Who’s blocking us on Twitter?

There’s probably a hell of a lot more, but here’s a few to start with.

@StaffsPeople is the new CEO at Wirral Council.  See here.

whos blocking us on twitter

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5 Responses to Who’s blocking us on Twitter?

  1. Bobby 47 says:

    Thirteen! Thirteen Twitter account holders have blocked Cardin. That’s some achievement for a humble blogger from the Wirral. You don’t get thirteen account holders blocking you if they like you and are keen to read what you’ve got to say. Moreoften than not, they quickly conclude, ‘this fella is a threat to me and my peace of mind and so, from hereon, I’ll be damned if I have to put up with him and his bloody questions’.
    Course, there’s a few upon this list that are understandably keen to see the backend of the source of their itch. Esther McVey, Mayor Anderson and Eric, to name just three. But, the rest. Why have they decided to rid themselves of Cardin?
    My guess is they’ve quite rightly concluded, having read Wirral In It Together, that like the tide, there’s nothing you can do to stop this lad ploughing on and pushing this huge boulder up the bloody hill. In short, Cardin is relentless and my only surprise to this disclosure by Paul is that there are only thirteen.
    Cardin won’t stop. He’ll never stop. Ever! There’s more chance of Elizabeth Hurley banging on my bakery door, grabbing my attention as I knead my fifteenth thousand lump of dough and squealing, ‘dust the flower from your hands, hang up your apron and let’s grab a room at the local Holiday Inn and spend the afternoon making love while I feed you fat face with a platter of Clams freshly harvested off of New Brighton Beach this very morning’.
    Mind, I’ll say this so that it’s absolutely clear. When Cardin uses the term and common expression ‘us’ that clearly implies he’s not alone and we’re all in it together should the wheel fall off and he’s dragged before the local Magistrate to be labelled ‘ a vexcacious menace’ for the fourth time he’ll quickly realise I’m right behind him.
    Yes! Right behind him. Ninety miles behind him in fact and by phone.


  2. Wirral In It Together says:

    I’ve found a few more Bob.
    Tom Watson MP;
    Wirral Labour Party;
    Margaret Greenwood.

    The first two are boring, but this last one is Esther McVey’s erstwhile admirer and pretend “hater”, wearing a Labour rosette and currently snapping at the McVile heels in a fit of green-eyed pique, hoping to savage and replace her so she can A. have a crack at cementing and building her parliamentary career and B. leave as many as possible of the UK’s defenceless and vulnerable people homeless, destitute or exploited, broken and dispensed with between May 2015 and May 2020.

    A relative of mine tells me she’s met the MG personage and she very nicely fits the bill as a pseudo-tory, high achieving wannabe dame, aching for the chance to get on the telly box, lord it over inferior types and peer out from behind a flowery diaphonous scarf that signifies she’s MADE IT into the ranks of those damned posh and lovin’ it, plum wedged in the palate, great and good females. The ones who’ve broken through the glass ceiling and made it into the dusty upper echelons of satisfying their own highly-ambitious and bizarrely-bloated sense of entitlement.


  3. Bobby 47 says:

    And now Cardin, this little cutie is your Honourable Member of Parliament which, given the reality that you are still out there relentlessly shovelling out the mountain of inconvenient truths that her local Labour Council Administration have been either secreting or ignoring, makes for her, ‘Little Miss Wannabee’ a most uncomfortable time.
    Course, when the bubble bursts, and it will and ‘they’ are held to account for misappropriating the funds of people with disability, you can be sure of one thing. She’ll be first at the front howling, ‘if only I’d bloody known’. Then, of course, she’ll seek out Martin Moreton, embrace him and call for a fair measure of openness and transparency and a modicum of respect for those who chose to blow the whistle on past wrongdoing. Then, armed with her photo opportunity with MM, it’ll be down to the Wirral Globe, onto the front page and she’ll deliver some pointless drivel of a sound bite that implies she’s passionate about protecting the rights of the weak and the vulnerable, ignoring the real reason why she sought High Office which was to walk with the great and the good, get famous and with a little luck and good fortune make enough money exploiting all the contacts that were made whilst ‘serving’ the people of the Wirral.


  4. John Brace says:

    Hi Paul,

    To take an example of one of the accounts that has you blocked.

    Eric Robinson’s twitter account (@nosniborcire) retweeted this tweet (see below) on the 27th October 2018:

    Isn’t he subject to political restrictions in his job as Chief Executive of Wirral Council?

    Anyway I too am blocked by a number of Twitter accounts.

    Leonora sometimes says to me, you seen X tweet from Y? For example Cllr Moira McLaughlin’s press statement about becoming an independent councillor. I just tell her (Leonora) I’d have to log out of Twitter to read the tweets she sees as some people have me blocked.


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