… and then sold them, possibly doubling or trebling their investment !

So the more money you had, the more you put in, the more you stood to gain

It’s how the Chelsea FC owner made his money, and secured his freedom.

Whereas me, I’m opposed in principle to the idea of privatisation.  I’m thinking, what? This is just naked greed, there’s absolutely nothing in it for customers, employees’ terms and conditions will be threatened, trampled; pensions will be eroded, and we’ll all be sold a lie and ripped off !

I’m based at the Prenton, Wirral depot, working as a cable jointer, one of the men who connects your house / the lamppost outside your house / your business premises to the lecky mains. I work hard, I get dirty, I get drunk of a night (after a shower of course).

And I’m really enjoying my job serving in the public sector and have done for the last 8 years, since I followed my dad in and started as a labourer in the Aintree, Bridle Road depot, after leaving the Royal Navy in 1983.

It’s hard work, but it’s honest work.  The streets are my ‘office’ and in my case, the clichè about every day being different is true.

Anyway, I see what’s planned for my industry, and decide that electricity privatisation is not for me.  I’m young enough to go for a change of career, retrain, and I apply for voluntary redundancy, which came around in 1995.  £18,000 was my 30 pieces of silver.

My foreman Bob Wales comes up to me one day in 1993, “Paul, I’ve seen you doing the Guardian crossword in the back of the van. Is it true you can finish it in half an hour?”

“No, who told you that Bob?  That’s crap.  20 minutes is me best.”

Says Bob, “Sharon in the office has been trying to get someone to set one for the North Wirral Monthly magazine”.

“Oh, yeah?”

And so, I’m setting crosswords for the North Wirral Monthly every month, at home, unpaid, just for the sheer, unbridled thrill of it.  Bob is chuffed.  Sharon in the office is delighted.

As privatisation approaches I hatch a plot.  I want to make my mark against the Tory government and this decision to sell off another of our public services – okay, in a very, very, very small way.

Before the interplanetary event, Patrick Moore once described the collision of the Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet with Jupiter as “trying to bring down a charging rhino with a peashooter”.

This was my pathetic equivalent, before leaving to try something else.  I don’t tell anybody about this, not my foreman, Bob, not Sharon in the office, not even my work buddies…

Here it is:


I’ve no idea whether any of the bosses or anybody in the office spotted it to this day.  Futile wasn’t it? lol…


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As Wirral Borough Council forks out £1.3 million – ‘Transformation’ is the watch-word

12 03 2017 - dvsa jeff green and paul satoor

12th March 2017

Following this recent article in the Wirral Globe…


…it’s becoming clear that despite crushing austerity for us mere mortals, large gobbets of council tax money are being magicked up to create highly-remunerated senior posts, some apparently permanent, some not, some appearing to conflict with each other, but all done on a wing and a prayer in the hope that ‘savings’ – not swingeing cuts – can be made at some unknown point in the future.

Councillor Jeff Green, leader of Wirral’s Tory party can be seen pouring forth in earnest in the above article, “raging” long and hard about the unfairness of all this … almost – but not quite – to the brink of making himself look ‘electable’.

However, when we dig a little further, no questions appear to have been put to Councillor Green about the exceedingly cosy-looking circumstances of one person’s good fortune.

This arrived publicly last November – in the form of a very high-ranking permanent job – endorsed and seconded by Green’s deputy, Councillor Leslie Rennie.


The new ‘Director of Transformation’ is ATOS ‘cast off’ Paul Satoor, but whaddyaknow – he’s Green’s former colleague at DVSA, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency – see the above LinkedIn testimonials for more.

Satoor’s appointment is also where a measure of confusion (not simply suspicion) has been introduced.

The Wirral Globe article refers to a ‘temporary Head of Transformation’, yet Satoor appears to have been appointed as permanent Director.

So is Paul Satoor NOT the head – permanent or otherwise – after all?

[interim] Conclusion

Admittedly, it’s difficult to come to any hard and fast conclusions, but for us, the Tory “opposition” leader having a former workmate slotted in permanently on £139,080 (with the aid of his own party deputy) is highly suspect and very much gives the lie to Jeff Green’s publicised ‘criticisms’ trotted out for full effect in the obedient Wirral Globe – who appear to be simply content to have their scoop fed to them and ticking the usual reader outrage boxes, no questions asked.

If any further suggestion is needed that all is not  well, and that the cancer of hidden incestuous relationships may be spreading its tendrils beyond Brighton Street, take a look at some fortuitous screencapping we did a few days back:

09 03 17 - stuart halliday post to wirral globe - after DELETION

This contribution (to the same article referred to above) was deleted, presumably by the on-duty web ‘editor’, who must see it as part of their role to get rid of posts which breach the stated guidelines.  Fair enough.

It was not true that Stuart Halliday moved to the Transformation job.  But did the Wirral Globe know that?  This is the role we now think (despite the confusion) was taken up by Paul Satoor.

Or was it?

According to the old stalwart, wonderfully erudite and reliable blog Wirral Leaks, it seems York City Council “contract killer” Mr Halliday may have landed a job which pays far more than the £139k Transformation role or for that matter, the meagre £70k pay packet he struggled to scrape by on when forging an unusually eccentric path at laissez faire, easy-going York City Council.

Due to the siphoning, sucking twin-vacuum long settled on Wirral’s broken version of ‘openness and transparency’, very few two-legged breathers of Wirral’s oxygen are totally sure what’s going on yet.

But as good, clean, public money gets grudgingly funnelled in for its Wirral Council ‘reverse laundry’ treatment, shall we see what dirty items churn forth at the output end?

Perhaps it’s time for some more York-style FOIs, where it took determined public engagement to shift their hitherto, sorry, plonked arses into gear?

It seems to be the only way to drag these shadowy figures – and whatever the colour of their election day rosettes – occupants of their own self-sustaining personal fiefdoms out into the open.

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NW Labour finally emails Wallasey members re suspension. Condescendingly


Earlier this week, the SKWAWKBOX covered reports of the lifting of the suspension of Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) – which members had not yet been informed about – and the ridiculous ongoing disciplinary action against its elected vice-Chair Paul Davies.

Wallasey members had to read about the latest developments in the media, because someone at Labour’s national or regional HQ decided it would be a good idea to leak it to the press long before any official communication to those affected by the politically-driven fiasco.

Labour’s north-west region has finally got around to officially informing members – kind of – about the changes, but the email is a prize example of how to treat your members with condescension and contempt while still expecting them to turn up and do your ‘grunt work’.

Here’s the official email (right-click and open it in a new tab for a larger, scaleable…

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What are the Charges Against Wallasey CLP’s Paul Davies?


kangaroo court

9th March 2017

A tweet from 8 months ago…

In answer to the question in the post title, we have it on very good authority that this is the charge.

Putting to one side the fact that Angela Eagle was not in attendance at the AGM of 24th June and therefore could not have been ‘bullied’ or ‘intimidated’, the top and tail of the  charges against Paul Davies, at the forthcoming Labour Party internal trial, are this:

…his public and written suggestion back in July last year that he would voluntarily pay for a lie detector test for himself and Angela Eagle, ironically to determine whether there’d been any bullying of Angela Eagle (absent from location of alleged bullying).

He also suggested this in a letter addressed to a local councillor which, given the prevailing, heavy-handed behaviour from above, formed a very reasonable defence of Wallasey CLP, dated 22nd July 2016:


c/o Wallasey CLP Office
Sherlock House

By Hand and to follow by Registered Post

Dear xxxxxx

Alleged Homophobic Behaviour

The allegations made by you against Wallasey Labour Party are horrendous and are supposed to have occurred at our Annual Meeting on 24th June .  Forty four upstanding Wallasey citizens were at that meeting including two members of Angela’s staff and  four Councillors one of whom was yourself.   It is alleged that there was intimidation and homophobic behaviour because Angela Eagle was challenging  Jeremy Corbyn for the Leadership.

The alleged actions, by persons unknown to me, are a serious Criminal Act and should be reported to the Police  and I would ask you to do so.

If I had witnessed this behaviour, and felt unable to stop it at the time,  I would have  already been to the Police and indeed did visit them in Manor Road when I first heard of the allegations and they assured me that if witnesses come forward they would treat this as a serious matter.

I also challenge you to take part in a Lie Detector test, along with myself, and would be happy to do this under the supervision of the Liverpool Echo. Truth and Justice are needed.

Paul Davies
New Brighton


What happened to the original homophobia, bullying and intimidation allegations that the newspapers told us would be brought against unknown Wallasey Labour members in due course?

They no longer exist, and have melted into the ether. But Angela the politician appears to have achieved her cynical aim, at least for the time being; massive, enduring damage to the reputations of the local Corbyn supporting members.

All done to rescue her career.

Did Angela Eagle or any of her supporters – including the above councillor – go to the police at the time, as Labour Party rules dictate, to report the alleged instances of criminal homophobia at the AGM of 24th June 2016?

No.  And they still haven’t. As we now know, the allegations had been maliciously dreamt up, and the police would likely have responded with charges of ‘wasting police time”.

Which does not look good even on an MP’s CV.

So they found a very willing outlet for their malevolence by going to the media instead, to commence an undue process of trial by newspaper.

Did Angela Eagle go public at the time claiming that the above letter and the suggestion of taking a lie detector test was another example of ‘bullying and intimidation’?


Did Jessica Elgot or any other press journalist opine or report in any news items at the time that the above letter should be interpreted as ‘bullying and intimidation’?


Did any senior party apparatchiks at the Labour Party NEC go public with an opinion at the time that here was another instance of ‘bullying and intimidation’?


So, why have shadowy figures at the same Labour Party NEC now determined – a full EIGHT months later – that yes, here is an example of ‘bullying and intimidation’ which needs addressing through a disciplinary procedure?

Nothing has changed in the interim.  So, why the extended delay and eventually, the sudden faux outrage and call for action?

Was the delay put in place to facilitate extra collusion time between those who’d found themselves lumbered with the challenging and unenviable task of fingering Paul Davies?

Despite the publicised attendance of professional barristers at these proceedings, we won’t be getting to know the identities of those who’ll be sitting in judgment.  Why?  Because that’s been deemed off limits.

So don’t be fooled into thinking that this behind closed doors, private hearing will be an upstanding, rigorous and balanced affair, or will represent anything approaching due process.  Because it won’t.  That will be avoided.

The longer this farce goes on, the more the whole process feels staged, contrived, and even made up as it goes along.

Are we about to witness the final stages of a long, drawn-out, manipulated, absurd kangaroo court – where any chance of justice being served has become extremely remote?

You betcha.


…and finally, let’s ask ourselves; why isn’t Wallasey Labour Party member Linda Keogh up on a charge for trying very hard – and failing – to frame Paul Davies with a pack of elaborate lies?

Labour Party Rule Book 2016 (see page 25 for disciplinary rules)

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The Quest for the Fabled “Window of #Brickgate” – Part One

ornate letter O

nce upon a time…

…good, humble townsfolk heard tell of words scribed upon an United Kingdom Party of Labour, National Executive Committee (NEC) official missive, which proceeded along the lines…

…that in the Lifcard Village quarter of the settlement of Wallafey, ensconced within the fiefdom of Merfeyfide, situated in the outermost, north western, seafaring extremities of the grand English realm – was a building …with a window.

But not just any window.

It was further written that on the eleventh or twelfth day of the seventh month of the year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Sixteen, the window of which we speak was attacked by a person unknown – and who remains unheralded to this day – whom it is assumed was armed with stone mafons’ expendables, and was able to cast them thither in anger and, being fleet of foot, make good his escape – probably to Hereford-upon-Wye – but never to return.

Not even to gaze upon and admire his handiwork, whilst clutching his sides and falling down in mirth.

The window, later dubbed The Window of #Brickgate, had suffered a heretofore calamitous breakage of its glazed component parts.

For the purposes of the telling of this tale, the damage upon which we focus was of such a degree that it caused local Party of Labour maiden-at-arms, Angela of the Eagles – a figure of note, and whose parliamentary function was exercised not 20 short yards away from the point of impact – to wail, gnash her teeth, and bring forth words which would bode ill, yea, verily, even unto local and national scribes sat at their printing preffes, minding their own business.

These quill bearers of yore, had about their role and function one prime and customary duty – to receive, carry forth and embellish the telling of noteworthy incidents to the eyes of their readers, domiciled for their own comfort in settlements throughout the land, and who waited in their millions, with attendant eagerness for such bollockf to arrive, expecting the daily scrolls to be stacked up at the threshold of the agent of news’ premises every morning before the cock crows.

This rabble of readers would descend upon these outlets in their hordes, pushing each other out of the way with great savagery, and would fall upon the scrolls, seize them hither and carry them hence …without effing paying.

Once back at their dwelling places they would drink in every word and become intoxicated, smitten, tired and emotional, simply upon purview of the contentf.

And with this factor in mind, Angela of the Eagles did take it upon herself – and with no good cause or prior finding of fact – to blame the Window of #Brickgate happenings upon some geezer with a beard who resided many leagues hence in Islington, within the City of London, and who was nowhere near the frigging window on the day.

And even if he’d cycled up the well-beaten thoroughfare known as the M6, all the way to Wallafey, would have been too shagged out to lift a brick, never mind happen upon the energy to remove his bicycle clips upon arrival, store them under his saddle for safety, and then hasten forth, mustering up his last remaining ounce of resolve, to commit the foul deed.

Anyway, forget that.  More to the point, this cyclist of note answered to the name of Jezzer of the Corb-yn, and would hold forth in public as the wonderful, smiling, recently elected leader of the United Kingdom Party of Labour.

Now, good readers, bear with us whilst we venture back to the aforementioned NEC official report upon which we sought commencement of our tale…

Iain of the McNicol clan, son of Obidiah and daughter of Jezebel, was the uppermost Party of Labour figurehead – of general and secretariat leaning – whom, seated in his London headquarters, had taken it upon himself to toil long into the night upon the administration of such matters, and who beheld it as his primary duty to render to parchment many and sundry emerging thoughts, in a document which, prior to publication, he would confidently choose to describe as an ‘without prejudice’ report.

However – upon dipping his sharpened quill into a nearby reservoir of octopus ink – Iain of clan McNicol thought to himself, “damn and blast the ‘without prejudice’ bollockf, for it is old hat” and set forth in its stead with increasing malice aforethought, taking studious care to employ…

  • hyper of the bole;
  • ex of the aggeration and yea, even;
  • outrageous sm of the ear…

…all with the purposeful intention of manipulating truth and the ac-tual unfolding of events so that they would approximate to his own hitherto dreamt-up version, and thereby give cause to blacken the names of any jumped-up local Party of Labour ruffians – who’d been fool enough to invest notions of misplaced loyalty into Jezzer of the Corb-yn.

Excerpt from the NEC report…


And so with vengeful haste, these published words occasioned harm and hurt and malice upon those Wallafey-based party brethren whom, following an AGM on the twenty-fourth day of the fifth month, and a popular attempt to flex their muscles, had been clobbered around the backs of their heads and laid out, before being aroused, lofted hence and strung naked from the rafters of Ye Cherry Tree Shopping Centre, Lifcard (opened with great fanfare back in the day by the now departed Prifcilla-of-the-Black) on full public display and as part of a mighty show of strength.

This was done for the purposes of warning not just local tradespersons, customers and their livestock what fate awaits those who would stop to muse (thought crime) or even make known to their kin scandalous thoughts (slander).

But, yea, verily, to everybody in the land who might in their unwariness contemplate writing down (libel), stepping out of line (betrayal) or questioning the greatness and goodness of their betters (criminal impertinence), which should forsooth in all circumstances be heeded and treasured next to a party aco-lyte’s heart and held in the greatest of esteem.

Yea, here was the reckoning for those who’d gone the extra mile and had dared to call into question the innocent activities and heretofore shining reputation of Angela of the Eagles, who’d been Bridlington born, had chanced upon Wallasey with great fortune, and with an additional nod to the Star Chamber of Lord Hatter of the Sly and Lord Kin of the Nock, circa ’92 (a very good year for the Tories), before assuming her throne.

Verily and forsooth, a lady of good standing was Angela of the Eagles, and a known and practised servant of yore, and one who would never betray Jezzer of the Corb-yn, even as she posed for publicity shots for her recently announced leadership campaign, enquiring of her PR man, “Imran, is this my good side?” whilst bedecked in garments of bright hue, pink of colour – one in particular which was a stylish number, and a vivid tunic that smited the eyes if gazed upon too long.


Even attired thus, she’d taken to prancing around before recording boxes known as cam-e-raf that sent imagef to larger and stranger boxef of difplay – known as people’s tel-e-vifionf – all carried on without shame amongst strategically positioned samples of party merchandife that put one in mind of the wretched and malodorous contents of the perfume counter owned and laid before shoppers by the good wholefaler Mr Beattie in nearby Frank of the Fields’ Beirut-next-to-the-sea.

No, in that month, Angela’s actions, including treacherous leadership bid, were carried out openly and in good faith, and with the sole purpose of enhancing what has since become her cruelly forsaken political career and her moribunded fortunes...


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Does this BBC video support #Copeland ‘suspect count’ allegations?


Earlier this evening, the SKWAWKBOX published information provided by independent electoral analysts Applied I F Limited, which indicates that the process for completing an election lawfully had not been completed properly in the Copeland by-election – and that the vote count was therefore suspect.

In the early hours of Friday morning, after the Stoke Central result had already been announced and discussed, the BBC switched to Tom Bateman, its reporter in the Cumbrian constituency for an update.

Bear in mind that, late on Thursday evening, various commentators – including BBC Question Time’s David Dimbleby, had stated they were hearing that it was ‘looking very much like’ Labour had held Copeland as well as Stoke Central.

Bateman then tells studio host Andrew Neil:

bateman.pngAt the time, before the result had been announced, it seemed a little odd but not necessarily significant.

Now, in the wake of a claim by an…

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