David Icke deals with 5G and much more. The Telecoms Industry globally hasn’t spent a single cent on SAFETY RESEARCH. Excellent, informative viewing

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What our recently hiked Council Tax on Wirral is paying for – 864 concealed Wirral Council visits to the WirralInItTogether blog this year.

What your recently hiked Council Tax on Wirral buys you - VPN Prince Edward Islands

It’s not worth placing a Freedom of Information request about this behaviour.

Because the data doesn’t lie, more of which later, in a future post.

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#Brickgate, an update, almost three years later



Right wing NEC, right wing media dreamt-up drivel, which appears everywhere because we don’t have a Press Regulator – worthy of the name – to shake a stick at



For those difficult of thinking peeps – we know you’re out there in your right wing millions – just a quick note to say that #Brickgate was not the trivial matter of a brick through the window of a non-descript building, a window which happened to be not 20 yards away from the constituency office window of a serving MP…

not to be found on google images angela eagles office window

…and this happens to be the crux of the matter…so if you’re still with us, read on…

…the serving constituency MP happened to be shaping a leadership bid, a potshot at becoming the leader of a 116 year-old political party of huge and important standing at a time when new hope was blossoming and growing for its traditional supporters, i.e. the  swelling, burgeoning ranks of the poor, Old Labour members, and younger supporters who’d suffered badly and been betrayed during the ideological wilderness years – the Arch-Entryist, Anthony Charles Lynton Blair years – followed by years of Tory and Lib Dem betrayal, and who were returning to the fold in their many hundreds of thousands (as members) and their many millions (as voters).

The many, not the few.

And she – the MP Angela Eagle – strategically lied through her teeth, then with the help of 17 local, right-wing supporters who still remain largely anonymous, had her own Constituency Labour Party smeared with later to be proven entirely bogus ‘bullying, homophobia and intimidation’ charges and suspended for 18 months through her own selfish fear of being deselected.

She and her press man Imran Ahmed then used their combined Westminster press lobby networking contacts to get the lie up in lights and plastered all across the dishonest (see above) right-wing, mainstream media for months on end in order to smear the current leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

This in turn was intended to have the added effect of giving her a much greater chance of unseating the ‘socialist pretender’ whom, being a threat to the hundreds of right-wing Torylite, business-focused types – whose very existence flew into the face of the reason the party was set up in the first place – was upsetting the rickety, right-wing applecart.

So it wasn’t simply a brick through a Wallasey window, but much, much more, readers.

It was all because – horror of horrors – a politician had her eyes on the prize, couldn’t resist her base motivations, or her greedy little instincts, lied repeatedly, blamed Corbyn supporters and closed down any and all questions in order to satisfy them.





31 01 2017 - ICO - end of brickgate FOI - carolyn howes

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Aaaargh. We got conned by a Twitter parody account! “The Wirral ‘Independent’ Group. Vote Black, get Blue”

Black and Blue,

Black and Blue,

Vote for WIG,

Where Black means Blue.





Not only are they a gang of undeclared, hard right, closet Tories – BUT – even if you vote them in in Rock Ferry at the May Local Elections, they may still have a bee in their bonnet and squander untold £thousands of your hard-earned council tax money taking their former party (Labour) to court on a hideously misconceived, doomed at the outset legal crusade, aimed at salvaging their self-inflicted, wounded pride.

We suppose, when all’s said and done, they’re all-round Tory nice guys, with working people and homeowners’ interests close to their hearts…


So… people of Rock Ferry… you have been warned. Don’t…  just… DON’T. 

In light of the fact that @WirralIndCllrs is now exposed as a Twitter parody account, we’ve scanned through the above post again and decided that with the local elections being so close, voters could be unwittingly influenced…

… so we’re leaving it up.

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We’re banned from Twitter for a week. For calling for the death of a political entity.


Dateline 06:52 / Tue 23rd April / 2019

Good morning everyone. It’s hello🌞 to work again this morning and hello😁 to another of those “could not make it up” social media moments.

Twitter, despite being a huge, well-funded, well-resourced and modern social media organisation, with top lawyers on its books, has got this Twitter ban wrong on at least TWO counts.

1. @TheIndGroup or CHUK or Change UK is not a living entity or ‘person’.

“The Independent Group” is not a living, breathing human being, carrying personal rights and protections. Whereas we do live, we do breathe, and like every other citizen, our freedom of speech under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights qualifies for certain rights and protections. 


When we called for the “death” (CHUK cannot literally ‘die’) of this organisation, no person could be hurt, offended or begin to build a case around offence, hate speech or harassment.

Because there was no person and therefore no harassment. There was none and there could be none.

Any such ‘harassment’ case – if brought – would be thrown out of court on Day 1 (after any unscrupulous lawyers bringing it had separated the claimant from a large wodge of his / her cash).

To confuse things further, the public cannot be sure what CHUK is. It is secretly-funded. Can a private, secretly-funded organisation qualify for political party status?


Despite the fact that metaphorically speaking, @TheIndGroup will become as ‘bleeding demised’ as Monty Python’s parrot should there be a snap General Election, can it correctly and legally represent members of the public? 

Two things are for certain here: @TheIndGroup / CHUK / Change UK does not qualify for protections which can only be afforded to real people. Neither can real people like us be sanctioned or banned for any alleged detriment or offence caused to @TheIndGroup / CHUK / Change UK through alleged ‘harassment’.

2. Under UK Law, harassment normally requires two qualifying incidents.

Our tweet obviously doesn’t qualify anyway (see 1. above) in order for a case to be brought before a UK judge.

So, if CHUK were to follow Twitter’s heavy-handed course of action, perceive ‘harassment’ on the evidence of a single tweet, and bring a case against us, they would be laughed out of court or served with contempt proceedings.


Orwell’s 1984 was a novel, not a manual.

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Breaking: Magenta Living recklessly jeopardised the safety of thousands of their Wirral tenants


You’ll find absolutely bugger all here at the Magenta Living home page on this urgent, breaking news story. How strange, readers? 





These are the three Wirral Councillors who earn money in return for sitting on the Magenta Living board – one as a non-exec director.

We are referring here to the former “Wirral Partnership Homes, Trading as Magenta Living”, whose portfolio of 13,000 dwellings, representing Wirral Council’s former Council Housing stock, was farmed out to the money-grubbing, profiteering private sector 14 years ago, during Tony Blair’s hard right power trip and his destructive hollowing out of traditional Labour Party values and the ‘torifying‘ of its policies.

Two of the board are alleged ‘Labour’ councillors, one is a Tory. Two of them – Foulkes and Green – are former hard right Labour and Tory council leaders, respectively. 

Here’s a link to the article:


We’ve been in this game a long time, in fact since resigning from Wirral Council 16 years ago and starting this blog 8 years later. 

Long enough to recognise at a glance a contrived puff-piece, reeking of prior concealment, containment, and controlled cover-up.

Not surprisingly, none of this scandal and abject failure has been reported in Wirral Council’s partner media organisations – the captured Wirral Globe and Liverpool Echo – presumably because a commercial decision will have been made privately not to risk alerting / alienating readers – at local election time FFS – many of whom will be readers of both newspapers and expecting to be drip-fed tedious, non-controversial items, masquerading as ‘news’, and whom, if told, may decide to withdraw their support and to not vote for Claughton candidate Steve Foulkes upon witnessing his reckless behaviour re: tenants’ safety.

No, they can’t be risking that.  So it’s a case of slam the shutters down and say nothing.

If you check here – you’ll be horrified to learn that the local papers don’t report crimes like alleged #racism either, particularly not where prominent Labour Executive members like Foulkes or George Davies (see the infamous #Wirralgate) are heavily implicated in it. 

We don’t personally rent from Regenda, so we’re fortunate. But if you’re unlucky and have ended up saddled with this dubious trio as your landlords, we’d suggest that no matter what assurances are given in private or public – there’s nothing in the papers, obviously – they simply cannot be trusted not to lie straight-faced.

Their current collective radio silence and the lack of any news in the Wirral rags on this issue should be telling you all you need to know.

Don’t expect to see any stories along the lines, “thousands of Magenta Living tenants could have been burned to a crisp in their beds thanks to our woeful councillors” in the pisspoor Wirral View either. 

Serial bullies are always serial cowards. It kinda goes with the territory.

You may have to take some action yourself. 

wirral elections - this way to the poll

Finally, if you’re a Claughton resident,  renting from Magenta Living or not, do you really think it would be a good idea to vote for the likes of Steve Foulkes, who is your candidate in the upcoming local elections on May 2nd?

Surely the other options are looking far more attractive now?

Claughton candidates May 2019 - Foulkes

Foulkes was the character who as Wirral hard right Labour Council leader oversaw the theft of £736,756.97 from learning disabled council tenants over a 9 year period – five of whom died – then squandered a fortune in your council tax trying and failing to cover it all up. 

Accountability duly arrived and his punishment was to be chauffeured around Wirral as MAYOR for a year, thanks to a recommendation from his buddy, now outgoing liar, hard right Labour leader Phil Davies. 

Voting for this character would equate to knocking on the doors and spitting into the faces of your friends and neighbours. It’s not going to make you a very popular person around Claughton.

Just don’t do it! 




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If you see a journalist on Twitter…


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We transcribed George Galloway’s speech outside Belmarsh Prison #Assange

galloway assange address

George Galloway addresses the gathering of Julian #Assange supporters outside Belmarsh Prison


They said in the gutter press – the Daily Mail I think – that Julian Assange has hardly a friend left. Well, judging by my portals on social media and the number of people who have expressed to me that they wish they could have been here today, Julian Assange has many friends around the world [cheers], rather more friends than the war criminals that he exposed which led him here to Belmarsh Prison.

Julian Assange is a friend of all the free people in the world. Julian Assange is a friend to all those who want to know the truth in the world. Here we have a situation where the war criminals have all walked free. Not one of them is behind bars. Virtually not one of them even lost their jobs. Most of them went on to still more lucrative positions [cries of ‘shame, shame on them’], and the man who did more than anyone else to expose their wrongdoing is behind bars.

There are many criminals behind these walls. And most of them have much to be ashamed of, but Julian, you have nothing to be ashamed of [cheers]. You are an honourable political prisoner, a political prisoner who has written his name in history and will be remembered, revered, respected long after these hyenas in the mainstream media, who are micturating (urinating) on your plight today.

I believed that my feelings of hatred and contempt for our rulers and their chorus in the official and mainstream media could not deepen, could not be greater. But when I saw and when I still see – even today – people who make their living from publishing, from journalism, dancing on what they hope is the grave of Julian Assange, words almost fail me. Because the entire purpose of journalism is to receive information, evaluate its truthfulness and convey it to you, the members of the general public. And if that is to be a crime, then journalism itself is dead, democracy itself is dead [cheers], freedom itself is dead, and we might as well ALL deliver ourselves behind those walls, behind those bars [cries of thank you Mr Galloway, thank you].

I’m not finished [cheers and laughter]. The anti-Corbyn fifth column in the British Parliament, like Pavlov’s Dogs, were quick to move. When Jeremy Corbyn, whatever it costs in public opinion, although now that he’s stretching ahead in every opinion poll, maybe it didn’t cost at all. But whether it cost or didn’t cost, Jeremy Corbyn stood up for what is right in the Julian Assange case and Diane Abbott – much reviled – did so even more. But when Pavlov’s Dogs moved, I naturally ran through their names, because I have history you see with most of them.

And there I found that one of those demanding the incarceration of Julian Assange was Tony Blair’s War Minister in Iraq and the former Head of Nato, Lord George Robertson [cries of ‘shame’], whom I’ve known since we were both young boys actually. George Robertson was the Minister for War that killed a million people in Iraq and counting, cascaded Al Qaeda and ISIS all over the world, including actually some behind those walls. George Robertson, as the Head of Nato, should have been investigating the crime that Julian Assange exposed in the helicopter massacre of innocent civilians and journalists in Iraq. And now Lord George Robertson wants Julian Assange behind bars. I wonder what he could have meant by that. I wonder what George Robertson has to hide from journalism – honest journalism – about the war in Iraq. My eyes are streaming now, I will have to stop.

I’m not actually crying because I’m feeling strong. Julian Assange is not crying because he is strong. Julian Assange knows that he did the right thing, the honourable thing. We know that we’re doing the right thing, the honourable thing and on the judgment day, Julian Assange will be able to face his maker, sure in the knowledge that with every breath that God gave him, he tried to tell the truth to free people everywhere.

Thank you very much for coming. Thank you for listening.

[cheers and applause, chant of Free, Free, Free Assange…]

Link to George Galloway’s address:

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Campaigning against antisemitism only – while ignoring other racism – is simply white supremacy in action

Uncovered, unreported Tory antisemitism.

Probably done because the perpetrators perceive a safe space in which to frolic while the witch hunt against the genuinely anti-racist Labour party proceeds.


Pride's Purge

This might be my most controversial blogpost yet. But truth hurts sometimes.

And here it is.

Antisemitism exists in the UK. Real, stomach-churning Holocaust denial, hatred for Jews so strong some people would literally see other people burn because of their race or religion.

I myself had to wade through this disgusting bile in an investigation we made of the most active British anti-semites who are openly operating online:

Profile of British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

Our investigation revealed that anti-semites almost always hate Muslims and people of other races and religions too, and that most anti-semites in the UK are on the Right and actually hate Jeremy Corbyn, not support him.

Of course, it’s not rocket science. Racists are racist, racism is racism.

And there is a huge amount of it. Black MPs such as David Lammy and Diane Abbott get massive amounts…

View original post 199 more words

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Wirral’s “Independent” Group of Councillors accuse us of lying, then make fools of themselves on Twitter


Wirral Independent Councillors

Left to hard right: Moira McLaughlin, Mike Sullivan, Chris Meaden

Yesterday, we replied with the following tweet to @WirralIndCllrs containing some home truths, in the form of two proven, longstanding  allegations, that Wirral Council thieved £736,756.97 from a number of learning disabled council tenants over a 9-year period and that one of them – Moira McLaughlin – had been Member for Social Services during that period:

Earlier today, we came across the following response, sent by the group – @WirralIndcllrs – where they basically implied we were lying and asked people not to listen to what we were saying:

So today, we hit them with some very hard, very factual, very uncomfortable truths:

And we want to reiterate very strongly to the people of Rock Ferry that sitting Councillor Chris Meaden is up for re-election on May 2nd 2019.  Please don’t make the mistake of voting for these “Independent” liars and abusers.  They were all in situ when this abuse and many more far, far worse scandals occurred.

Unfortunately  we won’t get the chance to rid ourselves of the other two until we’re into the 2020s.

This tweet spells the situation out more clearly:

Don’t make the mistake of putting candidate Chris Meaden back into power. 

Because that power will be abused, and these so-called “Independents” are nothing but dyed-in-the-wool, hard right Labour Blairites, and will lie through their teeth to escape being found out… as we can see above. 

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