A Reading Green Party councillor fails to notify the public that Reading Labour Council had appointed an abuser as Head of Adult Social Care


Here’s the full history to this dangerous debacle:

An emergency safeguarding message has been left with our representative on Wirral Council, Seacombe Councillor Adrian Jones – 4th June 2018

2 The causal link between a Wirral Council failure and a safeguarding emergency – 5th June 2018

3 Safeguarding Emergency. An updating email to Councillor Jo Lovelock, Leader of Reading Council – 13th June 2018

4 Reading Council latest. We hate saying “We told you so…” but… – 14th June 2018

5 It looks like holding Wirral and Reading Councils to account is not going to be easy

Reading Council latest. The emergency safeguarding situation. Here’s some “Private Eye” cuttings.

7 Thousands endangered in Reading. Here’s the FOI request spelling it all out. Yet still… Wirral Council FAILED

8 It’s “Wirral In It Together” ……as the Wirral Tory Leader closes ranks to march in step with his Labour chums

9 Reading Council Safeguarding emergency. Confirmation of Noone and Fowler’s compromise agreements

10 Our local councillor Adrian Jones washes his hands of Wirral Council abuse, then passes the buck to Reading Council

11 A crime suspect is chased through Wallasey by the police. What happened next…? And do we have our priorities right……..??

12 High Noone at Reading Council. Danger averted…

13 We tried exposing a safeguarding emergency in Reading, but came up against an obstacle… er, a journalist!

14 A response is now in to the Reading Council / Maura Noone FOI request


Councillor Rob White is the member’s name.  Wirral Leaks revealed the news that Reading Council had appointed an abuser as their Head of Adult Social Care in early June.  We then took the issue up by bringing it to the attention of both Wirral Council and Reading Council.

By way of response we were blocked on Twitter by Reading Council.

As time went on we became Twitter blocked by around a dozen Reading Labour Councillors including the serving Mayor, Debs Edwards.  We lost count of the exact tally in the end.

Here’s a rather tepid message we got from the Reading Green Party very early on, followed by a lurch to silence…

reading green party message

Here is a tweet received later from Councillor Rob White.  This was in response to a link we posted on Twitter to this popular article.  We explain our methods, which is an intention to make all correspondence public, in the interests of openness.

Tweet to Green Rob White about making issues public Reading

And here is the email trail between ourselves and Councillor White, commencing on 24th July 2018:

Reading Greens Rob White email trail

The elected member had his chance to let the electorate know, but he blew it.

Toodle Pip !

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Wirral Council issued 846 compromise agreements in just THREE years, costing us £66,150

five years for wirral council to admit to 845 compromise agreements

We can disregard the plaintive, weasel-worded plea they’ve made underneath.

Here’s the link to yesterday’s response

A compromise agreement is a compromise agreement is a compromise agreement, and there’s no escaping that.  They engage in this damage limitation process to protect their own reputations and nobody else’s.

And because they can, they pay through the nose with your council tax money to achieve their dubious aims.

We asked for the above information originally back in August 2013 but they dragged their feet, resisted, and we were forced to take it to appeal at the Information Commissioner’s Office, who eventually came down on the side of the council, as expected.

We won’t trot it all out again as we’ve covered this issue before in detail, but not counting the extra financial bonanzas paid to senior people to buy their silence, the sum squandered here will be in the region of a cool £62,550.

Excerpt from back then:

wirral council cost of 845 compromise agreements

They also never had it in them to admit how much money was squandered, suspecting they could rely upon the Information Commissioner to bail them out.

Why? because it looks greedy, irresponsible and reckless to be paying out public money hand over fist just to cover your own tracks.

If we add to this the 11 compromise agreements issued to people who required full-on gagging, i.e. 11 x £300, the figure jumps by £3,300 to £65,850.

And why are the figures ‘still uncertain’?

Because they’re quite capable of lying through their teeth. The TRUE total figure for compromise agreements is 846

…taking the true cash total to…


p.s. our original FOI request was placed at a time when the localTory party under the guidance of Councillor Jeff Green had a brief stab at swinging the axe on council jobs and abusing the power vested in them.

Be careful what you wish for.

Here’s the post we made five years ago where, without any assistance from Wirral Council, we worked out the true total of compromise agreements to be 845…(+1) (Shhh…)

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As the Wirral Council leader calls for an investigation into a “toxic” local Labour party, his council LIES to us in response to a Freedom of Information request

Wirral Council - no compromise agreement declared for August 2013

3rd September 2018

This kind of official dishonesty happened with us once before over 5 years ago, when we made an FOI request of Somerset Council.


The Information Commissioner protected the council’s position when they appealed. 

We can’t recall what the excuse was now.  Anyway, they received official clemency thanks to the regulator. 

Wirral’s dishonesty

This is far more serious because it concerns a compromise agreement issued to a senior officer in August 2013.  Take a quick glance at the above picture.  It’s a section from the response we received today to this FOI request:


The request was very simple:

“…please supply a full list of totals of compromise agreements drawn up and issued between the period January 2011 to December 2013 inclusive”.

Within our possession we have a copy of a compromise agreement dated 24th August 2013 which was issued to a senior officer of Wirral Council.  We are not prepared to name this senior officer.

Anyway, the top and bottom of it is we therefore know – because it wasn’t declared – they are lying.  We also know it isn’t a mistake or an oversight because they’ve lied before, when we asked them to clarify the very same information on 11th August 2013, here:


To see the table, click on the link in the original request.

This blog post from November 2013 refers to it and has a copy of the table with the same blank space alongside August 2013.

In our opinion, Wirral Council have breached Section 77, Regulation 19 (Deliberately altering, defacing, blocking, erasing, destroying or concealing a record which is subject to a request, with the intention of preventing the disclosure of information to which the applicant would otherwise be entitled.)

We will be notifying the ICO that Section 77 has been breached, which is a criminal act, and that it was breached previously prior to August 2013 in response to another as yet unknown requester.

We are entitled under the Act to receive this information.  Wirral Council have deliberately concealed it twice.


The following email will be sent to the ICO tomorrow morning:

Dear Information Commissioner,

Please find a complaint form attached.

In my opinion, Wirral Council have breached Section 77, Regulation 19 (Deliberately altering, defacing, blocking, erasing, destroying or concealing a record which is subject to a request, with the intention of preventing the disclosure of information to which the applicant would otherwise be entitled.)

Note appended to complaint form:

I requested information for the purposes of checking and clarifying.  It became clear upon checking the table of information provided that some of the information  contained therein was incorrect .  The apparent dishonesty involved became compounded when I discovered that a previously lodged request for identical information had been answered in the same apparently dishonest fashion. 

May I stress that I feel myself and the wider public would otherwise be entitled to the missing information?

Relevant website links:

August 2018 FOI request:


August 2013 FOI request:


September 2018 blog post:


November 2013 blog post:


Best regards,

Paul Cardin


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Re: Martin Liptrot story. An unnamed person has handed himself in to British Transport Police to be interviewed. Transcript of phone call.


Earlier post on this:

Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on?

22nd August 2018

Transcript of a phone conversation between Paul Cardin, writer of this blog and a phone operative at British Transport Police, made yesterday 21st August 2018 at 12:09 PM.

Answer machine:  You are through to the British Transport Police non-emergency centre.  For emergencies, please dial 999.  To ensure we direct your call to the appropriate department, please choose from the following three options: 

  • To report a crime, please press #1
  • If you know the person or staff number of the person you want to be connected to please press #2
  • For general enquiries including lost property, please press #3

Otherwise, please hold for an operator to become available.

Operator: Afternoon, British Transport Police, how can I help?

Paul:  Hiya, I’m responding to an article in a newspaper I saw yesterday morning, in the Wirral Globe, and it was asking for help with a photo of somebody, with identifying a certain person that was in the newspaper article.

Operator:  What’s that?  No problem.  What we’ll do…let me just have a quick look for you.  Did it have a log number or anything there?

Paul:  Yeah, it did.  Oh, I’ll just have to look on my phone to see if I can locate that.  Hang on a second.

Operator:  Yeah, no problem at all.

Paul:  Hello?

Operator:  Yeah.

Paul:  Yeah, 337-16.08.18.

Operator:  Okay, no problem.  I’ll just have a quick look for you.  Okay, I’ll put your information up here.  Would you like to give your name or would you like to remain anonymous?

Paul:  I’ll remain anonymous I think.

Operator:  No, no problem at all.  Okay, so what information do you have?

Paul:  It looks like a person called Martin Liptrot.

Operator:  Martin Liptrot.

Paul:  Yeah.

Operator:  Okay, and what do you know about him?  Do you know what area he lives in or…?

Paul:  No, I know where he works.  He works at Wirral Council.

Operator:  Okay.

Paul:  And I think he’s based at the Town Hall which is in Brighton Street, Wallasey.

Operator:  Okay.  No problem.  Anything else that you have at all?

Paul:  Yeah.  The story itself, the article in the Wirral Globe website wasn’t up for long.  It was only up for about a few hours I think and then it went down.  The link went down.  I mean, when I went back they had a list of the Top Ten read stories and it was number 2 in the Top Ten and you could see the headline there about this person who was being violent on a train at Central Station.  I don’t know whether Martin Liptrot was the person being violent but that’s the sort of implication.  But anyway, the link was no longer working, so the story had been taken down for some reason and, you know, I find that highly suspicious because he’s a senior person at Wirral Council and Wirral Council appear to have a partnership with the Wirral Globe whereby they link to each other’s stories and this, that and the other and personally I find that disturbing because there should be an element of separation between the local media and the local government, if you like, you know, so I find it a bit suspicious and I think it’s worth you recording that, you know.

Operator:  Yeah, if you want I can have a quick look through the log to see if I can find out exactly why that’s happened.

Paul:  Yeah, that would be great.

Operator:  Okay, bear with me.

Paul:  Thank you.

Operator:  Right.  There’s a few things that I just need to read to see if I can find this out for you.

Paul:  Okay.

Operator:  Okay, so what’s happened is the person involved – I can’t confirm or deny if it is him – but the person involved has actually attended British Transport Police Liverpool Office.  And has arranged an interview and everything so because we don’t need the media appeal to be out because we have the person, and that’s why it’s been taken down.  I mean, you know, it might have been where he saw it himself and if he saw it himself then whoever it is might have just turned round and said, okay, I’ll get that down so not many more people see my picture, but yeah, so as I say, I can’t confrm or deny if it is him.  But I can say that that person has attended the British Transport Police office and that’s why it’s been taken down.

Paul:  So it’s like a routine thing, so if it was me and I rang – I saw my photo in the paper and I thought, oh, I’d better ring them, I don’t want people seeing my…

Operator:  Yeah, exactly.

Paul:  Is it a personal data thing is it?

Operator:  Well, I mean, well, as soon as we found out what it is because obviously it depends on what it is, you know, let’s say for a sexual assault happened on a train.  Your picture came up and even if it wasn’t saying that you were a suspect or anything, it might just say that this person might have information and we want to talk to this person, it’s like you wouldn’t want your picture associated with a sexual assault on a train regardless of whether, you know, it’s just…  So, I mean, it could just be, you know, you see your picture and go, oh my God, and you thought yeah, it’s like I did see something on the train but I don’t want people thinking I was the suspect, if you know what I mean.  So it would be exactly the same thing.  You could ring up and go, okay, my picture’s in the paper, can you get this taken down and yeah, as soon as you’re in there then you can get it taken down.

Paul:  Totally understandable that, yeah, okay, thanks for explaining that.  Appreciate that.

Operator:  No.  Okay, thanks for your call.  Okay.

Paul:  Thank you very much.

Operator:  No, no problem at all.  Have a good day.

Paul:  Thank you, bye.

Operator:  Thank you, bye.

End of transcript.




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Wirral Globe local crime incident re: Martin Liptrot – published then hurriedly removed. What’s going on?

This transcript of a phone conversation reveals a lot more… 

is this martin liptrot

21st August 2018

We first saw news of this incident around mid-afternoon yesterday on the Wirral Leaks blog – Train Rage

The post had been up a few hours and presumably with the enclosed link to the Wirral Globe article working.  Here is that link:


As you can see, the link is no longer working.  Because all evidence of any crime incident was removed some time yesterday afternoon, presumably by the Globe’s Web Editor in Warrington.  But under who’s orders at The Globe?  And under pressure by whom on the outside?

And this is just the latest in a long line of dodgy incidents, what with the Wirral Globe allowing its stories to be electronically linked to inside online council documents, its failure to report on alleged racist crimes by a councillor and another councillor’s wife, then the frantic removal of good faith public posts about the alleged racism thereby hindering any potential police investigations.

And now this, the hasty removal of a post linking an alleged, violent criminal incident to a person resembling Martin Liptrot, “respected leader with deep global experience”* – who has also suddenly removed his expansive LinkedIn profile without providing any explanation.

*Not our words, but Martin Liptrot’s.

It appears to us that these failed journalists could be allegedly coming under unseen pressure and finding themselves mixed up with powerful criminals doing their best to protect theirs and their organisations’ reputations.

Now, where is this unusual ‘journey of collaboration’ featured in the UK journalistic code of ethics?  And as they travel onwards what sordid, unprincipled hell-hole will be their final destination?

Yes, it all appears to be getting out of hand.  Okay, granted, the Wirral Insular Peninsula is up shit creek without a paddle, has been for decades and will remain so.  We all know that, but without any separation between local press and local government (yep, the Liverpool Echo are compromised also) where the hell are we gonna wash up next?

Or could there be a very simple explanation for this?  Who knows, maybe Liptrot recognised his face in the council partner paper, did not want to see himself being associated with alleged violent conduct, rang the British Transport Police and asked them to have it removed on personal data or privacy grounds while he seeks legal advice?

Perhaps he said, okay, that’s me and I agree to be interviewed at a mutually agreed time and place? 

So the manhunt was called off.

If this is the case, why on earth didn’t the Globe editor and his friends at the council help out readers and council tax payers by doing their jobs, notifying us and telling us WTF is going on with our senior public servants? And if so, why the perceived clemency and the obscuring of important facts? Is this leniency dished out because he’s more important than you or me? 

And if this is the current state of play, maybe there is much, much more to follow?

Whatever, we can almost hear the wheels of abnormality grinding away at Brighton Street Town Hall on this lovely, sunlit morning, which happens to be our birthday #59.

Wirral Globe Website

Frank Field’s Website

He’s tucked up in bed with not just The S*n, but the Wirral Globe, Wirral Council and one wonders how closely these four might be colluding together as they hypocritically bear false witness to the aftermath of Hillsborough and the UK State-driven injustice and suffering meted out to their local voters and readership?


It’s everywhere! Despite 1,480 retweets, the censor’s itchy finger pressed <del>, did its silencing work, then moved on, lol.

Link to the original article


If you think you recognise the above person, despite the Wirral Globe apparently bowing to unseen pressure, apparently jumping in, apparently removing the story and apparently furthering the interests of the alleged criminally violent party, there is a phone number you can ring for the British Transport Police in the above article.

Anybody who thinks they recognise this individual can call them on 0800-40-50-40. They can also text on 61016 quoting reference number 337-16.08.18.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800-555-111.

If you’re worried about being identified, your number will be electronically scrambled when calling Crimestoppers and calls will not be recorded.  Nobody has ever been identified as a caller to Crimestoppers since its inception in January 1988.

You know what to do…

Wirral Globe’s most popular stories today

Lippers was No #2 in yesterdays’ charts, but soon fell out of favour. So it was just a brief, one-hit blunder…

liptrot story gone

Toodle pip !

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Defend Our NHS News Update

Good and bad news from Defend Our NHS.
Wirral’s Hard right Labour Council is helping the Tories to privatise the NHS and are complicit in allowing DONHS activists to be locked out of vital public meetings. Much more news here…



Our friends at Defend Our NHS (DONHS) have been very prolific this week. Here are their 3 latest missives in chronological order . Number 3 is of particular interest to Wirralian NHS defenders:


Dear friends of the NHS

There is so much to tell you! Many developments are affecting our health service – most making the crisis worse – and it is difficult to know where to start.

  1. But first, can I introduce myself? DONHS held its AGM last month, the constitution was approved, and a new ‘executive team’ were elected. I am the chair this year and am looking forward to the challenge; the full list of team members is below*. Rest assured that DONHS will continue to operate as a democratic collective organisation.
  2. Our aims were agreed at the AGM. They are:
  3. To campaign to maintain or reinstate the National Health Service as a universal comprehensive service,publicly…

View original post 1,168 more words

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Another complaint template – suspend all LAAS members from the Labour Party

This is well-founded, worth reading, signing, submitting and sharing, because data protection laws and personal privacy appear to have been recklessly breached. Unbridled, right wing zealots cannot be permitted to bully, intimidate and do as they please.

TheCritique Archives

by Martin Odoni

NB:The other evening, I put up a template (well, of a sort) for people to submit complaints to the Labour Party about the appalling comments of Holocaust-Manipulator Margaret Hodge. Today, the fringe Labour Party group, ‘Labour Against Anti-Semitism’ (LAAS), a smear-group who operate in the name of the Labour Party but without the party’s recognition or permission, have been revealed to have broken the law, possibly on three counts – data protection, breach-of-privacy, and defamation. I have therefore written up another complaint and sent it to the Labour Party, and am once more sharing the text, so others can copy-paste with appropriate amendments to add their own voices if they so wish. E-mail address to send to is complaints@labour.org.uk.

The cryptic badge of Labour Against Anti-SemitismIf LAAS wish to give me grief for publishing an image of their badge without permission, they can take it up with me once they’ve apologised…

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A response is now in to the Reading Council / Maura Noone FOI request

knowledge is power

16th August 2018

Here’s the original Freedom Of Information request and today’s response:


So taking each question one by one (Reading Council’s responses are in RED):

  1. Details of any settlement agreement issued which is connected to the
    recent departure.  Maura was employed as an interim and her temporary assignment came to an end.  There was no settlement agreement.
  2. Did the settlement agreement contain a gagging clause?  There was no settlement agreement
  3. All payments to the former employee in public money, bestowed in
    connection with the departure.  Nil.
  4. Total amount of these payments.  Not applicable.
  5. Whether the departure from Reading was connected to the exposure of
    proven Wirral Council abuse.  No.*
  6. Whether a positive reference was / will be provided by the council for
    use when seeking employment in the future.  The Council will provide an accurate reference, on request from future employers.*
  7. On appointment, had the former employee undergone and passed the
    government’s Disclosure and Barring requirements?  Yes.
  8. Precise dates for the time period Maura Noone was employed at Reading
    Council.  18/09/2017 – 11/07/2018.
  9. Details of all investigations / searches undertaken to satisfy the
    council’s vetting procedure for this highly sensitive post.  Checks were made regarding eligibility to work in the UK and qualifications.  References were taken from previous employers.  DBS checks were verified.*
  10. During the time period of the employment, details of all contacts
    made, events / meetings attended which have risked compromising Reading
    Council by foreseeably and avoidably placing a proven, abusive person (see
    below) into such sensitive situations.  None.


It’s very good news that Maura Noone was not gagged inside a settlement agreement, not paid off, and we applaud the council for not resorting to these options.  However, did they need to?

It appears Noone may have been gagged in 2012, despite Wirral Council’s claim that no gag was used in response to an FOI request we made at the time.

To support the above contention of ours, here’s a clear instance of Wirral Council either making a serious mistake or deliberately lying in response to a similar FOI request:

We asked Wirral Council for a full list of compromise (settlement) agreements between the period January 2011 and December 2013.  Their response in the table below clearly indicated that no compromise agreements were issued in August 2013.

Wirral Compromise agreements for Reading safeguarding story1

…however we have in our possession a copy of a Wirral Council compromise agreement which was issued to a former employee, dated August 2013.

Wirral Council either lied or made a serious error in their response table above.

It is not beyond the bounds of reason to imagine that Reading Council may have lied here, however we accept it’s unlikely in regard to Questions 1 and 2, because if Wirral Council were knowingly lying or were incompetently issuing falsehoods in response to ours and others’ FOI requests, then Noone would already have been gagged and protected for life six years ago, in January 2012 as regards the question, “Is Noone an abuser of learning disabled people?”

So there’ll be no requirement to gag her all over again.  It’s also an opportunity for the Council’s PR department to show how careful and judicious they can be in not freely squandering the contents of the Council tax payers’ bottomless pot of lovely, ready money.

Reading Council’s hasty removal of her as an employee (which it certainly was despite their denial) just a matter of weeks after her exposure on Wirral Leaks will not prevent her sailing through Central Government’s alleged “Disclosure and Barring” system again in the future and won’t stop her potentially picking up another plum role overseeing the welfare of many more hundreds of vulnerable people.

And this is where the “heart of darkness” and the sickness truly lies.  This is all legal and this is all above board.

If this situation does arise again with Maura Noone or Mike Fowler, or with countless other unsignposted, unmonitored, hidden, protected, gagged abusers, it’ll be in some as yet unknown location in relaxed and easygoing UK local government and the charity sector, where power abuse and people abuse present no bars whatsoever to the progress of senior movers and shakers in post-Savile, post-Winterbourne View UK.

Lessons learned?  Nah, not this time.  And probably not next time either…

p.s. *These aspects will be appealed (or followed up separately) and we’ll be lodging an internal review request, as is our right**

**Our statutory right to place FOI and personal data requests was removed by Cheshire West and Chester Monitoring Officer @GoacherSimon in October 2009 until we won our legal case, had them restored 20 months later and sent him scurrying back to lick his wounds.

Toodle pip !

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Green Belt : Do You Want Facts and Figures or Fake News ?

All you need to know about Green Belt issues on Wirral.
Without the hard right Labour council’s lies, political posturing and hype.


Whilst the Green Belt political panto ploughs on in the local papers , here at WirralLeaks   we provide you with a special cut out and keep report from ‘The Prof’ which we think is the definitive word on the matter. There is a summary of his findings at the start. But for those who want to be better informed about the Green Belt debate there is a full analysis.


  • The council Green Belt ‘release plan’ covers ~8 square miles or 4,900 acres.
  • This land could support 71,000 homes (at typical NW density of 14.6 dw / acre).
  • But the government / council housing need forecast is for 12,000 houses.
  • So the GB land fraction required is only ~17% of the council ‘release plan’.
  • However based on ACTUAL population and household number changes in

View original post 2,908 more words

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Wallasey Hands Off Our Fire Station – a public meeting on 14th August 2018

Look what’s dropped through our Wirral In It Together letterbox this morning…

W H O O F S !

It’s a poster for a meeting called to rally support for the protection of night-time fire and rescue services at Wallasey and Liverpool City Centre fire stations.

We know it’s hard to believe this, but they have recently come under threat.

What a fantastic cause to get behind…

We’re also hearing that as far as Wallasey is concerned, there’s a few so-called “Labour” councillors who are positioned so faaaaaaaar to the right of the party, they’re morphing into Tory axe wielders before the voters’ very eyes !

We’re not sure if Councillor Brian Kenny is included in their number, or has started secretly flaunting a blue rosette just yet, but as he frequently polishes a seat on the local Fire Authority in return for  nice regular payments, we strongly suspect that his little eyes have lit up and his little head may have been turned.

He may be in the process of forgetting his calling as a member of the workers’ party – a party forged in protest and struggle – and may even be in favour of swinging the axe his little self, so we can all see him looking BIG, and flexing his muscles, and playing his important part in delivering these reckless cuts to vital, life-saving services.

06 08 2018 - Wallasey Hands Off Our Firestation


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