WORLD CLASS SCHOOL – EXCLUSIVE! Here’s what being outside the control of Wirral Council did for Weatherhead High.

weatherhead high


Message from our daughters’ school Weatherhead High by Headteacher Miss Whelan, received this morning:


Weatherhead World Class Status

World Class Schools Quality Mark. The World Class Schools Quality Mark is the new standard in education for schools who have moved beyond outstanding.

More about World Class Schools here.

world class schools quality mark


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A proven abuser was appointed to Head of Adult Social Services at Reading Council – but who’s been involved in covering it all up?

Reading 48 x councillors 2018 to 2019

Member for Adult Social Services at the time of the appointment was Councillor Tony Jones


The straight answer to the question posed in our headline above is:

The above 46 councillors.  They all knew.  But there appears to be a “coming together” and a rare example of cross-party unity on this issue.  Labour, Tories, Greens and a solitary Lib Dem, they’re all colluding to say absolutely nothing.

Shame on them all for their ongoing silence, hypocrisy and inaction.

We first discovered that former Wirral Social Services employee Maura Noone had been appointed as Reading Council’s Head of Adult Social Care on 1st June 2018 when we browsed across to the excellent Wirral Leaks blog.

Here’s the Wirral Leaks link, which revealed her appointments at both Northamptonshire Council and later Reading Council:

And the subsequent story, announcing her departure from Reading Council:

In between times, we got busy taking the message about her abusive record to the Reading Council CEO, the Reading Council Leader, the Reading Council Mayor – who blocked us – and the Reading Council member for Adult Social Services.

In case you’re harbouring doubts that abuse of disabled people by a council could have occurred, here’s an admission to precisely this brand of abuse by Wirral Council themselves:


Thanks for your interest in this.  We won’t be re-telling the story here but if you’d like to explore the background and finer detail on this, there are some handy links below.

The original offences were exposed some years ago, investigated, reported upon, taken to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission – who found disability discrimination – and brought before an Information Tribunal, but no senior officer or councillor at Wirral Council was ever properly held to account.

We made a formal submission to the tribunal, cautioning them that should they fail to act, they would be encouraging a dangerous situation – such as the one that occurred at Reading Council – to arise in the future, but we were ignored…


The full history to this dangerous debacle:

1 An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

6 Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

9 Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

12 High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…

13 We tried exposing a safeguarding emergency in Reading, but came up against an obstacle… er, a journalist!

14 A response is now in to the Reading Council / Maura Noone FOI request


Finally, here’s a list of the Councillors / organisations that blocked us on Twitter in response to the news that they themselves had put their own citizens in harm’s way by acting in such a dangerous, negligent and reckless manner:

wirral council blocking

Reading Council blocking

Debs Edwards Mayor blocking


Jan Gavin blocking

David Absolom blocking

Debs Absolom blocking



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The Declaration: Principles of the Law Governing the Internet

Be afraid if you use social media, but also, be prepared for the worst and be ready to fight.


Unrestricted worldwide exchange of information
Social media has enabled people from all over the world to communicate with each other, to exchange information and ideas, to educate each other, to organise protests, to express solidarity and to challenge injustice.  Bypassing controlled space imposed by governments and by compliant media, people have sought the facts about issues and sought the opinions of others who are directly involved.

The easy and immediate exchange of information has helped to prevent cover-ups and to expose lies by governments.  For example, it is less easy for a representative of a government to claim something happened or did not happen if a live video of the incident has already been seen by millions worldwide on social media.

Social media interaction between people from all over the world has countered the constant othering and xenophobia from various governments and think-tanks.  It has shown that issues and problems…

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Wirral Leaks Scoops the Mooney Scoop

Wonderful work in the public interest.
Happy 8th birthday and take a bow @WIRRALLEAKS


Matron 014
As we reported earlier this week in our Will the Red Mist descend at Misty Blues? story Cllr Bernie Mooney was under some pressure this week to preserve her nomination as Labour candidate for next May’s Wirral Council elections.
Here’s a reminder of Mooney’s rap list:
  • Multiple complaints about phone calls, done to promote herself – not permitted.
  • Using an email address “Wallasey Labour Party”, when the email was from her personally
  • The email had the Constituency Labour Party Office address on it and a photo which included people who had not been asked for permission, and were not in fact endorsing sitting councillor Mooney
  • Repeated canvassing of Branch members by phone using the Party database at a time when this is not allowed by the rules
  • Some of these phone calls also misrepresented the situation, implying that a candidate had already been chosen, and so discouraging members who…

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When Abusers Collude, Forgetfulness Intrudes


25th November 2018 

When Abusers Collude

Love and marriage,

Go together like a horse and carriage,

Mutually compatible… nothing is missing,

But who spends a penny and shits without pissing?

Answering the riddle, is one foul creature,

Angry, corrupted, hideously featured, 

Wirral Council Corporate, revolving Janus-face,

Shits in the courtroom, and pisses back at base.






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A Terrible Dream.

We woke up screaming last night after the most horrific, traumatising nightmare.

We only have ourselves to blame, after stupidly following this link to a Daily Mail article which appeared yesterday:

In our dream, we were in London, in some noisy pub.  We were sitting with a group of regulars who were having a boozy night out, downing a few drinks at their local watering hole.  As the evening went on it became clear to us that this was the South Norwood Conservative Club.  We also got the names of our drinking companions and the age of another:

Bobby Connell, 19.

Cliff Connell, 49.

Mark Russell, 49.

Paul Bussetti, 46.

A N Other, 55.

But one of these lads put a downer on the whole night.  He’d left us at one point, but returned carrying a 3-foot tall hunk of cardboard.  It looked like a scaled-down replica of a building.  He said, “Wait ’til yer see this lads.  What a fuckin’ brilliant wheeze.”

He’d printed “GRENFELL TOWER” on the top of it and in the windows he’d placed lots of paper cut-out, dark-skinned figures with their arms raised.  As he pointed them out it caused general hilarity to those assembled.

In our dream, we were just stunned.

He explained to the group – between bouts of laughter – how these figures were Muslims and foreigners and on bonfire night, he was going to put it on a stove and set fire to it in his back garden.

We were horrified, thinking this was offensive in the extreme, but our opinion wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because we weren’t even there, just dreaming the whole thing.

The other four were inspecting it in close-up and it met with their approval.  They thought it was “superb, great”, said they couldn’t wait to see it in flames, congratulated him on his handiwork and on “a brilliant idea”.

But then a deep voice piped up from a corner, “You sick bastards.  What the hell do you think you’re doing?”  It was a much, much older man, obviously a pensioner, and probably well into his 90s.  His voice was shaking. “I fought fascism.  My ship was torpedoed on the Atlantic convoys during the war as a lad.  And I was bloody lucky to survive and make it back.  But do you know what?  I never thought I’d live to see Nazis walking amongst us, and even drinking in my own pub….”

The old man had tears streaming down his face as he got up and walked slowly out of the room, closing the door behind him.

We ‘followed’ him in our dream and he was now in the next room, explaining what was going on to a young girl, then asking, pleading with her to use her phone to alert the police.  She rang the police, but after 5 minutes of what seemed to be fruitless conversation with the operator, she threw her phone down in disgust.  “The police aren’t coming.  They said it’s not an emergency and anyway, they’re short-staffed due to cuts and it’s not as if a celebrity’s house is being burgled.”

The old war hero got up.  “I’m goin’ ‘ome,” he muttered as he shuffled off through the club and towards the exit door.

Howls and raucous laughter were still coming from next door, the room at the back of the club.

Our dream then suddenly jumped forward in time.  It was 3 am.  A barman was shouting, GET OUT, GET OUT, GET OUT!!!!!

The building was on fire and filling with smoke.  Screams were ringing out.  The barman was onto the fire brigade and shouting into his phone as he ran for the exit.  I was right behind him as the last few punters emerged safe into the cold night outside.  Turning around, we saw huge, billowing flames leaping from the top of the club.  The entrance we’d just emerged from collapsed onto the street.

Five, ten minutes went by. The barman was shouting into his phone.

Just then, we heard volleys of blood-curdling screams coming from the small room at the back.  Oh Christ.  There were still people inside the building, trapped.  The fire bobbies should have been here by now, but they weren’t, and there was no way any of us could re-enter the building.

Whoever those trapped people were, it was too late for them now…

The barman was slumped down on the pavement.  He said he’d pleaded with the 999 operator and they’d apologised, saying the nearest fire station, just down the road, had been closed by Boris Johnson.  We’d have to wait because the next one that wasn’t too busy to respond was 8 miles away.

So we waited, and we waited, and we waited.

By the time the first fire tender arrived, the building was fully alight and the roof had collapsed in onto the floor below.

It was a cacaphony of noise as the hoses fired up and several thick jets of water forced their way through the flames.

And the terrible screams from the room at the back could no longer be heard, because they’d stopped.




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Leasowe Abbey’s in Ruins. And we’re in the gutter, or is it the sewer?

ron abbey on merseytravel board

Some excellent, heart-warming news has just emerged from Wallasey’s Leasowe Ward.  The big cheese who’s been stood astride this working class stronghold for the last 22 years – yes, we know it feels like much longer – has been democratically voted out as Leasowe Councillor candidate at a recent selection meeting.

So it’s out with Ron Abbey and in with Karl Greaney.

Ron is the local Labour Council’s Chief Whip, no less.  He’s a long-term public servant, predating even his hero Tony Blair’s entry to Downing Street, but will soon become a helluva lot poorer than Tony as his lifestyle takes an unplanned hit and he loses many thousands of pounds per year in public money.

As a result, he’s absolutely fuming and making us all aware of his unhappiness via happy to oblige, captured, sensationalising local newspapers.  He’s also been busy himself, in his own inimitable words, on Twitter and Facebook.

Wirral Globe:

So Ron no longer fits the bill and his time is up.  But there’s been absolutely no guidance on what to say from Liverpool Central Station’s Martin Liptrot this time (see the resignation of Councillor Mike Sullivan).

And Ron appears to possess little or no concept of what is appropriate or dignified.  His toys have been flung straight out of the pram and he’s hitting out at “loony lefties” in the manner of the UK’s toxic, right wing tabloids and fellow, departing, hard right friends Mike Sullivan and Moira McLaughlin.  Bullying and intimidation doesn’t feature this time Mr Liptrot.  We wonder why?

For us, these antics have both of Ron Abbey’s feet (and Mike’s and Moira’s) squarely planted into the ignorant, nasty, hard right camp of The Sun and The Daily Mail.  Because there’s absolutely no difference in tone.

But let’s face it, he does originate from the same dubious, political stamping ground as criminal ex-councillor Jim “Britain First” Crabtree, another helper to Frank Field (along with Mike and Moira).

Jim Crabtree was Ronnie’s former Boss who chaired Wirral’s Audit and Risk Committee while boasting little Ronnie as his eager Deputy at a key moment in time, helping to conceal the CEO Graham Burgess’, the Leader Phil Davies’ and a barrage of senior officers’ relentless lies about hundreds of thousands of pounds in squandered EU grant money.

Because he doesn’t appear to know any better, Poor Ron has made it clear – unwittingly perhaps – that he’s a throwback to an earlier age.  He looks like a very willing adherent to the hang-em-high style of Jim Davidson, Richard Littlejohn, Jeremy Clarkson and others, with his half-baked, “I say what I like and I like what I bloody well say and sod the consequences” mode of grabbing attention, hijacking the issues, steaming ahead with them and firing off his blunderbuss at phantom, half-formed enemies. 

This was @Ronnieabbey1 on Twitter recently, singling out our esteemed blog with his own very odd take on calm evaluation, balanced appraisal and sober, intellectual scrutiny:

Cheers Ron.  We appreciate your input.  And putting aside your stream of consciousness, the omission of key words and an abysmal failure to punctuate – caused perhaps by uncontrollable, red-faced rage and jets of steam issuing from your ears and nostrils – we’d like to step forth as a calming and steadying influence, put a hand on your shoulder, take a pause and thank you for signposting potential subscribers to our previous catalogue of work – which goes right back to 2011.

Thanks and much appreciated.

So Ron – to address your accusation about the sewer and the gutter, that looks like a hell of a lot of gutter-wallowing and sewer-dwelling we’ve been doing – seven long years of it.

Or perhaps Ronnie is mistaken and the truth is rather more mundane, non-sensational and a lot less incriminating.

You see, readers, we’ve been engaged in steady, boring, intense research of Ron’s abusive Council and the conduct of its senior officers and councillors for the last seven years.  And Ron doesn’t like anybody exposing his sins in great detail, so he’s hitting out in the only way he knows how and summing it all up as “filth”.

Unlike Ron’s councillor duties, our research is all unpaid – yet it seems obvious to us that we’ve been putting a hell of a lot more time into what we do than Ron does for his £multi-thousand pound return in public money.

Here’s a small one to prove the point, on the vexed subject of Councillor performance.  It’s an excerpt from Wirral Council’s official performance management system and the total reported figures for constituency cases completed during 2017:

ron abbey wirral councillor performance

…so Ron’s personal achievement for his constituents (6 items of casework completed in one year compared to Pat Cleary of the Green Party’s 183) is the very least of the problem.  The sheer depth of scandal here on Wirral goes back well into the last century and is far more wideranging.   These hard right Labour councillors have been plummeting a lot deeper into their own chosen gutters and sewers for years.  And to unseen depths that the writer of this blog could only imagine in his own worst nightmares.

We should also emphasise, we’re not keen on Ron’s  impulsive, anger-fuelled, finger-jabbing criticism of our quality back catalogue.  “Hard-left” indeed !

Just so you know Ron, we’ve had UKIP supporters cheering us on behind the scenes, because even they share our disgust at yours and your colleagues’ reckless and wanton negligence over the council’s long-flouted statutory obligation to care for Wirral’s children and vulnerable / disabled people.

We made sure to respond to Ron’s tweet though, using a relaxed, satirical method of approach.  We find irony and humour can be deployed very honestly to defuse a situation, to educate those who are not politically aware and to attune them to Ron and Co’s sickly, unforgiveable, ongoing conduct.

And this job is far from finished:

So the truth is…

… we’ve been wallowing in your sewer Ron, and we’re just off for a much-needed scrub and hose down.

Enjoy your retirement !

Toodle Pip!







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From Wirral Leaks: A statement by Councillor Tony Norbury, would-be MP candidate for Birkenhead

Birkenhead CLP Norbury

Here’s the original Wirral Leaks post:

To assist the public, and to get the message out there, we’ve copy-typed the statement as it stands, including all typos and errors.

Like a retweet on Twitter, the publishing of the statement here does not correspond to our endorsement of its contents.

It appears to be authentic.  Your comments are welcome.

MP for Birkenhead personal statement Tony Norbury

History in the trades union movement and Labour Party

I was a child of the Thatcher Tory government leaving school at 16 and entering the world of the Tory YTS Youth Training Scheme.

Having worked in a building firm in Rock Ferry, then the old Asda Birkenhead, followed by Cammell Laird ship yard where I learnt to weld.


My life as a trade’s unionist really started at Vauxhall Motors on the production line where I became a shop steward for the Transport and General Workers union at the tender age of 21.  This is where I met Tony Woodley and the shop stewards committee.  My fondest memory of this time was campaigning for the Labour Party candidate in Wallasey, Lol Duffy one of the Cammell Laird 37.  We collectively reduced a majority of over 20,000 to a recount which we narrowly lost and built the platform for a Labour MP to be there today.  I wish that MP had of been Lol.

I spent a short time working in pubs across Wirral and Ellesmere Port the contrast between union organised work places and those that weren’t could not have been starker.


I became self-employed and worked on the taxis in Birkenhead where we formed the first ever union branch for private hire taxis through Unite the Union.  Our branch along with the hackney branch embedded training into the licensing process enabling taxis to be recognised as a profession and protecting driver’s health and safety.

If selected to be the Labour candidate for MP by the members and elected as MP by the people of Birkenhead I will certainly work hard with the minister and shadow minister for transport to support the taxi and private Hire drivers of Birkenhead as they are still very vulnerable workers who lack the workers’ rights others get.


I was then employed by Merseytravel as part of their Merseylearn team they trained me to be an effective Union learning rep with both Unite and Unision I will always hold these skills close to myheart as they are the building blocks of any struggle, education of working-class people and those who deserve a second chance in life are life changing experiences.

It was because of the skills that I gained as a Unionlearning rep I felt the confidence to help and represent others.  I choose to do this by becoming an elected councillor for Labour to give something back.  I first stood for election in the West Kirby ward where I met some great socialists and cut my teeth regarding campaigning.  I was later chosen by the ward I live in Prenton, to be their candidate for Labour in the Birkenhead constituency.  I was elected in 2012 and then again in 2016 at my panel interview I did say it is my ambition to move our party locally to the left using socialist values, I don’t think they took me seriously.


After struggling in a Blairite Labour Group opposing cuts and most of the worst privatisation policies I maintain my resistance by voting with the whip at full council this is a difficult thing to justify to yourself and others as nobody wants to vote for cuts in the public sector particularly in a place like Birkenhead.  I always argued at Labour Group meetings to protect the most vulnerable and shield them from the worst cuts I was not always successful and often out voted and the way democracy works you have to go along with the collective decision or get out.  It is against Labour Party rules and policy to set an illegal budget and leave the most vulnerable at the whim of Tory administrators and we have seen an example of that in Northampton.  I have never been a quitter and can always see the bigger picture the end game.  Enter Jeremy Corbyn.


Jeremy Corbyn and me

As soon as Jeremy was on the ballot as leader I got behind him.  I spoke at his very first public meeting at Birkenhead Town Hall.  It was packed to the rafters and I said it was so good to see good comrades here who had left the Labour Party or had been asked to leave.  I stayed to reclaim our Labour Party for the many and was so proud to speak on that historic occasion.  I feel you have to believe before things can come true.  Having campaigned to get Ed Miliband elected to be so disappointed by the lack of socialism and vision, here was a true socialist leader who spoke our language and had values and principles that I knew would help Birkenhead.  Hundreds of people started to join the Labour Party Labour councillors like me Jo Walsh Christina Muspratt were not on our own anymore the rest is written in history with brave comrades stepping up to take the fight for Corbyn to our national and local party.


We in Birkenhead CLP encouraged the members to take part in the democratic process they could see another Birkenhead Labour Party was possible they organised themselves around national Labour Party policies and values.  As a Birkenhead councillor on the Left I took the fight to the Labour Group whilst others organised the Birkenhead Labour Party it was a privilege to work alongside John Maher, Sarah Evens, and Robert Smiley and so many others who all showed tremendous courage and resolve in helping members take part.  Democracy is a beautiful thing when the right people get involved.


If I was chosen by you the members to be your representative in parliament I would take a working wage and use the rest of the tax payer’s money our money to open a constituency office in the centre of Birkenhead employing people from the local area to help us do the very best, we can for the people of Birkenhead.  This job for me is about what I as your representative in parliament can do for you and all my resources will go into that.


Sustainable Transport

With your permission when I become the member of Parliament for Birkenhead I would like to first start working on the infrastructure building up affordable and sustainable transport links.  This is so important to bringing jobs and industry back into our town.  We invented trams, I will work hard to bring them back home creating links to all our visitor destinations.  Plus building the trams here at Cammell Lairds.


I will continue supporting the rail unions in their struggle to have a guard on the train I think this is so important to help increase accessibility and safety on the trains. public opinion is right behind the guards and the unions in this Struggle and the Labour Party pledge at national conference to work with the rail Unions and other experts to re-nationalise the trains.


Cammell Lairds is vital to the future of this town it is a place where we can build ships again and so much more.  I will work hard to bring back ship building to Lairds the loss of Lairds as a ship yard that built ships like the Mauritania and Ark Royal was a death blow to Birkenhead which has been in decline ever since.



I am devoted to the NHS and will work with a Labour opposition or a Labour government to rid our NHS of privateers.  The NHS was founded to be free at the point of use and collectively owned and funded by the tax payers of the UK


Wealth retention: Cooperative models

I have recently joined the Cooperative party and am excited about the alternative economic models we can link into to help grow Birkenhead whilst keeping the wealth we create here to benefit us all.  I know my partner and comrade councillor Jo Bird the recently elected councillor for Bromborough and New ferry is working hard to embed land trust models into the infrastructure projects that will revive the devastated New Ferry.  I will support Jo and the council in working with the people of New ferry to create a living community they can again be proud of once again.


Equality and diversity

I want to work with all our brothers and sisters across Birkenhead to make our communities welcoming and diverse where people can live in hope and peace and we can see our children laughing and smiling once again.  Diversity starts in the schools I will work hard to have a dedicated team of equality and diversity experts working with the council and the local communities nobody should feel uncomfortable in any setting in Birkenhead.  I will Show racism The Red Card wherever it raises its ugly head.


Progressive enforcement

I will work with the enforcement authorities to create an environment where crime is not the only hope for some people, an environment where we respect each other’s values and cultures, we work with our youth services and schools to create early interventions and recognise when a person is going down the wrong road.  I will create wrap around services that will bring them back to hope and progression.  The type of policing we need in Birkenhead is up stream policing with community servants working on the streets to create alternatives to a life of crime



I have plenty of experience with young people as I have helped to bring six kids up of m own one of whom Amy has got the political bug and is now our CLP women’s officer for Birkenhead.  I think there is more to come from my children who have been brought up in Birkenhead. living with me in various locations but mostly Kirkland Avenue Prenton Birkenhead


Free Education for all under a comprehensive system with democratic accountability is important to me we have some of the best special needs schools in the country here on Wirral we need to build on that and make sure every child has a fair chance of becoming all they want to be no matter what their status is or where their journey starts.  I believe education is an escalator that runs alongside you during your whole life and it’s up to you when you get on and off it.  My job as your representative in parliament will be to make sure nothing gets in your way of getting on the education escalator.  I am a firm believer in Adult education and will fight with you to make that as accessible to all as possible.  Everybody deserves to have a second chance and also have the facilities in work to gain the skills they need to do the job they want.


Housing for the many

It will be part of my work as your representative in parliament to work alongside housing associations and trusts to create a model of housing that creates homes that are affordable secure, warm, sustainable and decent.

I will work with the local council in creating our own council houses built by our own work force and owned collectively by our own people.  Everybody should have the right to have a warm and safe place they can call home no matter what their circumstances are.  We owe it to the people who are to come and the people who have been to stop the Tory austerity and create an economic system for the many not the few


The environment

We need to create a sustainable environment for us and those to come.  If selected as your M.P I would create a dedicated team of environmental experts and innovative architects to embed environmental impact assessments into everything we do as a town.  My work on the Merseyside waste Authority has shown me the positive impact that a sustainable recycling strategy for Birkenhead could bring.  I

(the statement ends here and appears to have become truncated).


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Liverpool Echo claims Councillor Moira McLaughlin is as clean as a whistle. WE KNOW DIFFERENT. #DisabilityDiscrimination

25 10 18 - MX comment from January 2011 on disability discrimination

Link to a few historical tweets:

We’ve been going back over our extensive records to a time when abuse most foul had proliferated and spread unchecked like a malignant cancer through the body corporate of Wirral Council.

Metaphorically speaking, that stubborn disease, originally diagnosed in the early part of the century is still there, raging out of control, fully embedded and going nowhere, because the cowardly patient decided it didn’t fancy facing chemotherapy, radiotherapy or emergency invasive surgery, and got up from its hospital bed and fled.

Because the miserable bastard only ever looked out for its damned self, it was too craven and petrified to even ponder the idea of submitting to dangerous, debilitating, life-threatening, career-damaging, pocket-emptying procedures.

So it went for the much easier option: alternative medicine.  Thinking it was being smart, it called up the services of a quack.  This was a homeopathic practitioner known as the Local Government Association.

They forced the repulsive twat down, knelt on its chest and the treatment commenced in earnest.  They…

  • gave it a quick once over
  • fed it some magic potions in tiny amounts
  • took its temperature
  • searched for a pulse
  • gave up
  • told it it didn’t have cancer anymore
  • told it everything was gonna be all right
  • told it it was “most improved[TM]”
  • told it the public’s fears had been seriously misplaced

They then deducted their whopping consultancy fees from our council tax payments and buggered off into the night.

Well, what a load of shite that was readers.  We said as much at the time.  But our view was reinforced later when the penny dropped and Wirral Children’s Services fell over.

Countless kids were suddenly put at heightened risk of abuse, and here was the Wirral basket case rearing its ugly head once again as it plunged, flailing back down into the gutter.

Fast forward to 25th October 2018, and we’ve now had a small number of longstanding occupants of that stinking gutter – including the leader – clambering out, peg on nose, dusting themselves down, pretending to innocence, fleeing the nest and while they do it, being careful to lay a trail of lies, distraction and feigned victimhood across any newspaper that’s up for indulging in a bit of juicy “trial by media”………(The usual suspects: Liverpool Echo, Wirral Globe, The Guardian, etc.)

These sensationalist newspaper articles tend to be lacking something.  And it’s very easy to locate what that something is.  They omit to mention anything about the factual, historical record of:

corporate bullying


  • Successive scandals
  • alleged racism of senior councillors and their wives
  • toe-curling abuses of power
  • accreditation of gangster care organisations
  • nine long years of calculated theft from disabled people’s bank accounts

(not exhaustive)

The above sordid behaviour has been the cashflow or stock in trade of the same long-serving, departing councillors who are now being painted as saints.  And all this from the same newspapers that brought us the scandals… i.e. the very people who should know better.  These hard right councillors’ hands are irrevocably soiled, they’ve dodged all accountability and have never been brought to justice after being heavily complicit and up to their necks for years in a cesspit of slime.

They believe our memories are as short as theirs are selective, you see readers.  But luckily, we community bloggers and activists are a resourceful lot, we’re here to stay, and we’re also here to remind them in some detail about the abuses they’ve carefully chosen to ‘forget’.  We do hope they tune in to these bulletins, follow our words closely and take the opportunity to refresh their memories.

So here we return to the title of our post…

#DisabilityDiscrimination – what do we know that’s different?

Seven years ago there was a meeting of Moira McLaughlin’s alleged Health and Wellbeing Overview and “SCRUTINY” committee, which she chaired.

A Conservative councillor at the time – Simon Mountney – had attempted to present copies of this Equality and Human Rights Commission letter which found that Wirral Council’s Social Services Department, led by senior member Councillor Moira McLaughlin, had engaged in disability discrimination.

Councillor Mountney handed out copies of the letter to the attending councillors for their consideration and scrutiny when it sat on 18th January 2011. 

However this was questioned forcefully and quickly blocked by the chair, Moira McLaughlin for the reason that she hadn’t been advised about it before the start of the meeting.  Upon taking advice from a solicitor seated next to her, and reading the contents of the letter, she was heard to say to the room in general, You don’t believe everything you read in the newspapers  do you?  This was a reference to the following news article, which had appeared in The Wirral Globe that same week:

What we witnessed that day was a deeply abusive council department’s version of “scrutiny”.

And what an ironic statement for the Matron to make in Februry 2011, particularly when we examine it again now in October 2018 through far wiser, far more jaundiced eyes.

But to address her question 8 years later… no Matron, we certainly don’t believe everything we read in the papers.  And particularly not your pile of warmed over bollocks which appeared today in the Liverpool Echo, in a far-fetched story packed with #FakeNews, which tried and failed miserably to invoke the ghost of Militant here on Merseyside.

You’re going to have to do far, far better than that Moira, and if this is you throwing down the gauntlet as an independent councillor, it’s no more than a timely swan song and even though the people of Rock Ferry will now have to suffer another four years of your snout in the public trough… your days are numbered.

25 10 18 - PaulCa January 2011 comment on disability discrimination

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Wirral’s Hard Right Labour getting a taste of democracy as The Matron resigns from the party

25 10 18 - Matron McLaughlin resigns

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party…

Or maybe not?  Maybe now is the time for all hard right enablers of disability discrimination – who’ve outstayed their welcome – to bail out, betray their constituents and go independent?

Somehow we don’t think hard right Moira McLaughlin – the councillor resigning this time around – will have consulted her voters, the people who put her there, before doing the dirty on them.  She’s obviously seen the writing on the wall, and put herself and her own fortunes first.  In the same way hard right Frank Field did, and in the same way hard right Mike Sullivan did, when he threw his toys out of the pram in a very public manner, aided with stringing the sentences together by his (outgoing) hard right leader and by a man who recently appeared on a British Transport Police “WANTED” poster, hard right Martin Liptrot.

And yes, in a very premeditated and managed way, she’s also publicly filed to the slavish, captured mainstream media – this time the Liverpool Echo – with her poison pen bleatings.  But let’s face it, the Echo have been carving out a reputation for this sort of thing.  They’re well-accustomed to engaging in trial by media.

Look what the Echo and the Guardian did for local MP hard right Angela Eagle a couple of years ago when she invented ‘bullying, homophobia and intimidation’ allegations against innocent members of her own Wallasey CLP, which got them suspended for 18 months

– allegations which collapsed very quietly and very curiously.  And then, when the deceit was exposed and the CLP were reinstated, the Echo suddenly shrank back, and didn’t want to get involved in making the news public and explaining where they’d got it so badly wrong. 

Anyway, onwards and downwards.

Cast your minds back to 2010 if you can readers.  Back then was a terrible time for vulnerable, disabled people on Wirral who’d wrongly assumed the Matron had their backs.

It was revealed they were being stolen from by Wirral Council, and when we say ‘stolen from’ we don’t mean some brief pilfering or misappropriation of a few pennies.

We mean a whole NINE YEARS of ongoing, week in, week out, calculated theft from disabled people’s bank accounts!

A grand total of £736,756.97 disappeared from the accounts of a number of Wirral Council’s disabled tenants of supported living accommodation in Angela Eagle’s constituency – in three locations in Moreton to be precise.

This was just a small part of the wide-ranging Martin Morton whistleblow.  Moira McLauglin, who had actually been involved in providing council accreditation to care organisations run by gangsters, was the Member for Adult Social Services whom, along with the Council Leader Steve Foulkes, tried and failed to have this all covered up!

And despite her po-faced chairing of ‘Health and Wellbeing’ meetings, she also had a long standing, undeclared personal friendship with the previous Director of Adult Social Services, Kevin Miller, who had been in post when the grand theft commenced.

Can you see how this kind of abuse multiplies, festers and digs itself in yet, readers?  And once it’s there, how it proliferates and feeds on its host body like a cancer, one that can’t be surgically cut out and removed?

And tragically, this Matron was not there to tend for her disabled patients.

A lot more money was stolen from residents of Balls Road Supported Living in Birkenhead, but never investigated by Anna Klonowski, who told us she ‘didn’t have time’ and who also failed to interview the Matron presiding over the abuse and her 65 failing colleagues.

If it wasn’t for social services whistleblower Martin Morton (who was forced out of his job by Foulkes, the Matron and friends), the amount stolen by now would be way over £2 million! And Moira McLaughlin wants us to believe she serves the public and she’s clean and honourable??!! 

Here’s a link to the FOI request which exposed the exact amount of the sum stolen.  Note:  The review was never “independent” because Anna Klonowski Associates failed to declare their previous ties to Wirral Council as governance trainers for councillors and senior officers.  The period of the theft was nine years, not four years:

Stolen money link

25 10 18 - money stolen by wirral council


In 2010, we complained via our MP Angela Eagle – who had to be dragged kicking and screaming – to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  We alleged there had been clear instances of disability discrimination on the part of the council, who had a statutory duty to protect vulnerable, disabled people under their remit.  This obligation obviously debarred stealing from their bank accounts even though they were easy targets, sitting ducks and disabled, but that was precisely what occurred.

Here is the letter we got back from @MikeDGSmith, the then Chair of the Disabilities Committee of the EHRC, endorsing our allegations of disability discrimination:

And another one from Eagle, TWO YEARS AFTER OUR INITIAL COMPLAINT, updating Mike Smith and chasing up Wirral Council and the Matron, who’d been refuting the allegations:


angela eagle smith letter 23rd Aug 2012


So in the end, not being courageous enough to follow up Mike Smith’s guidance, root out the true extent of the abuse and face up to investigating Wirral Council properly, Anna Klonowski instead used the public money assigned to her investigation to have our allegations and Mike Smith’s findings debunked by her own solicitors, DLA Piper.

How DLA Piper came to the aid of abusive Wirral Council in their hour of need

So she purposefully went against Mike’s advice, and instead of investigating, set about destroying all evidence of discrimination.  Mike Smith ended up losing his job as  one of the Chairmen at the EHRC not long after our complaint was lodged. 

It’s a very, very nasty world that Councillor Moira McLaughlin (Independent) still occupies, one where people trying to do the right thing get persecuted, and one that Klonowski departed recently “to go and care for her parents”.

This task will have been made a lot easier after she controversially trouser-suited £377,000 from Wirral Council and a hotly-disputed £90,000 in public cash from Bristol City Council. 

Now it’s up to us to stay strong, hold out for the interests of voters, the public and our vulnerable people and clear out what remains of these right wing, money-grubbing abusers.

Why?  Because not only are these highly-paid senior officers doing the dirty on the public, but the councillors we voted for in good faith – people like then Tory leader Jeff Green – instead of mucking the filthy stables out, appointed a conflicted investigator known to the council – Anna Klonowski.  She failed to declare an existing interest, failed to take any minutes or verbatim recordings of her interviews, failed to interview members whom it is alleged had links to gangsters, did what was required, left escape hatches for all of the senior abusers to clamber out of…

…and served up a £six-figure cover-up and a whitewash…!

Toodle Pip!

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