It pays well to train councils in Information Governance / DP / FoI / RIPA

…that’s Data Protection / Freedom of Information / Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

Here’s a post I recently sent to this thread on a data / info  blog, which is a collection of thoughts from Tim Turner, a straight talking, Littlejohn eat your heart out, shoot from the hip now, ask questions later kinda guy.  Tim is I believe in the pay and service of Act Now Training, a prominent information and data governance training company based in West Yorkshire.

PC 1800 per day training

And here’s Mr Turner’s response:

TT 1800 per day training

And so…  the thread was closed.  Although there was a very short 11 minute window of opportunity, I missed the chance to go back and update Tim with some accurate information.  So I’ll do it here.

I’ve had dealings with solicitor Ibrahim Hasan, Act Now Training’s owner, in the past.  This was a while ago – October 2011 actually – and all very positive, when he very kindly agreed to publish an article I’d written about public sector gagging clauses – see here on Page 6.  No money (public or private) exchanged hands, and that’s just how I like it when it comes to helping others and sharing my experiences.  I do wish more people would go down that route.  It can be so fulfilling and rewarding.

Anyway…  just the other day I was combing through Wirral Council’s declared £500 and above published payments to suppliers and agencies (thanks are due to big Uncle Eric)  – as you do when you’re motivated by anything potentially untoward or scandalous, as I always am, and always will be.  I came across these:

HASAN ASSOCIATES   LIMITED Training £1,845.31 Jun-10
HASAN ASSOCIATES   LIMITED 1243036 ######## £1,884.82 Jul-11 H1000 Training CORPORATE SERVICES
HASAN ASSOCIATES   LIMITED 1347643 ######## £1,884.82 Oct-12 A1100 Training LAW  HR  ASSET MANAGEMENT

I then browsed over to, the website that was set up with the stated interest of “Making Local Government More Transparent”.  Check out my very quick look at its performance here.  Here, I found two companies associated with Ibraham Hasan; the above mentioned “Hasan Associates” and another, the previously mentioned “Act Now Training Ltd”.

Here’s the OpenlyLocal link:

hasan associates

And here’s the one for Act Now Training:

Act Now Training

So there it is.  Sadly, well out of date, but two examples of £1,800 a day for a day’s training.  Which has never been offered to Tim Turner.  But it HAS and IS being offered to his colleague, Ibrahim Hasan – by my local council, Wirral.

Here’s proof that on Wirral it was in fact a full day’s training:

full days RIPA training

Tim, if you’re reading this, isn’t it time you set up on your own and tapped into that huge, brimming reservoir of our cash, and got a bit more of my council tax flowing down in your direction?  Isn’t it time you were cutting out the middleman and enjoying the full benefits of your broad and valuable knowledge and experience…  directly?

Toodle pip !

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