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#Facemasks – research the settled, pre-hysteria science and you won’t go far wrong!

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Billionaires—pandemic edition

Billionaires’ wealth globally and collectively is up 10.3% during a severe health crisis. This money can only have been picked from the pockets of the 99.999% – many of whom are living in poverty or one pay cheque away from it. The mega-wealthy and their profiteering corporations therefore have absolutely no incentive to make the world a safer and more equal place for our children into the future.

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2019 was a very good year for the world’s wealthiest individuals. The normal workings of global capitalism created both more billionaires and more combined wealth owned by those billionaires.

According to Wealth-X, which claims to “have developed the world’s most extensive collection of records on wealthy individuals and produce unparalleled data analysis to help our clients uncover, understand, and engage their target audience, as well as mitigate risk,” the size of the global billionaire population increased strongly in 2019, rising by 8.5 percent
to 2,825 individuals, while their combined wealth increased by 10.3 percent to $9.4 trillion.

To put that into perspective, the world’s real Gross Domestic Product grew by only 2.9 percent (International Monetary Fund) in 2019—while the value of global equities, which is key to billionaires’ wealth, soared by more than 25 percent (MSCI World Index).

The United States still leads the list of…

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Zionist Party Poopers :)) !

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#Plandemic Indoctornation. Watch the full movie here


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Are you a member or full time officer of Unite the Union? Yes? Why haven’t you resigned…?


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Long Term Unemployment Crisis Looms for Older Workers.

As the end of the UK furlough scheme approaches in October 2020, whatever makes you stand out from the crowd, be it you’re a union or safety rep, your political or social media activity, you’re ‘too old’, ‘too unwell’, disabled, wrong skin colour, or simply that you’re not regarded as “management material” – will be furtively used against you behind the scenes in the biggest, most widespread campaign of employer bullying, harassment and gaslighting the country’s ever seen. The climate of fear we’re all living in will only serve to exacerbate this. If you need help and ideas to confront this and fight back in a measured way, search for the terms ‘bullying / gaslighting’ on my blog.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Emily Andrews (@Emilyishness) | Twitter

Putting it Mildly: Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’.

Our contributors have been discussing plans to recruit an extra 13,500 Work Coaches.

Whether or not they are needed to sign claimants on, “coaching” people back into work is not going to be the major problem, Coachey!

It’s going to be a lot more than that.

Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’ after coronavirus


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THE SUNDAY ESSAY: Age is just a number, but birth year is a guide to attitude

A succulent serving of Sunday sanity…

The Slog



Stop being afraid of frauds in denial about the way the human race deals with disease in a natural manner. Stop apologising for your collected ancient wisdom. Stop seeing models as reliable predictors of what will happen. Stop fearing the varietal financialising, divisive, Utopian, socialist International, Globalist persuaders, sociopathic bureaucrats and media whore mendacious censors. Stop conforming. Start fighting back against the Totalitarians. 

Bone-dry statistics one can track from, say, 2010 to today keep making the same point: that lower birth-rates and longer lives mean an increase in those aged 65+. Here’s an ONS chart for the 2010-16 period making that very point:


The problem is that making that point is missing the point. What matters here is the number of older people born during the initial postwar “boomer” period, and the education, values, influences and attitudes that shaped them. 

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How much more of a child abuser could you look like than Jimmy #Savile for God’s sake?

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The wonders of


Sick of captured media…? 🤐

Now to them, sock it, 👊

Make them all suffer, 😭

And hit them in the pocket. 💰






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