Ex Urbe Think Tank Report ~ “Like Pulling Teeth? Freedom of Information in the Liverpool City Region”

10 03 14 - ExUrbe FoI report

Here’s a link to the above FoI report, released in February 2014.


Not surprisingly, the foreword to the report features the abysmal performance of Wirral Borough Council.

I was extremely happy to find that without my prior knowledge, Ex Urbe had selected one of my requests to Wirral Council to use within their report.  These are obviously fine people of exacting taste and good judgment!  Here’s a full excerpt of their report on my WhatDoTheyKnow request, made back in June 2011:

10 03 14 - excerpt from ExUrbe FoI report

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2 Responses to Ex Urbe Think Tank Report ~ “Like Pulling Teeth? Freedom of Information in the Liverpool City Region”

  1. Paul do you know any solicitors that are happy to sue Wirral Council for failing in it’s duty of care towards someone with Special Educational Needs? I love your site but FOI and SAR’s perplex me as I’ve asked the council for information but they fob me off – I’m probably not doing it right or maybe my questions don’t have to be answered. Anyways keep up the great work – I appreciate it a lot and I hope others do too.


    • Wirral In It Together says:


      I’ve had this firm recommended to me in the past:


      …but I’ve got to say, I don’t know them and I can’t vouch for them whatsoever. The longer I’ve been involved in doing what I do, the more aware (and educated) I’ve become of connections between people who should NOT be connected… if you know what I’m saying !

      I’d advise you to do a lot of research, and ultimately to go for a firm that you believe you can trust …but is not located HERE on Wirral, because with a local firm, there’s a chance that they MAY need to rely on council sourced business in the future,

      thanks for your comment,



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