The Wirral South Conservative Candidate – Some Concerns

02 06 17 - adam sykes crowdfunding

We were notified earlier today that something was amiss with Dr Adam Sykes’ declarations inside some of his election material.  Dr Sykes is the Tory candidate challenging Alison McGovern’s Labour majority of 4,599 in Wirral South.

After making some enquiries and tweeting Dr Sykes, the concerns that were raised have not been addressed, explained or cleared up.

Dr Sykes was in touch on Twitter when notified, claiming his innocence and a possible ‘error’ on the Wirral Council website.  Wirral council is controlled by Labour.

Let’s have a look at the material.

Firstly, here’s an excerpt from the election publication which raised eyebrows when posted recently to households in Wirral South:

adam sykes leaflet with jobs inset

The statement “Adam set up his own computer software business in 2013 and now employs six local people” is the one under the microscope here.

Let us examine it.  We went to and browsed to Dr Sykes’ register of interests, where all company associations are required to be listed.

adam sykes wirral register of interests

This information is 4 years 6 months old.  A lot could have happened in that space of time and probably has.  However, it’s required by law to be regularly reviewed, kept accurate and up to date.  If as an elected member, you’re not making the declarations you should be or not ensuring that following declared changes to your circumstances, the published information is accurate, then you’re in the wrong, and risking the lodging of well-founded complaints.

As for the information itself, the listed company “Guananej” does not exist.  At least not on the Companies House register where it would be statutorily required to exist.

Councillor Sykes tweeted earlier, and in vague, unhelpful terms, to tell us that his company (no name provided) was started in 2013 (after the date of the above information):

We still didn’t know the name of the business, but if “that” was his old one, what was the name of the new, current one, the one he indicated in his leaflet, when pushing his credentials as an employer of local people?

We tweeted, asking him to fill in the gaps, but have received no response as yet:

It soon became clear via a separate tweet in response to Barbara Caulfield that the name of his new company was “Livepoint” or “Livepoint Software Solutionsas declared on the Companies House website.  It’s worth noting that the same person is registered twice, but under two different names; Adam Sykes and Adam Christopher Sykes.  Adam Sykes for Livepoint and Adam Christopher Sykes for a now dissolved company called Quanano. I don’t believe that’s permissible, one person having two identities.  Imagine if one identity’s company went bust, it’s proprietor having asset-stripped the company and done a runner. The other, unassociated identity would remain in the clear.

Livepoint’s registered address is in Oldham but the actual company is physically situated in New Hall Lane on the Carr Lane industrial estate in Hoylake, Wirral, here:

claddagh business centre livepoint software solutions adam sykes company

So all appears to be in order apart from the two identities and the fact that despite having the Livepoint company incorporated on 19th February 2013, four and half years later, there is a bogus company falsely declared on the Wirral Council website, his actual company is nowhere to be seen, and the Conservative councillor and June 2017 election candidate has still not ensured that the correct declarations have been made public.

Let’s hope Dr Sykes clears this up before 8th June and responds to our tweeted requests, because Wirral South residents reading this deserve a better standard of service and may decide not to back him.  We will be only too pleased to put the record straight with any information he provides.

We will not be tweeting Wirral Council to notify or to ask them to put their house in order, having tweeted the basket case 100s of times since joining Twitter in May 2010 and never receiving a response.

2nd June 2017 – Update

For some context, here is a piece of literature put out by Wirral South Conservatives dating back to the time of the external investigation into abuse by senior officers of Wirral Council Social Services, who were protected by Wirral Labour councillors.

This was a hideously ill-advised attempt at gaining some cheap publicity, and also a prime example of how politicians are prepared to scare people into voting for them using whatever means available, and with whatever threatening imagery came readily to hand.

To add insult to injury they didn’t bother to mention the fact that it took the sustained courage of a Social Services whistleblower – Martin Morton – to bring these gory details to public attention.  In response, the Labour administration tried to cover it all up, forcing Mr Morton from his job.  He remains unemployed to this day.

The stark difference between blogs such as Wirral In It Together, Wirral Leaks, John Brace and the various political party machines is that we bring wrongdoing to public attention in the public interest, and in the hope that those with the power to effect change will address the failings and right the injustices.  Whereas, political parties do it for themselves, in the interests of attacking their opponents and with the hope of winning votes, all on the promise (often bogus) that they are the ones to be trusted.

So on the strength of the above, and their behaviour in central government, can the Conservatives be trusted?  We’ll leave that with you…

To assist Wirral South voters, we’ve indicated and circled their June 2017 General Election Conservative candidate, Dr Adam Sykes.

02 06 17 - Adam Sykes candidate - baseball bats - tory poster - leaflet - south wirral

5th June 2017 – further update

Upon checking the Wirral Council website and Councillor Adam Sykes’ Register of Interests we’re pleased to report that he’s been as good as his word and has had the information updated to reflect the situation as it stands – he is a Director of Livepoint Software.

The issue of registering twice with two separate identities (as both Adam Sykes and Adam Christopher Sykes) on the Companies House Register (see above) still remains.

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Donald gets down with the kids….

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the inimitable Arthur Clack…

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Dear Mrs May..

Wise words of caution here, addressed to Theresa May. Don’t use last night’s incident to sow division and hatred. Rein in your hate-filled media and don’t gain advantage through their irresponsible and manipulative behaviour.


Dear Mrs May,

Jeremy Corbyn and yourself have agreed to halt campaigning for the General Election today as a mark of respect for the victims of last night’s bombing. In solidarity, the SKWAWKBOX will do the same for today.

But this is not a political post, except inasmuch as everything is politics. Anyone who reads this blog will know what opinion it holds of your politics and behaviour. No, this is just a human post, with a few human questions that won’t wait.

Dear Mrs May, why did we have to wait almost four hours for a statement from you about the events last night at the Manchester arena. We know when a tragedy like this happens there are meetings, and briefings, and chaos. But people were worried, afraid, sad – and not a word from you. For almost four hours. Not even a tweet from Number 10. Conservative…

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“Most Improved” Wirral Council. Breaking the law on Discretionary Housing Payments – and now an FOI failure – have vulnerable families been evicted?

eviction notice

22nd May 2017

Following a failure by Wirral Council to properly respond to an urgent FOI request – sent three months ago – we’re now in a position to update the public.

We’ve made two previous posts on this evolving scandal here:

FOI Request to Wirral Council ~ Discretionary Housing Payments

UPDATE: Leaked Wirral Council email: Discretionary Housing Payments Unlawful for 18 Months

Despite constant assurances for many years by Wirral’s PR and press people that the council is most improved, is open and transparent and has come on in leaps and bounds since the dark days of:

  • hideous abuse of learning disabled people
  • theft from their bank accounts of £736,756.97 over 9 years
  • forcing out of whistleblower Martin Morton
  • accreditation of gangster care companies
  • failure to investigate Wirral councillors with questionable connections
  • concealed death(s) and no subsequent case review
  • a failed cover up
  • failed governance (following “excellent” governance training by an “unconnected” and “unconflicted” external investigator – Anna Klonowski – now CEO of Bristol CIty Council – who shockingly didn’t investigate the councillors in the frame, who may after all have given her further training contracts)
  • attempts to reimburse abused people with “peanuts” rather than the full amount
  • a whitewashing external investigation
  • a failed LGA “improvement board”

…in reality we’ve still no idea what on earth is actually going on inside this place.

We say this because the responses to this FOI request have been defensive in the extreme. We were even forced into making public an email from Director of Law Surjit Tour, where he was at pains to avoid making any admission that the council had in fact broken statutory law for a period of 18 months.

Yes, this is Wirral, and once again, they’ve taken the low road.  With such determined attempts to use our money to put up smokescreens and occupy the shadows, we’ll need to try and drag that admission “from their cold, dead hands”.

The hidden responders, whoever they are – because it sure as hell ain’t the name on the FOI responses – have only succeeded in creating a mountain of work for themselves by trying to fob us off – with an extremely weak and evasive first response.

This was naturally followed by our request for an internal review, and that’s where it seems to have sent them into a tailspin.  They requested an extra 10 days to respond – due to the detail inside our internal review – created by their own inadequate response, remember – but have now overrun their self-imposed time limit of last Friday – 19th May 2017.

We’ve been doing this long enough to gain a strong sense that this FOI request will have been causing self-inflicted palpitations within the heart of this “most improved” but practically dead on its feet, ailing beast.

Today, we will copy in the Information Commissioner’s Office to the following, and send a separate request, asking that they step in and get it sorted…  again…

We can almost hear these obedient, loyal, tight-knit bureaucrats’ collective groans of anguish, all the way from leafy Winsford.

22 05 17 - Wirral Council failure on DHP FOI request


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Julian Assange will not face charges in Sweden. Investigation closed.

Link to live video via Channel 4 News:

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Labour and the Snap Election

Well worth reading…

The Colossus

Britain ElectionI
His many missteps notwithstanding,1 Jeremy Corbyn is still the most progressive party leader that the political mainstream in this country has ever thrown up. The Labour Right, full of sound and fury since September 2015, has failed in all that time to articulate even a single substantive critique of Corbyn’s policy proposals, many of which continue to enjoy a large measure of popular support. Instead, his colleagues in the PLP have chosen to busy themselves with snipes about the a priori ‘unelectability’ of their twice-elected leader. As Richard Seymour has written, ‘statements about someone’s ‘electability’ contain a performative element, in that they are usually trying to help create a consensus that they claim to be describing.’2 In the case of Jeremy Corbyn, such statements must be viewed within the wider context of a well-evidenced campaign of vilification, the viciousness of which makes sense only if you understand…

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May’s #fullTrump meltdown confirmed all No.10 denied re negotiating disaster


jingoTheresa May’s bizarre and blatantly electioneering speech in front of 10 Downing Street last night has been described as ‘going full Trump’ in its ‘conspiracy nut’ strangeness. It smacked a little of desperation, which is odd since she’s supposed to be riding high in the polls – though even Tory-owned pollsters YouGov can’t disguise the rate at which Corbyn’s Labour is eating into her lead. Even the international media are starting to take note:

reuters polling.pngIt makes you wonder what the Tories’ own polling is telling them.

May’s extraordinary outburst against supposed EU plotters attempting to use comments about Brexit negotiations to influence the outcome of the election was astonishingly ill-judged – you don’t win people’s agreement on the things you want by accusing them – but it was also nonsensical. As various commentators pointed out, she was accusing them of trying to influence an election she didn’t have to call

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Do you live in Wallasey? After #Brickgate, a string of bogus allegations and council abuse, does Labour candidate Angela Eagle deserve your vote?

not to be found on google images angela eagles office window

ABOVE and CENTRAL – Angela Eagle’s UNTOUCHED Constituency Office Window – situated on the south eastern elevation of the Sherlock House building

We Know What She Did Last Summer

The first thing we should state here is that unlike our MP of the last 25 years, we’re Old Labour.  In 1997 we gave Tony Blair a wide berth, and naturally, as the party drifted away from its old aims and values thanks to Blair’s entryism at the top, we haven’t voted for Labour since 1992, or since age 32.

Back then, we didn’t even know the full ins and outs of how Bridlington-born Oxford University graduate Angela Eagle – a CBI employee – had managed to get herself crowbarred in as the candidate for the 1992 Wallasey campaign.  It was hidden away.

At the time, in our defence, and if memory serves, we saw politics very idealistically, through starry eyes, and through wanting our representatives to be good people.

We were unaware of the full extent of the frantic purging of left wing Parliamentary candidates nationwide.

This had been going on out of public view, centred around Neil Kinnock and Roy Hattersley’s dealings in the fabled smoke-filled rooms at Walworth Road, London’s Labour HQ.

With the help of an excellent 1992 Private Eye article, we blogged on this story last year:

Private Eye reminds us of Angela Eagle’s highly dubious origins

As we can see from this, imposed candidate Angela Eagle benefited greatly from Lol Duffy and his team’s hard work in 1987, when he shook this Tory constituency to its very core, reducing the Conservative majority right down to 278.

Having burst in unwanted and stolen his thunder, we wonder if Angela Eagle ever got in touch to thank him for the sheer tenacity of his campaign, and the hard work that greased the path for 1992, winning her an extended stay on the political gravy train?

To add insult to injury, many think Lol Duffy would have won the seat in ’87 if Labour MP Frank Field in neighbouring Birkenhead hadn’t gone public a matter of days before the election, breached the party’s aims and values, and advised people to vote Tory, to prevent a Labour victory in the Wallasey seat.

Ironic isn’t it, that junior members can be suspended or expelled out of hand by the Labour NEC, and always for far more trifling matters than the out-and-out treachery Frank Field was engaged in. But highly-placed party wreckers even to this day appear beyond reach of the Labour rule book and are free to indulge themselves and act out their wildest fantasies – with carte blanche and full impunity, all granted by Iain McNicol of the NEC, who prefers to class their foul deeds as ‘expressing an opinion’.  See Blair, Mandelson and Lord Levy.

Talking of which…

Bogus allegations – ‘homophobia’, ‘intimidation’, ‘bullying’ and ‘threats’

Let’s state here and now, we firmly believe that from the beginning – 24th June 2016, the date of the Wallasey CLP AGM – these allegations by Angela Eagle were completely fabricated.  Let’s face it, pro-Israel members of the party have form in this area with their frequent levelling of bogus ‘anti-Semitism’ charges, weaponised and deployed tactically in order to tarnish certain reputations and drive people out.  See Ken Livingstone and Jackie Walker.

By the spring of 2016, many long-term members of Wallasey Constituency Labour Party were feeling poorly served by their local MP Angela Eagle.  But on the positive side, many had become energised by the 2015 election to leader of Jeremy Corbyn, Labour MP for Islington and a longstanding example of that rare, endangered species – a dignified, electable politician with principles.

The Corbyn victory appeared to be a chance for disparate, diverging paths within the  party to converge, for people to unite, connect with and embrace the grassroots, and to finally put the tarnished Blair years behind them.  It was long overdue. Wallasey CLP had backed Mr Corbyn for the leadership, and hadn’t overlooked their own MP Angela Eagle, nominating her for the position of deputy leader.

But rather than being accepted and welcomed as an opportunity, this gesture of goodwill was soon thrown back in their faces.  In dictatorial fashion, Angela Eagle just wasn’t having any of it and as we know now, was busy plotting something else, another plan that was left unspoken.

Here is a link to a timeline of that period, early summer 2016, which traces the key events occurring at Wallasey as they unfolded:

Exclusive – Wallasey Branch of Constituency Labour Party – Timeline to Wallasey CLP Suspension

Dates of note are:

  • June 2015 – Wallasey CLP nominates Jeremy Corbyn for Leader and Angela Eagle for Deputy
  • Friday 24th June 2016 – There have been no complaints about intimidation, entryism, bullying or homophobia before today, which is the crucial date of the 2016 AGM
  • Angela Eagle does not attend the AGM
  • Meeting elects new chair – Kathy Runswick, and new vice-Chair – Paul Davies
  • Monday 27th June 2016 – Angela Eagle resigns from the Shadow Cabinet, states she is contemplating a leadership bid. States as her reason, Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘poor performance’ during the EU Referendum
  • Saturday  2nd July – Report in Liverpool Echo* originating from Wirral Young Labour, claiming that there had been threats of violence at the AGM on the 24th June.  It did not specify what the threats were, who had made them, or to whom they were directed.  It’s the very first time that the Wallasey CLP had heard about such an allegation

* Notably, this Liverpool Echo report came a whole week after the AGM, but there was no mention this time of intimidation, bullying or homophobia.  It was the very first time that any complaint about violence had been made at Wallasey CLP.  As for the intimidation, bullying and homophobia allegations, these only materialised later, possibly after collusion between Angela Eagle and the 17 Labour members who would soon be assuming the protected and anonymous role of bogus “whistleblowers”, including the bringing of allegations – via the media – on behalf of Ms Eagle, who did not put her name to them and had instead taken a back seat.

  • Sunday 3rd July – Tessa Jowell appears on Sunday Politics [see 04:30] claiming that she’d spoken to Angela Eagle who had directly ‘faced homophobic abuse’ – which was a lie – and impossible – as it was a meeting which she had not attended. But the job was done and the slur was now out there.
  • Tuesday 5th July – A full 12 days later, the Labour party smear machine finally kicks in, with its #fakenews story taking shape, as bogus ‘homophobia’ allegations are obediently reported in Pink News
  • Thursday 7th July 2016 – Wallasey branch of the CLP meets and votes to support Jeremy Corbyn.  Motion is forwarded to CLP for meeting on the 22nd  July
  • Thursday 7th July 2016 – Liscard Councillor Bernie Mooney appears on the BBC North West Tonight TV news programme, claiming she’d witnessed ‘homophobia at Angela Eagle’ on 24th June 2016 – this was impossible, as Angela Eagle was not even there at the AGM, as previously stated
  • Sunday 10th July – BBC reports that Angela Eagle will launch a Leadership bid in an attempt to “heal the party”
  • Tuesday 12th July – Bogus smears are invented by the Eagle camp and reported in Business Insider regarding an event planned at a Luton hotel.  This was heavy on the hype, reporting an Angela Eagle claim that the meeting had to be cancelled due to ‘threats towards hotel management’. However, this was later proven to be malicious and completely fake.  The hotel managers revealed that it had been cancelled because the venue was not large enough for the expected turnout.  But the fake news reports through Eagle-favoured press channels and tweets remain in place and uncorrected, as though the hotel management’s explanation had never been given
  • Wednesday 20th July – Wallasey CLP suspended indefinitely

What’s noticeable throughout all of the above is that complainants who rush to the media at the first opportunity, as these did at every turn, have an uncanny knack of getting their allegations printed before any fact-checking process is permitted to intrude.  It’s a fine example of the old Churchill quote about a lie winging its way around the world before the truth has a chance to get its boots on.

It appears that the fervent rush to smear and scandalise Ms Eagle’s now hobbled colleagues at suspended Wallasey CLP won out over caution, and the chosen newspapers’ journalistic codes of conduct were simply ignored and rendered redundant.  The press are required to have these checks and balances in place for very good reasons, but sadly, they’re simply given lip service and as we discovered to our cost, don’t figure when there’s a pressing story about an MP’s leadership, fake flying ‘bricks’ … and any time spent fact checking or doing the job properly  would simply get in the way.  So out poured the lies.


In order for Angela Eagle and staff to carry out their day-to-day parliamentary function, the Labour Party rent out two rooms – it is believed – within a building known as Sherlock House, in Manor Road, Wallasey.

We’ve called at this building, made enquiries directly and discovered that it’s shared between Labour and their landlord, the owners of the building, who also undertake their own separate business functions within Sherlock House.

At an unknown time, overnight, on the 11th or 12th July 2016, a window on the ground floor, north eastern elevation of this building was smashed by a brick. The window was the bottom pane of a set which cast light onto a shared, communal stairwell and nothing to do with Angela Eagle’s Constituency office, which was on another side of the building.  This didn’t stop the #Fakenews:


…and a whole lot more.

Much later it became clear that the brick had been retrieved from site by the police, in response to a Freedom of Information request – not via the media.  It wasn’t a ‘brick’ per se as the creative headlines at the time led us to believe, and eventually, 6 months later – in January 2017- thanks to the same FOI placed with Merseyside Police, it finally emerged as a ‘piece of masonry’.

With Angela Eagle having announced her leadership bid just two days earlier, caution was cast to the wind, and the rush to get the story out was done at breakneck speed.

Not only did Police and Crime Commissioner and long term friend of Angela Eagle, Jane Kennedy of all people turn up at this broken window (which had nothing to do with Angela Eagle), but she’d done her investigations on the spot and come up with an answer for whodunnit by the time reporters and photographers arrived.

As for the professionals, Merseyside Police, they’re still struggling to this day – with no evidence to speak of – and haven’t a clue who it was.  The case is now closed.

It seemed like half the UK media descended on Sherlock House that day. And as though it had all been planned in advance, there to greet them at extremely short notice were these two local Labour Party officials, eager to get on camera, have microphones thrust under their noses, so they could burst into an urgent story and convey their findings to the waiting public:

So after watching these items on the national news,and reading the newspapers the next day, the British public were left in no doubt that it was Labour members and Jeremy Corbyn supporters wot did it, probably the nasty suspended local ones from Wallasey, eh Sherlock?  Elementary !

But here’s something we never saw on the news or in the papers, because the reporters who turned up to #Brickgate either couldn’t be arsed, were out to smear Corbyn, or were in far too much of a hurry to do their jobs professionally:

brickgate site map 2017 election run up

As we can all see, 25 metres away from Sherlock House is a notorious pub and trouble spot, known as the Royal Oak. Next to the broken window runs a public footpath used by the Royal Oak’s customers.

More here: 

royal oak headlines brickgate

In other words, despite the garbage churned out in the biased, politically-motivated NEC Disputes Committee report:

Labour disputes committee bollocks NEC mcnicol

  • the window IS accessible
  • the window IS on a public footpath
  • it is HIGHLY LIKELY that any random passer by could have thrown the piece of masonry
  • the missile was most likely chucked at chucking out time the night before

We say this due to the proximity of this notoriously violent pub and because, as in July last year, you can still walk up to the shared stairwell window and touch it.

You can also walk up to Angela Eagle’s Constituency Office window (the one left untouched by any brick or piece of masonry) and touch that also.

So much for the close attention being given to the security of our MPs post Jo Cox’s murder.

This is interesting and factual…

brickgate police conclude no evidence window was smashed by a brick

So is this, a statement by Merseyside Police, in response to a Freedom of Information request, sent a long time ago, but finally responded to many, many months later, when the whole thing had died down and the media circus had moved onto its next unfortunate, hapless prey.

You will not have seen this in any mainstream media newspaper:

31 01 2017 - ICO - end of brickgate FOI - carolyn howes

So there we have it.  The above stands in stark contrast to the screaming headlines of last summer – which portrayed the total opposite – and this is final, factual confirmation from Merseyside Police that we were lied to by Angela Eagle, her media adviser Imran Ahmed, and were duped by the 17 local councillors and Labour members who brought malicious and totally false allegations against their Corbyn supporting colleagues, and who claimed in the newspapers to be ‘whistleblowers’.

Many of these people live in Wallasey and are the same ‘team’ who will soon be doing the election doorstepping they love to boast about; that “once every five years” knock on our doors, seeking our votes, in the run up to  the 8th June 2017 General Election.

How dare they?

As the 2015 General Election approached, we had a knock on our front door.  Ten minutes later, we sent Seacombe Councillor Christine Jones visibly into reverse and re-tracing her steps backwards onto the pavement, then scurrying off into her husband’s arms after providing her with:

  • a detailed lesson on the proven abuse that was meted out by Wirral Council to Angela Eagle’s learning disabled constituents in Moreton, Wallasey, when £736,756.97 was plundered from their bank accounts over a 9 year period
  • how the council perpetrators were protected, gagged and paid off £220,000
  • how Angela Eagle publicly did next to nothing, preferring to protect the battered reputation of the Labour party rather than make a stand on behalf of her own vulnerable constituents – council-abused citizens – who couldn’t protect themselves
  • how ‘independent’ – but didn’t declare an interest – ‘investigator’ Anna Klonowski was paid a total of £377,000, but roundly and deliberately failed to keep a verbatim record of interviews or to proceed to investigate crooked councillors because she ‘didn’t have the time available’
  • and how the proven, power-abusing council abused its power again by choosing its own desired method of ‘putting things right’ – an LGA ‘Improvement’ Board which gave us a farcical, expensive and crushing whitewash that achieved nothing and only succeeded in putting everything back to square one, with the same abusive staff and councillors rewarded, still in situ, and back abusing their power and their service users

Angela’s (and Frank Field’s and Alison McGovern’s) silence on abuse, as it was played out, proved very effective because although Councillor Steve Foulkes, the chief perpetrator of the cover up, stood down after two votes of no confidence,  he was nominated to be elevated to Mayor of Wirral by his deputy, proven liar, West Kirby’s Phil Davies, who resides in a part of the borough where people live 12 years longer on average, but who carries out his dirty political work in the far less salubrious districts of Seacombe and Tranmere.

So Foulkes the leader and denier and coverer up of hideous abuse became Mayor – Wirral’s first citizen – tarnished the dignity of the office, and spent a year being courted, feted, ferried around in a chauffeur-driven limousine and lording it over the little people.  Imagine that.

Cheers Angela.  Cheers Frank.  Cheers Alison. Cheers Phil.

And here’s news of how Angela Eagle’s dreamt up bullying, intimidation and homophobia allegations finally collapsed, as everybody expected.

But too late.

Through the very immediate power of the press, TV and radio, the lies have now stuck fast and held in the minds of the public, and the damage has been done.

Wallasey CLP, whose Corbyn supporting members are all completely innocent, remain suspended to this day – for no reason but Angela Eagle’s political expediency and desperate desire not to be exposed as a scoundrel.

We know it’s a tired cliché, but we do genuinely, in our quieter moments, think about the abuse of learning disabled people, the calculated lies and the complete lack of accountability, and wonder how these callous and dangerous thugs sleep at night.

As for the June election, remember, you don’t vote for the leader, you vote for your local MP.  So please look in the mirror and ask yourself one direct question…

Will I be voting for Angela Eagle?

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Doing a Sentence but Committed no Crime

We originally blogged on this just over two years ago, here:

Although the Mainman’s suffering has continued – he’s now undergone 14 operations – the position of the Liverpool Mayor has become even more entrenched. The court case approaches in early June 2017.

For Love of the Mainman......

This is my first blog for quite a while due to my litigation against Liverpool Labour Council and Autism Initiatives

The Mainman has had 14 surgeries due to the injury he received while in their care he has greatly suffered and what happened to him has broken his heart and mine.

The trial is scheduled for June around the same time as the General Election.

The incident happened 4 years ago and Mayor Anderson OBE has continued his campaign of silence for the whole 4 years refusing to help the Mainman.  This is a Labour Mayor the party that says they have empathy with all disabilities the action of Mayor Anderson is abhorrent and shows him up for the man and politician he is.

This is a Labour Mayor the party that says they have empathy with all disabilities the party that is asking disabled people to vote for them, the actions…

View original post 165 more words

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