4th May 2023 council elections. Statement by Paul Cardin, Freedom Alliance candidate for Seacombe ward, Wirral

I’m self-employed. I have a wife and two daughters whom I want to provide for, but as we’re all aware, this has been made very difficult by the ongoing cost of living crisis.

I’ve run the https://www.wirralinittogether.blog for the last 10 years. This has exposed serious failures – including disabled abuse, corruption and cronyism at Wirral Labour and Tory-run councils over the last decade.

If elected, my mission is to give people new hope, to restore dignity to public debate and to try and make the council honest and accountable to its people.

I am a Falklands War veteran and a published author. Back in 2003, as a Wirral Council street lighting design employee, I blew the whistle on highly suspect financial activity. The Labour-run council branded me a ‘troublemaker’ and responded with a range of bogus gross misconduct charges which were aimed at dismissing me. I won my case but was forced to resign my position.

My blog later exposed the fact that Wirral Labour’s councillors and their senior officers had plunged local council taxpayers and their children and grandchildren into £202 million of LOBO loans debt which won’t be paid off until the year 2078. The local newspapers never reported on this situation.

Like everyone, I am watching the world around us go through very rapid and uncalled-for changes. As a critical thinker who is not vaccinated against Covid19, I have been troubled over the last three years by the authoritarian, bullying, coercive actions of the UK government, the powerful but unregulated pharmaceutical companies and the inadequate reporting of the media. I believe the threat to life of the Covid19 virus has been overstated and the mRNA vaccine response was forced through for all the wrong reasons. These behaviours have been motivated by the desire for a climate of fear, which in itself has proven to be a serious threat to local businesses, to the fabric of our society and to people’s hard-won freedoms.

This has all been compounded by rising food and energy prices, raised council tax, industrial disputes and government/employer intransigence which threatens everyone’s job security.

Locally, it’s time to return the borough of Wirral to a time where issues are properly debated, a sense of community is restored and elected representatives are there for the people and not to sit idly by, waste our precious time or carve out opportunities for each other. Please make your vote count this time!

Link to my Twitter account and a pinned tweet which contains 101 instances of Wirral Council abuse, corruption, scandal and cronyism. Click below, then scroll down to read:

About Wirral In It Together

Campaigner for open government. Wants senior public servants to be honest and courageous. It IS possible!
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